Eco-Friendly Garbage Disposal for Healthy Living

In playing our part in keeping the environment clean and population free it’s the responsibility of every citizen to ensure that garbage and other waste products are disposed of safely and appropriately. People should also make an extra effort to apply eco-friendly garbage disposal practices when disposing of waste as a way to promote healthy living and to have a positive impact on the environment overall.

Environmentally Safe Garbage Disposal

Garbage DisposalWith waste generation and improper garbage disposal becoming such a growing concern all over the country the need for effective waste management systems has definitely increased. Nevertheless there are several environmentally safe garbage disposal practices that can be adopted to help address or even eliminate certain issues relating to waste disposal that hinder the process of effective waste management.

Recycling and reusing products, proper disposal of hazardous waste, using bio-degradable and eco- friendly products are all great ways to promote green and healthy garbage disposal practices.

Essentially these practices serve to prevent contamination, pollution or any major health issues among the population as well as to encourage people everywhere to maintain a clean and safe environment.

Promote Eco- Friendly Garbage Disposal

  • Recycle –  Unwanted items in good condition can be given to someone who has use for them. Using discarded items for another purpose can also go a long way as it encourages ‘green living’ helps to save money and increases landfill space. 

  • Reuse unwanted organic materials – Yard debris and  food scraps can be reused in gardens as mulch or fertilizer or as food to feed small animals.

Dispose of hazardous waste safely – Items such as fluorescent light bulbs, household chemicals (insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers, detergents) batteries, medical waste (mercury thermometers, needles and syringes) auto products and paints should all be disposed of in a careful manner to ensure safety around homes and communities.

  • Keep disposal area clean – Be sure to keep the area around dumpsters and waste receptacles clean to avoid unhealthy pile ups, unsanitary conditions and to provide a safe area for waste management personnel to operate.

Professional Garbage Disposal Services

It’s not everyone who may know how to recycle or even have the proper facilities in place to  dispose of waste properly for example no available garbage receptacles/dumpsters to place waste.

So to help persons handle this issue there are waste removal services who come in and manage the removal of all types of waste. So whether it’s a small bag of kitchen waste or an old broken down refrigerator they can come in and remove it for you.

In most cities residential garbage is normally collected twice weekly to be processed and disposed. Nevertheless there are certain types of waste that is not collected with regular garbage services which leaves homeowners to deal with it on their own.

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Effective Waste Management – E-Waste Disposal In California

In instances when common electronics like stereos, televisions, computers and other popular electronic products are unwanted or no longer operate you need professional disposal services. When these items are to be discarded  and are to be discarded they are referred to as E-waste.

Incorrect E- Waste Disposal Can Be Hazardous

E-WasteInside many electronic components are known to consist of several, hazardous, materials such as lead, cadmium, beryllium or brominated flame retardants which can be extremely dangerous if exposed to people or the environment.

For this reason alone it is absolutely important that people exercise proper E-Waste disposal or practice recycling E-Waste as exposure to these toxic materials can result in adverse, human, health, effects and various forms of pollution .

For example the waste management laws of California currently categorize nonfunctioning cathode ray tubes from televisions and computer monitors as hazardous as they contain up to 8 pounds of lead and wrongful exposure to this can lead to soil/water water contamination as well as impaired cognitive function, behavioral disturbances and nervous system damage in humans.

Recycling Is A Great Way Manage E- Waste Disposal

Never mind that most E-waste is considered unwanted the majority of these products can be recycled or reused for numerous purposes but for people who may not know or have the equipment to recycle E-waste there are waste removal services who come in and manage this for you.

Not only will this service include collection of E-Waste but it would also involve its transport and processing as well. Managing E-Waste in this way provides a more eco-friendly alternative as it prevents any major, health, issues, reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

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So be responsible and promote safe E-waste disposal as these practices play a crucial role in keeping the environment clean and the general population safe. To get your E-Waste removed visit our website at to book online or call us at 1-888-888-JUNK  to schedule an appointment right away.

Improper Waste Disposal has Dangerous Effects

Waste DisposalRecent studies conducted reveal that out of the millions of tonnes of waste generated throughout the United States annually a large percentage is improperly disposed. Unfortunately this practice has been identified as one of the main causes of pollution and is becoming a growing concern for both government and environmentalist as it poses serious threats to health and the environment. So to manage this authorities have implemented strict waste management regulations and heavy penalties to violators in order to enforce and promote safe waste disposal practices throughout the country.

Improper Waste Disposal is a Deadly Practice

Soil, water and air pollution can all be a result of improper waste disposal and occurs when either of them becomes contaminated with hazardous materials. Not only does this contribute to the creation of a greenhouse gas effects but also causes significant harm to marine and wildlife.

Apart from this improper waste disposal can also have adverse health effects on humans as over the years it has been responsible for causing several diseases and in some cases even death.

For instance when water is contaminated with foreign substances, like harmful pathogens, toxic chemicals or medical waste its chemical composition changes making it harmful to use. Diseases like Cholera, Dysentery and leptospirosis are known to be spread through contaminated water and can cause serious health epidemics in a population.

Another example of the dangerous effects of improper waste disposal is soil contamination which occurs when hazardous chemicals come into contact with the soil. These chemicals are absorbed by plants which are later utilized by other other organisms including humans which as a result can cause disease or even death. Improper waste disposal can also interfere with the food supply as plant growth is impaired reducing the amount of food produced .

Help To Curb Improper Waste Disposal

With the amount of waste generated annually steadily increasing it is becoming more and more challenging for government to monitor and manage waste disposal throughout the country. Therefore it is the responsibility of citizens to not only carry out safe, eco friendly, waste disposal practices but to encourage others around them to do the same. Energy conservation and recycling are also great ways to eliminate improper waste disposal and keep the environment safe.

So given all the negative effects highlighted due to improper waste disposal persons should be particularly careful to promote and exercise all the necessary practices to ensure they do the right thing and if by chance you do find yourself with certain types of waste that can’t be discarded with your regular trash you can contact a waste removal service to come in and remove it for you.

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Affordable Junk Removal Services in Marin County

Are you looking for ecofriendly waste disposal solutions for your home or office in Marin County? Well look no further because we offer the best  junk removal services in California.

Junk King is Here to Help with any Type of Junk RemovalJunk Removal

E- Waste, hazardous waste or maybe items you just can’t manage on your own are all included in the junk we remove and our fast, eco- friendly junk removal services are available to come in and assist you by providing all the necessary equipment and trained personnel to manage junk removal from your home.

Here at Junk King not only does our dedicated team come in and handle junk removal efficiently but we also specialize in the transport and processing of items removed. So additionally we help customers to save money that they would otherwise have to pay for transport and landfill charges.

If you are remodeling or doing any construction our affordable MINI dumpster rental can also serve as a great solution to facilitate junk removal and what’s more you only pay for the amount of space you use up in the dumpster which helps you to save even more.

We Cater to Commercial Junk Removal

Our junk removal services facilitate the removal of trash from restaurants, E- waste, unwanted office furniture, unwanted equipment, office clutter and much more. So if your business is located in Marin County and you have any type of junk/waste you need removed we’d be happy to help. We offer prompt service and next day pickup to make your junk removal as fast and convenient as possible.

Affordable Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Services

Not only does Junk King offer the most affordable rates in town but we have also taken initiative to incorporate eco-friendly practices such as recycling as part of our mission to conduct safe, environmentally friendly waste management services in Marin county. Our ‘green’ junk hauling company provides top notch junk removal services 7 days a week giving you back clean, spacious surroundings in your home or office. Contact us for more information.


Effective Waste Management – Different Types of Waste

In reality any item or substance that is discarded after general use or is deemed worthless can be classified as waste and considering the rate at which items and substances are disposed this results in millions of tons of waste being generated on an annual basis.

This large and rapid accumulation of waste has created the need for immediate and effective methods of handling waste on a daily basis.The practice and execution of these methods is more commonly referred to as waste management which essentially is done to encourage a clean, healthy and safe environment overall.

Waste Management for a Healthy EnvironmentWaste Management

Even though waste management is heavily regulated by governments in order to avoid pollution and other health issues every individual must still play an active role by exercising proper waste disposal practices so as to ensure the effective management of waste.

One way that each individual can play their role is by properly categorizing waste before disposal and since waste can be broken down into several different groups it is important to know what kind of waste it is so that it could be discarded in the appropriate manner.

Let’s have a look at some of the types of waste typically generated on a daily basis. These include:

Brown Waste – This refers to any biodegradable materials that are primarily carbon based. Brown waste can include items such as grass cuttings, sawdust, hay, dry leaves and twigs, paper, cardboard, hedge trimmings etc. These materials should not be disposed in regular trash and most of the time is reused for a different purpose like mulching, composting or fertilizing gardens. Nevertheless if there is no use for these waste materials a waste removal company is usually paid to come in and remove it.

Green Waste –  Also another term for agricultural waste green waste is comprised of  biodegradable materials such as grass or flower cuttings, hedge trimmings as well as domestic and commercial food waste. Mainly referred to as green because of its high nitrogen content green waste is typically collected in municipal curbside collection schemes or through private waste management contractors.

Bulky Waste –  Any type of waste that is considered to be too large to be removed by regular waste collection is regarded as bulky waste. In many countries worldwide bulky waste is often removed from streets and pavements and depending on the country or area a fee may or may not be involved. Most bulk waste items include unwanted furniture, large appliances and discarded lighting and plumbing fixtures. Large branches and logs are also regarded as bulky waste even though they are collected separately.

In effort to ensure safe and proficient waste management throughout the country people everywhere are urged to play their role by responsibly disposing of garbage and other waste products in the appropriate manner. Waste management is something that every individual, household and business owner globally should be involved in so as to promote and maintain a clean, healthy and safe environment overall.  Contact Junk King Marin for more information on how you can properly dispose of your trash.

Waste Management Marin California v2

In an effort to ensure safe and proficient waste management residential districts and businesses throughout the county are urged to play their role by responsibly disposing of garbage and other waste products in the appropriate manner.

Waste Management ExtraWaste Management

Despite these efforts the illegal and improper disposal of waste has become a growing concern in many major cities across the country. Posing serious threats to health and the environment, improper waste disposal has become a focal issue for government.

In their attempts to handle this critical issue agencies such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency have been instituted to enforce and regulate the safe and legal disposal of trash however citizens like you and I can also devise clever ways in which waste can be reused, recycled or properly disposed.

For most people just taking out the trash can be a daunting task furthermore having junk/trash that requires machinery or certain equipment to be removed. Whether it’s a small bag of kitchen waste or a depleted sofa there’s always something that people want to be rid of however the things that cannot be handled by the average householder themselves a junk removal services can be contracted to manage the task.

In addition to this if it is that people intend to remove waste themselves here is a list of certain items that will require special handling and should not be placed in your waste containers. These include:

  • Appliances

  • Electronics

  • Batteries

  • Chemical products

  • Construction debris

  • Flammables

  • Medical waste

  • Fluorescent bulbs

  • Pesticides liquids

  • Tires

Apart from this here are a few tips that people could utilize to assist them with waste around their homes or businesses.

People could create a few individual receptacles to place waste items in according to their nature. A bin for metal, one for boxes another for backyard waste and one more for kitchen waste. This will help to keep waste well organized eliminating bulk and overload. It will also make it easier in terms of collection where waste management personnel can remove trash in an efficient manner.

People should ensure yard waste is free of items such as metal, garbage, soil and stones. Yard waste should really consist of items such as leaves, hedge and tree trimmings, branches, grass clippings house and garden plants. If you have a garden yard waste can be recycled to make mulch or fertilizer.

As for construction and renovation waste these materials require special handling as they can cause injury or serious harm to health if handled incorrectly. They are also not permitted to be collected curbside so contracting a junk removal service will be the best option to handle waste such as this.

People should also maintain clear and safe access to receptacles for prompt and efficient pickup. So whether you have a specific set of items, E-waste or just general trash safe and proper disposal is the only guarantee to a safe and healthy home, community and environment. Contact us for more information.

Waste Management Marin California v1

Studies conducted show that the United States is responsible for generating a massive 220million tons of waste annually. These are certainly astounding figures and are far larger than any other countries worldwide.  It also shows the need for proper waste management techniques.

Waste Management in Marin CountyWaste Management

These figures are surely cause for concern and is the reason why government has collaborated with several environmental organizations such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency or EPA to develop numerous strategies, methods and policies in effort to provide solutions and alternatives as it relates to managing and reducing the huge numbers of waste generated within the United States.

To get more into detail when speaking about waste management it generally refers to all the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. It also functions to provide alternative solutions for recycling items that don’t belong to trash.

Essentially this is done to encourage safe disposal of waste as well as to avoid water contamination, pollution or any major health issues especially when dangerous and hazardous waste is involved.

There are a few helpful suggestions that can serve to aid people with the proper disposal of waste. These include reducing container odor, keeping your waste area clean and disposing of bulky items.

  • Loading containers properly –  When loading waste into waste receptacles people should ensure that receptacle lid can fully close. This is emphasized as most waste removal companies will refuse to service waste areas if trash is unable to fit in the container with the lid fully closed. Not to worry because even if the volume of your trash increases there are some junk removal companies that can adjust your service by increasing your container size or the frequency of collection.  This can help to eliminate overloading receptacles as well as help you avoid additional fees caused by container overflow or spilled trash in the waste area.

  • Reduce Odor – To help reduce any unpleasant odor around waste areas people are encouraged to tie trash bags tight before placing them in waste containers. This will help to significantly reduce any foul odor caused by spilled waste.

  • Clean Waste Containers Regularly –  Making a practicing of cleaning of your waste container/s as well as the waste area surrounding containers will aid in keeping waste areas clean and odor free.

The number one goal and aim of Waste management is to properly manage waste from its inception to its disposal for a clean, healthy and safe environment. Since safety is a top priority for Waste Management it has over time become a shared responsibility whereas it starts right at your waste container. Therefore by upholding proper waste disposal practices people will help to maintain clean waste areas that are functional and safe for both you and waste management personnel. Contact us for more information.

Junk Removal For A Greener You

One of the chief concerns for homeowners when cleaning in and around the home is how they will get junk removed and discarded. It is important to get rid of certain things that are causing unnecessary clutter and taking up valuable space. To get these items removed in a safe manner you will need to hire a junk removal expert team. These guys are specially trained and have the necessary equipment to manage all of your waste removal and recycling needs.

Substantial time and effort are required to accomplish the task of removing junk in a safe and efficient manner. Hazardous materials may be present that can cause harm to health or cause serious injury hence why it is strictly recommended that persons obtain professional help in this regard.

Inside Advice On Junk RemovalJunk Removal

As it relates to proper junk removal and disposal, homeowners and individuals are encouraged to practice healthier more environmentally friendly alternatives. To assist with this here are a few tips that people can utilize to promote ‘greener’ more eco- friendly waste disposal.

There are certain types of trash that can be reused for another purpose instead of being thrown away. People can create fertilizer from yard waste or animal manure, turn old, dry, branches into wood chips to make mulch for gardens or use unwanted car tires to place soil and plant herbs or flowers. The list goes on.

Apart from utilizing old things for different purposes using these ‘greener’ alternatives can have a very positive impact on the environment.  It is quite true that there are some people who may not have the time to do some of these things but still want to make a positive impact.  These individuals can then seek the services of an environmentally responsible waste/junk removal company to manage these activities. Residential and businesses can be assured that green waste stays green.

A wholesome and positive impact on the environment can be achieved in many ways, some of which include recycling and reusing products properly disposing of hazardous waste materials and using bio-degradable materials and environmentally friendly products.

Everything from mattresses to old and damaged furniture, TV’s, electronics and appliances Junk King removes it. This significantly helps householders and businesses to get rid of items that are quite hard to manage.  It also promotes safe and healthy surroundings to you your household and community.  Contact us for more information.

Mattress Recycling Brings A Greener Tomorrow

According to chiropractors, a good mattress should last at most ten years. Once they get to the end of their useful life they can become problematic to your health. Since they are bulky they often become an illegal dumping problem on vacant lots and roadsides. If you have an old mattress that needs replacement consider mattress recycling instead of sending it to a landfill.

Mattress RecyclingMattress Recycling Is An Earth-Friendly Solution

Mattresses are manufactured in a way that allows them to withstand rough handling. It means that when properly designed they should not come apart easily. Due to the strength of the materials used, it can be very difficult to employ cutters or even destroy it manually once it has come of age. Also, when thrown in machinery, compactors can be destroyed as a result of metal coils and bulkiness.

When thrown into the landfill, they may take more than a decade to decompose since they have 400 percent compaction rate, less than regular garbage. Most mattresses measure 23 to 60 cubic feet, with an assembly of materials such as metal, cotton, foam and wood among other components of choice. It is these components that make mattress recycling a daunting task hence the reason why it is very important to leave this work to a professional.

Understand that mattresses not only come with stubborn materials but also have chemical retardants normally toxic to humans and can leach and contaminate the environment through seepage. They also contain bacteria, viruses, spores, dust mites, and mold. This is one of the reasons most local recycling programs do not include mattresses in their recyclables list.

The Mattress Recycling Process

Given that mattresses are tough they can be filleted with box cutters, but this can be time-consuming. They can also be shredded however the specialized equipment needed for the process can be very expensive. The most common approach is when the mattress is placed on conveyor belts to have the soft materials cut out.

Metal coils are then extracted with the help of magnetic fields. The foam (synthetic or plant-based) and fiber fill (whether polythene or cotton) can be sold to various textile companies for insulation and carpet padding. Depending on the amount of wood used it can be sold to wood chippers as a fuel source and can also be recycled into other products. Metal on the other hand is sold to steel recycling industries where it is melted down to make new products. Today mattress recycling efficiency has increased and about 20-25 mattresses can be recycled within an hour.

Make Mattress Recycling A Priority

It is a noble act to save landfill space by embracing mattress recycling. Understand that mattresses do not compact meaning that the moment trash is piled over them they eventually rise back up. Institutions such as colleges and hotels are likely to replace their mattresses in one go. It is vital to hire a top mattress recycling company, one with a good reputation to promote a greener tomorrow. Given the complexities and challenges of the mattress recycling process it is clearly a specialist’s job. Contact us for more information.

Benefits Of Using Efficient E Waste Disposal Services

A Look At E Waste Disposal

In recent times due to the growing volume of commercial and domestic waste, the need to properly dispose of waste has become a pertinent concern. E waste is one of the swiftly growing portions of solid waste in American cities today. This is why the modern day consumer of electronic products needs to learn more about e waste disposal.

E waste includes electrical materials and electronics such as televisions, batteries, computers, mobile phones, printers and monitors. In most cases e waste disposal is done through incineration and disposal in designated landfills. Although these are the most commonly used e waste disposal options, they pose the greatest danger both environmentally and health-wise. E waste contains heavy metals such as arsenic, antimony, cadmium, barium, mercury and lead which are extremely harmful to both humans, animals, plants and the environment.

E Waste DisposalCharacteristics of a Good E Waste Disposal Company

It’s important to note that e waste disposal is not just about being responsible when disposing of waste in order to alleviate the harmful effects, but also the company you select for disposal. A good e waste disposal company should have the following characteristics:

1. The company you choose should have the capability to separate the hazardous materials from the components that can be recycled.

2. For sensitive materials that carry personal data such as mobile phones and computers it is recommended that you have your data wiped clean . This will avoid it from falling into the wrong hands.

The Advantages of Efficient E Waste Disposal

Another option for e waste disposal is recycling. Recycling e waste involves the reuse or refurbishment of the remaining components once the harmful metals have been secured. Landfills are not preferred because the heavy metals can leach into underground water sources. On the other hand, the burning of metals can cause the formation of volatile chemicals that pollute the air and contaminate the soil. It is, therefore important to recycle because we all benefit from the following:

1.        Elimination of environmental and health hazards

This is an important form of e waste disposal because it does not bear the detrimental effects of burning or dumping into landfills. By recycling e waste, you can contribute to environmental protection because the harmful pollutants are not released into the environment. This also improves the quality of human life because diseases caused by environmental pollution will be eliminated.

2.        Resource conservation

Resources such as water and timber that are used in energy production will not be heavily exploited. This is because recycling is more energy efficient than mining.

3.        Increased economic growth

The metals extracted from e waste can be reused as raw material, leading to lower production costs which will make the prices lower for you as the consumer. Also recycling plants create jobs and generate income for the people in the areas of operation and this contributes to economic growth and development.

E waste disposal is a paramount part of waste management. This is mainly because it has a high probability of causing various forms of pollution. It is advisable for you to know all you can about it so that you can practice efficient waste management techniques.  Contact us for more information.

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