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Los Angeles Junk Removal in 2014

In a city as big as Los Angeles, you can depend on many government agencies charged with the task of cleaning up the environment. In fact, there is a different agency for each segment of our environment. Case in point: the California Regional Water Quality Control Board. These are the folks charged with the responsibility of keeping our waterways sparkling. Recently, this agency turned it sights on Marina del Rey Harbor and more specifically, boat paint. Apparently, the copper-based paint used by most boat owners has been causing harm to the fish population of the Marina. The small fish are exposed to the toxins and the bigger fish eat them. That’s not good for anyone. The plans on the table to clean up the Marina include dredging the entire harbor and banning paint with copper. Of course, the boats with preexisting bad paint jobs would have to be repainted. Simply put, this is going to be a very expensive and time-consuming cleanup.

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Thanksgiving Junk & Clutter Cleanup in LA

We might not get snow on the ground but we still know how to throw a great holiday here in Los Angeles. In fact, because of our warm weather and sights to see, LA becomes a favorite spot for out of town visitors to come out and see what it’s like to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in short and T-shirts down on the beach! To be ready for those guests you’ll want to give your home a mini-make-over. We’re not talking about repainting or remodeling. But a little de-cluttering will go a long way towards making your home inviting to a weekend guest.

First up, getting that spare room ready for an overnight visitor. Even though we have warm days, the nights can get downright chilly here in LA. Make sure your guest room has a spare blanket or two. For that matter, you should also make sure there is a decent reading lamp. An overhead lamp might be bright but you don’t want your guest stumbling around in the dark after they turn off the light from across the room. A little nightstand lamp will do the trick. To freshen up the room, you could bring in a vase of fresh flowers or scented candles. And a couple of magazines or coffee table photo books would be a welcome addition for anyone needing some reading material at the end of a day.

If you can clear out space in the closet, make sure you’ve got spare hangers for your guests to hang their clothes. Even something simple as a spare ottoman in the corner for their suitcase is a nice touch. That’s much better than having the suitcase on the floor.

Just because you don’t have a designated guest room doesn’t mean you can’t make your overnight guest comfortable. It might be that a firm air mattress in a den or living room can do the trick. These are surprisingly affordable and durable. Of course, you’ll need the room to inflate the mattress. That might call for tossing out some of the clutter that’s been gathering dust in your home. To do that, you should be calling Junk King Los Angeles.

Junk King is the Los Angeles based business that spares folks a trip to the landfill or recycling center and does the dumping for them. Instead of surrendering your entire weekend to cleaning up, a Junk King LA crew can come into your home and carry off all the stuff you want to get rid of without you lifting a finger. They also have the right sized truck for any size removal. That’s another hassle you won’t have to deal with. What you should focus on is bringing in those cozy touches which will make your guest feel welcome. Let Junk King Los Angeles handle the clutter removal.

Los Angeles Treadmill and Exercise Machine Disposal

From the “only in LA files” we have a new concept in workout: a fitness concierge. In an upscale hotel, the concierge is the go-to person when you want recommendations of a good restaurant, tickets to a show or the name of a good dry cleaner. They have the town wired and are happy to share that information with the guests. A fitness concierge is focused on all aspects of the Los Angeles gym scene. It’s a way for folks to break out of their self-imposed workout rut and explore all the other options available.

“We started incubating the idea during the rise of the boutique studio,” FITiST co-founder Neda Talebian Funk told a local newspaper. “Individuals are increasingly booking things and shopping online, so we created a one-stop-shop for the best of the best in boutique studios and fitness and wellness providers in the City.”

The idea would be for you to change up your workout regimen. Maybe there is a hot Pilates class happening on your lunch break. Or there is a visiting yoga master who has an opening on one of their programs. What about a cool place for a kick-boxing training session? The fitness concierge can point you in the right direction. You can even tailor make your programs from “toning down” to “holiday weight loss” to “mom to be.” This also means you don’t have to be a member of one gym to take advantage of all these satellite-type of classes but instead of you spending your day Googling, let the concierge find them for you.

Los Angeles has always had a thriving gym scene. If you’re not part of that scene then you’re really missing out on a wonderful social networking opportunity. What’s great is that most gyms allow for a guest pass. This lets you sample the gym and get the vibe before committing to a membership. Try out a few gyms: the workouts are free!

Naturally, if you have a home gym you might be thinking you don’t need to step outside and join a club. Time for a reality check: How often do you use that home gym? Does the treadmill get a workout as a clothes hanger? Are the weights door stops? It’s understandable; just because you have some gym equipment in your home doesn’t mean you’re going to be motivated to use it. However, if you join a gym you’ll find a lot of positive motivation. First step, call Junk King to get rid of that old equipment. You don’t want that collecting dust anymore. Junk King Los Angeles can load all of that stuff onto the back of their truck and let you wave good-bye to it once and for all. They can also toss out any other oversize item you want to get rid of. This is one workout where you won’t break a sweat but that’s okay. Get rid of your junk and join a gym today: that’s where you should be sweating!

Junk Removal for Los Angeles Realtors

Over in Universal City the studio had developed a plan to build thousands of residential units on the back lot. Now it looks as though that plan has been scrapped in favor of adding more movie and television production facilities and expanding Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. As with any type of major project like this the local residents were already giving it the thumbs down. Apparently they don’t want any new neighbors.

In a roundabout way a decision like this is even more stress on the Los Angeles real estate market. Applying the principles of supply and demand finds that there are fewer houses then there are owners to put them in. This puts every real estate agent on full alert to make the most out of any property they are currently brokering for sale. One new ally in home staging could come from an unlikely source. That would be junk removal.

A realtor who takes a new property might find that it’s in a great location but the home itself is filled to the rafters with junk. If the homeowner is someone is being in this property years then chances are they’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. After selling a home there’ll probably be moving into a smaller space and will need to get rid of a lot of that. As the real estate agent on record you can help facilitate that by calling Junk King Los Angeles and letting them take over the junk removal aspect of the sale.

With a foreclosed property your only choice will be to clear out all the garbage. Luckily you won’t have an owner can squabble with what should be tossed out because anything that isn’t nailed down can be thrown away. That’s another great excuse for calling Junk King.

How Junk King works is simple. Once it has been determined what he thrown out you call Junk King and arrange for and estimate visit. This is where a Junk King supervisor will size up the amount of trunk space needed for all the junk that’s been taken out of. The estimate provided is based on that amount not an hourly rate for the workers. This means if there’s an old hot tub in the backyard of a foreclosed home that you need to get rid of an it takes four hours to dismantle all it’s going to cost is how much space those parts take up on Junk King truck. If it takes up more space than what was estimate you will be paying any additional charges.

The sooner you can get rid of the junk in a home the quicker you can get that home staged and listed. In the competitive real estate market you need to act fast and Junk King can help get rid of that clutter quickly.

Los Angeles Attic Junk Removal

As everyone knows Los Angeles is the home to Hollywood which is the moviemaking capital of the world. One of the most popular genres of films to come out of Hollywood are those horror movies that have been scaring audiences for generations. No discussion of Hollywood horror would be complete without talking about the classics from the Golden age of movie making. This would be the original versions of Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolf Man. The inspiration for those movies was based in classic literature. However, even though those stories took readers to faraway places those movies were actually made on the back lot of Universal Studios right here in Los Angeles. Dracula’s Castle, Doctor Frankenstein’s laboratory and the Wolf Man’s woods were all studio sets.

Today’s horror movies find inspiration in many other sources and utilize locations far removed from a Hollywood soundstage. One of the most popular new horror franchises is the “Paranormal Activity” series. These are scary movies made on location at typical suburban homes in the Los Angeles and Southern California area. Could one of the lessons learned from the movies be that your house is a scary place? Actually, the answer to that might be a resounding “yes” especially when you consider the state of affairs in your attic.

The average home attic becomes a kind of storage shed for family’s junk. As a result anyone who wanders into that attic at night could find themselves confronted with plenty of cobweb filled boxes and other creepy looking items casting gloomy shadows. Yet in the harsh reality of daylight what you’ll see is actually just a lot of junk. While it is true that some attics are meant just for storage there are others that could be turned into a practical living space. If you’re looking for a spare guest room, home office or reading space you might have to look no further than your own attic. But first you’ve got to get rid of all that junk. That can be handled by a team of professional junk haulers like Junk King Los Angeles.

Hiring experienced LA Haulers to get rid of your junk makes a lot of sense especially when you’re dealing with an attic. That’s because the movers won’t have any trouble going up and down the attic stairs in their quest to clear out all of your junk. Imagine how many times you would have to make that climb if you were doing this job. The Junk King LA hauling pros will also have a big enough truck to take away whatever stuff your attic has been holding onto. But they don’t have to stop there. They can also make the rounds into your garage or closets and really make your house junk free.

If your attic is too small to convert into a spare room you should still consider clearing the junk out. That’s because it will reduce the risk of a potential fire hazard. Removing that junk also means you’re taking away any possible nesting area for unwanted creatures. You really don’t want to hear anything that goes bump in the night from your attic!

Los Angeles Spring Junk Removal

Los Angeles has always been a fast-moving town. One speed-related craze that is starting up around the city of Angels is speed cleaning. The idea is that you should be able to clean your home in 10 minutes every day. Obviously they don’t mean you can clean the entire house in 10 minutes but you take a single section at a time. While it is true that you may only devote only 10 minutes a day to this process it could actually take you several weeks to finish cleaning your home! Yes, many of us look to cleaning as drudgery but it is still a task that needs to be accomplished so as to create a decent living environment.

Traditionally spring has been the time for those intensive cleaning sessions that can figuratively turn a whole house upside down. Spring cleaning is a time for moving furniture and vacuuming up dust bunnies. It’s a time for cleaning out closets. It’s a time for organizing overstuffed drawers. Basically it means everything in your house needs to be wiped down, polished, scrubbed or thrown out. To do this right it is going to take at least several hours. Embrace that fact and you’ll be able to get through your spring cleaning without any hassle.

When it comes to the “throwing out” phase of spring cleaning you’ll have a very positive option standing by to assist you. That would be Junk King Los Angeles. Junk King is a Los Angeles based business that’s part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers. This company is new to the Los Angeles area but in the short time it’s been in operation it’s already made a huge impact in terms of helping folks clear the clutter from their lives.

If you’re serious about doing a deep spring cleaning then you’re going to uncover all kinds of junk that’s ready to be tossed out. It might be you had a reason at one time for holding onto this junk but that reason has long since faded away. Sure, you might be able to throw out some of these items in your weekly garbage pickup more likely that the amount of junk you’ll be piling up will need to be picked up by Junk King.

A Junk King professional LA hauling team will arrive in your home at the scheduled appointment with an empty truck just waiting to be filled up. This team will have all the manpower needed to move any bulky item you have. Just because you’re spring cleaning doesn’t mean you can finally get rid of some old furniture or busted kitchen appliances. Junk King can do all the heavy lifting. Once your home is completely clean do yourself a favor and snap a picture. That photo should provide great inspiration for your next spring cleaning venture!

Los Angeles Cardboard Disposal and Recycling

This year 39 million viewers tuned in to watch the Oscars handed out. Ironically, the Best Picture award winner “The Artist” was the only one of the nine nominated films that was actually shot completely in Los Angeles. It’s also the first silent movie to win this coveted award since the Oscars were first handed out 84 years ago. To get ready for the Oscar celebration a section of Hollywood Boulevard was closed off to traffic while the bleachers were put up in the red carpet was rolled out. Those huge Oscar statues were also taken out of storage and brought over to the venue. By now all evidence of the Oscar telecast has been removed from Hollywood Boulevard and its business as usual for the many tourists who stream through this great neighborhood.

Packing and unpacking up the Oscars every year is not unlike your own moving day albeit one with a lot more gold! One of the most common leftover items from any moving day is all those cardboard boxes. These are boxes that you either collected from local stores or had to buy from a moving company. Either way they are your problem to deal with now. You could break them down and store them in the garage but then that might be taking up valuable space. These boxes could be put out in the recycle pickup but you might end up waiting several weeks before you can get rid of them. The best course of action will likely be hiring professional junk haulers, like Junk King Los Angeles, to get rid of all those cardboard boxes once and for all. The same junk haulers could also be put to use by taking away all the clutter you never meant to move in the first place.

Many of us are procrastinators who like to put off things to the last minute. This is especially true when it comes to moving. That is why there is always a mad scramble to shove everything into a box and deal with it at the new destination. The problem is you just moving junk from one place to the next and that’s not a good way to start out a new chapter in your life. Los Angeles professional junk haulers will be able to handle the removal of those items so that you will have as much free space in your new home as possible.

The great thing about using pros like Junk King as opposed to day laborers is that you can depend on the pros to treat your home with respect. Because they are professional, the Junk King Los Angeles team will be licensed and insured which could make a huge difference in case something should go awry like a scuffed up hardwood floor or damage to a wall. A day laborer will just shrug and leave you to deal with that mess. The professionals probably wouldn’t cause any damage in the first place but if they did they would be responsible for taking care of it. Once those cardboard boxes and other items are removed you can settle into your new home secure in the knowledge that you’re free of clutter.

Los Angeles Garage Junk Clean Out

If you are fortunate enough to be living in Los Angeles and have a garage at your access then it’s a pretty safe bet that garage is crammed full of other things besides a car. Even with parking at a premium many folks can’t resist the urge to turn their garage into a veritable storage locker. When all of that garage junk has reached critical mass you might decide it’s the perfect time for a yard sale. Whether or not your yard sale will be a success depends upon how much effort you want to put into it.

For instance, how are you going to let people know you’ve got a yard sale happening? You could just drag out all your junk and hope for the best. But if you live in a neighborhood with not a lot of traffic then you’ll be spending many hours under the bright California sun without any customers. The obvious solution is to post signs on the corners of your street proclaiming where your garage sale will be happening. If you’ve got kids in the equation than making signs can be a fun arts and craft project. However, if it’s just you then you’ll be spending many hours the day before making your signs and hanging them up throughout the neighborhood. Not really the best way to spend a Friday night is?

On the morning of the big event you’ve got to get up early to drag out all your junk to your driveway or front lawn. Hopefully, you’ll get some help with this endeavor otherwise you could be spending hours just getting ready to get rid of your junk. Make no mistake; the moment you drag something out of your garage and onto your yard sale you are designating it as something you want to get rid of. Yes, there might be an item you’ve held onto for years that once had sentimental value but now you’re finally ready to let it go. For all practical purposes what you’re hoping to sell is really just your trash! If there was really something of value then your best bet is to try selling it on Craigslist or eBay. At least that way you stand a better chance of getting the price you feel you deserve.

The best case scenario will have selling off all of your junk and leaving you with a wide open garage. More often the case is that you’ll have to drag a lot of that junk right back to where you pulled out from early that morning. That kind of defeats the purpose of having a garage sale to get rid of all your junk.

Instead of going through all that hassle why not simply hire professional junk haulers like Junk King Los Angeles to show up and take away that stuff once and for all? Imagine this scenario: you hire professional junk haulers and they back a truck up garage. You didn’t throw open the garage doors and say “take it all!” In a blink of an eye you’ll be able to reclaim your garage and the only effort you exerted it was making that phone call to 1-800-995-JUNK.

Large Trash Pickup in Los Angeles

Large Trash Pickup in Los Angeles

Back in the day, the weekly garbage pickup typically meant a garbage truck, a driver and at least two workers to pick up the trash cans and dump them into the back of the truck. This was a very labor intensive type of work that also was very time-consuming. Innovation came along and replaced that old garbage truck with a grappling arm. Now, most populated cities, like Los Angeles, have automated the weekly trash pickup. While that has reduced labor costs and allows for more garbage retrieval in a day, there are some areas of concern that can be fixed.

The official rule is for folks to pack their garbage cans so the lids can be closed. This means no overflow. Will the garbage truck still wrestle that can with garbage overflow? Sure; but there is no guarantee that all garbage will make it into the truck. What falls to the ground is now something the homeowner has to deal with.

Then, there is the issue of large items outside of the garbage can. Back when there were two guys riding along on the back of a truck, they would think nothing of picking up whatever was left on the curb and tossing that into the truck. Often, homeowners would even include the garbage men on their holiday tip gift list because of the extra help they provided. With the grappling trucks, those days of “loose pickups” are long gone. In other words, if it’s not in the can, it’s not going into the truck.

So, where does that leave you when you have a large trash pickup? You could make the disposal of those items your next weekend DIY project. This is going to mean loading up your car or SUV with this trash. Are you willing to put things like that into the back of your car? You then need to drive to the appropriate dumping center. In Los Angeles, that could mean up to an hour drive just to find the landfill that is closest to your home. Then, it would be another hour back. There goes your Saturday! Once you get to the landfill, it’s not just a matter of dumping and going. You’ll also have to pay a dumping fee and might even have to do the transfer from your car to the most recent heap of garbage. Good times, right?

Actually, you can avoid this by simply hiring a team of professional junk haulers, like Junk King Los Angeles, to stop by your place, efficiently load those large items, and take them away for you. Don’t think of this as some sort of extravagance but, rather, as a practical means to an end. You don’t want to be in a position where you’ve got trash sitting on your front lawn. Instead, you can schedule a pickup, make the payment, and head out for your day. The experienced crew will handle the rest. And, because you’re working with a professional team, you can count on the job being done right the first time. When you return home, you can expect to be “garbage free”… at least for now!

Los Angeles Junk Recycling

Let’s talk about Los Angeles recycling. The city of Angels is proud to report that they are collecting over 240,000 tons of recyclable material every year. In addition to that they also managed to collect 480,000 tons of yard trimmings. That’s a lot of mowed lawns. All of this recycled material is either picked up at your curbside in the blue bin or dropped off at one of the many mobile recycle centers. Los Angeles has done such a good job with the recycling program that they are on target to hit the state mandated goal of diverting 50% of garbage away from landfills. Additionally, they are also the number one city for recycling out of the 10 largest cities in the US. Definitely something to be proud about.

If you live in Los Angeles you’re probably very familiar with the blue container that is used for recycling by every homeowner. If you live in an apartment building you could make a special arrangement with your landlord to get included in the recycling process. All you have to do is ask. Although we are all familiar with what type of garbage can go into the blue bin there may be some items that you weren’t necessarily aware of or that you might not think about throwing into the garbage can.

Take for instance paper products. You can recycle anything that is a paper product including telephone books, newspapers and magazines. But you can also include cardboard products like cereal boxes, frozen food boxes, shoe boxes and detergent boxes. Basically if it is a box it can go into the bin. You could also throw in paper and toilet paper rolls. If you are putting boxes in it’s best to smash them down.

Anything you drink out of or unscrew with the lid can go into the recycle can as well. This includes all milk cartons, fruit juice boxes and soda cans. Speaking of cans you can also put all your canned goods into the recycle bin along with glass bottles and jars. The blue can will also take all of your plastic from shampoo bottles to yogurt containers to packing materials. One thing to keep in mind is that even though you’re recycling all of this garbage it still has to be sorted. That’s why if you have a food container or soda can you do a big favor to rinse it out first before you toss it. Those sorters on the line will certainly thank you.

If you’ve got a pile of recyclable material that might not fit into that blue garbage can then you might have to reach out and hire some professional junk haulers like Junk King Los Angeles. These are the guys who could show up with the big truck and move out all your major pieces of recyclable material like furniture, mattresses and electronic waste. Recycling only works when we all get involved. The more materials we can repurpose and reuse the better off our planet will become.

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