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Monthly Archives: October 2022

Heavy Appliance Removal- Junk King Marin Can Prevent Risks

Most of the essential appliances in your home or office are quite bulky. These include printers, refrigerators, microwaves, cookers, washing machines, televisions, air conditioners, dishwashers, freezers, and ovens, among others. Though you spend so much on them and expect them to last a lifetime, the appliances can break down or malfunction irreparably, or you might want to upgrade to a better appliance. In this instance, you need to remove the appliance and dispose of it before replacing it with another.

Moving a heavy appliance and disposing of it might seem like an easy task that can be handled with a few helping hands. However, this is far from so. You need Junk King Marin to come in with the right tools and expertise to move your appliance and safely dispose of it, recycle or donate it. Calling in the experts might seem overkill, but it protects you from many health issues associated with moving heavy appliances.

Here are the common health risks to which you expose yourself by foregoing expert services for moving heavy appliances.

old white color dryer and fridge

Back Injuries

The back is the most commonly affected part when you lift heavy objects. The leading types of back injuries include herniated disks, pinched nerves, and strains, as lifting an appliance places considerable pressure on the back muscles. A few people get serious spinal injuries like broken vertebrae. Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics place lower back injuries at 80% of workplace injuries, with 75% of these following lifting tasks.

As expected, back injuries cause considerable pain, limit movements, and require expensive treatments like physiotherapy, medications, and sometimes, surgery. A study conducted from 1996 to 2016 concluded that Americans spend $134 billion on treating back and neck pain which is significantly higher than the cost of treating heart disease and diabetes. Spending a few dollars on appliance removal experts will protect your back and translate to significant savings in due course.

Ankle and Knee Injuries

As one of the most movable joints on your body, the knee is highly prone to injuries when moving heavy appliances. The exertion and stress placed on your knees result in dislocations, sprains, and meniscus tears. It is also easy to hit your knee with a heavy appliance when it slips and gets a serious knee fracture. Rolling your ankle when moving a heavy object is quite common. One can easily twist the knee when dragging or pulling an appliance or misstep and bend the ankle at an unnatural angle.

Neck and Shoulder Injuries

Overexertion and falls when moving an appliance can cause neck and shoulder injuries. The neck injuries range from pinched nerves and muscle sprain to severe spinal dislocations. The leading shoulder injuries include torn nerves, collarbone fractures, and shoulder dislocation. Even seemingly minor neck and shoulder injuries are excruciating, and most require surgery.

Broken Bones

Fractures might not happen as commonly as dislocated joints and strained muscles when moving heavy objects, but they still occur. Broken bones are emergencies that typically need surgeries to fix. The digits are at the greatest risk of fractures when carrying heavy objects since they can be crushed under the weight of falling appliances. Toes and fingers can also get caught up indoors or stepped on by the people helping you move your objects.

Your limbs can also be fractured if an appliance falls on them. Besides the tremendous pain you will experience and the high amounts of money you will spend in the hospital to treat limb fractures, you will also need a lot of time off work. This will significantly affect your employment and profits if you are self-employed.

Muscle Injuries

Muscle injuries might not be on your mind when you come across appliance removal services offered by Junk King Marin. However, the considerable strain you place on your muscles when lifting and moving heavy appliances affects your connective tissues and muscles. You can get muscle tears, cramps, contusions, and strains as a result. Muscle strains happen when you overuse or overstretch a muscle fiber. They commonly affect the lower back, hamstring, neck, and shoulders. In muscle tears, the blood vessels supplying specific muscle groups are torn along with the fibers.

Muscle cramps follow the accumulation of lactic acid after vigorous activity, as your body needs a quick energy supply. In muscle contusion, the capillaries and muscle tissues are damaged following trauma, but the skin is intact. Placing too much stress on your muscles can also lead to torn tendons and ligaments. The tendons are the fibrous tissue connecting bones to other bones and bones to muscles.


A hernia is a medical term for a tear or rupture of your abdominal wall resulting from tissue strain and weakness. The leading risk factor for a hernia is lifting heavy objects. Understandably, moving a large appliance can trigger a hernia that will often need a surgical procedure to repair. If you have had any surgical procedure on your abdomen, lifting the heavy appliance can also make the wound burst open even when you have no history of a hernia.

Scrapes and Cuts

Scrapes and cuts are the most common injuries when moving heavy objects. Most appliances have sharp edges, while others have fragile parts that can cause lacerations, scratches, and grazes when they are not wrapped well. Though scrapes and cuts are the least serious injuries when moving appliances, they can expose your body to life-threatening microorganisms and sometimes trigger events that considerably impact your health. For instance, someone with blood clotting issues can easily lose a lot of blood from a small cut.

Hypothermia or Heat Exhaustion and Dehydration

Few people think of weather conditions when they decide to move their appliances. Nonetheless, prolonged exposure to freezing or excessively high temperatures as you move an appliance will significantly affect your health. Freezing temperatures can lead to hypothermia, while very high temperatures can lead to dehydration or heat exhaustion and, in some cases, a heat stroke. Dehydration and heat exhaustion can lead to fevers, headaches, and muscle injuries. Though health issues related to weather are common among susceptible individuals, they can happen to anyone.

The above health risks should be enough to inform your choice of using the services of Junk King Marin when you want an appliance moved out of your premises. Understandably, you stand to save so much money and time by paying the company’s small professional fee rather than saving it and using it for high medical bills or wasting time moving the appliance. After all, most of the approaches you might come across to protect yourself from the above health issues are not fail-safe. Moreover, when you use professional junk removers, you are sure your appliance will be correctly disposed of with minimal environmental impact.

You will want to work with a junk removal company that is professional, bonded, and insured with a transparent pricing structure to ensure you are getting the best service. In this regard, Junk King Marin is your best choice. The company also has exceptional customer service, as evidenced by the raving online reviews from past clients. If you have any appliance that you need safely moved from your premises and disposed of responsibly, contact Junk King Marin today.

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