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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Trying to Find a Cheap Dumpster Rental?

You shouldn’t have to pay too much money just to get rid of unwanted junk or debris. On the other hand, when looking for a cheap dumpster rental, you also want the process to be safe, smooth, and convenient. While many companies claim to offer cheap dumpster rental in Marin, Junk King provides an easy-to-use product and the best customer service.

A few minutes researching your options can help you save a stack of cash. Beware of cheap dumpster rental services that are too cheap to believe. Stick with a company like Junk King that you can trust for simple, on-time delivery and removal.

Common Hidden Fees for Cheap Dumpster Rental

Cheap Dumpster Rental When you get price estimates for a cheap dumpster rental, be sure to compare apples-to-apples. A reputable company can give you an honest price based on the size of the dumpster, what you’re throwing away, and the length of the rental.

Key questions to ask your dumpster rental provider:

  • Hidden pick-up fee? Some guys quote a low price, but it doubles when they add a removal fee that should be included from the start! The “dumpster bag” products are notorious for bait-and-switch pricing.
  • Hidden handling fees? Junk King is very transparent about our costs. We have upfront pricing for dirt, cement, brick, and other construction debris. If you find a cheap dumpster rental elsewhere, be sure to ask them about their weight limits and fees for heavy debris—they might charge you a fortune for a load that’s included in our standard pricing!
  • Fees for extra days? If your project takes longer than expected, how much more will you have to pay? Junk King gives you three days before a low per diem applies.
  • Where can you put a dumpster? We help our customers avoid collateral damage by neatly placing the dumpster so it doesn’t ruin a driveway, curb, or lawn. What good is a cheap dumpster rental if it creates an even bigger headache?
  • Written estimate and contract? Avoid companies that are not professional enough to have a written price sheet or provide paperwork, including the weight at pickup. Junk King offers quotes by phone and email, and we’ll agree to the final estimate on-site.
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Your Eco-Friendly Dumpster Rental

Just like you, we care about where trash and debris end up. We offer a cheap dumpster rental with eco-friendly waste disposal. Junk King makes debris removal be as green as possible by striving to get at least 60% of all waste recycled, including electronic waste.
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It’s not often you can save money while doing the eco-friendly thing. You can feel good about your cheap dumpster rental when you get it from Junk King!

Get a Quote for Cheap Dumpster Rental

We offer fair, upfront pricing for half-loads, full-loads, and multiple sizes of Junk King dumpsters. Our customer service team will make sure you get an accurate estimate and know what to expect!

Call us at (707) 744-4254 for more details, or book online to get a cheap dumpster rental in Sonoma or Marin County.

Furniture Removal: Your Next Move and Full-service Junk Disposal

Moving is stressful enough without worrying about lugging out a huge couch or maneuvering a heavy piece of furniture out your front door without busting the frame. The solution? Professional furniture removal done on your schedule.

Removing Large Pieces of Furniture 

Furniture RemovalOne thing that people don’t even consider is that your municipal garbage pickup might not be willing and able to throw away a piece of furniture as big as a couch or bureau. Big pieces of furniture like that usually need to be professional removed, broken down, and carted off.

Junk King Marin is dedicated to providing friendly service and eco-friendly waste disposal. As a Super Service Award-winning junk removal company on Angie’s List, you know that you’re getting prompt, friendly service.

Whether you’re looking to clear everything out for a foreclosure or have Junk King swing by handle items like no-longer-needed couches and dressers, other bulky pieces of furniture, heavy televisions, or exercise equipment, Junk King has you covered. It’s also nice knowing that Junk King is committed to eco-friendly waste disposal.

America’s Greenest Junk Removal Service

That means that when it comes to furniture removal Junk King Marin will ensure that everything that can be broken down and recycled will be. You’d be surprised at how many components in an old couch can be recycled and put back into circulation. Your old couch likely has dozens of metal and wooden parts ready to be put to another use.

The cardboard and textiles from your old furniture can usually be put to a second use as well. Junk King’s waste removal experts can lug everything off of your property all on your schedule. Bureaus, chests, dressers, ottomans, couches, beds, and baseboards can be incredibly heavy and cumbersome. Best to leave it to the experts who can get it all done in a hurry.

Very often moving heavy furniture means risking injury or taking time off from work: Something that most people simply can’t afford to do. The staff at a professional waste removal company like Junk King are trained, experienced, and insured to handle anything that comes their way.

Furniture Removal Minus the Worrying 

Professional furniture removal is done on your schedule as well so you don’t have to worry about turning a one-day move into a week-long affair. Junk King Marin will send as many people to your home or office as necessary to efficiently complete the job.

Junk King Marin was founded by Matt and Maggie Verga as a friendly family business that puts your needs first. Having removed junk from literally thousands of homes, Junk King’s furniture removal pros have the tools to lift heavy equipment efficiently and safely from your home.

That means you don’t have to worry about busted floors, windows, or walls when you let Junk King handle your next spring cleaning job or move out. Considering the fact that five different pieces of furniture could conceivably have to be driven to five different locations if you decided to do junk removal on your own (the dump, recycling center, etc.) having one service do it all is really convenient.

Hiring a removal company can make the inherently stressful act of moving or disposing old items much more manageable. Most people only need to consider how difficult it is to scoot their couches or washer and dryer a few inches to figure out how difficult getting something like that off their property would be.

Junk King Marin can make heavy furniture removal much less stressful. Contact America’s greenest junk removal service for a free on-site estimate. Book online to save an extra $20!

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