The Uses Of Broken Concrete In Landscaping

You have just completed a remodeling or new construction project. Now, you realize the construction wasn’t the bigger challenge. Disposing of the debris, especially broken concrete, is the dilemma.

With concrete debris, you have two options. You can dispose of it using junk removal service providers such as Junk King. Or, you can reuse the concrete in your yard. Of course, reusing concrete is the cheaper option.

The importance of recycling concrete

A partially demolished building and excavation equipmentRecycling concrete has the following advantages:

  • Reduction of construction waste
  • Extending the life of landfills
  • Saving on disposal costs

You may not care for the environment, but you definitely care about saving money. Hauling concrete is quite expensive, especially considering the process might require large trucks and several trips. Besides, reusing it in a landscaping project adds value to your property.

So, how exactly can you reuse concrete in your yard? Consider the following recycled concrete projects.

 Patio decoration

Can your patio use a new look? Consider decorating it with broken concrete. You can arrange pieces of concrete around your patio in whatever pattern you want.

Decorating with concrete debris doesn’t apply to patios only. You can use the pieces to form a border around your lawn, flowerbed, or any other relevant area in your yard.

What if you don’t like the rustic look of concrete? You can give your pieces a fresh look with concrete stain. For uniformity, most landscapers prefer one color. But different colors can make your patio the highlight of your yard.

Raised planter or flowerbed

A raised garden improves drainage. Also, it makes provides better access to gardeners with limited mobility, such as the elderly. Additionally, since the oil is above the ground, it becomes warmer, which encourages faster germination.

Using concrete debris, you can raise a garden to 3 feet above the ground. First, select pieces of concrete that are almost the same size. Then, dog a foundation of about six inches. Fill about 2 inches of your trench with sand. Then start stacking the pieces of concrete together to form a wall. The purpose of the foundation is to ensure the garden does not shift even during small earthquakes.

For a more appealing finish, make sure the smoother edges of the broken concrete face outward.

Retaining walls

You can use concrete debris to build a retaining wall. Of course, you will save money by recycling your concrete waste. Another advantage is that the old pieces will provide a rustic look that’s difficult to achieve using fresh concrete.

Moreover, a retaining wall could be big enough to use up all your concrete debris. So, you could cut the concrete waste hauling costs to zero.


Concrete debris is perfect for walkways since they do not experience the heavy traffic of driveways. Plus, it is an excellent choice for walkways as it resembles flagstone.

Walkways help define pathways to different areas and spaces in your yard. For instance, a walkway to your patio will make people stop stepping on your lawn anyhow.

All you need to do is lay down the concrete pieces in a desirable pattern. However, if the pieces are too large, you might have to hire specialized equipment to reduce the size. Also, for more durability and stability, dig the area and form a foundation of sand and gravel before placing the broken piece of concrete.

Safely dispose of concrete waste

If any of the above landscaping projects are an option, go ahead and reuse concrete. But, if it’s impractical for you to reuse the concrete debris, be sure to dispose of it safely.

Junk King provides excellent construction waste disposal services. A good reason for using our services is that we recycle most of the concrete we collect. More importantly, the company has the necessary equipment and staff well-trained to handle the collection of broken concrete.  Contact for more information.