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Monthly Archives: September 2022

How to Prepare and Cope with Estate Cleanouts

From downsizing to the death of a loved one to foreclosures, many life events call for a full estate cleanout. The process of cleaning out the estate can be emotionally and physically daunting. Whether it’s a small property that needs to be emptied or a huge house full of unwanted stuff, professional help is definitely needed.

Some of the estate cleanout tasks are usually lengthy, physically demanding, and monotonous. Without professional help, managing to effectively clean out the place, move furniture or haul items and debris will be difficult.

For the work to be productive, the estate cleanout professionals will require some level of preparation on the customer’s end. It’s important to be prepared to cope with the emotional aspect of the cleanout. Here are some tips I recommend for a successful foreclosure and estate cleanout service.

couple during estate cleanout, staring at boxes

  1. Write Down a List

Before scheduling the professional estate cleanout service, having a list of the items and tasks that will be involved in the process is crucial. I prefer making a list of personal belongings that I need to sort through. I also like to plan where to take unwanted items.

The list will help ensure that nothing is missed during the cleanout. It can also guide the technicians who will be deployed to the property for the job.

In the case of losing a loved one and planning to clean out their place, taking time to list their items is vital. Family members or other close loved ones need to be informed on how to sort out these items before the cleanout contractor arrives.

  1. Review Your Options

Dealing with a foreclosure or the loss of a loved one is never easy. However, with a high level of preparedness, it’s possible to save the expenses, time, and heartache that come with state cleanouts. It’s therefore important to learn more about the options with regards to the cleanout service.

While reviewing the options, I like to consider matters such as personal belongings and finances. For a cleanout exercise involving a lost loved one, discussing the options with grown children, spouse, siblings, or parents ahead of time is a top priority.

The options for estate cleanouts may include doing it myself or hiring a professional. Doing the exercise myself won’t be a good idea since I will probably be trying to recover from the emotional turmoil of losing a loved one or having a foreclosure. If I choose an expert for the work, I should have solid reasons for needing their help for the maximum benefits.

  1. Separate Trash from Treasure

Sorting through my belongings after a foreclosure or those of a deceased loved one can be highly exhausting. It may be challenging to decide what kind of items to keep or dispose of. The longer I take doing it, the longer it will take to have the estate cleaned out.

I need to collect all of the important items, including legal and financial documents and keep them securely for easy access. It’s also crucial to forward all new mail to the address of the next of kin of the deceased loved one.

If this procedure is emotionally draining, I prefer asking anyone who isn’t emotionally invested in the situation for help. Either way, the items need to be sorted out depending on those I intend to sell, keep for someone else or keep for myself.

It’s important to carefully go through clothes since they may contain sentimental items or heirlooms that I would want to keep. This can help me decide what to throw away, sell or donate.

I also need to sort through different files as I look for important documents such as wills, financial statements, legal documents, and bills. Remembering to pay attention to vital documents such as diplomas, certificates, and warranty cards is crucial too.

As I prepare to have the property cleaned out, I like to take videos or photos that will help me remember easily-forgotten items before throwing them away. The deceased loved one’s financial information also needs to be safe and secure before experts arrive at the property.

  1. Organize A Garage Sale or Donate Household Items You No Longer Need

Holding a garage sale will be a good idea if I want to sell off old items that are no longer needed. Before doing this, I like to plan a month before the estate cleanout. This will give me more time to give people notice of the sale and plan a convenient day to ensure that there are many attendees.

The garage sale may be quite an overwhelming activity for first-timers. For it to be manageable, I prefer to relegate duties or responsibilities to family members and friends who are likely to help with the estate cleanout.

I may consider donating some of the items to charity. One of the organizations to donate them to is The Salvation Army. My reason for choosing this organization is its free furniture pickup and commitment to sharing donations with needy people.

Most charitable or nonprofit organizations can allow donations in the form of used cars, books, electronics, various household appliances and items, clothing, mattresses and furniture. The organizations include PickUpMyDonation.com, The Arc Pickup, Habitat for Humanity, and Goodwill.

Before donating, it’s important to clean and disinfect all the items and test any equipment that relies on batteries. I always avoid donating kid’s items that may be a choking hazard. The charities will not accept broken, expired or soiled items, including those considered hazardous such as cleaning supplies, makeup and paint.

I only donate items that haven’t been recalled or banned and aren’t too old to adhere to safety standards. If I consider dropping off the donation instead of using the organization’s pickup service, I ensure that the donation is attended to as soon as it’s dropped off.

  1. Enlist Professional Estate Cleanout When it’s Time

I like shop around to get a picture of what the market offers if I feel it’s time to hire a professional estate cleanout service. Getting appraisals for all high-value items in the property if no one claims them is also important. If the cleanout service is dedicated to the property of a deceased loved one, auctioning the items would be appropriate if no will was left.

Most trash removal and hauling companies offer estate cleanouts as part of their professional services. In this case, finding expert help for the cleanout won’t be that challenging. I must do some due diligence on the trash removal company I choose to hire.

Before making my pick, I like to ensure that the company guarantees peace of mind throughout the cleanout process. Their technicians should be empathetic enough to accommodate my needs as I cope with losing a loved one or a foreclosure. And when it comes to hauling, I need to ensure that all debris, carpets, appliances, or furniture are removed from the property.

Looking for Foreclosure and Estate Cleanout Services?

Homeowners or realtors looking to clear out personal belongings or make a sale can turn to Junk King Marin to get rid of the junk. The experts can help haul heavy items out of the property while ensuring that it isn’t damaged in any way.

At Junk King, we pride ourselves on efficient, safe, eco-friendly estate and foreclosure cleanout services. Let us know today what should be recycled or disposed of since we take just about everything.


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