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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Garden Waste Collection

Your yard is a major part of your home’s pride of ownership, and garden waste collection is a major part of this. While it is generally useful to keep old plant matter for its nutrient value to add back to the soil, sometimes there is simply too much. When you have an over-abundance of garden waste, it is time to call in the professionals to collect it.

Garden Waste Collection: Canceling New Growth

One of the most unfortunate reasons for garden waste collection is that you need to keep old growth and its waste down in order to foster new growth. While there are many kinds of plants that need a lot of shade to thrive in, most kinds of plants need sunlight far more. Having the ground covered in waste products is the entire purpose behind garden waste collection, as new growth will often struggle under last year’s dead plant materials. While the minerals in the old matter can sometimes be put back into the soil, in other cases the decomposition rate is too slow or the ground is simply not appropriate for the purpose. Garden waste collection can save your new growth from being stillborn.

Removing the Wrong Nutrients

Your yard has a delicate and constantly changing mixture of different nutrients within it, and sometimes you need to add more to keep everything in balance and growing healthily. However, things like the pH balance and the nutrient content of your soil can actually be wrong when you want to plant something different. Garden waste collection becomes a serious priority when you want to make your garden somehow new and take it into a usage you had not considered before. Consider the difference between crop rotation and not doing so. If you plant the same kinds of crops year after year and merely compost them back into the soil with no garden waste collection, you may end up with perfect soil for growing something that you don’t want to grow. Meanwhile, your intended type of plant ends up starving for the nutrients it needs.

Garden Waste Collection: Planning for a New Use

When you want to use your land for something different, the entire process can be a confusing one. On the one hand, you have structural issues such as logs that need to be hauled away. Garden waste collection is excellent for getting large chunks of solid matter out of the way and letting you navigate around an uncluttered space. But beyond that, you also have to conside that large waste is not the entire matter.

Planning for an entirely new purpose is also a matter of smaller garden waste collection. If you no longer want to grow crops in a given space, perhaps wanting to build there, making sure smaller pieces of plant material are not hindering the ground’s strength is also important. This importance comes in whether you are pouring a foundation for a garage, or merely building a deck and want to make sure you get past the frost line. Garden waste collection ensures that you have a solid base to build upon.

Moving On

Sometimes it is time to move on to a new property, and new owners would not appreciate how your garden is set up. In this kind of instance, garden waste removal is important for beautifying your property. Removing waste is a positive change.

Garden waste collection is an important part of making any kind of changes. Even if you just want to keep doing what you’ve been doing, having your garden’s waste collected is important. Contact us today and we’ll help you plan your garbage removal.

Tips On Organizing Your Garage

If you are like most Americans, your garage has been neglected for far too long. Even if you don’t park a car in your garage or store items in it, it can still become overcrowded, dusty and generally grimy. Do yourself a huge favor and organize the garage before the problem spirals out of control. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help with organizing your garage.

Develop a Plan of Attack

Before attempting to clean out your garage, make sure that you can devote ample time to the job. You will need at least half a day to perform a thorough clean. Ideally, you will have an entire day or the full weekend so you can do the job right.

Try to make the decluttering process and fun and simple as possible. Invite family and friends to pitch in. Create three easy to understand piles: keep, donate and trash. Separate each garage item into these three piles. Once you have determined what you want to keep in the garage, further separate these items into categories like automotive, garden tools, sports equipment, seasonal décor, camping items and so on. This categorization will help you easily relocate items by group once you have cleaned out the garage’s dust and grime.

Less is More

When you are in doubt about whether to keep an item in your garage, opt to donate it or trash it. Only keep the items and tools that you really expect to use in the future. Your garage has limited space so make the most of it for maximum utility.

Consider a new Layout

If you have an especially small garage space or a considerable number of items to store in it, do not hesitate to totally revamp the layout. Spend as much time as necessary to determine exactly where each type of item should be placed. Think about how often you use it as well as the garage space you have available. Sometimes a new design will refresh the garage’s look and feel as well as your perception of this part of your home. Create zones for each type of tool or item and use rolling cabinets for tools and other sundries that you typically need when working in the garage.

Use a Label Maker

Put labels in the appropriate spaces when organizing your garage.  They will remind your as well as others as to where things belong. It will make it much easier to locate items and put them back in their proper places. Use your label maker for everything from drawers to shelves, boxes, containers and cords. Those who do not own a label maker should not hesitate to use duct tape or masking tape and a permanent marker for makeshift labels. Take the time to label both the front and back of your storage bins so that they can be read regardless of the direction they face.

Junk King Marin

Don’t haul off all your undesired items to a landfill or drag them out to the curb one by one. Let the junk removal experts at Junk King do all of that work for you. We are a cutting edge junk hauling service located in California’s Marin County. We will haul away just about any type of old, useless or unwanted item even if it is large or heavy. Lean on the expertise of our trash hauling specialists and you will be able to squarely focus on organizing your garage. You can contact us by dialing 888-888-5865. Or, learn more about us online by heading on over to /

Use a Professional Furniture Removal Company Instead of Heavy Lifting

Getting rid of old furniture? Furniture removal is within the wheelhouse of full-service and eco-friendly junk removal companies. Take some of the weight off your shoulders and get in contact today.

Reasons to Get Professional Furniture Removal Help 

It’s pretty uncommon that people actively want to do heavy lifting, unless we’re talking about football players getting into playing shape.

Mostly people worry about the additional expense and hassle of delegating out the lifting to a professional junk removal company, which kicks off our first reason:

  • Affordability

Junk removal companies usually price according to the quantity of junk that you need removed from your property.

For most homeowners this means that they can have all of their excess furniture removed in just one junk removal truck, which ensures savings.

If you’re not sure all of your excess furniture can be taken away in one truck, then you can always get a free estimate without any purchasing obligations stapled to it. An upfront price guarantee locks in quoted rates and guarantees the lowest possible price.

  • Safety

Junk removal, especially furniture removal, can be dangerous work as it entails lugging around potentially hundreds of pounds of cumbersome desks, bureaus and couches. Delegating the work out to a full-service junk removal company gives you an added sense of safety and peace of mind.

Too often moving or furniture removal is associated with frayed nerves and a just-get-it-done attitude that’s anything but safe. By going with a professional, you free up your hands for more important things and can rest assured that your home will be respected.

A professional junk removal service hires qualified, insured personnel who have hundreds of furniture removal jobs under their belt. This greatly decreases the chances of a mishap, and brings up to our next point…

  • Experienced

Knowing what can (and can’t) be recycled or the best place to take your old furniture can be overwhelming. Professional junk removers already have the answers since they’ve been there before.

Whether you’re staring wide-eyed at a skein of cables in your dining room or a formidable mass of junk in you garage, you know how frustrating it is knowing that something needs to be done but not having the resources to efficiently complete the job.

Professionals have seen a similar job in the past and are ready to get down to work…on your schedule.

  • Full-service

While a junk removal company is removing furniture from your home, you could also have old appliances and yard waste taken off your hands. Whatever will fit in the truck can be hauled off of your property for a low, flat rate.

Up to this point we’ve mainly been talking about homeowners, but property managers and other business owners can benefit as well.

If you need regular garbage removal, cleanouts following a business takeover or building foreclosure, or even hundreds of defunct computers and other e-waste taken off the premises, a full-service junk removal service is your best bet for crossing items off your to-do list.

  • Ease

Professional junk removers have a narrow work window in which they’ll come to your residence or place and business and immediately get down to work.

You can often get online discounts, free on-site estimates and lock in a great price for your next junk removal project. Contact Junk King-Marin for prompt, efficient service and your free estimate today.

Laws on the Disposal of Chemical Waste

If you’ve been keeping up with the news you know all about the recent spill along the Colorado River. This is definitely a teachable lesson and a reminder that the responsibility of disposing of chemical waste is a shared one.

What is Chemical Waste Anyway? 

Chemical waste – sometimes called industrial waste – is waste produced by mixing potentially harmful chemicals together. Various chemical solvents, paints, paper products and heavy metals might all be classified as chemical waste by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In fact, the regulation of chemical waste is a joint effort between the Environmental Protection Agency, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as well as state and local governments. This makes sense in light of the fact that different states have different liabilities – as the example above with the Colorado River, unfortunately, illustrates.

It might surprise you to hear that OSHA is also involved in the oversight of chemical waste, but that also makes sense given that a lot of chemical waste is produced in commercial factories. As an example, a paint mixing facility or pharmaceutical lab might have to deal with an OSHA regulator and comply with local regulations as well.

Chemical Waste and Hazardous Waste 

There’s even more strict regulation when it comes to chemical waste that’s also hazardous waste – mainly because, if left unattended to and unregulated, hazardous waste poses a greater environmental and public health threat.

Now, going back to those venn diagrams in high school, we could say that all hazardous waste is chemical waste but that not all chemical waste is hazardous waste. If, however, chemical waste is hazardous waste then it has the following properties: toxicity, reactivity, corrosively and ignitability.

  • Hazardous Waste

Just from the sound of some of these words – ignitability, reactivity, etc. – you can get a sense of why responsibly disposing of these kinds of industrial byproducts is to the public good, and maybe good for your blood pressure numbers too.

In fact, a lot of chemical waste can’t even be recycled. Instead it will be, in the case of glassware from labs, stowed in plastic-protected boxes and deposited at a landfill. Because of the increased threat posed by hazardous waste, the EPA has urged state regulators to create their own hazardous waste disposal programs.

Although it doesn’t necessarily make for intriguing beach reading, you can find more about how hazardous waste like PCBs and dioxins are categorized and regulated, both federally and locally, here. There are even rules that states need to follow for safe disposal in landfills – found here.

  • Medical Waste

Another area in which sensitivity is definitely the order of the day is with medical waste. With medical waste, or other kinds of potentially hazardous waste, the waste is collected from clinics, hospitals and laboratories, then processed. Processing usually means that the waste is burned in an incinerator, made inert through chemistry, preserved in formalin or heavily disinfected with bleach.

  • Universal Waste

The EPA also regulates chemical waste that it’s categorized as universal waste. Universal waste are household items like batteries and lightbulbs as well as mercury-containing electronics and certain pesticides you may have sitting around.

You can find the EPA’s more comprehensive list of standards for universal waste management here, and discover more about how federal legislation interacts with your state’s regulations on chemical waste here.

The fact is that disposing of universal waste is everyone’s responsibility since universal waste comes from materials that are commonly sold and widely available in retail stores – hence the name universal waste.

Contact Junk-King Marin today if you need universal, e-waste safely disposed.


Get Rid of Your Unwanted Trash and Scraps With Junk Removal

Get Rid of Your Unwanted Trash and Scraps With Junk RemovalNo one wants trash lying around their property.  It is inconvenient, unsightly, and some can even be a health hazard if it attracts pests or causes injuries.    There are lots of reasons someone might need junk removal, but one thing is certain, it does need to be removed!  If one of these reasons has left you with more unwanted trash than you can handle, calling in the professionals can save you time and money.

There’s just too much junk

Garages, basements and storage areas tend to accumulate more junk than most people want lying around.  Broken toys and bikes, old hobby supplies, and a bunch of boxes you never bothered to unpack when you moved in years ago can make areas of your home unusable.  Most of it is probably stuff you just need to get rid of and that can be a very time consuming project.  Think of the extra space you will have after you call for junk removal and everything gets done.

Foreclosure and estate cleanout

These are two times that can bring lots of change, stress and chaos.  Adding do-it-yourself junk removal to the list of things that need to be dealt with probably isn’t the best idea.  If you are selling the house or just purchased and want to start remodeling and move in, a clean out may be necessary before anything else can be done.

Remodeling projects and construction waste

If you have extra trash and scraps of construction materials lying around after a remodeling project, making arrangements for junk removal is not only convenient, but it may be necessary as well.  These projects may involve materials that can’t be hauled away at your normal trash pick-up.  If the project was big there may be a problem with the amount of waste they will be hauling away.  Or perhaps your project is taking place between scheduled pick up days and you don’t want to leave a bunch of unsightly trash lying around in your yard.  Scheduling junk removal is a good alternative if you don’t want to rent a dumpster.

Going green for junk removal

Most of us want to do what we can to be environmentally responsible and when you’re faced with a junk removal project that can mean a lot of extra time spent sorting out what’s recyclable and getting it to the proper facility.  When you call for professional junk removal, Junk King can make sure your job gets done quickly and in an environmentally responsible manner without any extra effort on your part.

Junk removal for furniture and appliances

There are just some things that can’t be hauled away at the normal trash pick-up times.  Foreclosure or estate clean outs and remodeling projects often involve having to get rid of some oversized items.  If you have a lot of furniture or appliances that need to be hauled away calling for junk removal services can save you the trouble of having to haul it out to the curb only to find it left there after the trash pick-up is finished.

No matter what your reasons are for needing junk removal, Junk King can handle the job.  Contact us today for a quote or book your job online.

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