Bring In Junk King For A Fall Season Cleanup

The fall season is not a time of year that a lot of folks say, “hey let’s go to Miami!” Usually, folks head north up into New England in the Midwest to take in the fall foliage shows that happens all along scenic routes and mountainsides. Of course, when the last leaf falls off those trees and the weather starts to turn frigid you can count on all of those folks flocking down south to Miami for the warm weather. You may even be welcoming some friends and family for the upcoming holidays. That is why you should take advantage of the fall season to conduct a thorough cleanup of your home. Along with the dusting in the mopping you can also finally get rid of some of those bulky pieces of furniture and other unwanted rubbish items. This is work you don’t have to do when you hire Junk King Miami for the task.

Moving Day

Most of the heavy objects that you want to get rid of from your home where probably brought in by a pair of movers. That is exactly what you will get from Junk King in order to facilitate the removal of those same objects. This time, moving day will be a one-way trip for those things like futons, major kitchen appliances, sofas, love seats and anything else that takes a bit of muscle to get out of a room. Your part in this moving day process is just to point to the things that you want taken away. That can include everything from piano to a ping-pong table. There will always be room in the back of the Junk King truck for what you want to get rid of. The goal for Junk King is to make sure everything can be taken away in a single session. They have a pretty good track record of accomplishing those goals for homeowners and apartment renters alike.

Easy Pricing

Junk King’s pricing policy is based on how that crew is going to fill up the back of the truck with all your stuff. You might only need half of the truck. That means you will be paying a lower price point for the total service. That service also includes all the drop-offs which could be at charities or recycling centers.

Make Junk King Miami your fall season cleanup partners. Your home is going to look great after one session!