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Make Better Use Of Your Attic

Are you making good use of your attic? Even if that space can just be used for storage it can be organized. Anything that you keep in storage you should have easy access to. That is true for a garage or an attic. Up in the attic, there could be a lot of things that you have in storage that you no longer need. It might be time for a thorough review of all of those items to determine just what can be kept and what can be tossed out. Once you have created a “toss pile” it will be time to set up a session with Junk King Los Angeles for fast removal of all that unwanted stuff.

An Efficient Team

Junk King is going to provide you with an efficient team for your attic rubbish removal session. This team will consist of at least two capable movers who have done this type of work on a daily basis. It also happens to be a team that will be licensed and insured which makes them completely professional. The Junk King crew will show up with a positive attitude that will persist throughout the job even if that job means making several trips up and down the staircase. This is what you are hiring them for an they will make it look easy!

Some of the items that you are removing from your attic might still be usable. That would certainly apply to things like old clothing and household goods. Those of the items that the Junk King team will happily drop off at a charity. Nothing should have to go to waste when you have Junk King taking care of the disposal.

Getting your attic clean won’t be a challenge when you turn that task over to the team from Junk King Los Angeles. Make your appointment today.

Rubbish Recycling Is Easy With Junk King On The Job

Junk King Los Angeles has always taken a simple approach for rubbish removal: they do all the work. It is expected that a professional junk hauling company would do all the lifting and loading for you. However, you would be surprised at how many of these companies require you to bring stuff out of the house and down to the street. For many people, that is simply impractical. When Junk King picks up items for removal, they pick it up right from the spot where it resides. You don’t have to bring anything out of the house or down a flight of stairs.

The work the Junk King provides extends to the disposal phase as well. That is where they are able to support the environment by recycling the bulk of what they collect. This is not a task that Junk King specifically handles but they make sure that the things that they collect that can be recycled are dropped off at the right facility. This is all part of the Junk King removal philosophy and it is why they are the best recycling partners for this type of work.

A Wide Array

There might actually be a wide array of objects that can have recycled when Junk King picks them up. Obviously, any appliances made from metal would be at the top of the list. But so are things like foam cushions and mattresses. And don’t forget your electronic waste. Those types of objects have to be disposed of at a certified facility. That is another drop off that the team from Junk King is happy to make.

You might also be getting rid of some items that could still be put into practical use. Those things can be dropped off at a local charity. That is considered recycling as well.

Getting rid of rubbish should always mean recycling as much of that junk as possible. With Junk King Los Angeles on the job it will get done right.

Utilize Junk King For An Estate Clean Out

A thorough estate clean out means literally removing every single item from the home. It might be that the home needs to be “market ready.” That requires new painting, fixtures, flooring and anything else to increase the value of that property. Before any of those work crews can come in, all the possessions of the estate have to be cleared out. That is a job that is a perfect task for Junk King Los Angeles to handle from start to finish.

How Big Is the Job?

Most Junk King customers are able to provide a short general list of the things that they want to get rid of for a removal session. Typically, it is usually one or two big pieces and a lot of little things. With an estate clean out it might be hard to provide a detailed list simply because there is just so much to get rid of. That might mean the junk King team needs to come out to the property and assess just how big the job is. The reason they do this is to make sure on the day of the scheduled appointment you will have enough workers to complete the job in a single session. The standard Junk King appointment is handled by two workers but for these bigger jobs you might be assigned additional crews. Thankfully, there is no extra charge for the extra labor.

The price is the other element that has to be worked out before the job get started. That price will always be based on how everything is going to it onto the truck. The goal is to get as much is possible into as little space as possible. With an estate sale what seems like it would take up the entire truck might actually fit into just half of the truck. The Junk King crew will always strive to make this process fast and affordable.

The best approach for your estate clean out is to turn the job over to Junk King Los Angeles today. Call to get it started.

Bring In Junk King To Cleanup From Your Yard Sale

The effort that you put into a yard sale can result in a pocket full of cash and a lot more storage space in your home. That would definitely be considered as a win-win! What you don’t want to have happen is having all the leftover items brought back into your home. When you bring them out for a yard sale you have essentially designated them as unwanted. That means they should never come back inside! They won’t have to if you schedule a cleanup session with Junk King Los Angeles.

Until the End

You might not know just how much need to get rid of until the end of your yard sale. That could be the perfect time to book your removal session with junk King. Even if you’re yard sale is over on Saturday, you can probably still schedule your appointment with Junk King on Monday. What you can use that appointment for is also to get rid of all the things that you couldn’t bring down to the yard. This is your chance to get rid of those random pieces of furniture. The team from Junk King will not have any problem loading those objects onto the truck.

The same can be said for anything in your backyard that you would like to clear out but couldn’t sell. That can mean anything from an old trampoline to an empty above ground pool. The Junk King crews will find a way to break down those kinds of items and get the pieces loaded onto the back of the truck.

The cost for this work will be based on how everything fits on to the truck. The less room that your stuff takes up, the less you will be paid. Junk King always charges by volume and never by weight.

Finish off your yard sale by getting rid of all the remaining rubbish with one removal session from Junk King Los Angeles.

More Awesome Reviews For Junk King Los Angeles

“I called Junk King and they literally arrived within eight minutes and remove the refrigerator from the kitchen over a partition and willed it out! Excellent service and excellent value! I would highly recommend.” – Keith, Whittier

That review is a prime example of just how fast Junk King Los Angeles likes to operate. Of course, that is not always how quick it happens. But the fact that there are Junk King crews always on the move increases the chances that you would be able to take care of a fast same day pickup as well. These positive reviews go a long way to demonstrate just how effective Junk King Los Angeles is when it comes to getting rid of unwanted rubbish. Here are a few more prime examples:

“Great service. Great attitude towards our needs. They got rid of heavy objects that we had wanted to get rid of years ago. All while being Covid conscious. They also charged a fair price for the services. A+!” – Kimberly, Sunland

The size and weight of a particular object won’t be a challenge for the Junk King teams. These crews have a lot of experience with hauling all kinds of bulky and heavy objects out of all kinds of environments.

“Angel and his crew were very professional and did a great job. They took everything very quickly and even swept up after. Will definitely use them again if needed.” – Darryl, Whittier

“They were fast, friendly and everything I expected and more. They cleaned up everything. They also swept the area where the mess was at. The price is pretty damn good. Did a quick pick up. The guys were really great at explaining. They pulled out a chart and explain how it was going to happen and how much per cost. Will be using them again in the future. I had called in the same day it was all removed! Thanks guys!” – Michelle, Los Angeles

Getting rid of your unwanted rubbish shouldn’t be complicated and it won’t when you give that job to Junk King Los Angeles. Set up your removal session today.

How To Use Junk King For Your Spring Cleaning

As you approach your spring cleaning task, it helps to be prepared. You should enter each room with all of the supplies that you need to clean out that room. You don’t want to keep running back and forth for paper towels and furniture polish. This allows you to efficiently move from room to room and provide the deep cleaning that spring cleaning is all about. As you make your way to the house, you will no doubt see a lot of things that can be gotten rid of. All the old magazines and newspapers can be tossed into the recycling bin.

However, there might be a few bigger objects like unwanted furniture and electronics that you would be eager to clear out of the house once and for all. That is when you need to bring in the team from Junk King Los Angeles. These are the junk hauling pros who can end up being a big help with your spring cleaning project.

A Fast Working Crew

Every Junk King removal session is staffed by a fast-working crew. This is a team that doesn’t want to keep you waiting. Junk King only asked that you set aside a two-hour window for your appointment on the specific day that works best for your schedule. That two hours is really ever used with the actual lifting and loading of unwanted items. Most of the time is left as a traffic buffer so that the crews can get from one appointment to the next. Throughout the day, the Junk King team will text you their progress and provide you with updated ETA’s.

When the Junk King team arrives in your house, they will first look over all of the things you want to get rid of. One quick glance is all it will take for them to provide you with an estimate for the cost. That estimate will be based on how they intend to pack up the truck. The less room that your stuff occupies on the truck, the less you will be paying. Once the prices agree to the crew will spring interaction and in literally just a few minutes all your stuff will be loaded onto the Junk King truck.

Hiring Junk King Los Angeles to help with your spring cleaning is a smart move. Book your session today

Get Help From Junk King To Clean Up The Alley

A buildings front façade is what attracts clients and customers. No one judges what is going on in the alley because they rarely go back there. However, that doesn’t mean that the building where your company is housed should ignore the alley. Yes, this is where trash gets picked up by city services but it is also a place that can turn into an illegal dump site. It only takes one abandon piece of furniture to trigger an onslaught of rubbish and debris. You don’t ever want to invite that kind of mess! At the first sign of any accumulated trash, you want to bring in the crew from Junk King Los Angeles. These are the professional junk haulers that can provide quick removal of any amount of alley debris.

Fast Turnaround

Junk King prides itself on providing a fast turnaround for its appointment scheduling. Chances are if you call in today to book a session it can be lockdown for tomorrow. There might even be availability for a same day pickup. That all depends on how much you need to clear away from the alley and whether there is a crew close to your location.

When the team does arrive, all you have to do is point to everything that you want cleared away. The size of the objects and their weight are never an issue. Neither is the condition that they might be. This can be very messy work but it is something that junk King is happy to take care of. You will be assigned the same competent to member moving crew that would clear out things from inside your property. This is a team that always shows up with friendly attitude and great problem-solving skills.

Don’t let the debris in the alley behind your building get out of hand. Book a removal session with Junk King Los Angeles today.

Bring In Junk King To Get Rid Of An Old Mattress

The three important elements for a good night sleep are darkness, quiet and a firm mattress. It is easy to achieve the first two but the third one might be unable to have if you are sleeping on a mattress that is several years old. Most mattress manufacturers recommend replacing a mattress after 8 to 10 years. Beyond that, the mattress could be too soft to promote a good night’s rest. If you are at the point where you need a new mattress, then you also need to find a way to get rid of the old mattresses. This is not something that can be tossed out with the trash! Instead, the removal job can be handled by the crew from Junk King Los Angeles.

A Golden Opportunity

Junk King is going to send over a pair of movers and a big truck for your mattress removal session. This is the team that can swiftly get that mattress removed from any bedroom in the house and brought safely out of the home and into the back of their truck. That mattress might look a bit “lonely” sitting on the back of the Junk King truck. This is why you can take full advantage of the crew to get rid of all the rest of your unwanted stuff. Consider this a golden opportunity to clear out your closets, garage and any other storage zones in your home.

Everything that you asked to Junk King crew to load onto the truck will be packed tightly into as little space as possible. The reason for that is because the junk King team wants to make this and affordable process. The less space that your stuff takes up, the less you will be paying. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Put the squad from Junk King Los Angeles on your old mattress removal task today.

Take Care Of Your Big Clean Out Task With A Call To Junk King

Do you have a big clean up on your agenda? This is not just your regular weekly dusting and laundry. Instead, a big clean up could mean finally clearing out your garage or clearing out all the yard debris that has accumulated on your property. This is a big clean up that requires help and a large truck for removal. That is exactly what Junk King Los Angeles is going to provide. Every appointment is staffed by two capable movers who will have access to a truck big enough to hold whatever you need to clean out of your home. That is the perfect way to tackle this type of task.

What Needs to Go?

A big cleanup can involve the removal of a lot of unwanted items. You just have to make the determination as to what. Knowing that you have a pair of movers in the truck can have a positive impact on creating that removal. Junk King team will not be deterred by how heavy a particular object. They also won’t be challenged by something that might be on the second floor. This is the kind of removal work that Junk King does day in and day out. All you have to do is point to what you want taken away in the crew will pick everything up right spot.

One of the biggest benefits of Junk King service happens long after the crew has left your home with your unwanted items. That is the disposal of those items. When you hire Junk King will hiring a company that is dedicated to environmentally friendly approach of disposal. That means every effort to repurpose items. That can happen through off at a recycling center. That is the kind of extra work that Junk King is happy to do on your behalf.

The best approach for tackling a big clean up at your home is to put Junk King Los Angeles on the job. Book your session today.

Put Junk King To Work For Your Construction Cleanup

How many new homes are being built in your neighborhood? You might notice that it doesn’t take a lot of workers to build a home. There might only be half a dozen at any given time working on the project. Some days might require additional workers for the bigger phases of the job. There are also times when specialized crews will show up to handle work that needs to be certified such as plumbing or electrical wiring. Of course, you will also occasionally notice a random food truck showing up to feed those crews!

All this points out that there is a lot of action happening on any construction site at any given time. And it is not just the actual building part that has to be taken care of. There is also the cleanup that is a vital part of any project. When the site isn’t clean, the workgroup can’t function properly. That is when Junk King Los Angeles can be help. These are the professional junk haulers who can take care of any size construction cleanup.

Fast In and Out

It is important for any construction project to be brought in on time and on budget. That is why you don’t want any delays while waiting for the site to be cleaned. That certainly won’t happen with Junk King is job. When the crew shows up you appoint to all the things that you need cleared away and they will take care of it.  That also includes handling the disposal of whatever it is they remove. That will be a huge timesaver and a task you won’t need to involve your crew with. Junk King can handle it all from start to finish.

Every session with Junk King starts with locking down the estimate for the fee. That estimate will always be based on how the truck will be filled up with all the stuff that you want to get rid of. This is a fair and affordable price to always be good for the project’s bottom line.

Put Junk King Los Angeles to work for your construction cleanup. You’ll be glad you did.

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