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The Definitive Guide to Waste Disposal with Junk King Marin

America generates a lot of trash – about 292.4 million tons a year, the majority of which ends up landfilled. Materials that end up in landfills include food, rubber and leather products, glass, metals and plastics. A good percentage of these waste products can easily be reused, recycled or recovered. Having them in landfills adds to the waste management and environmental crises.

Junk King is your partner for sustainable waste disposal, helping you dispose of household waste in an eco-friendly manner.

Pile of Junk on step

Waste Disposal Services with Junk King

Looking for eco-friendly ways to dispose of your household or commercial waste? Junk King is a locally-owned waste disposal and junk hauling company that helps Marin residents to reclaim their spaces.

At Junk King Marin, we make it easy for you to dispose of your waste, be it household junk or construction waste. Doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. we have the waste disposal solution for you. We provide hassle-free waste disposal solutions for the following sectors:

  • Construction Industry – Aiming for LEED Certification? Let us help you earn those points with our recycling and donation programs.
  • Retail, Hospitality and Entertainment – Our all-inclusive range of services can help your business better manage its waste.
  • Commercial Property and Facilities – Whether you need property cleanout services or regular commercial waste disposal, we’ve got you covered.

commercial junk removal services

By partnering with Junk King, you contribute to a cleaner, safer environment. Increasingly our clients across Marin want not only their waste to be removed quickly and efficiently, but they also want to know the junk is being disposed of in a manner that considers the health of our planet. And this is precisely the Junk King advantage.

At Junk King, we place significant focus on our responsibilities to ensuring a cleaner, healthier planet. We take our role as custodians of the environment seriously, which is why we strive to recycle the majority of what we haul. Landfill diversion is our motto. Our goal is to donate and recycle as much as we can from the waste we pick up.

Your waste disposal partner’s environmental responsibility should be a key consideration. Choose Junk King, choose sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Waste Disposal: How to Get It Right

At this point, we are all becoming increasingly aware of how our lifestyle habits impact the environment. Everyone has a duty to contribute to environmental conservation efforts and ensuring eco-friendly waste disposal is a great starting point. Only 32 percent recycle – we need to do better.

We understand that recycling can be a confusing, time-consuming process. Navigating local laws and figuring what’s recyclable and what’s not can sometimes be a logistics nightmare. But that’s why we’re here. Partnering with a junk removal company that can handle your waste disposal needs in an eco-friendly way contributes significantly to environmental conservation.

bigger junk removal trucks

If you’re concerned about how to dispose of waste the right way, read on. We have some valuable tips for you.

1. Sort and Recycle

Marin County has both single-stream and double-stream recycling programs, depending on where you live. For single-stream recycling, recyclables go in the same bin. In cities with double recycling, such as Fairfax, San Rafael, San Anselmo, Ross and Larkspur, dual-stream recycling means that you put paper and cardboard in the blue side whereas you place plastic, metal and glass in the brown side.

2. Truly eco-friendly waste disposal

Lots of other items not listed as recyclables by Marin County can be recycled too. These include textiles, yard waste, construction waste, appliances and even electronics. Also, you’ll find that most of these items can be reused as well. One person’s junk can be another person’s treasure. By partnering with professionals, you can ensure that your items end up in the right place. Donation programs play an essential role in keeping items out of landfills by giving them a second chance at life.

To save you time, effort and money, let the professionals handle sorting and recycling. Junk King Marin makes waste disposal easy for you. You don’t have to spend time sorting your waste or finding reputable donation and recycling facilities; we do all this for you.

Why Junk King Offers a Better Waste Disposal Experience

At Junk King, recycling isn’t just something we tick off our waste disposal checklists; sustainability is embedded into every aspect of the Junk King culture. Our process is pretty simple, simply call us up, and we’ll show up.

With Junk King by your side, you can rest assured that your household, construction or commercial waste will be diverted from landfills. Over 60% of all items that enter our transfer stations are donated or recycled.

And you’re 100% covered by our unmatched premium insurance. Junk King is professionally bonded, licensed and insured, which means you have nothing to worry about. Simply sit back and let the professionals handle everything in a safe, eco-friendly manner.

You Deserve a Junk and Waste-Free Life…

Waste disposal in Marin County can be overwhelming and complicated, especially considering all the regulations involved. But, it doesn’t have to be. At Junk King, we take almost everything. As long as it is not hazardous, we’ll show up and get it off your premises, from household waste to large, bulky appliances. No waste disposal job is too big or too small for our professional team, and our services cover all of Marin County.

Do you wish to regain wasted space in your home or office? Don’t drown in clutter, not with Junk King fully operational in your neighborhood. Call us today to get a taste of the Junk King advantage! We’re always available to help.

Tips for Maximizing Your Office Space After Junk Pick Up

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused significant changes in the property market in Marin County, California. According to industry experts interviewed by the North Bay Business Journal, not only are the office rental rates in Marin and surrounding areas lower, but business owners are also more attracted to smaller offices.

The popularity of smaller office spaces may be due the fact that most employees are now working from home and the desire to minimize operating costs as businesses struggle to recoup the losses from the pandemic lockdowns. However, renting a smaller office space does not mean that your items should be stacked on top of each other to leave you with a cramped workspace.

Your first step is to get a company that offers junk pick up services for businesses to take away everything you no longer need. Once you’ve removed all the trash, you should set out to maximize your available office space so that you have a clutter-free, clean workspace that paints your brand in the best possible light.

Below are a few tactics for maximizing your office space.

6 chair and table set in a white office room

Invest in Effective Storage Solutions

Even after getting rid of all the junk, you need storage solutions to hold the items you are left with. Effective storage solutions that occupy minimal floor space are essential when arranging a small office. Here are some storage ideas you can incorporate in your office:

  • Baskets, shelves, drawers, cupboards, dividers, and filing cabinets can be used for organizing stationary.
  • Desk drawers and closed cupboards can hide away your supplies.
  • Secure off-site storage options can hold items that you do not use much, like Christmas decorations, hard copies of important documents, and excess inventory.
  • Digital storage solutions can suffice for documents and large files.
  • Have personal storage for individual workstations in small drawers.
  • Take advantage of wall space with wall-mounted hutches.
  • Get lockers in basements and unused spaces where employees can store their items to free desk space.

full service junk removal  Create Work Zones in the Office

It can be challenging to provide privacy to your employees without making your space look cluttered and smaller.  To avoid creating a cluttered space while guaranteeing privacy, consider having zones for individual and group assignments. You can have furniture like couches and long conference tables in the group assignment zone to host many people when collaborating on projects.

Individual zones are especially meant for employees who want to talk to clients, have private phone calls, or work alone on a project. For these zones, you can have small comfortable workstations which can be insulated with soundproof cubicle stations. To negate too many individual workstations crowding your office, employees can share them and only use them when necessary. Do not forget to include breakout and relaxation spaces since these are important for office productivity.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Sometimes, bright light can make even the smallest room look spacious. Without enough lighting, most employees will line up along windows to maximize the light available to handle their tasks. This darkens your interiors and consequently makes your office look smaller than it already might be, even after a junk pick up company has removed everything you do not need.

If you do not have enough natural lighting, invest in LED lights to keep your office well-illuminated. Furthermore, paint the office with colors like yellow, white, and light blue that reflect light. Light-colored furniture will also go a long way in brightening your workspace to make it look larger than it might be.

Invest in Small Office Furniture

In the past, overlarge chairs and office tables exuded opulence in a workspace. Nowadays, they only cramp your small floor. After getting rid of the large furniture you might have had in the past, invest in small pieces. They should be strong enough to hold a person’s weight and accommodate him/her comfortably.

Standing tables for hosting meetings are also good options for an office aiming for maximum space. Standing has been shown to reduce meeting time by 25%, so these also ensure that people do not waste too much time in unproductive meetings. Besides, there are now innovative furniture designs that can be dismantled to accommodate one person then taken apart for many people. Consider getting these for your small office.

furniture removal guide group 2

Focus on Flexibility

Introducing some flexibility into your small office can dramatically increase its available space. Allow people to work from outside the office when they can so that your office is not always full. This way, you can invest in fewer working desks and still comfortably accommodate your workers. Different areas can also handle multiple tasks. For instance, a dining area can double up as a collaborative meeting space or a breakout area.

Declutter Regularly

Some business owners think that decluttering their offices is a one-off task when moving into a new location. However, regular decluttering is essential to ensure the items you accumulate do not reduce your usable office space. To ensure you keep your office clutter-free, schedule regular cleanout sessions. These can be twice or thrice annually, during which you have a junk pick up service haul all the items you no longer need.

With the above tactics, your partnership with a junk pick up service is sure to be a profitable one for you. There are several waste hauling companies in Marin and its surroundings. However, settling for the cheapest one is not always the prudent choice for a business owner. You need a company that handles business waste and is well-equipped to do so. This way, you are sure that the company will handle your waste correctly.

Junk King is your best choice in Marin for handling your office junk to leave you with maximum office space. We are reliable, and have easy payment plans for businesses. Moreover, we are fully insured, so you are protected in case of any accidents on your premises during junk removal. Contact Junk King today to enjoy a clutter-free spacious office.


Metal Recycling For the Items Picked By Appliance Disposal Companies

Unlike King Midas, it is hard if not altogether impossible for you to have a gift of turning all you touch into gold. However, you can turn your trash into something valuable through recycling. Metal is currently used in almost all appliances. It is among the most recycled materials since it can be recycled multiple times without changing its properties.

According to data from the AISI {American Iron and Steel Institute}, steel is the most recycled metal. In 2019 in the U.S, about 69% of crude steel came from recycled materials. However, almost all types of metal can be recycled. Recycling allows manufacturers to lower their product ion costs and plays a crucial role in eco-conservation since it reduces mining. It also boosts the world economy by increasing jobs for the recyclers and other people involved in different processes.

Despite its well-known benefits, most people seeking the services of appliance disposal agencies to recycle appliances are residential clients. Businesses often leave their worn-out unusable equipment to rot away on their premises. This occupies valuable space that results in considerable amount of loss.

When you choose to recycle your unusable appliances, here are the steps of the metal’s recycling process before it is reused in other products.

pile of metal

1. Collection

The metal recycling process starts with collecting the appliances that are not being used in residential and commercial properties. If you live in Sonoma, you do not have to trouble yourself carrying out your junk metal. You can leave this often dangerous task to a hauling company with well-trained and equipped professionals.

There are two types of metal collected for recycling; ferrous and non-ferrous. The ferrous metals combine carbon with iron. They include; alloy steel, cast iron, wrought iron and carbon steel. Non-ferrous metals include; tin, zinc, copper, aluminum and lead. Precious metals like palladium, iridium, platinum, gold and silver are also non-ferrous.

appliance removal learn more

In the U.S, scrap vehicles are the primary sources of scrap ferrous metals, so do not leave yours wasting away in the garage. Junk hauling companies have specialized vehicles for transporting metals to scrap metal yards. These vehicles ensure the metals do not cause any injuries or damage to other items. Transporting your junk appliances in your car might leave it with rust stains and scratch its paintwork or upholstery.

2. Sorting

After getting the metal from your property, it is sorted at a scrap metal yard. The sorting involves separation into what can and cannot be recycled. Anything that is unrecyclable is transported by the appliance disposal company you hire to a dumpsite. You can only get quality recycled metallic products when the original materials are of optimal quality. As such, the sorting process is rigorous.

Most recycling centers accept materials that are not less than 50% metal. This means that even appliances surrounded by plastic can be recycled when they have a high metal content. The metal is separated using a magnet that picks out ferrous metals because they contain iron. In large recycling facilities, sensors using x-rays and infra-red scanning are used to separate non-ferrous and ferrous metals. These techniques are often used to separate precious metals.

Non-ferrous metals are often more expensive than ferrous ones. However, the exact price a recycling center will offer depends on market conditions and other elements. Hot air is blown onto the materials to be recycled to eliminate non-metallic components like plastic paper and paint. The hot air is about 550 degrees Celsius and sucks up all non-metallic elements much like a vacuum.

3. Processing and shredding

After sorting the metal, it is compacted or squeezed to minimize the space it occupies. This allows the easy transportation of the metal to another facility or its easy fit into a conveyor belt. After compaction, the metal is shredded to break it into tiny fragments that will easily melt in the next stage.

Other than the easy melting, shredded metal takes less time and energy in the furnace compared to large components. In most instances, aluminum is changed to aluminum sheets while steel transforms to steel blocks after shredding.

junk removal service recycling

4. Melting

The shredded metal will then be fed into a furnace for melting. There are different furnace types with varying temperature ranges for melting different metal types. The melting process takes minutes to hours depending on the metal volume in the furnace and the metal type.

The melting procedure consumes a lot of energy but not as much as it would cost to process or mine new metals. Moreover, most recycling plants have fuel-efficient regenerative burners for melting. These reduce the energy amount used for the process so they have minimal effect on the environment.

5. Purification

After melting, the molten metal is purified to eliminate any imperfections that might affect the quality of materials manufactured using recycled metals. Any flaws will also drastically reduce the inherent properties of the metal.

Though there are several methods used for purifying metals, the most common one is electrolysis. In this, an electrochemical reaction following the introduction of a direct current in the molten metal separates impurities. In some cases, recyclers pass powerful magnets over the molten metal to pick any impurities. Nowadays, there are several purification techniques used for different metal types to ease the process.

6. Solidifying 

Purified metal is solidified by being placed through a conveyor belt where it cools. Sometimes, density-increasing chemicals are added to boost the solidification process and introduce some properties to the metal. In purification, recycled scrap metal is formed into different shapes and sizes that are easily used to produce new products.

After solidification, the metals are ready to use as raw materials for new products and are thus transported to manufacturing plants. The best news is that once the new appliances reach the end of their useful lives, they can again undergo the recycling process to be reused in new products.

Most businesses in Marin and other areas now focus on ways of cutting back on their costs. Some managers might thus assume that hauling appliances to a recycling plant or dumpsite using their company vehicles is a good way of saving on costs. Though this might initially seem so, moving your broken-down unusable appliances places the inexperienced people who carry them at risk of injuries. This means costly medical expenses and sometimes  lawsuits. Furthermore, you might part with the high repair costs for the vehicles used for transporting the appliances.

A junk removal company that offers appliance disposal services is your best choice. It has specialized equipment for safely carrying out your heavy appliances without damaging your premises or hurting anyone. Furthermore, the employees are insured and skilled in handling the disposal of the appliances. As such, the money spent on a junk disposal company is worth it.

Junk King Marin is the best choice for hauling recyclable metal from your business premises. The company offers the most competitive rates in Marin for its services. It will send people to your company a few minutes after your call to assess the junk and give you a cost estimate for the hauling services. Junk King is a green waste removal company. Therefore, the best one to partner with for recycling the appliances you no longer use. Contact us for more information.




Disposing Of Yard Waste Removed By Bulk Waste Removal Companies 


Unlike in the past when most homeowners concentrated their cleaning and decor efforts indoors, most people now invest in keeping their outdoors looking good. This is because it is the best place to relax and most people nowadays host events outdoors. To keep your outdoors looking clean and well-maintained, you will have to cut grass, clean up the yard and repair different items.

These steps leave you with yard waste that should be appropriately disposed of to leave you with the exceptional outdoors you envision. These include branches, lawn clippings, weeds, and dead plants. Rather than break your back moving the waste then hauling it to a designated dumpsite in the back seat of your precious car, you can leave this task to a bulk waste removal company that is well-equipped to handle it.

bulk item and trash removal

Below are a few disposal methods for the yard waste that the waste removal company picks.

Making fertilizer 

There are thousands of grass clippings that accumulate as you mow the lawn. These can be transformed into nutritious nitrates for plants in fertilizer. The practice is sometimes known as grasscycling. In it, the grass clippings are left to biodegrade to levels where they will provide beneficial food sources for soil microbes and enrich the soil. The degradation takes a few weeks in suitable environments.

Alternatively, the grass clippings, pruning leftovers, and leaves can be thrown into a compost heap. This compost is also used to add nutrients to soils in vegetable gardens and flower beds. Three-quarters of the compost heap comprises the grass clippings, pruning leftovers, and leaves from your yard, while a quarter is kitchen waste. Most communities offer composting programs for their residents.

Creating biofuel

Yard waste and urban wood can be processed to generate a significant amount of biomass fuel.  Since biomass fuels often have a lot of moisture that increases their weights, they are often used close to their sources to minimize transport costs. As such, most municipalities now have local sites for the production of biofuel from yard waste and agricultural residue.

Most biofuel facilities have a tipping charge for the yard waste they receive because some work is involved in sorting it. Thankfully, this is a minimal charge compared to the contribution to eco-conservation and the small amount of fuel generated.


Burning yard waste is the most common disposal option in places without easy access to composting, biofuel, or fertilizer-production centers. However, some homeowners opt to burn their yard waste only to avoid the costs of bulk waste removal for their heavy waste. In most places, burning the waste is illegal, so check your local laws beforehand to avoid hefty fines before doing this.

Burning yard waste without any special provisions contributes to air pollution, places properties at risk of fire, leaves you with the byproducts of burning that you should get rid of, and the smoke generated might discolor buildings. It is best to have the waste moved to specialized facilities where it will be safely burned with minimal impact on the environment.

Making mulch

When spread over gardens or flower beds, yard waste can make excellent mulch that nourishes the soil and reduces soil erosion for plants on a slope. Mulch is also used in cold places to protect tender plants from the effects of falling environmental temperatures. In this case, the waste will be shredded first to get a fine texture that makes the mulch easier to spread.

When making mulch, most companies opt for yard waste that is free of weed killers and pesticides so that the product does not affect healthy plants or leach dangerous chemicals into groundwater.

yard waste removal guide

Supporting twining plants

The small branches and twigs that are part of your yard waste can be used as teepee trellises for cardinal vines, pole beans, and other twining plants. When the plants are weaved around the branches or twigs, they grow up straight and look more natural than when you use artificial trellises to support the plants with weak stems.

Taking care of your yard is only the first step towards your dream outdoor space. Without a means of getting rid of the waste your cleaning efforts generates, a section of your yard will remain a dumping site for rotting plants. Other than the plants and grass that make up most people’s yard waste, you might also have broken lawnmowers and waste from demolished or refurbished sheds.

A few bulk waste removal companies will not handle your broken equipment or the construction waste that might be a part of your yard waste. Thankfully, Junk King Marin takes the plants, broken equipment, construction waste, and other waste you might generate from your yard maintenance services. Junk King Marin has insured, trained employees who will properly get rid of your yard waste and dispose of it responsibly. Contact us for more information.

Full-Service Waste Disposal Marin County, CA

Looking for waste disposal services in Marin County? You’ve come to the right place.

Junk King Marin is a locally-owned full-service waste removal and junk hauling service. Waste disposal is our business. We help homeowners just like you reclaim their homes with prompt professional junk removal services. We make it easy for homeowners in Marin County to get rid of junk, construction waste and much more.

piles of garbage in black bags and old wooden debris in background

Your Partner for Sustainable Waste Disposal in Marin County, CA

Junk King Marin waste disposal services can help you recycle and dispose of your household or commercial waste to ensure you meet your own ethical standards as well as Marin County’s zero waste regulatory requirements.

Sustainability is at the core of the Junk King philosophy. We strive to create a sustainable future for everyone, from our customers to our community.

Contribute to a cleaner environment and call our team today for eco-friendly junk and waste disposal services. We are committed to helping you deal with your waste problems effectively and efficiently.

full service junk removal

Waste Disposal Solutions for Your Industry

Junk King Marin provides full-service sustainable waste management and junk hauling services to fit all events, business needs and scenarios. You need a waste disposal provider who understands your business needs and adheres to the highest regulatory standards.

Junk King Marin is the solution provider for you. Backed and bonded by a comprehensive coverage, we have the experience and expertise to confidently and safely collect, sort, recycle and dispose of your waste.

We are proud to provide essential waste disposal and junk removal for the following industries:

  • Retail, Hospitality and Entertainment

We provide hassle-free and effective waste disposal solutions for retail, hospitality, and entertainment industries. Our all-inclusive range of services helps establishments, from shopping centres to five star hotels, manage their waste efficiently and sustainably.

We provide flexible pick-up and delivery times to help you sustain a clean, welcoming environment at all times. Our job is to ensure you can focus on what actually matters – serving your customers.

  • Construction and Remodelling industry

Construction waste disposal is a constant element for contractors all through project lifecycle. Construction and demolition waste is wholly recyclable. Junk King Marin can help you achieve your zero waste goals.

We’ve partnered with donation centers and recycling facilities all over Marin County to divert waste from landfills. Our services can help you achieve your reuse and recycling goals, whether you’re aiming for LEED certification or just looking for eco-friendly construction waste disposal.

Free Construction Debris Removal Guide

We recycle all construction waste including

  • Waste left over from new construction, including packaging material
  • Remodeling/demolition debris
  • Debris from large civil works projects, for example highways and bridge construction

What’s more, we can scale our waste disposal services to one or multiple sites within Marin County for maximum cost efficiency.

  • Commercial Property and Facilities

From a three-bin waste collection service to a custom-designed junk removal service, Junk King Marin has the track-record and resources to fulfil all your commercial waste disposal needs. Junk King works hard to provide a wide range of commercial property waste solutions.

Whether you need after-lease cleanout or regular office junk removal, we can tailor our services to meet your needs. Customer service lies at the heart of all we do. For this reason, we ensure we go beyond providing waste disposal services to actively find ways to add value and make your job easier.

commercial junk removal services

  • Health and Aged Care

We provide comprehensive waste and junk removal for healthcare and aged care facilities. Our waste disposal solutions allow you to maintain a safe and clean environment for patients and residents.

We partner with hospitals, clinics, dental practices and other facilities to divert plastic waste from landfill allowing our customers to meet their sustainability goals.

Why We Are a Better Junk Removal Experience

Sustainability is embedded in the Junk King culture and the way we do business. With our extensive resources, we believe it’s our responsibility to use our scale and expertise to ensure a more sustainable future. We ensure that over 60% of all materials that enter our transfer stations are either donated or recycled.

Our process is pretty simple, you call us and we’ll show up. We pride ourselves in being honest and transparent, so you can be assured of upfront pricing. Simply text or email a picture to us and we’ll let you know how much it costs. Or, we can visit your Marin County home, office, or construction site and give you an estimate.

With Junk King Marin, you’re assured of:

  • Great Value and Price – We run a lean, full-equipped junk removal team allowing us to provide unbeatable prices compared to our competitors.
  • Customer-centric Service – We show up on time because we know your time is valuable. Our goal is to make junk and waste disposal a stress-free experience for all our customers.
  • Safety – You’re 100% covered by our unmatched premium insurance. You have nothing to worry about.  We do all the vetting and the heavy lifting.

When you chose Junk King Marin for your waste disposal, you can be sure that you’re making the right choice.

Who Knew Getting Rid Of Junk Could Feel So Good!

Waste removal and disposal can be overwhelming and complicated, considering all the logistics and regulations involved. We are here to make your job that much easier for you. Our services are customized around your schedule and needs to ensure you never have to worry about waste.

Our waste disposal services cover all of Marin County, from Belvedere and San Anselmo to Stinson Beach and beyond! We’ve got all your waste disposal needs covered.

Get in touch with us today! We’re always available to help. Let us help you reclaim your space and regain the peace of mind you much deserve.


Commercial Waste Removal Services Marin, CA

As an industry leader in U.S recycling and non-hazardous junk removal, Junk King Marin provides reliable commercial waste disposal solutions for businesses of any size. We focus on providing practical, reliable, and eco-friendly waste disposal solutions for all our clients through our transfer stations and partnerships with recycling facilities and donation centers.

Our countywide logistics and extensive resources allow us to function as an integral extension of your business. With our comprehensive commercial waste solutions in Marin, we can help you keep costs low and your customers happy. From on-demand pickups to recurring schedules, we can handle all your commercial junk removal needs.

We are committed to environmental protection and creating a safer, healthier world for people – not just today but for generations to come. Junk King Marin is experienced in meeting sustainable commercial waste disposal requirements in accordance with Marin County’s compliance regulations.

Full-Service Commercial Waste Solutions to Help Your Business Run Smoothly

Pile of commercial wasteWe provide the most cost-effective junk removal and waste disposal services in Marin. Whether you run a retail or office space, we have the resources to cater to all your needs across all your locations.

Our junk hauling services cover all of Marin County, from Belvedere to San Geronimo. We’ll meet you wherever you are.

Hauling Solutions by Industry

At Junk King Marin, we handle everything from pickup and sorting, recycling to disposal. We customize our professional waste management solutions to your business.

We provide a range of different commercial waste removal services tailored to suit your industry and operations.

Hotels and Hospitality Junk Removal Services

We provide reliable waste disposal solutions for hotels of any size. We work with organizations in the hospitality industry, offering everything from full cleanouts to furniture disposal. Our cost-effective hotel junk removal services are designed to ensure your business runs smoothly without any interruption to guests.

With one of the largest junk removal networks across the county, we’ve got the proper junk removal and waste disposal solution for your hospitality business.

Commercial Waste Removal for Offices and Warehouses

Over time your warehouse or office equipment may become outdated, or perhaps it’s time to move into a different office space. At some point, you will need Junk King professional waste disposal services.

With Junk King Marin, you don’t have to let old computers and furniture clutter your office space. Call us up, and we’ll have your office looking like new in no time.

Real Estate and Property Management Junk Removal

Tenants can leave a load of junk behind when they move out. With Junk King’s waste removal services for property managers, your property will be ready for a new tenant in no time. We can easily haul away abandoned furniture, appliances, trash, and any other junk that’s left behind.

Our on-demand junk removal and waste disposal services are perfect for unexpected moveouts, foreclosures, and end-of-lease cleanouts. Let us help you focus on what really matters – finding the next tenant.

Junk Removal for Healthcare Facilities

We provide reliable junk hauling and disposal services for Marin hospitals and healthcare facilities, including dental practices, general practitioners, physical therapy centers, and assisted living facilities. We can facilitate the removal of old hospital beds, furniture, and old medical equipment.

Junk King is your local eco-friendly junk removal company in Marin County. Let us handle the heavy lifting and loading when replacing your old outdated medical or office equipment.

Professional Junk Removal Saves Your Business Money

Handling a commercial cleanout can cost you a lot of money in lost productivity and man-hours, especially when your employees have little to no experience with the logistics of waste removal and disposal.

In addition, there are several other hidden fees that come with commercial waste disposal, including landfill, recycling, and transportation fees – not to mention you’ll probably need to rent some hauling equipment. By partnering with a commercial junk removal company like Junk King Marin, you don’t have to worry about such costs. We handle large-scale junk removal regularly, making our fees cost-effective for all businesses, no matter the size.

Commercial junk removal also ensures the safety and wellbeing of your employees. Junk removal is a dangerous business, and serious accidents can happen. Professional junk haulers have the skill, training, and experience to dispose of commercial junk safely and efficiently. There’s no need to take this risk yourself.

Junk King Marin Makes Commercial Junk Disposal Easy and Affordable

Hiring a junk removal company is a smart investment; hiring Junk King Marin is the best choice you can make. We make the process easy and affordable for all our clients. And the best part is, you don’t have to lift a finger – we handle everything.

At Junk King Marin, we are committed to helping you deal with your commercial waste effectively and efficiently.  A comprehensive waste management solution from Junk King allows you to manage your commercial waste without having to deal with the logistics and legal obligations.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to landfill diversions through our advanced recycling and donation programs. We are a fully licensed junk disposal company with waste transfer stations countywide. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us help you meet all your waste management requirements.

Household Bulk Waste Removal in Marin

Despite your best efforts, your home appliances might fail for one reason or another. Most people replace the appliances but are unsure of what to do with the broken-down appliance. Sometimes, you replace your old appliance with a newer one to benefit from improved capabilities. Irrespective of your reason for a new machine, you should not leave the old one rotting away in your home.

1 caucasian male and female smiling in a garage filled with bulk itemsUnused appliances take up valuable floor space, contribute to clutter, and might harbor dangerous pests. You can sell your unused appliance or donate it to a friend or institution in need if it is in usable condition. If not, the ideal choice is hauling it away to a recycling plant or the dump. One thing you will struggle with is how to get the appliance out of your house.

Thankfully, when recycling or dumping it, you can leave the task of removing the appliance to a bulk waste removal company. Here are some tools the company uses to carry heavy appliances safely.


Wheels are sure to make everything easier to move. Moving skates come with rectangular or square platforms that have wheels at the corners. The skates are placed under an appliance then glided across the floor rather than someone picking the appliance and carrying it across the room. There are steerable skates with a 360-degree rotation capability and a detachable handle to optimize a user’s control when moving appliances.

appliance removal learn more

Roller skids

These resemble skates but have a major difference from the latter; they are designed explicitly to bolster heavy appliances. In some cases, toe jacks or forklifts lift an appliance before roller skids are slid into place to move it. As the appliance is lowered, the skids will be fixed to it so that it can be moved around or pushed as needed.

Toe jack

A toe jack, sometimes called a floor jack, is used in place of a forklift since the latter cannot fit into small homes. The tool lifts the corners of heavy machines, so roller skids or skates are placed under them. Rather than simply crowbar the appliance up, the toe jack works much like a car jack that uses a hydraulic lever to lift equipment. Some toe jacks even have a swivel feature to allow the precise positioning of an appliance. These tools can lift appliances that weigh as much as 60 tons, so there is virtually no appliance they cannot lift.

mattress recycling

Lifting straps

Furniture, mattresses, and small appliances can be moved by two people using lifting straps, sometimes called a moving harness. This is a simple tool available in multiple forms, but they all have two straps with flexible loops at their ends. These loops will be worn on the shoulders or forearms with the straps tied to the object being moved.

Lifting straps take pressure off the back of someone carrying an object. They will also distribute the weight of an object so that its mover has a better stability. In most cases, lifting straps can hold a maximum of 700 pounds. Forearm forklifts work like lifting straps but are attached to the forearms rather than the backs and shoulders.

Moving dollies

Moving dollies are the leading options for companies offering bulk waste removal services. A hand truck dolly is ideal for appliances that are not oversized. Your old appliance is simply placed on the dolly and wheeled out to a truck. There are several dolly options for moving appliances. The key feature that differentiates them is their load capacity. For instance, some have sufficient height for holding tall refrigerators, while others are wide enough to cart away broad furniture pieces.

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These are pieces of hard rubber or plastic that allow you to easily move bulky appliances by sliding them on your floor. When being used, it will look like the appliance is floating on air. They also prevent scratches and dents on a delicate floor like one made of linoleum, finished concrete, wood, or ceramic tile when moving an appliance. The sliders are simply placed under an appliance before gently pushing it out.

Attempting to move an appliance with one of the above tools out of your home not only puts you at risk of severe injuries but can also damage your precious floors and walls. Moreover, you will find it hard to lift some of these appliances off the floor. If you have any appliance that you are not using, it is time to call a bulk waste removal company to get it out of your home.

bulk item and trash removal

The right waste removal company like junk king Marin will not simply dump your appliance at the nearest landfill and leave it rotting to pollute the earth. This eco-friendly company can get a recycling company to re-use the parts of your appliance that are worth re-using. Moreover, it will ensure the unrecyclable parts are properly and safely discarded.

Categories of Waste Handled by Construction Waste Management Companies

The construction industry is among the fastest-growing ones worldwide currently. There seems to be no shortage of new buildings coming up to meet the needs of an ever-growing market. Though profitable, the construction industry generates a considerable amount of waste. When you consider the work handled in the sector, the amount of waste generated makes sense.

However, when running a construction company, it is essential to ensure your activities have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. This means investing in professional construction waste management. While it sounds like an expensive option for handling your waste, it protects you from the high penalties of indiscriminate waste disposal and places your company among those that are eco-conscious, a key selling point for brands nowadays.

The first step in proper waste management is categorizing waste. This ensures you employ the right disposal methods and protect the people on your site from the effects of some toxic substances. Below are the categories of construction waste.

Building materials

These are, understandably, the leading ones on construction sites. There will always be building materials to handle, irrespective of whether your company is handling a remodeling, restoration, demolition or basic construction project. The common building materials you will come across include wiring, rebar, wood, plaster, cement, scrap metal, bricks, wiring and nails. These are often turned into waste because they are damaged and unrecyclable.

The disposal of building materials is relatively basic, but construction waste management companies still follow laid-down procedures to guarantee they do it right. Bricks, cement and plaster are sometimes broken down for use in future construction projects. This is quite beneficial because it lowers the cost of new building materials.

Dredging materials

These are the materials removed from a construction site when preparing it for a project. They usually include rocks, tree stumps, dirt and trees. Though not considered dangerous, professional construction waste management companies who will ensure the proper disposal of dredging materials should still collect and dispose them off. You can reuse some waste like the wood from uprooted trees and the rocks in your construction project.

Demolition waste materials

Some construction waste types are primarily found in demolition projects. To ease their understanding and ensure their proper handling, this waste is sub-categorized into waste, asbestos and non-asbestos materials. Asbestos increases the risk of people contracting lung cancers and respiratory conditions when inhaled. It can generate minute flakes that are easily inhaled. In demolition sites, you primarily find asbestos in insulation.

Non-asbestos-containing materials in demolition sites include ceramics, tiles, bricks and concrete. While the rest are rarely recycled, you can re-use reinforced concrete to make new concrete so that you lower the expenses of a new project. Consider crushing this on site to negate the costs of transporting the concrete from your site and back.

Demolition waste materials include wood, plastic, and glass. Plastic forms the highest amount of waste in demolition sites because it is mixed into most materials used in construction. Some of the plastic types you will handle in your site include PVC siding, PEX pipes, and Styrofoam.

Hazardous waste

You should be well-equipped to identify and handle hazardous waste in your construction site to protect the people on and around it. The most common hazardous waste in construction is attributed to plasterboard, strippers, paint thinners, fluorescent bulbs, mercury bulbs, aerosol cans and lead. There are strict regulations on the management of hazardous construction waste in different jurisdictions. If you do not adhere to these measures, your company risks exposing the environment and people to the dangerous toxins in your construction waste.

Treated materials with hazardous substances

Most construction projects use treated plastics, wood and glass to maximize buildings’ longevity. They also use bituminous mixtures containing a hazardous substance called coal tar. Metals like tins, brass, iron, steel, aluminum and bronze might be classified as non-hazardous but some of the components added to them to boost their efficacy in construction make them hazardous. The most common examples of this are cables that contain tar, coal or oil.

Something might also contaminate the soils in your construction site with hazardous substances. A routine soil test before construction might point to asbestos fragments. To guarantee the treated materials in your construction site are handled well in case of contamination, invest in testing procedures before starting your project.

By categorizing your construction into one of the above groups, you will be well-placed to handle it appropriately. Like most businesses, you might look for a way to minimize your construction waste management expenses. Some construction companies opt to have an in-house waste management category. While this sounds feasible at first, there are multiple expenses that you will factor in with this approach. Partner with a professional construction waste management company like Junk-King Marin that will pick and safely dispose of the waste. The company has a broad price range that suits all construction budgets.

Top Checklist for Landscape Renovation and Yard Waste Removal

Now that we are spending more time at home, thanks to the pandemic, we might as well make the outdoor living space appealing. We have so much time on our hands and no longer have the excuse of “lacking time” for landscape renovation to keep putting it off anymore.  Lacking the right company for yard waste removal in Marin can also make us drag our feet, but Junk King is at the forefront of providing different removal services to Marin Residents. Therefore, it is time to get started on landscape renovation and yard waste removal in Marin and here is a checklist.

Landscape Renovation Checklist

First impressions count, and renovating the landscape is among the best ways to update a home. However, we advise having a checklist to ensure the entire process goes smoothly.

Have a Plan

Taking on yard waste removal in Marin means also having a plan of how the entire yard will look like eventually to avoid getting rid of stuff that may come in handy later. As yard waste removal in Marin experts, we propose having a plan of how you want the yard to look ultimately. Separate the fire pit area, the lounging area, the informal dining area but still ensure a flow to blend every area seamlessly together.

What’s the Goal?

People take on landscape renovation for different reasons. It could be to improve the curb appeal for an upcoming house sale or make it more comfortable for the barbecue parties you plan to hold in summer. Whatever the reason, the outdoor space must achieve the goal a homeowner has in mind. Otherwise, you will keep calling service providers specializing in yard waste removal in Marin to get rid of waste until everything comes together as envisioned.

The Personal Style

Everyone has a unique taste and preferences; if we lean more towards a natural look, we can plant trees and flowers. However, we still have to ensure that what we choose is practical as much as we want to adhere to our tastes.

According to Zones Landscaping, it is essential to differentiate must-haves and nice-to-have to fit in with the desired preference. Since the goal is already established, we would have to go for only what works to meet the objective.

Budget Range

No matter the driveway we want, fencing, or other features we wish to include in our yards, they are useless to us if we cannot afford them. A guide to help estimate how much we will spend on different features we hope to include in the renovation project will ensure we stick to the proposed budget.

Also, we have to remember that we have to live with the consequences of our decisions. For instance, if we opt to have shrubs and trees for the garden, we have to ask ourselves if we will have the time to prune when necessary. Homeowners also must care about finding a company to help with yard waste removal in Marin once done cutting off the branches and cleaning up the fallen leaves during fall.

All the same, Rome was not built in a day, and a renovation project does not have to be completed in one phase; dividing it into a few manageable steps will still accomplish the mission without having to work on a shoestring budget.

DIY or Hire Landscape Designer?

Homeowners handy with the tools can do everything on their own. However, without any experience with any of the tools, hiring a landscape designer will be the way to go. Besides, a landscape designer is handy with the tools and has exposure; thus, s/he will advise on what best fits the property.

Yard Waste Removal in Marin

Once the property has gone from being an eyesore to quite an inviting space, a lot of waste will have accumulated. Even before hiring a company for yard waste removal in Marin, there are few steps to follow:

Separate Yard Waste Material from Regular Garbage

Although Junk King Marin takes all sorts of trash, including garbage, construction waste, among many more, separating yard waste material from regular garbage makes the cleaning process more manageable. Twigs, branches, and rocks can get in the way of the cleaning process. Besides, by separating them, one might come across things that can later be used in similar projects.

Recycle Compostable Waste

There is no need to buy organic manure when putting the dried leaves back into the garden, and making compost manure from them is an option. Since yard waste removal in Marin charges per the space taken up in disposal trucks, recycling the compostable waste reduces disposal fees. For the lawn to look as magnificent as envisioned, the leftover debris has to be cleaned up; weeds whose roots are left behind will grow back and become a nuisance.

Make Yard Waste Removal in Marin Easy

Yard waste removal in Marin follows specific guidelines as laid out by the city’s rules. For instance, when bagging yard trimmings, there is a 40-pound limit on yard waste bags, but there is no limit on the number of paper bags we can use. The top of paper bags holding trimmings should be rolled closed so that the waste collector can see the contents and ensure they are in the right bag. While bundling shrubs, only twine or string should be used. Leaving the yard waste in bags overnight can weaken the bags, especially during wet weather, resulting in a tear that leaves a mess on the curbside.

Call a Reliable Service Provider

Yard waste removal in Marin is not thoroughly done until we have visited your home and hauled your yard waste away. Junk King can handle everything except hazardous waste, and we even provide self-service dumpster rentals for projects such as landscape renovation that can take a while to complete. Regardless of the time it takes, we only ask you to pay for the space you use. Contact us today and get a $20 discount when you book for yard waste removal in Marin online; the project, however, has to be worth at least $100.

Eco-friendly Ways to Reuse Broken Concrete

Concrete is generally a hard material that can serve for several years. But when it’s time to remove and haul away a large concrete feature, it shouldn’t mean that the material needs to be thrown out. Although broken concrete pieces may be an eyesore on their own, there are numerous eco-friendly ways of reusing them besides simply sending them to the landfill.

Construction materials, such as broken concrete typically account for around 40% of the American 251 million tons of waste yearly. As an eco-conscious business, it’s important to learn ways of reusing or recycling any construction debris to keep them out of landfills.

Here are four eco-friendly ways to make the most of your broken concrete after a construction or renovation job:

1. Reuse for Landscaping

Piles of Broken ConcreteAlthough regular concrete is a relatively eco-friendly construction material, modern concrete production processes often utilize energy and raw materials. Reusing existing concrete material to update your landscaping is an eco-friendly move as it both saves energy and keeps the old materials out of landfills.

Whichever style of landscaping you desire for your property, you will likely find a way to reuse old concrete. One innovative way to do that is to build fire pits, edge-raised garden beds, or stone walls. You could also construct stone sheds or even set the broken concrete pieces into the ground to serve as stepping stones for garden paths.

Alternatively, you can use broken concrete to create a wildlife habitat on your property. Simply stack the concrete pieces into a shallow hole to simulate a natural rock pile. This can provide much-needed shelter for native creatures such as chipmunks and lizards.

2. Donate to a Friend or Colleague

If your property is situated near a larger city or town, you may be able to locate someone in your area who can take away broken concrete pieces from your yard. They’ll then reuse them in one of their construction, landscaping, or similar projects.

Giving away the materials locally is just as eco-friendly as reusing them yourself. The process does not require any processing, and due to the close proximity, very little transportation energy will be used.

3. Recycle for New Construction

Your concrete cutting contractor may likely have plenty of experience and connections in the construction industry. If you don’t plan to deal with the old concrete, a building contractor may be able to haul it away for eco-friendly recycling. But be sure to specify that you’d like to have the materials recycled and not just disposed of in landfills.

Concrete is such a versatile building material that it has numerous applications even in new construction. For example, old concrete can be crushed up and added to new concrete as it is mixed. It can also be broken into rubble and utilized as an aggregate material for the sub-layer of a new road.

So, all it takes is a little forethought and planning to be able to avoid the environmental impact that comes with sending construction materials to the landfill.

4: Working with a Junk Hauling Company

Professional junk haulers have the experience and expertise to hauls away and safely dispose of old or broken concrete. They use proper lifting techniques to avoid injuries related to poor ergonomics, such as backaches and splintered hands.

With highly sophisticated equipment such as jackhammers, skid steer loaders, sledges, and 6 wheeled trucks, a professional junk hauler ensures better maneuverability and lowered payloads.

You can engage the services of a junk hauler to perform any of the following:

  • Hauling large piles of concrete left over from a demolition or construction project
  • Getting rid of old cracked concrete piles sitting for ages on your property
  • Hauling remnants of abandoned projects in an old property
  • Cutting and hauling old leftover concrete stairs
  • Clearing unwanted slabs of concrete to make room for hardcore or sod

Professional junk haulers typically use dump trucks for all concrete hauling jobs to ensure optimum safety for personnel and your driveway. So, there is no room for wimpy pick-up trucks here! A one-ton full-size pick-up truck can safely haul up to 2,000 lbs. of concrete. Other common safety equipment haulers use include:

  • Sturdy leather gloves
  • Hard hats
  • Dust Masks
  • Eye protection goggles
  • Steel toe boots

Bottom Line

Choosing to recycle broken concrete can be a big boost for the environment and companies or municipalities looking for raw building materials or repurposed aggregate building materials for road construction. But, if you want your construction and demolition debris hauled away right away, you can always count on Jung King for competitive fees and two-hour service windows. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you dispose of your broken concrete in an eco-friendly manner!

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