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Monthly Archives: November 2020

Top 6 Fast and Efficient Garden Waste Collection Methods

A beautiful and well-maintained garden goes a long way in improving your home value. It is among the first thing that people notice when they set feet in your compound, and, therefore, you should ensure that it is always in its best shape. However, while garden maintenance leaves a healthy and lush garden, the project leaves you with a heap of green waste to deal with. How do you go about the garden waste collection? Luckily, you have more than one garden waste collection method at your disposal. Read on for insightful tips!

Garden Waste for Composts

man removing garden waste in wheel barrowCreating compost from green waste is among the easiest and most beneficial garden waste collection methods. It requires fewer resources, and if done right, compost does an excellent job of enriching your garden soil. It helps you save money that you would have spent on inorganic fertilizer, not to forget that it is an opportunity to protect the environment. You can easily create compost by storing the waste in old garbage bins or wooden boxes. If you lack either of these, make a garden waste heap in the backyard for some days, and you will have your manure ready for use. The aim is to keep the waste materials in a controlled environment to facilitate green waste breakdown. You can check out articles and videos online for tutorials on how to go about this project.

Green Waste Bins

Depending on your locality, you may have access to council waste bins, which have been put in place to give home and business owners an efficient garden waste collection method. The best part about disposing of your garden waste in a council green waste bin is that the materials are eventually recycled and later distributed to landscapers and nurseries for compost creation. You, therefore, get to save the environment and offer valuable raw materials for a beneficial course. Most of this waste is processed in customized facilities where the materials are sorted, passed through grinders, and are well-covered and heated to reduce the emission of foul smell and kill pathogens. The green waste is also cleaned to get rid of metals before it is repurposed in backyards. Nonetheless, before disposing of garden waste in a green waste bin, you should do background research to determine the kind of waste allowed in your municipality.


Very few individuals understand what grasscycling is and how it works. As the name suggests, this garden waste collection method is more like recycling to manage the waste you produce at the end of the garden maintenance project. Besides helping you save the environment, grasscycling provides you with mulch and necessary nutrition for the plants. Rather than disposing of the plants after mowing or weeding, you distribute it in your garden, thus reducing fertilizers’ cost.

Donate to Charities

As unbelievable as this may sound, a lot of local charity organizations out there accept garden waste. You can quickly locate a local charity organization that takes domestic garden waste by researching online. Also, make sure to check the rules and regulations that must be followed when donating the waste.  Most organizations will accept any waste as long as it is organic and safe for reuse. Donating is a cheap yet life-changing garden waste collection method. You do not necessarily need money to impact and put a smile on a needy person.

Contact a Local Garden Waste Recycling Facility

Nearly every locality has a waste service and recycling facility to minimize waste in landfills. By choosing this garden waste collection method, you will be taking part in an environmental conservation initiative while evading the landfill taxes. Most recycling facilities offer free services, but you may need to pay a small fee for garden waste disposal. Make sure to contact the company first to establish if they accept garden waste and if you have to transport the materials to the facility.

Junk Removal Company for Garden Waste Collection

Seeking the help of a junk removal company is, by far, the most convenient garden waste collection method. The idea comes with a range of benefits, including saving time, money, and offering convenience. With a reliable junk removal company, you do not have to worry about waste hauling and transportation. They will come to your site and handle all the tedious tasks for you at a fair price. Moreover, this is their primary job, and you can trust that they understand their way around garden waste collection. They have the necessary skills and equipment to do an excellent waste removal job.

Final Thoughts

You should not let the stress of dealing with garden waste hinder you from doing regular garden maintenances. Junk-King Marin is here to make your garden waste collection easier. With our skills and experience, you can trust that we will do our best to exceed your expectations. Contact us today and let us do what we do best as you focus on other productive tasks around your home.

Broken Concrete Recycling Guide

Are you wondering what you should do with broken concrete after a construction or demolition project? By now, you know that disposing of concrete, asphalt, and other bulky building materials is one of the most stressful processes to handle after construction, renovation, or demolition.

Luckily, you have many disposal methods to choose from, including recycling and reusing, donating to non-profit organizations, renting a roll-off dumpster, or entrusting the disposal to a junk removal company. The ideal broken concrete removal process will entirely depend on your location, budget plans, and convenience.

While each of the mentioned disposal methods has its pros and cons, recycling has proven to be the most efficient of them all. If you choose to recycle the concrete, you can reuse it at the construction site, contact a recycling facility for the services, donate or entrust the process to a junk removal company.

How Can You Recycle Broken Concrete?

broken concrete and wall Broken concrete can be put in various uses, including;

  • As asphalt pavement base where you crush the concrete and utilize it as a base before adding a layer of asphalt
  • You can use it for your parking lot, driveway, or walking paths to minimize runoffs
  • The concrete can be used for landscaping mulch where you crush it and use it in place of gravel
  • You may use it as concrete aggregate in a concrete mixture rather than sourcing new concrete
  • Broken concrete can be reused to create an erosion barrier

Benefits of Recycling Concrete

Regardless of the method you choose for concrete recycling, the idea comes with a range of benefits, including;

Promotes Sustainability

Unlike back in the days when all construction wastes were directed to landfills, you have the opportunity to change the narrative and protect the environment. Concrete takes up a lot of space, which gives the individuals working at the landfill a hard time sorting the materials and moving them to another site for better use. By recycling and reusing the concrete in other construction projects, you will be making both an economical and ecologically viable decision.

Protect the Environment

As earlier mentioned, recycling broken concrete eliminates the strain and stress on landfill sites. If you have been to a landfill before, you understand how messy the places can be, considering that nearly all home and business wastes are directed to those sites. Adding inorganic wastes like concrete is a huge deal and will facilitate a range of environmental pollution problems such as air and water pollution. Putting the broken concrete to better use will eliminate the need to create more landfill sites. This, in return, helps to conserve the environment.

Recycling Broken Concrete Saves Cost

For starters, recycling concrete saves you the tipping fee paid at landfills and other disposal facilities. Moreover, you get to save on the amount of time spent dealing with the rubble, not to forget that reusing concrete directly impacts construction costs. Recycled concrete is less costly compared to freshly mined aggregate, making it an invaluable tool in construction.

Besides construction, there are other useful ways to recycle broken chunks. The large pieces can be crushed and converted into riprap revetments. These are used to prevent soil erosion in waterways and riverbanks. Moreover, you may pack the large pieces into steel gabions to offer extra support on the walls or use it for screening walls.

Save on Time and Labor

Removing construction debris from the construction or demolition site is both time-consuming and labor-intensive. Transporting the material to a disposal site and then sorting them out to establish the reusable concrete is even more time-consuming. It adds to the cost, something that you can easily avoid through recycling. All you have to do is contact a construction material recycling company and let the dedicated experts haul the materials from your site within no time. You may also choose to feed the broken concrete into a portable crusher, thus saving both time and labor in the long run. Feeding the material into a crusher also reduces the need for producing more material, especially for finishes or during future renovations.

Final Thoughts

From the benefits above, recycling is the wisest way to handle broken concrete after a construction, demolition, or renovation. However, as easy as it may sound, the process requires skills and industrial equipment to separate the concrete from steel, crush and put it into good use. The best way to go about the idea is by entrusting the recycling process to experts. They come prepared with the necessary equipment to haul the materials and get them out of your site within the shortest period.

Junk King Marin is your go-to provider for all your construction material disposal needs. We aim to help you save time and take the stress of handling broken concrete off your shoulder. Contact us today and let us do what we do best. Contact us information.

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