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Hot Tub Removal Marin

Hot Tub Removal Marin CountyWhen it comes to hot tubs, if you don’t use it you should go ahead and lose it. Think of all the other things you could do with the space!

For hot tub removal Marin County residents can call on the pros at Junk King to do the hauling. Dismantling and lifting the parts of a hot tub turns into difficult labor, but our haulers know how to do it fast and efficiently. We even make sure to recycle every part that we can. Save time, save energy, and do it the easy way with Junk King.

Reasons to Ditch the Hot Tub

Hopefully your hot tub has provided some good times and relaxation, but when it’s time to move on you can find plenty of other great ways to use the space. Here are some reasons for hot tub removal Marin homeowners can mull over:

  • Enjoy more yard space
  • Upgrade to a full-size pool
  • Create an outdoor living area
  • Add an outdoor pizza oven or fire pit

Reasons to Call Junk Haulers for Hot Tub Removal Marin County

Hot tubs are complicated to take apart, heavy to lift, and difficult to haul away—unless you have professional junk haulers with the right truck. Without bringing in the pros, you could spend a whole weekend just trying to figure out how to safely disconnect break apart the tub.

At Junk King, we serve the Marin County area with all sorts of junk disposal services, including home renovation debris and large appliance removals. For super-easy hot tub removal Marin residents can simply pick up the phone or book online.

Think about the benefits of hiring hauling experts for hot tub disposal:

  • We’re efficient and knowledgeable about breaking apart hot tubs.
  • We have trucks ready to haul the large, awkward parts.
  • We recycle every part that we can.
  • We clean up and haul away any related debris.

Fast and Easy Hot Tub Removal Marin County

Free up your yard or deck without the headache of figuring out what to do with an unwanted hot tub! Here are the steps for hot tub removal Marin customers can expect:

  • Schedule an appointment and we’ll come on-time within a short window.
  • We confirm an estimate before you give the green light.
  • Our trained and insured haulers go to work breaking down and carrying away the hot tub.
  • Our truck hauls everything away and we recycle or responsibly dispose of everything.
  • You enjoy the freedom to use your space however you want, without breaking a sweat!

If you’ve grown tired of your hot tub, or acquired property with a hot tub you don’t want, call us right away. We provide straightforward junk and debris hauling services including hot tub removal Marin County residents can count on to save time and avoid all hassles.

Junk Removal to Transform a College Bound Kid’s Room

Junk Removal Marin Messy RoomIs your teenager off to college this month?  Do you have visions of transforming his room into a home gym, guest bedroom, a spa for mom, or an awesome man cave?  

But how to get to that divine new state from skateboard stickers, smelly lacrosse socks, and banged up, jumped on, questionably stained, and all around abused furniture?

Junk Removal for Home TheaterThe first step is to keep that vision of your new, shiny space in your head.  Of course, junk removal is a key step in the process. But don’t be overwhelmed, instead try a proven strategy for the quickest and greenest results.

Start with the standard 4-pile junk removal method:

  1. Keep – this pile might include sports trophies, yearbooks, and anything that reminds you of Johnny when he was still adorable and loved mom more than anything – before friends, girls, music and just about everything else that Johnny considers more important now.

  2. Donate – anything that wasn’t buried so far down in the closet that it reeks of those lacrosse socks, isn’t ripped apart and/or missing pieces – and generally has some life left in it that some other teenage kid might enjoy.

  3. Recycle – that which you don’t want to keep nor would someone else want to inherit, but doesn’t need to hit the landfill

  4. Junk aka ‘Trash’– none of the above, mostly stuff you have to pick up with gloves while holding your nose

Now what?  You have the piles.  How to go about the junk removal and furniture pick up?

You’re on your own to find new homes for the “Keep pile!”

Piles 2, 3, and 4 are the easy ones.  This is where a junk removal and hauling service can help.

Junk King handles everything from furniture removal to trash piles to electronic waste recycling. As professional junk movers, we help people in Sonoma and Marin Counties with whatever junk and waste needs to be cleared out so you can make that man cave / spa / guest room / mom’s 2nd closet a reality!

  • Junk King will take furniture, clothes, mattresses, and other donate-able items to local charities

  • We will collect and recycle the scrap metal from furniture, sports equipment and other twisted up contraptions your college bound kid may have hidden in his closet

  • Got e waste?  We’ll take old cell phones, jam boxes, laptops and TVs that aren’t making the trek to the college dorm room.

  • And last, but not least, Junk King will happily help clean up and haul away the trash, debris, 3 year old french fries, socks that stand on their own, and all other indescribables under his bed.

Your new home gym awaits!

Contact Junk King today and take back your space!

Before You Call a Moving Company, Call the Junk Movers

Junk Movers MarinGetting ready to move? Hopefully you’re just changing residences to somewhere nearby—we’re not sure why you’d ever want to leave the Sonoma and Marin County area! When you do need to move, you can save a lot of money and stress by taking care of certain things yourself before calling the moving company. Bring in some junk movers to clear out the dead weight and kick off your move the right way.

Junk King handles everything from furniture and appliances to trash piles and renovation debris. As professional junk movers, we help people in Sonoma and Marin Counties with whatever junk needs to be cleared out so you can better organize and expedite your move.

Here’s why you should call junk movers before bringing in the moving company:

Don’t Move Stuff You Don’t Want

Many families haul around boxes and bags and old furniture that will never be used again. Break the cycle and stop hoarding your junk!

If you know certain things should go away but you can’t bring yourself to do the work or you don’t like saying goodbye to old belongings, ask junk movers to do the task for you. Don’t waste space at your next residence filling up the garage, attic, and closets with things you don’t really want.

Avoid Extra Storage and Moving Fees

When you hire junk movers before a move, you can save yourself a ton of money in the long run. Compare the costs of junk hauling services to the extra moving costs associated with moving more stuff. Plus the cost of storage units and pods. Plus more labor moving into your new home and in any future moves. Pay for junk movers once and never pay other people to move and store the same junk again.

Renovating to Sell? Let Us Clean It Up

In the whirlwind of preparing your current home for market, you can easily create a lot of trash while cleaning and identify items that need to leave while staging the house. Renovation projects will produce even more debris.

Call in junk movers to take care of virtually any kind of mess—from cleaning out the attic or basement to handling piles of lumber, drywall, stones, and metals from construction projects. When you’re selling a house, you have plenty of things to worry about besides cleaning up your reno dust.

Give Yourself Time, Take Away Stress

You probably need to be scouting real estate, researching schools, and generally dealing with other sources of stress during a move. Junk movers can take care of some tough tasks that you don’t need to do yourself—but need to get done.

Before your move, schedule a visit with our junk movers to see how we can alleviate your stress by hauling away piles of junk that stand in your way. You’ll thank yourself for having time to yourself instead of sweating through a week of lifting and hauling boxes and junk.

Simplify your move by removing the dead weight—call the professional junk movers at Junk King before you start packing.

Dumpster Rentals: A Bad Match for Marin County

Recycling dumpster rentals MarinYou might think that you don’t care how you get rid of your junk. You just want it gone, whether that means renting a dumpster or hiring junk movers. Yet consider the many risks and benefits of the two—dumpster rentals leave you with plenty of labor and potential extra costs, while junk hauling takes care of it all in one fell swoop.

Let’s look at some critical considerations before resorting to dumpster rentals:

Dumpster Rentals Marin: A Bad Match for Marin County & Bay Area Streets

Before comparing dumpster rentals and junk hauling services, take note of the fact that dumpsters simply create headaches in Marin County and the Northern Bay Area in general.

Our narrow, curvy streets create logistical problems for the placement of dumpsters. In many cases the dumpster would block the road, creating a hazard for drivers. Cramped spaces on the street also make it difficult to even access the dumpster when you’re handling large debris. Dumpster rentals and Marin County simply don’t mix well.

Cost Effectiveness

Dumpster rentals can potentially make fiscal sense for large, ongoing projects like major home renovations. However, how do you know how much total waste your project will generate? Also, if the dumpster damages your sidewalk and/or lawn, your wallet will take a much bigger hit.

In addition to dumpster rental prices, consider:

  • How will you handle overflow? Would you need to double the cost?
  • Do you really want the risk of damaging the lawn, sidewalk, curb, and street?
  • Are you sure you can handle all the debris and junk yourself, or would you need to pay for labor anyway? (Even with friends helping, you have to thank them somehow.)

Are You Being a Stand-Up Citizen?

Neighbors hate dumpster rentals—not only are they an eyesore, but they smell.

But suppose you don’t concern yourself with what the neighbors think… consider the undeniable hazards. Junk hauling services take care of everything in a short timeframe, while dumpster rentals typically linger for days or longer.

In short, dumpster rentals do not make good neighbors:

  • Kids tend to crawl inside of dumpsters. You might even be liable for injuries.
  • Animals get in, too, tossing garbage around and making a mess.
  • If the dumpster causes damage to community property, you’ll be dealing the city or a homeowners association. Not fun.

How Much Work Will You Put In?

Do you have the time and energy to handle a bunch of junk?—because with dumpster rentals, you do the dirty work.

Include labor when deciding between dumpster rentals and junk hauling services:

  • Dumpster rental companies only drop off and pick up the dumpster. With Junk King, you get the same benefits (getting rid of your trash) but someone else comes and does the heavy lifting and hauling away.
  • Dumpsters can be more high-maintenance than you think. Not everything can easily be tossed into a dumpster. Boxes need to be broken down, dangerous metal rods can stick out, construction debris can be too heavy to lift and throw.
  • The rest of your life won’t pause—do you want to do all the work?

Dumpster Rentals for Commercial  Use

Businesses these days have to worry about scale. Don’t pay for things you don’t use. If your business fills the dumpster every week, dumpster rentals might make sense. Otherwise, consider junk hauling services your on-demand, pay-per-use solution for junk disposal.

If you still can’t decide between dumpster rentals and junk hauling services, call Junk King for a free estimate and more info about our process.

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