Getting Rid of An Old Couch: The Story of Gertrude the Couch

Getting Rid of an Old Couch - Gertrude

This is Gertrude

FREE COUCH: yellow and orange, coffee & other miscellaneous stains, lumpy, missing pillows, slightly smelly, Fido & Kittens loved it. We’ll affectionately call her Gertrude the couch. She’s free, we know you’ll love her as much as we did… 30 years ago.

You’ve seen Gertrude.  She’s sitting in your neighbor’s driveway with a FREE sign pinned on her. She’s been sitting there for a week now. The college kid/friend/charity that was supposed to pick her up rejected her. The FREE sign showed up the next day.  No takers yet.  And now poor Gertrude has been there for a week.  The two nights of rain, neighborhood cat’s using it as scratching post, and dog’s mistaking it for a fire hydrant or chew toy has done it no additional help.

Getting rid of an old couch like Gertrude is often easier said than done.

Charities are often picky and won’t take old furniture.  A trip to the landfill can be costly.  And FREE furniture removal isn’t always as good as you’d think, especially when it comes to getting rid of an old couch. Let’s face it nobody wants junk.

That’s where Junk King Marin can help put Gertrude the ugly FREE couch out of her misery – and get her off of your sidewalk and out of your sight.

Junk King’s professional junk haulers will:

  • schedule a convenient time for pick-up
  • arrive with a truck large enough to remove even the largest, heaviest, ugliest couch
  • quickly and conveniently remove the unsightly couch and any other junk still residing within it – potato chips, smelly socks, old TV remotes
  • clean up and dispose of any remaining stuffing, pillows and other ugly sofa debris that may have been strewn across the sidewalk
  • haul all of the junk away and dispose of it properly including eco-friendly recycling
  • help you with getting rid of an old couch!

Junk King Marin junk disposal experts are licensed and insured.  We provide professional, courteous junk pick-up services that will leave you junk free, worry free, and ugly sofa FREE.