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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Summer Clutter Cleanouts

Between your job, your kids and duties around the home things can certainly spiral out control where some areas of the home quickly accumulate clutter and become somewhat disorderly. With hectic schedules and not enough time to get things organized this can place unwanted pressure to an already frustrating situation.

Clutter Get Rid Of That Unwanted Clutter

Not only is clutter a ghastly sight in and around homes but it also creates a congested environment that makes it hard for persons to function without restriction.

With summer right around the corner it’s only a matter of time before the kids are home and the activity around the house increases tremendously so now that things are still a bit quiet in the final weeks of spring it may be a great idea to get started with dismantling and reorganizing your home before things get incredibly busy.

Regardless of the level of activity present within homes at any given time creating an organized and clutter free living space goes a long way. It serves to eliminate the fatigue and frustration that can be a result of residing in a dysfunctional, chaotic environment.

It also helps persons to meet the challenges of home and work in a more efficient manner. In the meantime here are a few tips that may prove worthwhile to persons undergoing the process of de-cluttering.

The ideal place to get started are work areas or home offices. Not only will this ensure that work spaces are clean and organized but persons will be able to operate efficiently without the frustration.

Start by removing all trash and unwanted items from the top of your desk. Next carefully survey drawers and toss anything you don’t need. Once this is done the next step would be to place any documents lying around in the  “in” or “out” box respectively.

So long as the trash is all gathered and you determine what is necessary and what isn’t you can then attempt to browse through your PC to file away any open or loose folders and discard the unwanted ones. In addition persons should create both a manual and virtual filing system to manage and organize all documentation and information related to their business.

After creating an organized and clutter free working environment persons can proceed to dissect and reorganize their living space. The easiest way to attempt this is to begin by clearing all floors and rearranging furniture to improve mobility as you go along.

Old paper piles, unwanted mail and stuff you no longer use should all be thrown out. Stuff in good condition but unwanted could be placed in a few boxes and donated or sold.

This system could also be utilized to organize drawers, closets and counter-tops. Once these areas are taken care of drawers should be labelled to indicate what is inside so you know what should or shouldn’t go in there.

Finally maintaining exceptional habits in the kitchen can significantly contribute to the re-organization and decluttering your home. Throw away any malfunctioned appliances from countertops and remove expired foods from the refrigerator.

Keep food stored in the refrigerator in containers and label them to provides space and organization. It may not seem like it but pots and pans can take up lots of space in any kitchen so store them away in a separate cupboard to provide adequate room when maneuvering.

Cleaning out for summer can be a pretty daunting task nevertheless so long as you follow these insightful, informative tips you will find it to be pretty simple so get started today and get your home decluttered before summer arrives. Contact us for more information.

Efficient Garbage Disposal For Healthy Living

When speaking about garbage disposal it more commonly refers to an electrically powered device that is installed under kitchen sinks between the drain and trap. This unit is responsible for shredding waste food so that is small enough to pass through the plumbing.

Proper Garbage Disposal Tips and TechniquesEfficient-Garbage-Disposal-For-Healthy-Living-Junk-King-Marin.jpg

As is the case with most electrical devices and equipment, regular and thorough maintenance is required for them to function properly. So here are a few useful tips that homeowners can apply to keep their garbage disposals working properly and efficiently.

One of the most essential tips that homeowners could utilize is to use garbage disposals often. Frequently using your garbage disposal reduces the chances of rust , corrosion and build up. In other words “If you don’t use it you lose it.”

Persons should also ensure they don’t overwork units by placing large pieces/amounts of food down the drain at once. Instead they should cut up larger items into much smaller pieces and only throw down small amounts of food at a time rather than everything all at once.

Another very important thing persons should keep in mind is that they shouldn’t turn the unit off until they are sure that everything has been thoroughly chopped and washed away. Just to be on the safe side when turning off the actual disposal pour a little dish soap into the drain and allow the water to run for about 10 seconds to make sure any remaining bits are flushed out of the pipes.

Once these basic tips are upheld they can aid in keeping disposal units well maintained and in good working condition for a very long time. Nevertheless in many homes there are some practices that householders adopt when using their garbage disposal that complicate its smooth operation eventually leading to malfunction. Here are some of the practices that householders are urged to abstain from or to discontinue.

One of the most common things that persons do that can cause an issue with disposal units are to throw foods with strings and peels down the drain .Foods like celery, artichokes, asparagus, lettuce, corn husks, carrots, onion skins and potato peels are all stringy and have the ability to wrap around disposal blades causing the motor to malfunction. Therefore when dealing with these kinds of items it’s better that they be thrown into the trash or compost receptacle.

It is also extremely important that persons remember not to put fat, oil or grease down into disposals. This is strictly forbidden as these can coat blades and make them less effective. They can also contribute to clogs which cause blockage and stink so instead pour or place any fat, oils or grease into a separate container and dispose of it with the regular trash.

Most people think they can get away with putting whatever they want down garbage disposals as long as you throw some drain cleaner down after it however this is where they are wrong. These chemicals don’t actually work but corrode the blades and pipes within the unit .

So persons should be extra mindful of what they put into their disposals to avoid the expense and inconvenience. If you want to clean your garbage disposal just use a small amount of dish soap and cold water. This along with regular maintenance and frequent use should ensure that units work well for a long time to come.  Contact us for more information.

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