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Garden Waste Collection

Your yard is a major part of your home’s pride of ownership, and garden waste collection is a major part of this. While it is generally useful to keep old plant matter for its nutrient value to add back to the soil, sometimes there is simply too much. When you have an over-abundance of garden waste, it is time to call in the professionals to collect it.

Garden Waste Collection: Canceling New Growth

One of the most unfortunate reasons for garden waste collection is that you need to keep old growth and its waste down in order to foster new growth. While there are many kinds of plants that need a lot of shade to thrive in, most kinds of plants need sunlight far more. Having the ground covered in waste products is the entire purpose behind garden waste collection, as new growth will often struggle under last year’s dead plant materials. While the minerals in the old matter can sometimes be put back into the soil, in other cases the decomposition rate is too slow or the ground is simply not appropriate for the purpose. Garden waste collection can save your new growth from being stillborn.

Removing the Wrong Nutrients

Your yard has a delicate and constantly changing mixture of different nutrients within it, and sometimes you need to add more to keep everything in balance and growing healthily. However, things like the pH balance and the nutrient content of your soil can actually be wrong when you want to plant something different. Garden waste collection becomes a serious priority when you want to make your garden somehow new and take it into a usage you had not considered before. Consider the difference between crop rotation and not doing so. If you plant the same kinds of crops year after year and merely compost them back into the soil with no garden waste collection, you may end up with perfect soil for growing something that you don’t want to grow. Meanwhile, your intended type of plant ends up starving for the nutrients it needs.

Garden Waste Collection: Planning for a New Use

When you want to use your land for something different, the entire process can be a confusing one. On the one hand, you have structural issues such as logs that need to be hauled away. Garden waste collection is excellent for getting large chunks of solid matter out of the way and letting you navigate around an uncluttered space. But beyond that, you also have to conside that large waste is not the entire matter.

Planning for an entirely new purpose is also a matter of smaller garden waste collection. If you no longer want to grow crops in a given space, perhaps wanting to build there, making sure smaller pieces of plant material are not hindering the ground’s strength is also important. This importance comes in whether you are pouring a foundation for a garage, or merely building a deck and want to make sure you get past the frost line. Garden waste collection ensures that you have a solid base to build upon.

Moving On

Sometimes it is time to move on to a new property, and new owners would not appreciate how your garden is set up. In this kind of instance, garden waste removal is important for beautifying your property. Removing waste is a positive change.

Garden waste collection is an important part of making any kind of changes. Even if you just want to keep doing what you’ve been doing, having your garden’s waste collected is important. Contact us today and we’ll help you plan your garbage removal.