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Monthly Archives:

Hoarding Disorder – Beliefs and Challenges

Many people across the US suffer from what is known as ‘ hoarding disorder’ and this condition progresses with time making them difficult at most times to live with. Family members are at often baffled at why loved ones refuse to get rid of unwanted and sometimes outdated items.

old boxes junk and equipment scattered inside a garageIt is fair to suggest that hoarding can be the result of several underlying beliefs.  Some of the beliefs that hoarders hold dear are:

  • Excessively acquiring items that are not needed.
  • Building up of clutter to the point where rooms become unusual.
  • Persistent difficulty throwing or parting with items.
  • They feel safer when surrounded by the things they save
  • They don’t want to waste anything
  • The items have emotional important value or sentiments
  • They believe the items are unique and important because they will be needing it at some point of time

Hoarding can have its negative effects in the household.  People who practice hoarding and refuse to discard and undertake regular cleanouts can experience:

  • A buildup of food or trash to unusually excessive, unsanitary levels
  • Conflict with others who try to reduce or remove clutter form their home.
  • Difficulty organizing items, sometimes losing important items in their clutter.

Hoarding often creates cramped living conditions that can cause homes to be filled to capacity with narrow pathways festered with stacks of clutter. People who show the characteristics of a hoarder often times don’t understand that is what they are doing.  They believe they are storing items for good use ‘some day’ but, what in fact they are doing is hoarding unwanted items that need to be disposed.

If you truly want to help hoarders you should:

  • Focus more on the individual, and less on the items you want them to discard.
  • They’ll need all the support you can give and this is essential when dealing with very emotional individuals
  • Set achievable goals and celebrate the small victories, they’ll appreciate it and open more about their condition and situation.
  • Allow your loved one to feel in control as no one enjoys feeling bullied or pressured.
  • Educate them on alternative help strategies to deal with their issue.

We at junk advise you to take control and relinquish all your old junk.  You’ll be surprised to see how liberating the entire process will make you feel. We take away a number of items, making it easy for you to pick up the phone and call for a booking.

Not only will you reap the benefits associated with decluttering but your family members as well, and they’ll love you for it.  Bring positive change to the lives of those who matter most. Contact us for more information.

Waste Disposal Awareness During Covid 19

If you never thought about it before then now is certainly the time to consider healthy waste disposal practices. Now that we’re facing a very profound pandemic such as Covid-19 there is a definite need to dispose of waste, especially personal waste with caution. Utmost care must be taken when handling waste in the various health institutions, shelters and residential homes.


Essential Service providers such as Junk King are tasked with the responsibility of providing efficient and effective waste management services especially at this time. We at Junk king Marin are heavily committed to ensuring that the people of Marin and Sonoma are protected from the spread of Covid-19 through our best practices.

woman wearing grey hoodie and white face mask spraying hand sanitizerHospitals and other quarantine facilities require an increase in support due to a phenomenal increase in the usage of essential services and items.  Ensuring that facilities remain clean and safe is critical in preventing the spread of the corona virus. Fast action and an effective response are keys to our fight against the deadly disease.


Some of the essential items we take include gloves, medical gowns, surgical alcohol, hand sanitizers, face masks and infected clothing.  We have seen an increase in the disposal of ventilators, corona lab screening test kits and Covid-19 confirmation home test kits.

We take special care when disposing of contaminated items and surfaces. Droplets from infected patients can survive for several days which makes it imperative to properly handle and dispose. All bags containing waste should be tied and safely put out for pickup. As a leading response provider it is our duty to safeguard and encourage a speedy recovery process by adhering to strict Covid- 19 policies and guidelines.


The fact remains that there is no medical cure or vaccine that prevents or treats the Corona virus. Medical practitioners are baffled at how the disease has taken so many lives at such a rapid pace. To play your part in preventing the spread of Covid-19, here’s what to do:

  1. Cover all coughs and sneezes.
  2. Common symptoms include a cough accompanied by a fever and sometimes wheezing, self isolate and call for medical attention.
  3. Properly dispose of all tissues and hand towels containing bodily fluids
  4. Hand sanitize every 20 secs ( 70% alcohol)
  5. Avoid sharing personal items
  6. Clean all surfaces 3 times daily inside the home

The impact of Covid-19 has made it necessary to educate on how we can work together to combat this global epidemic. By following these simple steps you help to stem the growth of the number of infected people in the US. Show respect to the person standing next to you by practicing proper hygiene and waste disposal. Whether it’s by wearing  a mask in public or by simply using tissue to cover your nose when you sneeze.

When you partner with us you get the benefits of having a professional and affordable waste disposal provider. We at Junk King are happy to implement waste management strategies that will protect our front line workers and anyone who is exposed to this threat at this time. Now remember hand sanitize and stay healthy! Contact us for more information.

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