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Tips On Organizing Your Garage

If you are like most Americans, your garage has been neglected for far too long. Even if you don’t park a car in your garage or store items in it, it can still become overcrowded, dusty and generally grimy. Do yourself a huge favor and organize the garage before the problem spirals out of control. Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help with organizing your garage.

Develop a Plan of Attack

Before attempting to clean out your garage, make sure that you can devote ample time to the job. You will need at least half a day to perform a thorough clean. Ideally, you will have an entire day or the full weekend so you can do the job right.

Try to make the decluttering process and fun and simple as possible. Invite family and friends to pitch in. Create three easy to understand piles: keep, donate and trash. Separate each garage item into these three piles. Once you have determined what you want to keep in the garage, further separate these items into categories like automotive, garden tools, sports equipment, seasonal décor, camping items and so on. This categorization will help you easily relocate items by group once you have cleaned out the garage’s dust and grime.

Less is More

When you are in doubt about whether to keep an item in your garage, opt to donate it or trash it. Only keep the items and tools that you really expect to use in the future. Your garage has limited space so make the most of it for maximum utility.

Consider a new Layout

If you have an especially small garage space or a considerable number of items to store in it, do not hesitate to totally revamp the layout. Spend as much time as necessary to determine exactly where each type of item should be placed. Think about how often you use it as well as the garage space you have available. Sometimes a new design will refresh the garage’s look and feel as well as your perception of this part of your home. Create zones for each type of tool or item and use rolling cabinets for tools and other sundries that you typically need when working in the garage.

Use a Label Maker

Put labels in the appropriate spaces when organizing your garage.  They will remind your as well as others as to where things belong. It will make it much easier to locate items and put them back in their proper places. Use your label maker for everything from drawers to shelves, boxes, containers and cords. Those who do not own a label maker should not hesitate to use duct tape or masking tape and a permanent marker for makeshift labels. Take the time to label both the front and back of your storage bins so that they can be read regardless of the direction they face.

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