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Appliance Disposal Marin: Make Sure it’s Done Right

Appliance Disposal MarinHousehold appliances aren’t just difficult to move—they can be difficult or even illegal to throw away improperly. If you have upgraded your appliances to modern, eco-friendly alternatives, you certainly do not want irresponsible appliance disposal to undo that good.

Do yourself, your home, and the environment a big favor by calling in the pros at Junk King for safe, responsible appliance disposal.

It’s important to take care of appliances the right way for many reasons:

  • Bulky, awkward items are dangerous for many people to try to move.
  • Many appliances contain hazardous materials like mercury or CFCs and cannot be dumped with regular trash.
  • Metal and other materials in appliances can potentially be recycled if handled properly.

Proper Methods of Appliance Disposal

Ultimately, we should all do everything we can to avoid sending household appliances to landfill. If the appliance can still be used, find someone who wants it. If it’s broken, professional junk haulers should handle it to ensure safe disposal.

If you are unsure about whether an item poses a special risk, you can always call Junk King to ask about proper appliance disposal. Air conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers often contain chemical refrigerants that contribute to the greenhouse gas effect when disposed of poorly. Mercury can be found in many appliances that have thermometers, from ovens and heaters to laundry machines. These items cannot go with regular bulk trash and should be taken to special facilities.

Get rid of your unwanted items with one of these methods of appliance disposal:

  • Donation. Usable appliances can find a new home. Families in need, college students, or even people trying to furnish a vacation home or guest house could certainly use your unwanted appliances. Find a charity or non-profit group that resells or gifts items and arrange for pick-up or drop-off if possible.
  • Sell it in classifieds. Advertise unwanted appliances in working condition on Craigslist, eBay, local newspapers. Pin a note on the bulletin at your favorite coffee shop. You might put some cash in your pocket or at least find someone with a truck who will take it away.
  • Call junk haulers. Professional hauling services from Junk King ensure proper appliance disposal. We will recycle or donate the item if we can—and if we can’t, the appliance will be disposed of in an eco-friendly way whenever possible. You don’t lift a finger and the appliance disappears.

How Junk King Makes Appliance Disposal Easy

When you make an appointment for appliance disposal through Junk King, you get professionals to come do the heavy lifting and haul away your items. From start to finish, there’s no stress on you.

We know the proper disposal regulations by California law. We have resources for donation, recycling, and disposal around Sonoma and Marin County. When Junk King hauls away your appliances, you know that every item will donated or recycled in the best way possible.

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