Junk Hauling Helps Marin County Recycle More

Junk Hauling Helps Marin County Recycle More Junk King MarinMany items are recyclable besides soda cans and cardboard, yet most people think small and focus on the items you can recycle with regular trash. Don’t forget about the “junk” sitting around your home and office — there are so many ways to recycle Marin County residents can use to have a bigger impact on environmental efforts.

  • Home Improvement Project Waste: Renovating your kitchen or building an addition? Replacing the roof, siding, or gutters? Instead of sending all that heavy mass to a dump, let Junk King haul it, sort it, and recycle it. We can handle scrap materials like copper, brass, heavy aluminum, cast iron, and other difficult things to recycle Marin County residents might not be able to recycle on their own.
  • Electronics and Appliances: Many devices are difficult to recycle properly because they are made of metal, plastic and glass — we make sure that each item is stripped apart and sent for proper recycling. It’s a responsible recycle Marin County can trust to help prevent toxic chemicals and metals from poisoning the soil and water supply.
  • Lumber, Furniture, Textiles, Etc.: New technologies are helping people turn broken furniture, worn out clothes, and scrap wood into brand new items! Merchandise made from repurposed materials reduces deforestation, agricultural water consumption, and other industrial waste.

Donate — Another Great Option to Recycle Marin Waste

Donations feel great — and it’s perhaps the best way to recycle Marin County folks should keep in mind. Junk King sends every usable item we can to places where your unwanted stuff can make a life-changing difference.

Clothing, toys, and knick-knacks might be taking up space in your home, but have great value to people in need. You might drop off a bag of clothes at a local charity, but some organizations simply cannot accept unlimited amounts of donations. Junk King coordinates efforts with local non-profits so your good intentions can translate into real help where it’s needed — without you worrying about scheduling a bunch of pick-ups or running around town for drop-offs.

Furniture, baby supplies, and other household items are always in high-demand at charitable organizations. Avoid the stress of loading up your car with bulky items.

Office and school supplies can also be cleared out of your storage and sent to kids and job seekers. When you pay it forward and recycle Marin and Sonoma communities can benefit.

Efficient Recycling is Greener

For recycling efforts to have a real impact, you need to make sure the recycling process itself does not consume too much energy. You can recycle Marin County materials best by using local resources and efficient junk removal services.

For one thing, Junk King runs some of our fleet on biodiesel trucks. We run our entire business with a focus on green practices.

For another thing, eco-friendly junk removal service helps you avoid the waste of car fuel that you would burn driving around town to different recycling and donation centers.

Think of it as carpooling for your recyclables — pitch in and let Junk King collect everybody’s stuff and send it to the right recyclers! It’s a green solution to recycle Marin County waste as close to home as possible.