Make 2017 The Year You Create More Room

There are literally hundreds of new laws being enacted on January 1, 2017 here in Los Angeles. These laws cover everything from Uber rides to minimum wage requirements. Obviously, some people will be impacted more than others will. There’s a lot about those laws that are just out of your control. The one area where you will have control in the New Year is your own home. This could be a good opportunity to start the year by taking stock of how you utilize your space. If there is an opportunity to make more room, then you can depend on getting the right help from Junk King Los Angeles.


Junk King Los Angeles aren’t contractors that can build in addition onto your house. However, the work that they can do removing unwanted clutter from your garage and spare rooms can go a long way towards opening up more space. You may need to spend a few hours going through all the stuff you have in storage in your garage. Most homes in LA really use a garage to actually park the car in. Instead, it becomes the family storage locker. Although that is practical’s to a certain extent it only works if the stuff you’re keeping in storage are item you actually plan on using again. If you’re holding onto things like old computers, clothing and doesn’t fit or broken appliances then you’re just wasting that space. All of that junk can be gone in a matter of minutes with Junk King Los Angeles on the job.

Junk King Los Angeles provides you with all the necessary equipment you need to get rid of all that clutter. That would be two strong movers and a big truck. The movers are going to be the ones doing the actual work. Although you may feel inclined to help them, they would prefer if you would sit on the sidelines and just point to what you want taken away.

You may also want to start the New Year focused on reducing your carbon footprint. That is another benefit with hiring Junk King Los Angeles. They are able to maintain a very respectable diversion rate that keeps the majority of what they collect out of local landfills. You get the credit towards reducing your personal footprint. Start 2017 with more room in your home thanks to a Junk King Los Angeles junk removal session.