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Family Fun Ideas For A Los Angeles Spring Break

No one ever turned down taking a break. At work, breaks are the only way to get through the day. For kids in school, a spring break is just what is needed for that last push toward final exams. If you’re taking a spring break in Los Angeles, then you’ve got a lot to keep yourself busy. When you consider all there is to do, it is a wonder we ever get any work done! Here are some of family fun ideas for a Los Angeles spring break:


Theme Parks

Not matter where you live in Los Angeles, you’re not a long drive to amazing theme parks. You can decide on which park you want go to based on your preferences. Minions, Transformers and Harry Potter are at Universal Hollywood Studios, Snoopy is at Knotts Berry Farm and Mickey, Star Wars and Marvel are at Disneyland. Is there such a thing as too many theme parks? Not in LA.

Santa Monica Bike Path

A fun outing for the family would be to park at the Santa Monica Pier and rent some bikes. The decision then is to go north or south. North heads up to more beaches while south can take you into Venice. Lots of places to stop in between.

California Science Center

Just because the kids are on a break from school doesn’t mean they can’t learn a few new things. That will certainly happen at the California Science Center. They can get to know exotic animals and ecosystems with many hands-on exhibits.

MB2 Raceway

Sooner or later your kids are going to learn how to drive. They can get started with go-kart racing. At the MB2 Raceway only ten racers are allowed at a time. In between, there is an arcade to keep everyone busy. Fun day.

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