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Top Checklist for Landscape Renovation and Yard Waste Removal

Now that we are spending more time at home, thanks to the pandemic, we might as well make the outdoor living space appealing. We have so much time on our hands and no longer have the excuse of “lacking time” for landscape renovation to keep putting it off anymore.  Lacking the right company for yard waste removal in Marin can also make us drag our feet, but Junk King is at the forefront of providing different removal services to Marin Residents. Therefore, it is time to get started on landscape renovation and yard waste removal in Marin and here is a checklist.

Landscape Renovation Checklist

First impressions count, and renovating the landscape is among the best ways to update a home. However, we advise having a checklist to ensure the entire process goes smoothly.

Have a Plan

Taking on yard waste removal in Marin means also having a plan of how the entire yard will look like eventually to avoid getting rid of stuff that may come in handy later. As yard waste removal in Marin experts, we propose having a plan of how you want the yard to look ultimately. Separate the fire pit area, the lounging area, the informal dining area but still ensure a flow to blend every area seamlessly together.

What’s the Goal?

People take on landscape renovation for different reasons. It could be to improve the curb appeal for an upcoming house sale or make it more comfortable for the barbecue parties you plan to hold in summer. Whatever the reason, the outdoor space must achieve the goal a homeowner has in mind. Otherwise, you will keep calling service providers specializing in yard waste removal in Marin to get rid of waste until everything comes together as envisioned.

The Personal Style

Everyone has a unique taste and preferences; if we lean more towards a natural look, we can plant trees and flowers. However, we still have to ensure that what we choose is practical as much as we want to adhere to our tastes.

According to Zones Landscaping, it is essential to differentiate must-haves and nice-to-have to fit in with the desired preference. Since the goal is already established, we would have to go for only what works to meet the objective.

Budget Range

No matter the driveway we want, fencing, or other features we wish to include in our yards, they are useless to us if we cannot afford them. A guide to help estimate how much we will spend on different features we hope to include in the renovation project will ensure we stick to the proposed budget.

Also, we have to remember that we have to live with the consequences of our decisions. For instance, if we opt to have shrubs and trees for the garden, we have to ask ourselves if we will have the time to prune when necessary. Homeowners also must care about finding a company to help with yard waste removal in Marin once done cutting off the branches and cleaning up the fallen leaves during fall.

All the same, Rome was not built in a day, and a renovation project does not have to be completed in one phase; dividing it into a few manageable steps will still accomplish the mission without having to work on a shoestring budget.

DIY or Hire Landscape Designer?

Homeowners handy with the tools can do everything on their own. However, without any experience with any of the tools, hiring a landscape designer will be the way to go. Besides, a landscape designer is handy with the tools and has exposure; thus, s/he will advise on what best fits the property.

Yard Waste Removal in Marin

Once the property has gone from being an eyesore to quite an inviting space, a lot of waste will have accumulated. Even before hiring a company for yard waste removal in Marin, there are few steps to follow:

Separate Yard Waste Material from Regular Garbage

Although Junk King Marin takes all sorts of trash, including garbage, construction waste, among many more, separating yard waste material from regular garbage makes the cleaning process more manageable. Twigs, branches, and rocks can get in the way of the cleaning process. Besides, by separating them, one might come across things that can later be used in similar projects.

Recycle Compostable Waste

There is no need to buy organic manure when putting the dried leaves back into the garden, and making compost manure from them is an option. Since yard waste removal in Marin charges per the space taken up in disposal trucks, recycling the compostable waste reduces disposal fees. For the lawn to look as magnificent as envisioned, the leftover debris has to be cleaned up; weeds whose roots are left behind will grow back and become a nuisance.

Make Yard Waste Removal in Marin Easy

Yard waste removal in Marin follows specific guidelines as laid out by the city’s rules. For instance, when bagging yard trimmings, there is a 40-pound limit on yard waste bags, but there is no limit on the number of paper bags we can use. The top of paper bags holding trimmings should be rolled closed so that the waste collector can see the contents and ensure they are in the right bag. While bundling shrubs, only twine or string should be used. Leaving the yard waste in bags overnight can weaken the bags, especially during wet weather, resulting in a tear that leaves a mess on the curbside.

Call a Reliable Service Provider

Yard waste removal in Marin is not thoroughly done until we have visited your home and hauled your yard waste away. Junk King can handle everything except hazardous waste, and we even provide self-service dumpster rentals for projects such as landscape renovation that can take a while to complete. Regardless of the time it takes, we only ask you to pay for the space you use. Contact us today and get a $20 discount when you book for yard waste removal in Marin online; the project, however, has to be worth at least $100.

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