Rubbish Removal Frequently Exposes Mystery Implements

Do you have someone in your life that lives by the “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure” motto. Does he or she see the garage sale sign, size it up and inevitably stop to check it out.  This person is the garage-saler’s dream for their rubbish removal – at least some of it.  The remainder will of course require professional junk hauling.

Garage sale aficionados often find the crazy, oddball, unknowns.   We call these Mystery Implements.   Those interesting, un-describable, what-the-heck-is-that mysteries.  The weird things that are brought out at family dinners, parties with friends, and may make the rounds on Facebook photos.   Some of these Mystery Implements get identified, even used.  Others eventually make their way onto the garage sale table and then, if unsold, into the junk pile.

One of these Mystery Implements recently made its way to into a Junk King Marin rubbish removal job (see below).  It started to go into the scrap metal pile, but was such an oddity that the guys pulled it out and started trying to figure it out.   Is it a walnut crusher, an orange juicer, a giant tooth extractor.

Rubbish Removal Mystery ImplementWhat do you think this Mystery Implement is?

Whether you are a garage saler or know someone who is, garage and yard sales are a great way to de-clutter, make a few dollars, and pass along those Mystery Implements to others to decipher, decode, and decrypt.

For the garage sale items that don’t get sold, including any Mystery Implements, Junk King Marin will help you with the leftovers:

  • Junk King Marin will clean up the remaining items and haul them all away for you.
  • We’ll come in after the last garage salers leave and give you a guaranteed price to remove the unsold/unwanted clothing, furniture, home accessories, broken toys & tricycles, TVs and old appliances.
  • Our rubbish removal experts know how to sort debris, so items like metal, wood, e-waste, etc. get handled appropriately.
  • We use our over-sized trucks to haul away everything.
  • Mystery Implement or not, all items will be recycled or donated when possible, or given eco-friendly disposal.