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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Tips and Tricks for Broken Concrete Removal

Broken concrete makes up the largest waste component after lawn maintenance, building construction, remodeling, or demolition. It is also one of the hardest-to-dispose since it adds up quickly. While there is a range of broken concrete removal methods, recycling has proven to be the most efficient of them all. For starters, recycling broken concrete provides you with usable building materials, thus saving you money. Most importantly, recycling helps you conserve the environment.

If you wish to recycle old concrete, but you are unsure where to get started, here are some tips and tricks for you.

Broken concrete in a pileBroken Concrete Give Away

If you do not want to go through the struggle of concrete removal, you can give them out to interested individuals for free. All you have to do is put up a ”free sign” and let anyone in need of pick them up at no cost. This works best if your construction site is close to a public road where passersby can easily spot the sign. However, before going through this route, ensure that your local rules and regulations allow you to leave your waste near the roadside to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

You may also list the broken concrete on craigslist or freecycle. As much as you would love to make some cash from the concrete, finding someone to buy it is such a hassle. If anyone is willing to pick it up for free, they save you from the stress of removal, and you help them with paving stones, which is a win-win situation for all of you.

Dispose of the Broken Concrete to a Landscape Construction Materials Service

You probably know of a landscape construction materials company in your area that sells gravel and related construction material. Such service providers are likely to pick up your old concrete at a cost. The best part is that the service providers have the necessary tools for the job, and you do not have to be at the site during removal. They will pick up the concrete, crush it and resell it to constructors. This saves you from landfill taxes while eliminating the need for gravel mining. Nonetheless, you should note that different companies accept different types of broken concrete depending on the degree of damage and other elements such as painting.

Take the Concrete to a Landfill Station

If you live near a transfer or landfill station and have a truck and required equipment for broken concrete hauling, you can pick it up and drive yourself to the disposal site. You may wait for the free dump days, which happen a few times in a year, or pay for the services. Also, confirm if your local area’s services are open to the public and the kind of debris accepted in the facility before embarking on the journey.

Hire a Removal Company

Letting a junk removal company take the stress off your shoulder is the easiest and most recommendable concrete recycling method. This is their primary job and will, therefore, handle your concrete in the safest and timely manner. They provide scheduled removal services, and upon agreement, they will not leave the site until everything is eliminated. What’s more? They handle all the heavy lifting tasks for you.

The price of these services varies from one company to the next, and you should therefore take your time to look for one that fits your budget. Also, consider if you must be present during concrete pickup so you can select a company that matches your schedule. Ensure the junk removal company accepts your kind of broken concrete and asks how they intend to use it.

Donate the Concrete to Non-Profit Organizations

Lots of non-profit organizations out there are looking for free construction materials to build for the needy. By donating the broken concrete, you will be giving a hand to the needy while saving the environment. You should, however, ensure that the old concrete is in decent shape for reuse.

Before settling on any of the mentioned broken concrete removal methods, evaluate each’s benefits and drawbacks, and select the most convenient. Junk-King Marin is a reputable junk removal company, and you can trust us with your broken concrete recycling. Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can make the process manageable for you.

Mattress Disposal: Top 5 Ways to Dispose of Your Old Mattress

So, you have reached a point where you feel you need to level up and get a new mattress. Maybe your comfort needs have changed, or you want to get the latest model in the market. It could also be that you are moving to a new house, which automatically calls for an upgrade. Whichever the reason for upgrading, you need to get rid of the old mattress to create room for the new one. There are numerous mattress disposal methods, and the right one depends on your location, state of the mattress, and if there are any disposal facilities near you.

Have a look at some convenient methods for mattress disposal.

Mattress Disposal Services

matress and junk placed at curbsideHiring a junk removal services is the fastest and most convenient mattress disposal method. The service providers offer a safe and eco-friendly mattress disposal method to make the entire process seamless for you. They are experts as this is their primary job, and you can trust that they will haul off the mattress without destroying any of your home items on their way out. You also do not have to worry about the mattress harming the ecosystem as they have a designed facility for the job. Besides enhancing safety and following all disposal guidelines, letting a junk removal company handle mattress disposal saves you time.


Most parts of a mattress can be reused to make new, innovative products. You can reuse the springs, foams, and upholstery to create other decorative items for your home. If you have no idea of how to go about DIY mattress recycling, you can contact a mattress disposal company for recycling at a fee. However, recycling requires the mattress to be in decent shape. Most recycling organizations do not accept infested or too spoilt mattresses.

Mattress recycling is highly recommended because the components used can pose problems for the environment. The materials are non-biodegradable and could take decades on the space. They are also large and could take a lot of space in your garage, not forgetting that mattresses contain chemicals that could leach into the soil or water.

Renting a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster is the best choice if you are not only disposing of an old mattress but doing a home cleanout. This means that you will have lots of junks to get rid of, and a dumpster will help you get rid of them all at once. Dumpsters are big enough to carry the mattress, spring box, and the spoilt bed, but the services come at a fee.

Donate the Mattress

What does not seem like a fit mattress for you is someone else’s dream. There are many organizations out there looking for willing people to donate old items for the needy, and this is the chance for you to support a good course. However, if you wish to follow this mattress disposal method, ensure that the mattress is fit for donation. Remember that someone else will use the mattress and should, therefore, be in decent shape. Perhaps you want to buy a new one because the old one is worn-out or not usable. It could also be that the mattress is infested by bugs, or it’s extremely stained. Such options are not suitable for charity.

Nonetheless, if you wish to upgrade because you have been eyeing a particular brand and the old one is still in good shape, it is best to donate it rather than give it away as junk.

Resell the Mattress

Reselling is an ideal mattress disposal solution if you need fast money. If the mattress is clean, no bugs’ infestation, no awful odor, and it is in good condition, you can resell it at a low cost. Craigslist and garage sales are perfect places for mattress disposal. You may also sell it to a neighbor or list it online. Many individuals out there are looking for second-hand mattresses because they cannot meet the budget of a new one.

Nonetheless, before putting up your mattress for sale, you should note that the practice is illegal in some states. Check your state’s regulations to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law. Also, keep in mind that you will not make a lot of money out of an old mattress, and you should try and sell it locally to avoid shipping fees.

Final Thought

It is crucial to review the different mattress disposal methods before buying a new one. This will save you from space struggles once the new one is delivered, and you do not have to settle for the first option that comes your way. Evaluate the pros and cons of each to make a sound decision.

You cannot go wrong by entrusting the mattress disposal process to a junk hauling company. Junk-King Marin is your go-to mattress disposal service provider around Marin County, CA. We offer fast and convenient services to help you get rid of your old mattress, regardless of its condition. Contact us for more information.

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