Hoarder Help: Let Us Help You Simplify the Process

Hoarding isn't just a matter of having some clutter around the house or holding on to a few sentimental items. Instead, hoarding is the excessive collection of items, even useless ones, which may clutter up living spaces and make them unusable. Up to 5% of the U.S. population hoards, which means that there's a surprising number of people out there in need of hoarder help.

While living with a hoarder can be messy and frustrating, hoarding is perhaps most frightening when you yourself have the behavior. Imagine having a clutter problem that dramatically balloons out of control over time, with no clear cause. In just a few months, the problem can begin to look insurmountable, and shame and guilt can take over. It's hard to know where to start with so much mess, and many people don’t know what kind of hoarder help they need — much less where to get it.

Junk-King Marin's Hoarder Help

It can be stressful to declutter a hoarder's home, because many of a hoarder's items have anxious feelings and memories associated with them, which can all arise during the cleaning process. On top of all that, as you work, the amount of trash you produce can build up to impressive levels. Many people find themselves in serious need of hoarder help, because they don't know how to easily and efficiently get rid of all these items.

But Junk-King Marin offers the vital hoarder help you and your loved ones need. We show up ready to haul your junk, without questions or judgment. Just show us what you need gone, and it'll be out of your life, making the process of cleaning up and starting anew that much easier. You can focus on questions of what needs to be disposed of, what can stay, and where items should go, rather than the tedious logistics of how to dispose of your clutter.

Clean Up and Rest Easy

With our professional, courteous hoarder help, you'll be able to take the first steps toward a clean, decluttered, safe home. Many hoarders report that once they get hoarder help and take the first steps toward clearing out their lives, they feel like a burden's been lifted from them, along with all their items. Getting hoarder help isn't just a matter of cleaning house or getting ready for company — it's a life-changing step that reduces stress, fear and shame, and makes room in your life for calm, peace and joy.

Whether you're in need of hoarder help, or you just need some help cleaning out a garage, Junk-King Marin can help. We haul away junk from your home, so that you can focus on getting things decluttered and organized again. Contact us today about your mess, and help us to put your mind at ease.