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Why Worry About Mattress Disposal?

Mattresses only last so long before they become uncomfortable.  If you haven’t been sleeping right, it is time to make a change by getting rid of that old mattress in favor of a new one.  Junk King Marin is here to do the hauling on your behalf so a new mattress can be delivered and used right away.  Our mattress disposal specialists have mattress removal down to a science.  Lean on us to haul away this bulky item from your home and you won’t spend a single second worrying about the removal process.

Mattress Disposal Done Properly

old matress and furniture outside on curbResist the temptation to drag your mattress out to the curb by yourself or with the help of a family member or friend.  Even if you succeed in moving the mattress from your bedroom to the curb, you will have other problems including the potential for the local garbage haulers to overlook the mattress or simply ignore it.  After all, large items such as mattresses are not picked up every garbage cycle.  Rather, there are designated pick up days for such bulk waste.  Furthermore, there is the potential for you to damage your doorways, floors and even your body as you attempt to drag the mattress to the curb.

Why bother worrying about the small stuff of mattress removal when our team is here to do the work on your behalf?  Let us perform mattress disposal at your home, hotel or other business and you won’t spend any time worrying about the removal process.  Our hauling specialists have mastered the mattress disposal process.  We are mindful of you, your property and your automobiles.  Put your faith in our mattress disposal team and you won’t have to worry about any damage to your property when your mattress is hauled away.

Don’t Burden Yourself With the Heavy Lifting

You have enough stress in your life.  Don’t add the prospect of lifting a heavy mattress and dragging it to the curb to your current stresses.  Even if your mattress is in the basement, the attic or elsewhere, our team will gladly lift it and haul it on your behalf.  Our team lifts the mattress, puts it in the hauling van and transports it away from your property.  This is the comprehensive service you need to finally get rid of that old and uncomfortable mattress for good.  You won’t have to do any of the lifting and your property won’t have the black eye of a mattress sitting at the curb.  It simply does not get any easier or more efficient than that.

Green Mattress Disposal You can Feel Good About

Wouldn’t it be nice if your mattress were disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner?  That is exactly what our junk haulers do.  We transport mattresses to recycling facilities so they do not harm the planet or take up unnecessary space.  Your recycled mattress will be converted into other useful items that help maintain the sustainability of our increasingly fragile ecosystem.  In fact, every aspect of our hauling service is green.  We go to great lengths to ensure our carbon footprint is as small as possible and guarantee we do not cause harm to a planet that future generations of humanity and wildlife will call home.

Disposing of mattresses in a green manner is inherently difficult yet it is a challenge we embrace.  We exhaust all possible avenues for mattress and box spring recycling and repurposing.  We refuse to drop off mattresses and box springs into the typical dump sites as these large items contain chemicals that poison the surrounding environment.  In fact, if the mattress can be used, it will be donated to an individual in need.  However, the majority of mattresses are recycled, ultimately helping to minimize waste and maintain the environment.

Mattress Disposal Made Easy

If you are hesitant to ask for assistance with mattress disposal, don’t fret!  We make mattress disposal easy and efficient.  Our mattress disposal specialists will arrive at your home, hotel or other building at your chosen time, perform mattress disposal in a completely green manner and do all the work on your behalf.  In fact, we even sweat the small stuff by calling ahead 15 minutes prior to arriving to haul away your mattress.  Feel free to estimate the cost and there are no hidden fees to worry about when relying on our hauling specialists to dispose of your mattress.

Junk King Marin is Here for Your Hauling Needs

Our junk hauling specialists are at your service.  If you need mattress disposal or any other items hauled away from your home,  office or other space, reach out to us for assistance.  You can contact our junk hauling crew online by filling out our web-based contact form, dialing 1-888-888-JUNK (5865) or texting 1-737-888-5865.

Want to get rid of Your Construction Waste? Let Our Haulers do the Dirty Work

Constructing a new building, an addition or anything else will result in waste.  Even renovating or remodeling your home or business will lead to the generation of waste.  You have better things to do than attempt to remove construction waste in a green, thorough and timely manner.  Let our construction waste haulers handle these materials on your behalf and you won’t spend a single second worrying about how to best dispose of them.

Every Worksite Benefits From Construction Waste Removal

Ask anyone who has worked construction or has lived/worked in a building where construction has occurred about the annoyance of construction waste and you will be inundated with complaints.  Construction waste is hazardous, visually distracting and has the potential to accumulate to the point that it seems ubiquitous.  Instead of leaving construction waste in place, lean on our team to haul it away on your behalf.

We sweat all the small stuff of construction waste removal so you don’t have to.  Lean on our team to get rid of these items that have fallen to the wayside during construction projects and you will be liberated to square your focus on actual construction challenges or other matters.  This is the comprehensive cleanup assistance you need to make your worksite clean, safe, non-hazardous and as enjoyable as possible for personnel.

Consider the Ramifications of Bypassing Construction Waste Hauling

Though you can certainly leave construction waste in place, assuming it will eventually be picked up, scattered around or simply left in place, this approach will backfire.  Construction waste is inherently hazardous to workers as well as pedestrians who pass by and most importantly, the property owners.  From nails to wood with splinters, tiling, heavy steel, flammable wood and beyond, construction waste poses a direct threat to everyone at the worksite.  The last thing you should do is simply leave these items in place, assuming everyone working and passing by the construction site will be able to avoid them.

Though hauling construction waste is challenging in that the items are of varying sizes and weights, doing so is in your interest.  Once our team has hauled all the waste away from your construction site, you will rest easy knowing it no longer poses a safety hazard to everyone who works there or ventures onto the worksite.  This sense of peace is truly invaluable both in terms of stress relief as well as avoiding a potential personal injury lawsuit or workers’ compensation claim.

Our crew will pick up and properly dispose of all the worksite debris so you don’t have to.  Whether you would like frequent disposal that occurs at scheduled times during the construction project or junk removal after the project is complete, our team will do the work on your behalf.  Simply tell us where your worksite is, the type of construction debris we will be hauling and select your day and time for removal.  Our team will haul the waste with our junk removal trucks at the quoted price without any surprise fees.

Examples of Construction Waste Removal

Most construction sites are laden with all sorts of debris, most of which have little-to-no value.  From discarded pieces of flooring to wallboard, sheetrock, remnants of drywall, scattered tiling, general debris and beyond, we collect and haul away construction waste of all types.  Furthermore, our team also gathers and hauls discarded shingles, frames, windows, plasterboard, corrugated iron and even concrete.  As long as the items in question are not excessively massive or pose a hazard to our crew, we will haul them away from your construction site in an efficient and thorough manner.

If you have any questions as to whether the items at your construction site will be picked up by your team, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information.  Contact us and you will find our comprehensive cleanup and hauling assistance is exactly what you need to shift your attention to your next project rather than worrying about sweating the small stuff resulting from the latest build or renovation.

Schedule Service Today With Junk King Marin

Junk King Marin is here to eliminate construction waste on your behalf without compromising the environment or your worksite.  If you own, manage or work for a construction company, have had your property remodeled or if another construction project was completed on your property, let our team eliminate the construction waste.  We will clean up the area in a comprehensive manner, haul away the construction waste with green methods that benefit the environment and ultimately liberate you to focus on other matters.  Dial 1-888-888-JUNK (5865), text 1-737-888-5865 our fill out our convenient online contact form to learn more about our construction waste hauling service.

Furniture Removal At Your Fingertips

Furniture removal has the potential to strain your muscles, make moving difficult and even damage your home.  Whether you are moving to a new home or office or if you simply want to get rid of your old furniture, it is time to take advantage of Junk King Marin’s furniture removal service.

Furniture Removal Done Right

Old Furniture on CurbUse your mind’s eye to envision how nice it would be to have furniture removal performed on your behalf.  You simply call up a junk hauling service, let the movers perform furniture removal and free up space in your home, office or other space for new furniture or other items.  This is exactly what our junk haulers do.  Lean on our team to transport furniture and other items from your home or other location and you won’t have to lift a finger but to dial our phone number or click on our web-based contact form.

We sweat all the small stuff during the furniture removal process.  This means our team will not damage your home, office or other space when transporting your furniture.  Furthermore, we won’t leave your place a mess after the furniture removal is complete.  Our aim is to move your furniture in a timely and comprehensive manner, ensuring you don’t have to worry about transporting bulky or other unwieldy furniture from your living or working space.

Don’t Worry About the Furniture Removal and Disposal Rules

Plenty of towns and cities do not allow certain types of furniture to be placed by the curb for pick up.  Furthermore, if you don’t coordinate your furniture removal with the city’s schedule, your items won’t be picked up.  Add in the fact that you would have to haul your furniture out to the curb on your own and the process becomes all the more complicated.  There is no sense sweating all this small stuff and potentially pulling one or several muscles when our team is here to do the work for you.

Let us handle your furniture removal and you won’t have to worry about furniture pick up schedules, items that won’t be picked up and heavy lifting.  We handle all these details on your behalf, liberating you to schedule the move-in of new furniture or other items without worry about whether the old furniture will be removed and disposed of in the proper manner.

We Remove Furniture of all Types and Sizes

Whether you need a couch, loveseat or chair removed, our team is here to do the work for you.  In fact, we even remove mattresses, box springs, bed frames, sofas, sofa beds, tables, desks and more.  Office managers will be happy to learn we also haul filing cabinets, lounge furniture, bookcases, cubicles and other office-related items.  As long as the item in question is not hazardous or egregiously large or heavy, our team will remove it on your behalf.

Eco-friendly Furniture Removal

The last thing you want is for your old furniture to end up trashed in a landfill.  Rely on Junk King Marin for furniture removal and you won’t have any such worry.  We repurpose and donate as many pieces of furniture as possible.  There are plenty of families in need, shelters, agencies and other groups that would greatly appreciate your furniture.  If no one is interested in the items we pick up from your home or business, we will attempt to recycle them.

Our mission is to find a way to repurpose hauled furniture so it serves a purpose instead of disintegrating or taking up space in a landfill.  You can leave furniture intact and rest easy knowing we will take it to recycling centers, charities or other groups that will find a use for it.  This is the green removal service you can feel good about.

Furniture Removal Made Easy

If you no longer enjoy sitting in your furniture, have grown tired of it or simply do not want it around the house, be proactive.  You now have the opportunity to get rid of that old, ugly, worn or otherwise undesirable furniture in a green and affordable manner.  Junk King Marin is ready and willing to haul away your furniture even if it is heavy or bulky.  Reach out to us, provide a description of the furniture you need removed and we will give you a quote for the haul.  Our team will coordinate a time that suites your schedule and perform furniture removal on your behalf.

Contact Junk King Marin Today

Our junk hauling specialists are at your service.  Whether you need furniture removal from your home or business or would like another item hauled away, our team is here to do the work for you.  Reach out to us to find out more about our services and schedule a hauling of your junk.  You can contact our furniture removal specialists by dialing 1-888-888-JUNK (5865), texting 1-737-888-5865 our filling out our convenient online contact form.

Clear Commercial Waste with A Junk Hauling Service

Junk-King Marin offers professional junk hauling services for all types of commercial waste in Marin County, CA. Our services are fast and reliable, meaning that we honor our appoints and come on time to clear your waste. We are environmentally friendly and recycle most of the waste we collect. We are industry leaders in recycling waste. We donate or items that are in good condition to needy members of society and send the rest to recycling centers.

Our Commercial Waste Handling Capabilities

We handle the logistics part of your waste disposal so that you don’t have to. We also have 24/7 emergency waste disposal so that you do not have to worry about waste that needs disposal at odd hours or during weekends and public holidays. Our professionals are always on hand to respond to your emergency calls and arrive promptly.

We serve several industries, including retail, manufacturing, hospitality, public sector, and construction. We have full coverage of all addresses in Marin county and will find you wherever you are. We offer general waste collection, hazardous waste removal, commercial food waste collection, and dry mixed recycling.

Electronic Waste

Junk-King Marin handles electronic waste, including computers, gadgets, and televisions. We understand the e-waste regulations for Marin county and will handle the waste with utmost care.  We know that such waste contains lead, mercury, and other chemicals that are toxic and avoid sending them to landfills. Instead, we select the items that are in good condition and donate them. We recycle some of the parts and take the rest to designated safe disposal sites.

Construction Sites

Most construction sites accumulate trash and debris that need to be removed at every stage of the project. Whether you are doing demolition, renovation, or construction, we have the capability to remove all the wood, steel, tiles, and stones that remain. We offer professional waste disposal to allow your project to proceed in an orderly manner. We save you the hassle of waste disposal so that you can focus on meeting contract milestones.

General waste

For general waste, we assess the bin requirements, type of waste, and number of locations where we need to collect waste. We then allocate enough trucks and personnel to cover the business. This ensures that our commercial waste collection services are customized for your business needs. We help you segregate your waste by providing bins for different types of waste. This helps you comply with waste management legislation and minimize cross-contamination. The result is that little of your waste ends up at the landfill.

Food Waste Disposal

We have specialized food waste and disposal trucks that collect all the food waste from your premises and send it to an anaerobic digestion facility. This ensures that the waste is processed without producing much stench and that it is converted into biogas. This also helps reduce the cost of disposing of food waste as it helps save energy costs. All our collection processes are compliant with local food waste disposal regulations.

Garbage Removal

We handle all the garbage you have at your business premises, including items that the municipal garbage trucks won’t touch, such as electronics, construction materials, and furniture. We provide a safe, efficient, and environmentally-friend garbage removal service. We break down and pack large items in our trucks so that they are no longer an eyesore on your property.

Skip Hire Services

We offer skip hire services for short-term projects and events. If you contract us for skip hire, we assess the amount of waste that will need clearing from the site. We then mobilize enough capacity to handle all the waste. We also help you comply with local waste disposal regulations. For instance, you may need to obtain a permit for a skip rental that is set up on the roadside. Out skip service can also deliver equipment and materials to the project site saving you the extra transport costs.

Our Offer

  • We charge affordable prices with no hidden costs or unstated charges.
  • We handle all types of commercial waste ranging from broken glass to old rusty metals to old refrigerators.
  • Our staff have the best training and are licensed to provide high-quality services. Our crews have the skills and equipment to remove junk safely and neatly without damaging your property.
  • We have no problem handling large items such as furniture or household appliances. Our trucks have the capacity to handle such items.
  • We often break down large items into small separate components for easy recycling.

Professional Commercial Waste Service

When you hire us, we conduct a waste audit of your business to determine the type of equipment we need to collect the waste, the number of bins, and the number of trucks and personnel to allocate. This enables us to collect your waste efficiently and conveniently.

Junk-King Marin is your reliable partner for all commercial waste disposal needs. Call us for further talks about your waste disposal needs.

Top 6 Fast and Efficient Garden Waste Collection Methods

A beautiful and well-maintained garden goes a long way in improving your home value. It is among the first thing that people notice when they set feet in your compound, and, therefore, you should ensure that it is always in its best shape. However, while garden maintenance leaves a healthy and lush garden, the project leaves you with a heap of green waste to deal with. How do you go about the garden waste collection? Luckily, you have more than one garden waste collection method at your disposal. Read on for insightful tips!

Garden Waste for Composts

man removing garden waste in wheel barrowCreating compost from green waste is among the easiest and most beneficial garden waste collection methods. It requires fewer resources, and if done right, compost does an excellent job of enriching your garden soil. It helps you save money that you would have spent on inorganic fertilizer, not to forget that it is an opportunity to protect the environment. You can easily create compost by storing the waste in old garbage bins or wooden boxes. If you lack either of these, make a garden waste heap in the backyard for some days, and you will have your manure ready for use. The aim is to keep the waste materials in a controlled environment to facilitate green waste breakdown. You can check out articles and videos online for tutorials on how to go about this project.

Green Waste Bins

Depending on your locality, you may have access to council waste bins, which have been put in place to give home and business owners an efficient garden waste collection method. The best part about disposing of your garden waste in a council green waste bin is that the materials are eventually recycled and later distributed to landscapers and nurseries for compost creation. You, therefore, get to save the environment and offer valuable raw materials for a beneficial course. Most of this waste is processed in customized facilities where the materials are sorted, passed through grinders, and are well-covered and heated to reduce the emission of foul smell and kill pathogens. The green waste is also cleaned to get rid of metals before it is repurposed in backyards. Nonetheless, before disposing of garden waste in a green waste bin, you should do background research to determine the kind of waste allowed in your municipality.


Very few individuals understand what grasscycling is and how it works. As the name suggests, this garden waste collection method is more like recycling to manage the waste you produce at the end of the garden maintenance project. Besides helping you save the environment, grasscycling provides you with mulch and necessary nutrition for the plants. Rather than disposing of the plants after mowing or weeding, you distribute it in your garden, thus reducing fertilizers’ cost.

Donate to Charities

As unbelievable as this may sound, a lot of local charity organizations out there accept garden waste. You can quickly locate a local charity organization that takes domestic garden waste by researching online. Also, make sure to check the rules and regulations that must be followed when donating the waste.  Most organizations will accept any waste as long as it is organic and safe for reuse. Donating is a cheap yet life-changing garden waste collection method. You do not necessarily need money to impact and put a smile on a needy person.

Contact a Local Garden Waste Recycling Facility

Nearly every locality has a waste service and recycling facility to minimize waste in landfills. By choosing this garden waste collection method, you will be taking part in an environmental conservation initiative while evading the landfill taxes. Most recycling facilities offer free services, but you may need to pay a small fee for garden waste disposal. Make sure to contact the company first to establish if they accept garden waste and if you have to transport the materials to the facility.

Junk Removal Company for Garden Waste Collection

Seeking the help of a junk removal company is, by far, the most convenient garden waste collection method. The idea comes with a range of benefits, including saving time, money, and offering convenience. With a reliable junk removal company, you do not have to worry about waste hauling and transportation. They will come to your site and handle all the tedious tasks for you at a fair price. Moreover, this is their primary job, and you can trust that they understand their way around garden waste collection. They have the necessary skills and equipment to do an excellent waste removal job.

Final Thoughts

You should not let the stress of dealing with garden waste hinder you from doing regular garden maintenances. Junk-King Marin is here to make your garden waste collection easier. With our skills and experience, you can trust that we will do our best to exceed your expectations. Contact us today and let us do what we do best as you focus on other productive tasks around your home.

Broken Concrete Recycling Guide

Are you wondering what you should do with broken concrete after a construction or demolition project? By now, you know that disposing of concrete, asphalt, and other bulky building materials is one of the most stressful processes to handle after construction, renovation, or demolition.

Luckily, you have many disposal methods to choose from, including recycling and reusing, donating to non-profit organizations, renting a roll-off dumpster, or entrusting the disposal to a junk removal company. The ideal broken concrete removal process will entirely depend on your location, budget plans, and convenience.

While each of the mentioned disposal methods has its pros and cons, recycling has proven to be the most efficient of them all. If you choose to recycle the concrete, you can reuse it at the construction site, contact a recycling facility for the services, donate or entrust the process to a junk removal company.

How Can You Recycle Broken Concrete?

broken concrete and wall Broken concrete can be put in various uses, including;

  • As asphalt pavement base where you crush the concrete and utilize it as a base before adding a layer of asphalt
  • You can use it for your parking lot, driveway, or walking paths to minimize runoffs
  • The concrete can be used for landscaping mulch where you crush it and use it in place of gravel
  • You may use it as concrete aggregate in a concrete mixture rather than sourcing new concrete
  • Broken concrete can be reused to create an erosion barrier

Benefits of Recycling Concrete

Regardless of the method you choose for concrete recycling, the idea comes with a range of benefits, including;

Promotes Sustainability

Unlike back in the days when all construction wastes were directed to landfills, you have the opportunity to change the narrative and protect the environment. Concrete takes up a lot of space, which gives the individuals working at the landfill a hard time sorting the materials and moving them to another site for better use. By recycling and reusing the concrete in other construction projects, you will be making both an economical and ecologically viable decision.

Protect the Environment

As earlier mentioned, recycling broken concrete eliminates the strain and stress on landfill sites. If you have been to a landfill before, you understand how messy the places can be, considering that nearly all home and business wastes are directed to those sites. Adding inorganic wastes like concrete is a huge deal and will facilitate a range of environmental pollution problems such as air and water pollution. Putting the broken concrete to better use will eliminate the need to create more landfill sites. This, in return, helps to conserve the environment.

Recycling Broken Concrete Saves Cost

For starters, recycling concrete saves you the tipping fee paid at landfills and other disposal facilities. Moreover, you get to save on the amount of time spent dealing with the rubble, not to forget that reusing concrete directly impacts construction costs. Recycled concrete is less costly compared to freshly mined aggregate, making it an invaluable tool in construction.

Besides construction, there are other useful ways to recycle broken chunks. The large pieces can be crushed and converted into riprap revetments. These are used to prevent soil erosion in waterways and riverbanks. Moreover, you may pack the large pieces into steel gabions to offer extra support on the walls or use it for screening walls.

Save on Time and Labor

Removing construction debris from the construction or demolition site is both time-consuming and labor-intensive. Transporting the material to a disposal site and then sorting them out to establish the reusable concrete is even more time-consuming. It adds to the cost, something that you can easily avoid through recycling. All you have to do is contact a construction material recycling company and let the dedicated experts haul the materials from your site within no time. You may also choose to feed the broken concrete into a portable crusher, thus saving both time and labor in the long run. Feeding the material into a crusher also reduces the need for producing more material, especially for finishes or during future renovations.

Final Thoughts

From the benefits above, recycling is the wisest way to handle broken concrete after a construction, demolition, or renovation. However, as easy as it may sound, the process requires skills and industrial equipment to separate the concrete from steel, crush and put it into good use. The best way to go about the idea is by entrusting the recycling process to experts. They come prepared with the necessary equipment to haul the materials and get them out of your site within the shortest period.

Junk King Marin is your go-to provider for all your construction material disposal needs. We aim to help you save time and take the stress of handling broken concrete off your shoulder. Contact us today and let us do what we do best. Contact us information.

How to Get Rid of your Old Mattress

Maybe you’ve decided to buy a new mattress. Or maybe you’re shifting to a new place, and everything you own must go. In both cases, you own an old mattress that you might no longer need but have no idea what to do with it.

Mattress Disposal Options

Bed, pillows and MattressThere are several mattress disposal methods, and each has its own merits and demerits. Depending on your location and the shape of your mattress, you will have different options. In this article, we will discuss each mattress disposal method so you can choose one that is suitable for you. Each method has a step by step description of how to go about the process efficiently.


Recycling is one of the most eco-friendly and cost-effective methods of disposing of your mattress. 80% of mattresses can be recycled, but before recycling, you have to consider the following factors:

  • Ensure your mattress is free from stains and bugs
  • Find a mattress recycling facility if there’s one in your location.
  • Reach out to the facility to enquire about the cost and pick up services.
  • Prepare your mattress for recycling as instructed by the facility.

Generally, your mattress doesn’t have to be in a perfect shape to be eligible for recycling, and not all states have mattress recycling facilities. For a mattress to be recycled, it has to be broken down into different parts. Soft substances like cotton, polyester and foam are compressed to be used in insulation, padding, textiles and carpet.

Metal, on the other hand, is used as scrap that can be used in construction. Wood is either pulverized for mulching or burnt. Other non-reusable parts are usually disposed of to a landfill.


Donating a mattress may appear as an easy and less complicated process.  But, several steps need to be followed:

  • Ensure your mattress is in good shape free from stains or any broken components.
  • Find a local charitable organization in your area.
  • Reach out to the organization to inquire if they accept mattress donations. If you have no means of transport, ensure you ask about their pick up services.
  • Give out your mattress and ensure you get a donation receipt.

Donating a mattress comes with no costs unless you have to deliver it to the donation center. Also, if the mattress has to be collected from your home, there’s a possibility of parting with a few coins. This, however, will depend on where you live.

Each locality has its own rules about the types of items eligible for donation. Therefore, it is important that you first inquire from the donation center near you regarding your mattress’ donation decision.

Throwing Away

In some situations, you may not have a choice but to throw your old mattress away. A poorly maintained mattress cannot be eligible for donation or recycling. While you might have seen other people leave their mattresses on the streets, this is not a wise mattress disposal option. Instead, follow these simple steps to junk your mattress:

  • Check with the retailer or manufacturer of your new mattress to confirm whether they offer disposal services.
  • Carry your mattress to the local dumpsite and dispose it. Before that, you will have to reach out to your city council to inquire about the costs associated with junking a mattress at the dumpsite.
  • If you can’t dispose of the mattress, get the quote from the junk hauling services. Ensure the charges are all-inclusive (service, tax, handling or other extra charges).  You can find a local junk removal service provider on the internet if you can’t trace one in your area.
  • Decide on the hauling company that meets your needs and schedule a pickup time and payment.


To recover a portion of its original cost, some people chose to sell their old mattresses. If you decide on this option, here are some steps to follow:

  • Gather all the information about the mattress, including the model, size and brand.
  • Analyze its condition. At least, it should be in a relatively ‘fair’ shape for you to get a reasonable value out of it. It should not have stains, and you can vacuum or spot clean it following the manufacturers’ guidelines to freshen it.
  • Decide on a reasonable price. Most people will prefer spending a large amount of money on a new mattress so your price should be fair enough.
  • Post a mattress ad on different social media sites such as Letgo, Next Door and Craigslist. Ensure you include the asking price, images, an honest analysis of the mattress appearance etc.

Give your mattress a decent send-off! You might have come across an improperly disposed of mattress but is that the place where your old mattress belongs? Your mattress served you right for several years. Now, it is your turn to appreciate that by utilizing a safe mattress disposal method. Contact us for more information.

Tips and Ideas for Disposing of Computer Safely

Have your computer been misbehaving lately, and you wish to replace it with a new one? Maybe you have been experiencing system breakdowns or dealing with increased costs of using software licenses. At this point, the computer is irreparable, and the only solution is to get a new one. It could also be that you want to upgrade to a newer brand that will suit your business or personal needs. You should not just throw the old computer away. The gadget contains all types of toxins that are harmful to the environment and everything in it. It contains sensitive business or personal information such as passwords, registration numbers and financial details that you wouldn’t wish to have on the wrong hands. For this, you must think of a safe and convenient computer disposal method before getting a new one.

Computer disposal helps you save space, conserve local resources and by recycling, you get to create new job opportunities. Nonetheless, given the nature of computers, everyone will agree that they are among the hardest to dispose of. In this article, you will find some helpful tips and ideas to help you get rid of a computer safely and efficiently.

Computer Disposal with a Junk Removal Company

Computer wrappedEntrusting the computer disposal process to a certified waste removal company is the most convenient option, especially if the computer is not in a usable condition. The experts will take the computer disposal stress off your shoulder while helping you save time. They will pick the computer from your ideal location and transport it to the recycling plant, where they will disassemble it and put all the components into good use.

Letting a removal company handle the computer disposal task for you is a great way to conserve the environment and allows you to create job opportunities.

Donate Your Old Computer

Donating is the best computer disposal method if the device is in usable shape. Your computer might be old to you, and you feel that it is time to get a better version that you have been eyeing, but the old one is someone else’s dream. Perhaps you know of a friend who has always wanted to venture into the online business world but lacks a good computer for it. It could also be a student struggling to lay their hands on a desktop or laptop for studying. Moreover, there are many charity foundations out there looking for computers to help the less fortunate. This is a chance for you to put a smile on someone’s face.

However, before donating your old computer, make sure it is in decent shape. You should not give out an irreparable item or one that will cost too much to repair. Also, ensure that you delete all personal files before giving it out.

Resell the Computer

Reselling the computer is an easy computer disposal method to help you make fast cash. Many people hope to own a computer but cannot reach the price of a new one. You can put up the computer for sale on social media pages or second-hand platforms such as craigslist for fast buyers. Do not forget to include your location and the asking price. It is highly recommendable that you sell the computer to a local buyer to avoid the shipping cost, keeping in mind that the resale price will not be much.

Before putting up your used computer for sale, check your local area’s requirements to confirm that they allow this. Also, you should not forget to format the device. Again, ensure that the gadget is in good shape for resale and do not overprice it.

Do an Exchange at an Electronic Company

Most computer dealers have an exchange policy for speedy computer disposal, which mainly caters to people who wish to upgrade. All you have to do is take your old gadget to the dealer’s shop, and you will earn some points that you can use when buying a new computer. This means that you will acquire the new one at a discounted price based on the agreed value for the old one.

The computer company will recycle your old gadget and resell it, so you should not be surprised if you see them selling your computer at a much higher price than what you got for compensation. Exchange is the most convenient computer disposal choice if you want a newer brand, but you do not have enough cash for it.

Final Thoughts

Computer disposal may sound hectic, but it gets better with a good plan in place. You have lots of computer disposal methods to choose from based on your location and the gadget’s condition. All the mentioned methods are a great way to reduce landfills, conserve the environment, save money, help the economy thrive and help others grow. Evaluate the upsides and downsides of each before settling for the best. Contact us for more information.

Tips and Tricks for Broken Concrete Removal

Broken concrete makes up the largest waste component after lawn maintenance, building construction, remodeling, or demolition. It is also one of the hardest-to-dispose since it adds up quickly. While there is a range of broken concrete removal methods, recycling has proven to be the most efficient of them all. For starters, recycling broken concrete provides you with usable building materials, thus saving you money. Most importantly, recycling helps you conserve the environment.

If you wish to recycle old concrete, but you are unsure where to get started, here are some tips and tricks for you.

Broken concrete in a pileBroken Concrete Give Away

If you do not want to go through the struggle of concrete removal, you can give them out to interested individuals for free. All you have to do is put up a ”free sign” and let anyone in need of pick them up at no cost. This works best if your construction site is close to a public road where passersby can easily spot the sign. However, before going through this route, ensure that your local rules and regulations allow you to leave your waste near the roadside to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law.

You may also list the broken concrete on craigslist or freecycle. As much as you would love to make some cash from the concrete, finding someone to buy it is such a hassle. If anyone is willing to pick it up for free, they save you from the stress of removal, and you help them with paving stones, which is a win-win situation for all of you.

Dispose of the Broken Concrete to a Landscape Construction Materials Service

You probably know of a landscape construction materials company in your area that sells gravel and related construction material. Such service providers are likely to pick up your old concrete at a cost. The best part is that the service providers have the necessary tools for the job, and you do not have to be at the site during removal. They will pick up the concrete, crush it and resell it to constructors. This saves you from landfill taxes while eliminating the need for gravel mining. Nonetheless, you should note that different companies accept different types of broken concrete depending on the degree of damage and other elements such as painting.

Take the Concrete to a Landfill Station

If you live near a transfer or landfill station and have a truck and required equipment for broken concrete hauling, you can pick it up and drive yourself to the disposal site. You may wait for the free dump days, which happen a few times in a year, or pay for the services. Also, confirm if your local area’s services are open to the public and the kind of debris accepted in the facility before embarking on the journey.

Hire a Removal Company

Letting a junk removal company take the stress off your shoulder is the easiest and most recommendable concrete recycling method. This is their primary job and will, therefore, handle your concrete in the safest and timely manner. They provide scheduled removal services, and upon agreement, they will not leave the site until everything is eliminated. What’s more? They handle all the heavy lifting tasks for you.

The price of these services varies from one company to the next, and you should therefore take your time to look for one that fits your budget. Also, consider if you must be present during concrete pickup so you can select a company that matches your schedule. Ensure the junk removal company accepts your kind of broken concrete and asks how they intend to use it.

Donate the Concrete to Non-Profit Organizations

Lots of non-profit organizations out there are looking for free construction materials to build for the needy. By donating the broken concrete, you will be giving a hand to the needy while saving the environment. You should, however, ensure that the old concrete is in decent shape for reuse.

Before settling on any of the mentioned broken concrete removal methods, evaluate each’s benefits and drawbacks, and select the most convenient. Junk-King Marin is a reputable junk removal company, and you can trust us with your broken concrete recycling. Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can make the process manageable for you.

Mattress Disposal: Top 5 Ways to Dispose of Your Old Mattress

So, you have reached a point where you feel you need to level up and get a new mattress. Maybe your comfort needs have changed, or you want to get the latest model in the market. It could also be that you are moving to a new house, which automatically calls for an upgrade. Whichever the reason for upgrading, you need to get rid of the old mattress to create room for the new one. There are numerous mattress disposal methods, and the right one depends on your location, state of the mattress, and if there are any disposal facilities near you.

Have a look at some convenient methods for mattress disposal.

Mattress Disposal Services

matress and junk placed at curbsideHiring a junk removal services is the fastest and most convenient mattress disposal method. The service providers offer a safe and eco-friendly mattress disposal method to make the entire process seamless for you. They are experts as this is their primary job, and you can trust that they will haul off the mattress without destroying any of your home items on their way out. You also do not have to worry about the mattress harming the ecosystem as they have a designed facility for the job. Besides enhancing safety and following all disposal guidelines, letting a junk removal company handle mattress disposal saves you time.


Most parts of a mattress can be reused to make new, innovative products. You can reuse the springs, foams, and upholstery to create other decorative items for your home. If you have no idea of how to go about DIY mattress recycling, you can contact a mattress disposal company for recycling at a fee. However, recycling requires the mattress to be in decent shape. Most recycling organizations do not accept infested or too spoilt mattresses.

Mattress recycling is highly recommended because the components used can pose problems for the environment. The materials are non-biodegradable and could take decades on the space. They are also large and could take a lot of space in your garage, not forgetting that mattresses contain chemicals that could leach into the soil or water.

Renting a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster is the best choice if you are not only disposing of an old mattress but doing a home cleanout. This means that you will have lots of junks to get rid of, and a dumpster will help you get rid of them all at once. Dumpsters are big enough to carry the mattress, spring box, and the spoilt bed, but the services come at a fee.

Donate the Mattress

What does not seem like a fit mattress for you is someone else’s dream. There are many organizations out there looking for willing people to donate old items for the needy, and this is the chance for you to support a good course. However, if you wish to follow this mattress disposal method, ensure that the mattress is fit for donation. Remember that someone else will use the mattress and should, therefore, be in decent shape. Perhaps you want to buy a new one because the old one is worn-out or not usable. It could also be that the mattress is infested by bugs, or it’s extremely stained. Such options are not suitable for charity.

Nonetheless, if you wish to upgrade because you have been eyeing a particular brand and the old one is still in good shape, it is best to donate it rather than give it away as junk.

Resell the Mattress

Reselling is an ideal mattress disposal solution if you need fast money. If the mattress is clean, no bugs’ infestation, no awful odor, and it is in good condition, you can resell it at a low cost. Craigslist and garage sales are perfect places for mattress disposal. You may also sell it to a neighbor or list it online. Many individuals out there are looking for second-hand mattresses because they cannot meet the budget of a new one.

Nonetheless, before putting up your mattress for sale, you should note that the practice is illegal in some states. Check your state’s regulations to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law. Also, keep in mind that you will not make a lot of money out of an old mattress, and you should try and sell it locally to avoid shipping fees.

Final Thought

It is crucial to review the different mattress disposal methods before buying a new one. This will save you from space struggles once the new one is delivered, and you do not have to settle for the first option that comes your way. Evaluate the pros and cons of each to make a sound decision.

You cannot go wrong by entrusting the mattress disposal process to a junk hauling company. Junk-King Marin is your go-to mattress disposal service provider around Marin County, CA. We offer fast and convenient services to help you get rid of your old mattress, regardless of its condition. Contact us for more information.

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