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How To Plan For An Evacuation

The recent devastating wildfires that cut through a huge portion of the state was a grim reminder that life can change in an instant. Thousands of people were displaced by the wildfires and that meant evacuating with just a moment’s notice. If an evacuation ordered ever came down to you, would you be ready to go? Here are some great tips on how to plan for an evacuation just in case:

Prep Ahead of Time

The more preparation you can do before a natural disaster strikes better off you’ll be. Think about all the things that are important to you that you need to bring with you. All of your important insurance, medical and financial documents should be in one location in the home. You don’t want them scattered across rooms. If you have a small file lockbox, then that’s a good place to put them.

Notify Neighbors

You should definitely let your neighbors know when you are leaving and where used plan on going. They should tell you the same. In severe circumstances, you might even want to put a sign in your window saying something along the lines of “house empty. Occupants evacuated.” This will help first responders if they are searching through the neighborhood. They’ll know to pass over your house.

Shut Off

Before leaving you should take a few moments to unplug any unnecessary appliances, turn off the gas and water supplies at the main switches and turn off all the lights.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Your car should always have a small emergency kit. This can include flashlights with extra batteries, extra power cords for cell phones, protein bars and a first-aid kit. If you have time before the evacuation, then you’ll probably want to also bring extra clothing, blankets and pillows.

Have a Plan

The meeting priority is to get clear of the danger zone. Beyond that, you’ll need to have a plan as to where you’ll be driving to. That will change with each situation but you can count on your local fire department, police station or Red Cross knowing where displaced residents should go. Those will also be the best locations for you to get updates about when you can return to your property.

The most important thing with an evacuation is to go when ordered. Staying behind only puts you and first responders at risk.

Junk King Los Angeles Junk Removal Service

Locals may benefit from Junk King Los Angeles’ prompt and efficient services, but we have an international reputation. Junk King is the top-ranking junk removal business in North America, with a presence in hundreds of cities and a strong dedication to upholding the ethics and principles upon which we were founded: customer service, safety, and sustainability.

No matter where you are in Los Angeles County, and no matter the scale of your project, we are more than prepared to handle heavy lifting, decluttering, and junk removal. We have helped homeowners and business owners pare down their living and work spaces in as little as a few hours. We remove, haul, and recycle junk—even the stuff that you might think is invaluable or insignificant.

Decluttering and Downsizing

Minimalistic living is becoming the norm nowadays, especially amongst Los Angeles residents. We are proud to help keep LA green by recycling and reusing at least 60% of our products. In addition, we are proud to help stressed out and frustrated homeowners declutter their living space and turn it into a place of peace and harmony rather than anxiety.

Too many people choose to hold off on calling in the professionals for their junk removal needs, due to concerns about the length of time it will take, the cost, and the certainty that they can do it themselves. Unfortunately, most people who attempt to declutter on their own do not do an effective job. In the worst cases, they sustain injuries trying to haul heavy furniture or mattresses. Junk King Los Angeles is staffed with a team of highly professional and technically skilled laborers who know exactly how to handle the most high-stress situations.

Preparing for a Move

Junk King doesn’t simply help people downsize—we also help people prepare for the most exciting new stages in their lives. If a move, large or small, is looming in your future, there’s no need to feel worried or overwhelmed. Before a move you should be focusing on the larger details, rather than the trivial ones.

Junk King Los Angeles hauls furniture, mattresses, pianos, and other heavy items out of your home so you can clear it out in time for house staging or the move itself. There has never been a better time to shape up and ship out!

Appoint Los Angeles Professional Junk Removal Services For Office Cleaning

Delivering the best job to clients is not enough if you want to earn a positive reputation in the market. Instead, you need to give your workplace a professional look and for that it is extremely important for you to keep it tidy. Cleaning unused papers, files, CDs or hard-drives from the office can be a daunting task. If you are tired of cleaning all the waste by yourself, you can take the assistance of junk removal companies working in your area. By engaging professional cleaners, you can maintain a spic n span office.

Cleaning the office once in a while is not enough. If you want to maintain the shine, it is important for you to get the area cleaned at regular intervals. For that, you can get into a long-term contract with Los Angeles professional junk removal services and ask them to visit your place at regular intervals. Taking a long-term contract will not just save your pain but also can help you get the job done in a much economical way. To enjoy the convenience of a clean office without any hassles, you can simply hire Junk King.

Commercial Junk Removal To Take Away Your Trash

Waste removal is a tedious task. This becomes more worrisome when the debris includes hazardous wastes. There can be several instances when you have to deal with hazardous wastes but people in the real estate or construction business have to deal with such kind of wastes almost every other day. Whether it is cleaning a foreclosure property, demolishing an establishment or constructing a new one, you cannot ignore waste cleaning. Yet, you can get the job done in a much simpler way, if you pay for the commercial junk removal Los Angeles services.

Professional junk haulers know how to clean construction sites in the right way. They have the necessary tools as well as equipment needed to collect and dispose the wastes in an appropriate manner. Therefore, they will conduct the job within a short span of time. If you are looking for professionals to remove debris from construction sites for the first time, you can consider taking the help of Junk King. They are in this business for a considerable period of time and have also received positive response from the clients. To know more you can check their website.

Give the Gift of Junk Removal In Los Angeles

Last week, the Emmy nominations were announced here in Los Angeles. You can bet the gift basket folks went into overdrive as agents, managers, producers and fans wanted to show their appreciation to anyone they knew who landed a nomination. Gift baskets are a great way to show your support. They’ll also very easy to order. With a few clicks of the computer mouse, you can have baskets of fruit, wine or cookies sent to anywhere in the city. However, after a few days, all the goodies from the gift basket will be gone. It was a nice gesture but not one that lasts for very long. If you are looking for a gift idea that can have a meaningful impact on a person’s life, then why not consider a junk removal session from Junk King.


Perhaps you’ve visited a friend or family member and noticed they have a lot of stuff piling up. It could be that they don’t have the means to get rid of those objects. After all, it might take a moving crew, a big truck and the time to find the right drop off. As it happens, all of that can be provided by Junk King plus a whole lot more.

Junk King will dispatch a two-man crew for the junk removal job. That crew can handle the basics of carting off furniture, appliances, clothes and other household goods. If you have a situation where you need an entire home cleared, then Junk King will be happy to provide additional crewmembers and trucks. They want you to be junk free as quickly as possible.

When you call Junk King to set up an appointment, you’ll provide them with a general idea of how much you want removed. You don’t have to get into specifics. You can say something like you’re clearing out a closet or getting rid of some e-waste. Between the time of that first call and the actual appointment, you can always add to the list. You won’t be locked down until the crew shows up. That is when they’ll be able to size up all the items you want carted away and provide you with an estimate based on volume. It all comes down to how much space your junk is going to take up on the back of the truck. For fast and affordable junk removal, Junk King is always a winner in Los Angeles.

Large Trash Pickup in Los Angeles

Large Trash Pickup in Los Angeles

Back in the day, the weekly garbage pickup typically meant a garbage truck, a driver and at least two workers to pick up the trash cans and dump them into the back of the truck. This was a very labor intensive type of work that also was very time-consuming. Innovation came along and replaced that old garbage truck with a grappling arm. Now, most populated cities, like Los Angeles, have automated the weekly trash pickup. While that has reduced labor costs and allows for more garbage retrieval in a day, there are some areas of concern that can be fixed.

The official rule is for folks to pack their garbage cans so the lids can be closed. This means no overflow. Will the garbage truck still wrestle that can with garbage overflow? Sure; but there is no guarantee that all garbage will make it into the truck. What falls to the ground is now something the homeowner has to deal with.

Then, there is the issue of large items outside of the garbage can. Back when there were two guys riding along on the back of a truck, they would think nothing of picking up whatever was left on the curb and tossing that into the truck. Often, homeowners would even include the garbage men on their holiday tip gift list because of the extra help they provided. With the grappling trucks, those days of “loose pickups” are long gone. In other words, if it’s not in the can, it’s not going into the truck.

So, where does that leave you when you have a large trash pickup? You could make the disposal of those items your next weekend DIY project. This is going to mean loading up your car or SUV with this trash. Are you willing to put things like that into the back of your car? You then need to drive to the appropriate dumping center. In Los Angeles, that could mean up to an hour drive just to find the landfill that is closest to your home. Then, it would be another hour back. There goes your Saturday! Once you get to the landfill, it’s not just a matter of dumping and going. You’ll also have to pay a dumping fee and might even have to do the transfer from your car to the most recent heap of garbage. Good times, right?

Actually, you can avoid this by simply hiring a team of professional junk haulers, like Junk King Los Angeles, to stop by your place, efficiently load those large items, and take them away for you. Don’t think of this as some sort of extravagance but, rather, as a practical means to an end. You don’t want to be in a position where you’ve got trash sitting on your front lawn. Instead, you can schedule a pickup, make the payment, and head out for your day. The experienced crew will handle the rest. And, because you’re working with a professional team, you can count on the job being done right the first time. When you return home, you can expect to be “garbage free”… at least for now!

Los Angeles Refrigerator Buying and Disposal Guide

Some of today’s younger generation might think that the nickname “icebox” refers to their refrigerator being able to actually produce ice cubes. In reality, the early refrigerator was so named because there was literally a block of ice stuffed into the box of the unit which kept everything cold. Ice delivery was a big business back in the day, especially in a hot climate like Los Angeles’.  As design improvements continued, those old ice wagons were driven out of business and the modern era of refrigerators was born. Today, if you’re thinking about replacing you’re old clunky “icebox” you have two things to consider: 1) what kind of refrigerator do you want and 2) who is going to take away that old one?

Consider these options for a new fridge:

The top freezer unit has been the most popular design for years. It is also the most inexpensive model on the market today with prices starting around $350. The freezer unit on these models will take up around 1/3 of the space and is situated above the fresh food storage. Although practical for most adults, kids have a hard time reaching into the freezer for a frozen treat!

The flipside of the top freezer fridge would obviously be the bottom freezer. This actually puts the fresh foods you grab the most right at eye level by putting the freezer on the bottom. This bottom freezer can be a drawer or door design.

Moving up in the world of fridge design will have you considering the side-by-side refrigerator. With this type of design the freezer and the fresh food areas are split evenly. They are actually perfect for smaller kitchens. The side-by-side doors can also be amped up with all kinds of gadgets like ice and water dispensers and even a television screen.

The French door refrigerator melds the bottom freezer concept with the side-by-side. Here, the freezer is still at the bottom but the top fresh food area has those side-by-side doors that are chock full of special drawers and compartments for food. It’s also a good energy save because instead of throwing open a wide door and letting all that cold air out you are minimizing the drain on the system by opening the small door.

Finally there are the “big boys” of commercial refrigerators. These are the types of units used in professional kitchens. If you fancy yourself a budding “Top Chef” you might want to upgrade to this type of unit to provide you with the very best in equipment. Commercial fridges come in a variety of shapes and sizes with the added bonus of having glass doors so you can see what’s inside!

Once you’ve selected your model, you then have to arrange to get rid of the old one. This is when you should consider scheduling an appointment with a professional team of junk haulers like Junk King Los Angeles. They can arrive on the same day that you’re new fridge is coming in. All you have to do is clear out the food and let them handle all the rest!

Los Angeles Junk Removal

Have you considered enlisting in the Los Angeles TV series “storage wars?” You could be in for quite a treat. “Storage Wars” is a new reality cable program detailing the exploits of modern day treasure hunters who explore abandoned storage lockers. Apparently, many folks end up not paying for their storage lockers and thereby forfeit their possessions. The storage facility then puts these items up for auction where anyone can bid on the contents, but there is a hitch: you can’t actually go in and inspect the merchandise; you can only look at it from the outside and guess what might be inside all those boxes or containers.
On some recent shows, the treasure hunters landed some amazing deals. There have been bids of several hundred dollars which resulted in profits of several thousand dollars. This begs the question, “Why would anyone skip a payment if they had valuable items to sell?” We might never know the answer to that, but it should certainly make you think twice before you put something in storage and then forget about it.
Most of us in Los Angeles have turned our garages, closets, offices or spare rooms into our own storage lockers. This is where we dump all our own junk we collect over the years. Sure we could drag this stuff out onto the front lawn and try selling it in a yard sale but what happens if you don’t sell it? Clearly, you don’t want this stuff anymore or else you wouldn’t be trying to unload it onto some stranger. At some point you’ll have to face the fact that your junk is just junk. Isn’t it time to get rid of this once and for all and put those household spaces to better use? This is where Junk King Los Angeles comes into play.
Junk King is a national franchise of professional haulers who specialize in junk removal. Junk King has just opened for business in the Los Angeles area to help residents and business owners haul off their junk. This means you won’t have to put your SUV at risk by loading it with heavy, bulky items. Instead, you can hire Junk King and let them take it all away in their big trucks.
There is another consideration for hiring Junk King LA: they know where to take your junk. Like most Los Angelinos, you’ve probably spent plenty of time traveling from one end of the town to the next. From the east side down to the beaches and over into the valley. LA has a lot to offer. However, in all your travels did you ever come across a dump, landfill or recycling center? Probably not. You’ll have to travel far out of the city zone to find that. Is that really how you want to spend your precious day off? Stuck on the 405 or 10 or 101 loaded down with junk?
That’s not anyone’s idea of fun – except for the crews at Junk King Los Angeles. They live for that! Give them a try by calling 1-800-995-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.