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Recycle, Reuse And Reduce This Holiday Season - Great Hacks For Reusing Old Things

When it comes to remodeling or decorating homes for the holidays many people these days tend to find themselves scouring online auction sites or thrift shops just to find that abstract treasure that could turn out to be the perfect piece of decor. From a simple coffee table to a unique lighting fixture people would be surprised how one uncommon piece of furniture or decor can help to enhance an entire room.

RecycleThis holiday season after dismantling and reorganizing homes many homeowners will most likely have a host of items including old furniture to be rid of however with what many call ‘hacks’ today homeowners can get extra creative and recycle unwanted items that still have more to give. This is a great way to express your own personal taste while incorporating eco friendly practices into your holiday cleaning. People can also avoid overspending this holiday season on stuff they don’t really need and save some extra money by reusing and repurposing certain items they already have. Here are a few great hacks you can use in your home this holiday season.

Murphy Bed With Storage Hack- Recycle Two Unwanted Sliding Doors

When speaking about a Murphy Bed or a Wall Bed it usually refers to the contraption where a bed can be moved from its normal position into a vertical position and concealed with closet/sliding doors to create the illusion of a closet. This is a creative way to add an additional bedroom or accommodate guest in your home and overall it creates extra space. All you need to make this happen is a couple sheets of plywood for the closet housing, the assembly kit for the wall bed and the two unwanted sliding doors. The result a custom bed and storage space at half the retail price.

Coffee Table Hack - Recycle An Old Cabinet

A coffee table really occupies a central area in homes so why not transform it to a real centerpiece with a few creative ideas. Here’s what you need to do to to achieve this. First begin by evenly sawing off each leg of an old unwanted cabinet and using wood glue glue each leg in each corner at the back of the cabinet and leave to dry. Once dry your coffee table is ready just turn over and place a couple cool ornaments or candles to decorate and you’re good to go.

Bookshelf Hack Reusing An Old TV Console

Early television sets were more than screens they were important pieces of furniture found in most living rooms of yesteryear. If you’re a nostalgic person and you still have one of these consoles reuse it for a different purpose.These solid consoles with their fine decorative features makes for an excellent bookshelf hack. Here’s what you’ll have to do. Remove the television add a couple of vertical dividers or horizontal shelves and paint it in a nice soft color. Now you have a terrific bookshelf for your living room that looks stylish and unique all by reusing old stuff.

Other Cool Hacks You Can Use This Holiday

  • Upcycle Old Light Bulbs Into Candles

  • Turn Old Picture Frames Into Serving Trays

  • Turn Old Wrenches Into Wall Hooks

  • Use Old CD Cases to Store and Organize Cables

  • Turn Old Bulletin Boards into a Jewellery Organizer

Need Help With Recycling This Holiday - Let Junk King Give You A Hand

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Recycle, Reuse And Reduce This Holiday Season - Great Hacks For Reusing Old Things


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