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California Trash Pickup Rules

California trash pickup is very important and in Cali authorities and citizens pay special attention to keeping the environment clean. One of the few tangible perks of paying property taxes is that your trash gets hauled away on a routine schedule every week.

Nobody really likes to pay taxes yet most of us appreciate the convenience of a weekly trash pickup service making our trash bags disappear on a predictable schedule.

Junk-King-Marin-California-Trash-Pickup-Rules-CACalifornia’s Trash Pickup Rules 

The public works in your city likely has three different designations for your trash: plain old trash, recyclable materials like cans and plastic bottles, and green waste materials.

Trash Vs. Recyclables 

Trash is what you might expect and includes food waste like cups, napkins, orange peels and spent coffee as well as things like paper towels and orange peels.

Other things like dry, clean paper, magazines, post-it notes and junk mail are actually considered recyclable paper materials that should go into the recycling container. Generally you can recycle:

  • Cans
  • Cardboard
  • Milk jugs
  • Clean paper
  • Styrofoam
  • Glass bottles


You can even earn money back via the California Refund Value amount by recycling eligible plastics, glasses and aluminum products through local recycling centers. There are over 2,000 recycling centers dotted throughout the state of California, and many municipalities in California actually will pickup your recycling containers once per week, if you’d rather go that route.

What You Can’t Recycle 

What you need to bear in mind is that some items that seem like a no-brainer for the blue recycling bin might actually be non-recyclable since they’re soiled (trash) waste. Things like oily pizza boxes can’t logistically be properly recycled, so those belong in the trash bin instead of the recycling one.

You also can’t pop any broken glass, hazardous materials (e.g., batteries and pesticides) or even soiled diapers into the recycling bin. Although there’s still usable plastic and paper in soiled diapers, it simply would be too difficult for recycling centers to take what they needed and, ahem, dispose of the rest.

The same goes for most tires, construction debris, hoses, products made from concrete, and the electrical cords that snake through your home. These should be put in the trash or disposed of properly in accordance with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control’s policies.

Hazardous waste is probably dangerous for you to handle without the proper equipment and often poses environmental and public health dangers as well. Because hazardous waste has four components to it that pose dangers – namely, its ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity and, of course, its toxicity – you need to be extra careful around hazardous materials like certain paints, pesticides and oils.

So, What’s Green Waste? 

Green waste is actually the biodegradable waste that comes from gardens and parks. Things like grass and hedge trimmings as well as other domestic waste that’s high in nitrogen and biodegradable – i.e., materials that can be broken down naturally and don’t pose an environmental danger like the hazardous waste mentioned above.

Three Colors: Three Types of Waste 

Usually, you can expect a weekly pickup of your trash, recyclables and green waste to come once per week. And just so that we’re all on the same page, trash is normally in a brown barrel, recyclables should be put in blue barrels marked with the recycling logo and green waste should go into, appropriately enough, green barrels.

You should have your waste sorted in the appropriate colored container and by the curb ready for pickup in the morning. Just bear in mind that sometimes your recycling pickup day is a different one from your regular trash pickup day. In California, you can call 311 for municipal services in your area, and for larger projects you can call Junk King.

Junk Hauling Helps Marin County Recycle More

Junk Hauling Helps Marin County Recycle More Junk King MarinMany items are recyclable besides soda cans and cardboard, yet most people think small and focus on the items you can recycle with regular trash. Don’t forget about the “junk” sitting around your home and office — there are so many ways to recycle Marin County residents can use to have a bigger impact on environmental efforts.

  • Home Improvement Project Waste: Renovating your kitchen or building an addition? Replacing the roof, siding, or gutters? Instead of sending all that heavy mass to a dump, let Junk King haul it, sort it, and recycle it. We can handle scrap materials like copper, brass, heavy aluminum, cast iron, and other difficult things to recycle Marin County residents might not be able to recycle on their own.
  • Electronics and Appliances: Many devices are difficult to recycle properly because they are made of metal, plastic and glass — we make sure that each item is stripped apart and sent for proper recycling. It’s a responsible recycle Marin County can trust to help prevent toxic chemicals and metals from poisoning the soil and water supply.
  • Lumber, Furniture, Textiles, Etc.: New technologies are helping people turn broken furniture, worn out clothes, and scrap wood into brand new items! Merchandise made from repurposed materials reduces deforestation, agricultural water consumption, and other industrial waste.

Donate — Another Great Option to Recycle Marin Waste

Donations feel great — and it’s perhaps the best way to recycle Marin County folks should keep in mind. Junk King sends every usable item we can to places where your unwanted stuff can make a life-changing difference.

Clothing, toys, and knick-knacks might be taking up space in your home, but have great value to people in need. You might drop off a bag of clothes at a local charity, but some organizations simply cannot accept unlimited amounts of donations. Junk King coordinates efforts with local non-profits so your good intentions can translate into real help where it’s needed — without you worrying about scheduling a bunch of pick-ups or running around town for drop-offs.

Furniture, baby supplies, and other household items are always in high-demand at charitable organizations. Avoid the stress of loading up your car with bulky items.

Office and school supplies can also be cleared out of your storage and sent to kids and job seekers. When you pay it forward and recycle Marin and Sonoma communities can benefit.

Efficient Recycling is Greener

For recycling efforts to have a real impact, you need to make sure the recycling process itself does not consume too much energy. You can recycle Marin County materials best by using local resources and efficient junk removal services.

For one thing, Junk King runs some of our fleet on biodiesel trucks. We run our entire business with a focus on green practices.

For another thing, eco-friendly junk removal service helps you avoid the waste of car fuel that you would burn driving around town to different recycling and donation centers.

Think of it as carpooling for your recyclables — pitch in and let Junk King collect everybody’s stuff and send it to the right recyclers! It’s a green solution to recycle Marin County waste as close to home as possible.

Junk-King: The Green Alternative in Recycling Companies

Junk-King: The Green Alternative in Recycling Companies Junk-King Marin CountyMarin County is known for quite a few different things such as beautiful landscapes, diverse cultural heritages, agricultural expanses and a coastline that begs to be seen by all. Also known for being one of the cleanest and greenest places to live, recycling has become a staple of the community as well. While a number of recycling companies can get the job done and head straight to the nearest landfill, Junk-King uses a different approach when removing unwanted items from your home or business. In a concentrated effort to dramatically reduce the county’s carbon footprint and support charitable organizations simultaneously, Junk-King has taken the lead in recycling companies while ensuring that a greater percentage of your discarded materials are being used in a productive manner.

Green Recycling Companies

Very few recycling companies in the area use the environmentally sound approach to waste removal, which is merely one of the reasons why Junk-King stands above the rest. Whether looking to get rid of furniture, household appliances, old computer hardware, TVs, mattresses, refrigerators, or anything else that needs to be hauled away in a hurry, the technicians at Junk-King will use their expertise to separate all things reusable and either donate or recycle them. With literally tons of waste material being hauled away on a daily basis and buried, Junk-King is one of those recycling companies that will take the extra time to sort through and save reusable items and distribute them accordingly. Helping those who are less fortunate while incrementally saving the environment are highly commendable attributes, yet their complete line of services extend well beyond the scope of business as usual.

No Stone Left Unturned

Junk-King provides a variety of other services that most recycling companies tend to ignore altogether; for example, their hot-tub disposal crew specializes in safely removing plaster and/or fiberglass, as well as carefully dismantling filtration systems and the adjoining pipes. Whether owning a raised foundation or in-ground setup, they’ll follow your instructions to the letter. If you’re planning on replacing your hot- tub or whirlpool, they’ll leave the necessary parts in place for the next contractor.

Marin County residents may also be aware of the fact that items stored in their attics and basements can accumulate and become a nuisance. If you’re in need of a complete clean-out, let the experts at Junk-King give you a free estimate and allow you some much-needed extra space. Once again, not too many recycling companies will offer this type of service at all.

The same principle applies to yard waste removal. And no, Junk-King does not provide gardening services, yet they will be able to remove most anything from your yard, which includes construction debris or most anything else taking up space unnecessarily.

Recycling Companies and Real Estate?

Every so often, the unfortunate event of foreclosing on a home requires a thorough clean-out. Junk-King is one of the few recycling companies to work with a number of real estate agencies, as their salvage crews are proficient at removing all items big and small in a timely fashion. They also work in the same respect with construction companies by removing excess materials for newly built homes/businesses.

If you’re in need of any of the above services, Junk-King is one of the first recycling companies to provide a one-stop-shopping scenario when it comes to disposing all items unwanted.

For further information regarding their full line of services, call for a free estimate: 1-888-888 JUNK (5865). Proud to serve Marin County and its outlying areas, Junk-King is ready when you are.

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