Waste Management Marin California v2

In an effort to ensure safe and proficient waste management residential districts and businesses throughout the county are urged to play their role by responsibly disposing of garbage and other waste products in the appropriate manner.

Waste Management ExtraWaste Management

Despite these efforts the illegal and improper disposal of waste has become a growing concern in many major cities across the country. Posing serious threats to health and the environment, improper waste disposal has become a focal issue for government.

In their attempts to handle this critical issue agencies such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency have been instituted to enforce and regulate the safe and legal disposal of trash however citizens like you and I can also devise clever ways in which waste can be reused, recycled or properly disposed.

For most people just taking out the trash can be a daunting task furthermore having junk/trash that requires machinery or certain equipment to be removed. Whether it’s a small bag of kitchen waste or a depleted sofa there’s always something that people want to be rid of however the things that cannot be handled by the average householder themselves a junk removal services can be contracted to manage the task.

In addition to this if it is that people intend to remove waste themselves here is a list of certain items that will require special handling and should not be placed in your waste containers. These include:

  • Appliances

  • Electronics

  • Batteries

  • Chemical products

  • Construction debris

  • Flammables

  • Medical waste

  • Fluorescent bulbs

  • Pesticides liquids

  • Tires

Apart from this here are a few tips that people could utilize to assist them with waste around their homes or businesses.

People could create a few individual receptacles to place waste items in according to their nature. A bin for metal, one for boxes another for backyard waste and one more for kitchen waste. This will help to keep waste well organized eliminating bulk and overload. It will also make it easier in terms of collection where waste management personnel can remove trash in an efficient manner.

People should ensure yard waste is free of items such as metal, garbage, soil and stones. Yard waste should really consist of items such as leaves, hedge and tree trimmings, branches, grass clippings house and garden plants. If you have a garden yard waste can be recycled to make mulch or fertilizer.

As for construction and renovation waste these materials require special handling as they can cause injury or serious harm to health if handled incorrectly. They are also not permitted to be collected curbside so contracting a junk removal service will be the best option to handle waste such as this.

People should also maintain clear and safe access to receptacles for prompt and efficient pickup. So whether you have a specific set of items, E-waste or just general trash safe and proper disposal is the only guarantee to a safe and healthy home, community and environment. Contact us for more information.

Waste Management Marin California v1

Studies conducted show that the United States is responsible for generating a massive 220million tons of waste annually. These are certainly astounding figures and are far larger than any other countries worldwide.  It also shows the need for proper waste management techniques.

Waste Management in Marin CountyWaste Management

These figures are surely cause for concern and is the reason why government has collaborated with several environmental organizations such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency or EPA to develop numerous strategies, methods and policies in effort to provide solutions and alternatives as it relates to managing and reducing the huge numbers of waste generated within the United States.

To get more into detail when speaking about waste management it generally refers to all the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. It also functions to provide alternative solutions for recycling items that don’t belong to trash.

Essentially this is done to encourage safe disposal of waste as well as to avoid water contamination, pollution or any major health issues especially when dangerous and hazardous waste is involved.

There are a few helpful suggestions that can serve to aid people with the proper disposal of waste. These include reducing container odor, keeping your waste area clean and disposing of bulky items.

  • Loading containers properly –  When loading waste into waste receptacles people should ensure that receptacle lid can fully close. This is emphasized as most waste removal companies will refuse to service waste areas if trash is unable to fit in the container with the lid fully closed. Not to worry because even if the volume of your trash increases there are some junk removal companies that can adjust your service by increasing your container size or the frequency of collection.  This can help to eliminate overloading receptacles as well as help you avoid additional fees caused by container overflow or spilled trash in the waste area.

  • Reduce Odor – To help reduce any unpleasant odor around waste areas people are encouraged to tie trash bags tight before placing them in waste containers. This will help to significantly reduce any foul odor caused by spilled waste.

  • Clean Waste Containers Regularly –  Making a practicing of cleaning of your waste container/s as well as the waste area surrounding containers will aid in keeping waste areas clean and odor free.

The number one goal and aim of Waste management is to properly manage waste from its inception to its disposal for a clean, healthy and safe environment. Since safety is a top priority for Waste Management it has over time become a shared responsibility whereas it starts right at your waste container. Therefore by upholding proper waste disposal practices people will help to maintain clean waste areas that are functional and safe for both you and waste management personnel. Contact us for more information.

Junk Removal For A Greener You

One of the chief concerns for homeowners when cleaning in and around the home is how they will get junk removed and discarded. It is important to get rid of certain things that are causing unnecessary clutter and taking up valuable space. To get these items removed in a safe manner you will need to hire a junk removal expert team. These guys are specially trained and have the necessary equipment to manage all of your waste removal and recycling needs.

Substantial time and effort are required to accomplish the task of removing junk in a safe and efficient manner. Hazardous materials may be present that can cause harm to health or cause serious injury hence why it is strictly recommended that persons obtain professional help in this regard.

Inside Advice On Junk RemovalJunk Removal

As it relates to proper junk removal and disposal, homeowners and individuals are encouraged to practice healthier more environmentally friendly alternatives. To assist with this here are a few tips that people can utilize to promote ‘greener’ more eco- friendly waste disposal.

There are certain types of trash that can be reused for another purpose instead of being thrown away. People can create fertilizer from yard waste or animal manure, turn old, dry, branches into wood chips to make mulch for gardens or use unwanted car tires to place soil and plant herbs or flowers. The list goes on.

Apart from utilizing old things for different purposes using these ‘greener’ alternatives can have a very positive impact on the environment.  It is quite true that there are some people who may not have the time to do some of these things but still want to make a positive impact.  These individuals can then seek the services of an environmentally responsible waste/junk removal company to manage these activities. Residential and businesses can be assured that green waste stays green.

A wholesome and positive impact on the environment can be achieved in many ways, some of which include recycling and reusing products properly disposing of hazardous waste materials and using bio-degradable materials and environmentally friendly products.

Everything from mattresses to old and damaged furniture, TV’s, electronics and appliances Junk King removes it. This significantly helps householders and businesses to get rid of items that are quite hard to manage.  It also promotes safe and healthy surroundings to you your household and community.  Contact us for more information.

Mattress Recycling Brings A Greener Tomorrow

According to chiropractors, a good mattress should last at most ten years. Once they get to the end of their useful life they can become problematic to your health. Since they are bulky they often become an illegal dumping problem on vacant lots and roadsides. If you have an old mattress that needs replacement consider mattress recycling instead of sending it to a landfill.

Mattress RecyclingMattress Recycling Is An Earth-Friendly Solution

Mattresses are manufactured in a way that allows them to withstand rough handling. It means that when properly designed they should not come apart easily. Due to the strength of the materials used, it can be very difficult to employ cutters or even destroy it manually once it has come of age. Also, when thrown in machinery, compactors can be destroyed as a result of metal coils and bulkiness.

When thrown into the landfill, they may take more than a decade to decompose since they have 400 percent compaction rate, less than regular garbage. Most mattresses measure 23 to 60 cubic feet, with an assembly of materials such as metal, cotton, foam and wood among other components of choice. It is these components that make mattress recycling a daunting task hence the reason why it is very important to leave this work to a professional.

Understand that mattresses not only come with stubborn materials but also have chemical retardants normally toxic to humans and can leach and contaminate the environment through seepage. They also contain bacteria, viruses, spores, dust mites, and mold. This is one of the reasons most local recycling programs do not include mattresses in their recyclables list.

The Mattress Recycling Process

Given that mattresses are tough they can be filleted with box cutters, but this can be time-consuming. They can also be shredded however the specialized equipment needed for the process can be very expensive. The most common approach is when the mattress is placed on conveyor belts to have the soft materials cut out.

Metal coils are then extracted with the help of magnetic fields. The foam (synthetic or plant-based) and fiber fill (whether polythene or cotton) can be sold to various textile companies for insulation and carpet padding. Depending on the amount of wood used it can be sold to wood chippers as a fuel source and can also be recycled into other products. Metal on the other hand is sold to steel recycling industries where it is melted down to make new products. Today mattress recycling efficiency has increased and about 20-25 mattresses can be recycled within an hour.

Make Mattress Recycling A Priority

It is a noble act to save landfill space by embracing mattress recycling. Understand that mattresses do not compact meaning that the moment trash is piled over them they eventually rise back up. Institutions such as colleges and hotels are likely to replace their mattresses in one go. It is vital to hire a top mattress recycling company, one with a good reputation to promote a greener tomorrow. Given the complexities and challenges of the mattress recycling process it is clearly a specialist’s job. Contact us for more information.

Benefits Of Using Efficient E Waste Disposal Services

A Look At E Waste Disposal

In recent times due to the growing volume of commercial and domestic waste, the need to properly dispose of waste has become a pertinent concern. E waste is one of the swiftly growing portions of solid waste in American cities today. This is why the modern day consumer of electronic products needs to learn more about e waste disposal.

E waste includes electrical materials and electronics such as televisions, batteries, computers, mobile phones, printers and monitors. In most cases e waste disposal is done through incineration and disposal in designated landfills. Although these are the most commonly used e waste disposal options, they pose the greatest danger both environmentally and health-wise. E waste contains heavy metals such as arsenic, antimony, cadmium, barium, mercury and lead which are extremely harmful to both humans, animals, plants and the environment.

E Waste DisposalCharacteristics of a Good E Waste Disposal Company

It’s important to note that e waste disposal is not just about being responsible when disposing of waste in order to alleviate the harmful effects, but also the company you select for disposal. A good e waste disposal company should have the following characteristics:

1. The company you choose should have the capability to separate the hazardous materials from the components that can be recycled.

2. For sensitive materials that carry personal data such as mobile phones and computers it is recommended that you have your data wiped clean . This will avoid it from falling into the wrong hands.

The Advantages of Efficient E Waste Disposal

Another option for e waste disposal is recycling. Recycling e waste involves the reuse or refurbishment of the remaining components once the harmful metals have been secured. Landfills are not preferred because the heavy metals can leach into underground water sources. On the other hand, the burning of metals can cause the formation of volatile chemicals that pollute the air and contaminate the soil. It is, therefore important to recycle because we all benefit from the following:

1.        Elimination of environmental and health hazards

This is an important form of e waste disposal because it does not bear the detrimental effects of burning or dumping into landfills. By recycling e waste, you can contribute to environmental protection because the harmful pollutants are not released into the environment. This also improves the quality of human life because diseases caused by environmental pollution will be eliminated.

2.        Resource conservation

Resources such as water and timber that are used in energy production will not be heavily exploited. This is because recycling is more energy efficient than mining.

3.        Increased economic growth

The metals extracted from e waste can be reused as raw material, leading to lower production costs which will make the prices lower for you as the consumer. Also recycling plants create jobs and generate income for the people in the areas of operation and this contributes to economic growth and development.

E waste disposal is a paramount part of waste management. This is mainly because it has a high probability of causing various forms of pollution. It is advisable for you to know all you can about it so that you can practice efficient waste management techniques.  Contact us for more information.

Summer Clutter Cleanouts

Between your job, your kids and duties around the home things can certainly spiral out control where some areas of the home quickly accumulate clutter and become somewhat disorderly. With hectic schedules and not enough time to get things organized this can place unwanted pressure to an already frustrating situation.

Clutter Get Rid Of That Unwanted Clutter

Not only is clutter a ghastly sight in and around homes but it also creates a congested environment that makes it hard for persons to function without restriction.

With summer right around the corner it’s only a matter of time before the kids are home and the activity around the house increases tremendously so now that things are still a bit quiet in the final weeks of spring it may be a great idea to get started with dismantling and reorganizing your home before things get incredibly busy.

Regardless of the level of activity present within homes at any given time creating an organized and clutter free living space goes a long way. It serves to eliminate the fatigue and frustration that can be a result of residing in a dysfunctional, chaotic environment.

It also helps persons to meet the challenges of home and work in a more efficient manner. In the meantime here are a few tips that may prove worthwhile to persons undergoing the process of de-cluttering.

The ideal place to get started are work areas or home offices. Not only will this ensure that work spaces are clean and organized but persons will be able to operate efficiently without the frustration.

Start by removing all trash and unwanted items from the top of your desk. Next carefully survey drawers and toss anything you don’t need. Once this is done the next step would be to place any documents lying around in the  “in” or “out” box respectively.

So long as the trash is all gathered and you determine what is necessary and what isn’t you can then attempt to browse through your PC to file away any open or loose folders and discard the unwanted ones. In addition persons should create both a manual and virtual filing system to manage and organize all documentation and information related to their business.

After creating an organized and clutter free working environment persons can proceed to dissect and reorganize their living space. The easiest way to attempt this is to begin by clearing all floors and rearranging furniture to improve mobility as you go along.

Old paper piles, unwanted mail and stuff you no longer use should all be thrown out. Stuff in good condition but unwanted could be placed in a few boxes and donated or sold.

This system could also be utilized to organize drawers, closets and counter-tops. Once these areas are taken care of drawers should be labelled to indicate what is inside so you know what should or shouldn’t go in there.

Finally maintaining exceptional habits in the kitchen can significantly contribute to the re-organization and decluttering your home. Throw away any malfunctioned appliances from countertops and remove expired foods from the refrigerator.

Keep food stored in the refrigerator in containers and label them to provides space and organization. It may not seem like it but pots and pans can take up lots of space in any kitchen so store them away in a separate cupboard to provide adequate room when maneuvering.

Cleaning out for summer can be a pretty daunting task nevertheless so long as you follow these insightful, informative tips you will find it to be pretty simple so get started today and get your home decluttered before summer arrives. Contact us for more information.

Efficient Garbage Disposal For Healthy Living

When speaking about garbage disposal it more commonly refers to an electrically powered device that is installed under kitchen sinks between the drain and trap. This unit is responsible for shredding waste food so that is small enough to pass through the plumbing.

Proper Garbage Disposal Tips and TechniquesEfficient-Garbage-Disposal-For-Healthy-Living-Junk-King-Marin.jpg

As is the case with most electrical devices and equipment, regular and thorough maintenance is required for them to function properly. So here are a few useful tips that homeowners can apply to keep their garbage disposals working properly and efficiently.

One of the most essential tips that homeowners could utilize is to use garbage disposals often. Frequently using your garbage disposal reduces the chances of rust , corrosion and build up. In other words “If you don’t use it you lose it.”

Persons should also ensure they don’t overwork units by placing large pieces/amounts of food down the drain at once. Instead they should cut up larger items into much smaller pieces and only throw down small amounts of food at a time rather than everything all at once.

Another very important thing persons should keep in mind is that they shouldn’t turn the unit off until they are sure that everything has been thoroughly chopped and washed away. Just to be on the safe side when turning off the actual disposal pour a little dish soap into the drain and allow the water to run for about 10 seconds to make sure any remaining bits are flushed out of the pipes.

Once these basic tips are upheld they can aid in keeping disposal units well maintained and in good working condition for a very long time. Nevertheless in many homes there are some practices that householders adopt when using their garbage disposal that complicate its smooth operation eventually leading to malfunction. Here are some of the practices that householders are urged to abstain from or to discontinue.

One of the most common things that persons do that can cause an issue with disposal units are to throw foods with strings and peels down the drain .Foods like celery, artichokes, asparagus, lettuce, corn husks, carrots, onion skins and potato peels are all stringy and have the ability to wrap around disposal blades causing the motor to malfunction. Therefore when dealing with these kinds of items it’s better that they be thrown into the trash or compost receptacle.

It is also extremely important that persons remember not to put fat, oil or grease down into disposals. This is strictly forbidden as these can coat blades and make them less effective. They can also contribute to clogs which cause blockage and stink so instead pour or place any fat, oils or grease into a separate container and dispose of it with the regular trash.

Most people think they can get away with putting whatever they want down garbage disposals as long as you throw some drain cleaner down after it however this is where they are wrong. These chemicals don’t actually work but corrode the blades and pipes within the unit .

So persons should be extra mindful of what they put into their disposals to avoid the expense and inconvenience. If you want to clean your garbage disposal just use a small amount of dish soap and cold water. This along with regular maintenance and frequent use should ensure that units work well for a long time to come.  Contact us for more information.

Discard of Electronic Waste Properly

When electronics such as refrigerators, stereos, computers, televisions and other common electronic products are unwanted or no longer function and must be discarded they are referred to as electronic waste.

Inside several of these electronics some of the components are known to contain extremely hazardous materials like aluminum, copper, plastics, ferrous metals and other potentially toxic substances known to pose serious threats to human health and the environment.

Electronic Waste Disposal Best PracticesElectronic Waste

Though it is hard to generalize and pinpoint the material content of every single device people should still exercise proper disposal or practice recycling E-waste to play their part in ensuring the health and safety of the public and environment.

With that said the global demand for more and more advanced forms of technology is constantly increasing resulting in a surge in E-Waste production. An estimated 50 million tons of E-waste are produced each year. In the US alone discards up to 30 million computers and over 100 million phones annually.

In effort to deal with this authorities have created legislation such as the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and agencies like the United States Environmental Protection Agency that govern and regulate the proper disposal of waste throughout the country. In addition  to further enforce safe disposal practices government reserves the right to impose heavy penalties or even possible jail time to violators.

In the state of California to better manage this growing challenge the Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003 was enacted. This established the covered electronic waste (CEW) recycling program to aggressively handle the cost of reducing E-waste production.

Persons throughout the country can play their part by recycling, selling or giving away electronics that they no longer need and for products beyond repair again recycling is the best alternative. Instead of resorting to improper and illegal e- waste practices locate an organization or waste removal service that will remove and recycle any unwanted electronics.

A person may not know how or what is the best way to recycle or even dispose of their e-waste so to help with this issue waste removal services have specially trained personnel and all the necessary equipment to manage all of your e- waste removal and recycling. Furthermore they also facilitate the transport of items where there are later processed.

Over time this approach along with effective, initiatives and management has enabled government and citizens alike to make a positive impact as it relates to the reduction of E-waste.  It is also critical that every citizen play their part whenever necessary to ensure that their communities, country and the environment as a whole is kept safe and healthy.  Contact us for more information.

Garbage Disposal Green Practices

Going green and being eco-friendly seems to be the mutual course of most governments and citizens around the world and in order to play our part in keeping the environment clean and ensuring the health and safety of others persons are urged to play their part by responsibly engaging in green garbage disposal practices.

Why Green Garbage Disposal Practices Will Benefit YouGarbage Disposal

Having a wholesome and positive environment can be ultimately achieved in many ways some of which can occur from the domestic household to the industrial level. Recycling and reusing products properly, disposing of hazardous waste materials and using bio-degradable  and environmentally friendly products are all ways to promote eco-friendly practices.

Positive garbage disposal practices along with strict oversight from the California Department of Recycling and Recovery essentially encourages citizens to maintain a clean and safe environment. They also serve to implement and enforce regulations that aim to prevent  contamination, pollution or any major health issues.

For example the Alameda County Waste Management Authority in collaboration with California State Law emphasizes that businesses or family dwellings consisting of five or more units, generating up to four cubic yards of waste or more weekly must have recycling services.

Sometimes a person may not know how to recycle or even have proper facilities in place to dispose of their waste (available garbage receptacles/ dumpsters) so to help with this issue there are waste removal services who come in and do this for you. These guys are specially trained and have all the necessary equipment to manage all of your waste removal and recycling.

In some cities residential garbage is typically collected from homes twice weekly to be processed and disposed. These services not only relate to the gathering of solid waste and recyclable materials but also the transport of these materials after collection to a specified location where it is then processed.

What can you do to help keep the environment safe? Well for householders persons should try to adopt more eco friendly alternatives within their everyday lives. Recycle and reuse as much as you can as it encourages ‘green living’ which helps to save money and increases space in landfills.

Persons can also utilize organic materials like yard debris or food scraps for gardens and small animals but one very important thing persons should always remember to do is to dispose of hazardous household waste safely as it can pose serious health threats or cause injury to others. For example fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, household chemicals (cleansers, pesticides, fertilizers), medical waste (mercury thermometers, needles and syringes), auto products and paints should all be disposed of very carefully in order to safeguard the lives of the persons living in your community.

In addition along with the state of California’s initial approach and effective initiatives to the management and recycling of waste, it is also critical that every citizen play their role whenever necessary to ensure that waste is either properly disposed of or recycled in effort to keep the our communities, the country and the environment safe and healthy. Contact Junk King for garbage disposal service.

Junk Removal Service Plays a Vital Role in Our Lives

The illegal and improper disposal of trash and junk has become a growing concern in many major cities across the country. Posing serious threats to health and the environment, improper junk removal has become a focal issue for government so in their effort to handle this critical issue agencies such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency have been instituted to enforce and regulate the safe and legal disposal of trash.

How To Get Rid Of Your Junk

For most people just taking out the trash can be a daunting task furthermore some people have junk and trash that require machinery and certain equipment to be removed. Whether it’s a small bag of kitchen waste or a depleted sofa there’s always something that people want to be rid of however, the things that cannot be handled by the average householder themselves a junk removal services can be contracted to manage the task.

Substantial time and effort are required to accomplish the task of removing junk in a safe and efficient manner. Hazardous materials  can cause harm to health or cause serious injury hence why it is strictly recommended that persons obtain professional help in this regard.

The functional element of junk removal not only relates to collecting junk or trash from residences or businesses but also the transport of these materials after collection to a proper disposal site where it is processed and discarded. This is actually a great service and offers many benefits to individuals with little or no hassle to them.

For persons wanting to get junk removed from their homes everything from a mattress to old damaged furniture, tv’s, electronics and appliances you name it Junk King removes it. Homeowners can now get rid of stuff they never thought they could or stuff they couldn’t normally manage on their own. It also promotes safe and healthy surroundings to you, your household and community.

Office junk removal is another major service dedicated to keep offices clean and well maintained. If you operate a business in an office setting and may have anything that you want removed including damaged office furniture or equipment don’t hesitate to contact a Junk King as there is no task too big or too small for a junk removal service to handle.

Whether you have a specific set of items, office clutter, E-waste or just general trash the services offered by professional junk removal companies facilitate safe, professional junk removal commercially or residentially. These services play a crucial role in our lives as they aim and assist in keeping the environment clean and and the general population safe. Contact us for more information.

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