Haul Junk Away: Wait! Share It First

Haul Junk Away MarinBefore we haul junk away for you, consider ways to donate, sell, or give away your unwanted items. Junk King proudly participates in a number of recycling programs and can bring some good quality items to donation centers, as well. However, you can actually reduce the load for us to haul away and feel good about sharing your collection of “junk” before we get there.

Finding new homes for things before we haul junk away has several benefits:

  • Donate items to a non-profit organization of your choice
  • Help the environment by sorting and recycling things
  • Make some money by selling decent quality items
  • Let your friends have things you no longer need
  • Engage your community through a garage sale or yard sale

Here’s a look at the many ways you can reduce your load of trash and make the process greener by sharing your junk with others before we haul junk away for good.

Sell what you can on Craigslist and eBay

Before we haul junk away, why not make a little money by selling your usable goods? You might never want to see that old couch again, but chances are good that a local college student wouldn’t mind the stains. You can offer virtually anything up for sale on Craigslist from furniture and appliances to paintings, magazine collections, baseball cards, you name it. You can also sell things on eBay and require that the buyer is local and can pick up the item themselves.

Tell friends on social media about what’s up for grabs

When you’re planning your cleaning project, it can’t hurt to announce to friends on social media that you need to get rid of some things. Perhaps a friend has always admired your collection of souvenir cups from Giants games and they’d be happy to come take them away. We haul junk frequently that could surely be used by someone else, so why not see if your friends are interested?

Junk King recycles everything we can, but many items are better off being re-purposed rather than recycled. If you can send some items off to new homes before we haul junk away, you can help your friends and reduce the amount of junk being taken away.

Hold a garage sale or yard sale

Good old-fashioned garage sales and yard sales are another way to prevent things from going to landfill and make a few bucks while you’re at it. Sell anything in good condition that would otherwise be junk for us to handle and clean up your home even further by selling other things that are just sitting around. We haul junk to donation centers and recycle what we can, but it’s even more efficient for you to sell some things beforehand.

Let Junk King recycle or dispose of the rest

You may not be able to find a new home for all your belongings, and that’s okay. Junk King recycles up to 60% of everything when we haul junk. We can look for charitable organizations that would accept items as donations, and we can take scraps and debris like wood and metal to industrial recycling centers.

We’re happy to help make the whole process more environmentally friendly and provide good quality items to people in need. If you can give away or repurpose things before we haul junk away in our trucks, you’re helping the community and the environment even more.