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Monthly Archives: June 2022

Crucial Aspects of Green Waste Disposal

The current buzzword in almost all circles is the ‘green economy’. This is an economy where employment growth and income are driven by investments aimed at reducing pollution and carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency and preventing ecosystem or biodiversity loss. Stakeholders focus on transport, waste management, forestry, agriculture, energy and freshwater supply sectors to actualize their objectives in the green economy.

You’re mistaken if you think you have no part to play in the green economy. You can play a significant role in it through your choices on waste management. Everyone generates waste, but few people think of disposing of it in the right way. In fact, the UN estimates that humans worldwide generate approximately 11.9 tons of solid waste. Indiscriminate waste disposal is one of the main contributors to pollution, energy inefficiency and increased carbon emissions.

Male and female with a green recycle bin between them

Waste management encompasses the collection, transportation, processing and monitoring of waste materials. Observing eco-sustainability in all aspects of waste management is crucial to contribute to the green economy. Unfortunately, it might be challenging to point out what sustainable or green waste disposal entails, its benefits and the methods used. The article below will delve into these aspects to boost your awareness of this crucial topic.

What is sustainable waste management?

Green waste management entails the collection, transportation and disposal of different waste categories, including e-waste, household, radioactive, demolition and commercial waste, so that they do not harm future generations, the environment or human health. Basically, it encompasses all activities from waste production to its final treatment. Green waste disposal aims to reduce the number of natural resources used to treat waste, minimize waste and repurpose as much waste as possible.

The Steps of Creating an Efficient Green Waste Management Plan

Even the smallest organization or household can play a role in sustainable waste management by creating and following an efficient plan. Here are the steps to follow when making this plan.

  1. Consider the management of sustainable materials

Considering waste management as a last resort to proper waste management means looking at generated waste and the methods of reusing or recycling it. This might seem prudent, but managing the materials that create waste is the best choice. In so doing, deliberate and informed decisions on how materials will flow at different stages of production will be made to reduce the waste produced.

  1. Plan all stages

Waste management planning is not a one-off event but rather a process involving different stages that come together for a specific goal. Plan and follow the ideal waste management practices at each stage of production. With strategic planning, waste is reduced at all stages of production.

  1. Collaborate when possible

It is impossible to have all the solutions for waste management under one roof. This makes it vital to collaborate with organizations and individuals that share the sustainable waste management goal to handle some aspects. The public-private partnership seen in most places, for instance, promotes partnerships between local governments and businesses. The partnership stimulates improved collaboration between citizens and public and private stakeholders.

  1. Aim to avoid landfills

In a waste management plan, stray as far away as possible from landfills. This means recycling and reusing as much as possible. The management plan should also aim for a precise amount of material used for production to generate minimum waste.

Methods of Sustainable Waste Management

Green waste disposal starts at the point of waste generation. To reduce your waste, consider reusing the trash you can repurpose and donating the waste that can be useful to someone else. The following are the sustainable methods used currently to manage solid waste.

  1. Recycling

This is the main method most people think of when they hear of green waste disposal. Recycling converts waste into something reusable by singling out the trash and repurposing the rest. Thankfully the world has slowly caught up with recycling. In 1960, only about 6% of municipal waste was recycled, compared to 35% in 2017. These statistics might seem promising, but more needs to be done when you realize that about 75% of waste is recyclable.

At Junk King Marin, we successfully recycle about 60% of the waste we collect. As such, when working with us, you play an important role in eco-conservation. Our recycling process starts with sorting waste into commercial and household. Next, the waste is sent to a recycling unit for processing into reusable materials. The commonly recycled materials are plastics, paper, aluminium and glass.

A few companies and municipalities offer rebates for recycled items to encourage people to recycle. This means you can make some cash through recycling. Recycling is also one of the main ways of reducing the carbon footprint since it reduces the raw materials and the energy consumed when manufacturing new products. These steps translate into lower costs of consumer goods.

  1. Incineration

This technique uses fire to transform waste. Though it pollutes the air, incineration generates heat that can be used in other processes. In Singapore, for example, 8200 tons of trash are incinerated daily. This reduces the waste volume by 90% and produces over 2500 MWh daily to supply energy to 900 homes.

This does not mean you should light a bonfire in your home and dump everything that can be burnt to minimize waste. The noxious smoke produced will only choke the entire neighborhood and cause more harm than good. Localities have regulations on waste incineration to minimize its negative impact, so check these before burning anything. In most cases, the waste is burnt in a controlled central location.

  1. Compositing

This is a cheap and easy option for making nutrient-rich fertilizer for your lawn, kitchen garden or farm. It also helps you cheaply and eco-sustainably get rid of yard waste, leaves, kitchen waste and other biodegradable waste often produced by households. You can compost your biodegradable waste by tightly sealing it in a composting bag or bin that will minimize odors from it and reduce fruit flies. The bag is then dumped in a compost pile, where it slowly disintegrates to make fertilizer.

  1. Anaerobic digestion

This process resembles compositing but does not use any oxygen, unlike the latter. It allows the treatment of sludge and organic waste through fermentation. The waste is sealed off in a container, and the bacteria in it live off the organic matter, thus breaking it down slowly. Though slower in breaking down waste than compositing, anaerobic waste digestion generates farm fertilizer and methane. Methane is the main component of biogas that can be used to produce energy for different applications. Sweden is among the countries that have been generating power from its organic waste. The country even imports organic waste to maximize its energy production.

Now that you understand what green waste disposal entails, you can take steps to contribute to the same. One step should be hiring a sustainable waste management company to handle your waste. In this regard, your best choice is Junk King Marin. We handle almost all types of waste except hazardous waste that needs special handling and disposal. Moreover, our prices are among the most competitive, so you will not go broke working with us. Contact us today for sustainable waste management to protect our planet for future generations.

8 Tips For Stress-Free Furniture Removal

At some point in time, getting new furniture for your place of work will be inevitable. Even more, you’ll have to figure out what to do with your old furniture. Your options may include donating it to charity, selling it online, or having a sale.

However, if you’ve exhausted all options for getting rid of old furniture, you may want to consider a professional furniture removal service. The removal services will haul away furniture giving you peace of mind. They will also communicate with you about their processes and methods.

But how do you ensure that furniture removal is stress-free? Stick to the following tips to get the most out of this service.

furniture removal

  1. Know What Furniture You Need to be Removed

Take time to identify the furniture pieces in your business premises that need to be removed. Depending on your workplace setup, you may have different sets of furniture. The pieces may include bookshelves, chairs, tables, and desks.

You may want to dispose of the furniture if they no longer serve their intended purposes. Whichever the reason, you should separate these items from those that are still useful.

If you are remodeling your offices, the project may be aimed at getting a completely new set of furniture. It may also be focused on scrapping furniture that doesn’t fit your office theme. Either way, make a list of the things you need to be removed before hiring a professional furniture removal company.

  1. Label the Junk

Clearly mark or label the furniture pieces you want to be removed. The labels will help you and the professional waste removal contractor understand what should be let go. Failing to put proper labels on the items will disorganize the removal process.

Use your existing office layout and labeling system (if you have one) to identify all labeled furniture pieces on your business premises. If you don’t have any, place labels on the flat surfaces of the furniture that you want to be removed. The labels should be on the sides of these items and be visible.

You wouldn’t want your useful furniture pieces to be accidentally hauled away. Even more, the goal of labeling is to ensure that the contractors take less time identifying the junk that needs to be removed. As a result, you get to have peace of mind in the service and get to free up space on your business premises.

  1. Prepare Your Space

Prepare your workplace to make the furniture removal process seamless. Consider clearing a path in your premises to allow the items to be moved. You should also position the junk in specific sections for them to be easily accessed by the haulers.

Confirm with the junk hauler how the space should be prepared before they arrive. Find out whether you will have to keep the items outside a day before the work begins. Actively communicating with the company will help ease the stress that comes with the preparation.

Depending on the hauler you choose, they may send their staff to your premises to help you prepare the space. They may also take you through the steps needed to get the space ready for furniture removal.

  1. Set a Timeline

Junk haulers work with schedules to fit the needs of different customers in their services. You, therefore, have to book their services in advance. Once you inform them about the work early, it will be easier for them to fit you into their busy schedule.

Some haulers offer same-day services while others take close to a week to attend to you. Choose a company whose hauling schedule fits your schedule. If you have time, you can book the service a few days prior and prepare the space adequately.

The timeline should be convenient enough not to interrupt your day-to-day business processes. It also needs to reflect the maximum time you’re willing to allocate to junk removal without compromising productivity on your premises.

  1. Get a Price Quote Beforehand

A price quote will help you budget for the furniture removal service and help you get great value for money. Consider approaching at least three junk haulers for quotes before settling on a cost-effective one. As you shop around, review each price estimate to determine if it matches your budget and junk removal needs.

Furniture removal services usually vary in cost depending on the weight of junk to be removed and the company hired. The timeline of the work and the type of junk handled also determine the costs.

You may ask for a quote online or in-person, depending on the hauler’s mode of operation. Some companies even offer price estimates for their services over the phone. Either way, the estimate should include the overall price, breakdown of services, schedule, terms and conditions, validity of the estimate, and payment schedule or terms.

  1. Hire a Trustworthy Furniture Hauler

One of the most difficult steps when preparing for furniture removal is finding a trustworthy hauler. Since there are crooks in the business who guarantee quality services and offer the opposite, you should be careful with your choices.

The hauler is supposed to give you peace of mind in the process instead of making it stressful. Hire one that you can completely trust to handle the work without any mishaps. They should have positive reviews from their previous customers and a long-standing reputation for quality services.

You can also find a trustworthy furniture hauler through business referrals. Ask businesses you partner with for these recommendations.

  1. Know What Isn’t Accepted

Junk removal companies have a long list of things that they accept and don’t accept in their work. Find out the limitations to their services when looking to have old or junk furniture removed from your business premises. In general, most haulers don’t accept items that are dangerous to ferry.

You can learn more about their limitations by contacting them via phone or email. If the company has a physical office nearby, you can approach them in person and inquire about these restrictions.


  1. Inquire About Disposal Techniques

With worrying concerns about furniture waste ending up in landfills, it’s important to ask the hauler about their furniture disposal methods. The EPA considers items such as chairs, tables, and sofas as furniture waste. This type of waste comprises mostly items that can be recycled and disposed of safely without posing pollution risks.

You can find more information on how the company handles furniture waste on their website. Contacting them via email or phone can also help you learn about their waste disposal techniques.

The disposal techniques used by your junk hauler may include recycling and donating the items to charity. However, not all haulers use these methods to dispose of waste. Consider hiring one with eco-friendly disposal methods to get the most out of the service.

Hire a Furniture Removal Service Today

It’s no secret that furniture removal and disposal are quite daunting. As you figure out what to do with furniture waste, consider hiring a professional junk hauling company. Stick to the tips discussed in this guide for stress-free waste removal.

Count on Junk-King Marin for your waste removal services. We handle all types of waste, including furniture, television, yard waste, foreclosure cleanouts, hot tubs, e-waste, and garbage, among many others, except hazardous waste. Book a furniture removal service with us today to get the greatest value on your money.

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