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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Junk Removal Is A Great Mother’s Day Gift Idea

There are many holidays that call for “traditional” gifts. For instance, it’s hard to imagine Valentine’s Day going by without roses or chocolates. As for Mother’s Day, flowers and a sweet card are top of the list of gift suggestions. This year you could think outside of the box for mom by presenting her with a junk removal session from Junk King Los Angeles. It might not be as sentimental as a Hallmark card but helping mom clear out her garage and closets will definitely score you some major points!


Depending on the circumstances, you might have grown up in the same house that your mom is living in today. You would know then where all the clutter goes to. You might have also been a major contributor to that clutter. Now is a perfect opportunity to hire Junk King and get all of that unwanted stuff removed from your mom’s house once and for all. Junk King Los Angeles will provide the manpower and the truck space. All your mom has to do is decide what she wants to get rid of. It might help her make her decision knowing that that two-man moving crew can lift any heavy object whether it’s upstairs or out in the garage. It will all make its way onto the back of the truck. That truck will be big enough to hold an entire home’s worth of furnishings.

Before the Junk King crew arrives for their appointment, your mom will have to sort through all the things she wants to clear out. When the crew arrives she’ll take them on a mini tour of the house and show them where all the junk is. This will give them the chance to put together an estimate for the service that will be based on volume and not weight. It all comes down to how the crew will be able to pack up all the junk on the truck. Their default is always to pack everything tightly in order to make several stops during the day. That results in a low fee on the price range scale. It’s conceivable that all that clutter can be cleared out in less than an hour. If you want to make mom really happy this Mother’s Day then give her a junk free home with help from Junk King Los Angeles.

Jump Start Your Backyard Makeover

Every great work of art (and even the not so great ones!) started with a blank canvas. It might be that the artist knew exactly what they were going to paint. Or they found themselves staring at that blank space for days waiting for inspiration to strike. You could take that same approach to your backyard makeover. There is no end to the kind of peaceful and inviting space you can create even in the smallest of yards. But first, it will help to have that “blank canvas.” That is when you should bring in the junk hauling pros from Junk King Los Angeles. You’ll be amazed at how fast they can clear out a yard.


The typical junk removal session with Junk King often involves carrying out furniture or old computer from a home. However, the same two-man moving crew who can help with your indoor clutter can do some remarkable things around the backyard. Start with all the things you know you want gone such as piles of lumber, construction materials, car parts and other yard debris. Those items are easy to load up but you don’t have to stop there. The team from Junk King can also take apart a child’s play set that they’ve outgrown. They can remove an old hot tub that is busted. They can even take away all the demolition from a deck to make room for a new build. If you want it gone, just point it out to the crew and watch it fly out of your yard.

As with all the things they collect from your home, Junk King Los Angeles will also work hard to see that your backyard rubbish is recycled, too. That includes things like chunks of concrete, bricks and even piles of dirt. It can all be repurposed and that will help Los Angeles get to its goal of becoming a zero waste kind of town as soon as possible.

Of course, as long as you’re going to have that Junk King moving crew clearing out your yard, you might as well put them to work around the rest of the house. On that same appointment, you can get all kinds of rubbish removed from your closets and garage. One call to Junk King Los Angeles is what it takes to start the transformation of your home and backyard.

Spring Into Spring With A Junk Free Home

As you read this post, look around the room you’re sitting in. How many things in there could you actually toss out and be fine with? Think about all the unwanted stuff in the rooms throughout your home or apartment. Couldn’t you open up a lot more space by getting rid of that junk? Surely, your closets could benefit from some clearing of clutter. Just because you can target things to get rid of doesn’t automatically translate into those things ending up in the trash. Too often, those objects are too bulky for the weekly pickup. When that happens, it’s time to bring in Junk King Los Angeles. These are the junk removal experts who will take your spring-cleaning to the next level!


It is very easy to get distracted when you clean. The dusting and sweeping isn’t a problem. It’s the sorting that slows you down. Anytime you have to shift through a kitchen cabinet, desk drawer or box on a shelf you might get trapped in a trip down memory lane. This is why it’s vital to set up your junk removal appointment with Junk King Los Angeles. Once you’re on a deadline, you’ll move a lot quicker with your sorting.

You don’t have to tell Junk King exactly what you’re throwing out when you set up that appointment. They just want a general sense of how big the job is. Essentially, can it be handled by two capable movers or do you need a small squad of workers? Either scenario can play out with Junk King. They just want to make sure you’ll have all the manpower and truck space you’ll need to get the job done in a single session.

That truck space will play a pivotal role in determining your final fee. It will all come down to how tightly the Junk King crews can pack up the truck. If they can squeeze everything into a third of the truck, then the price you pay will reflect that range. It’s a very simply and fair way of paying for this type of service. Are you ready to super charge your spring-cleaning? Then put Junk King Los Angeles on the job of junk removal.

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