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Tag Archives: clutter

Put Junk King To Work Clearing Out Your Basement

The basement is one of those areas in your home where a lot of stuff goes to “get out of the way.” It can be where the unwanted furniture and boxes of clothing are no longer being worn. The one thing about those items is that once they go down into the basement, they rarely come back up. Unfortunately, the more things to go down into the basement to get out of the way, the more likely the basement will fill up. If you have reached maximum capacity in your basement, then it is time to clear it out with help from the crew from Junk King Miami. These professional junk haulers will make quick work out of getting all the rubbish out of your basement.

Stair Climbing Team

Junk King will send over a team of movers to help get all that stuff out of the basement. You can think of this crew as your stair-climbing team. They will make lifting and loading those heavy objects look easy. For the Junk King crew, it is easy because they know the proper techniques to accomplish that task without causing injury or damage to property.

Before anything gets loaded onto the Junk King truck, you need to work out the price. The Junk King crew will look over all the things you want to get rid of and be able to tell you how it will all fit onto the truck. It could take up one-third, one-half, or the entire truck. That will be what your cost will reflect. In other words, the less room your stuff fills up on the truck, the less you will pay. This is a flat rate price policy that Junk King customers appreciate.

When you want to get your basement cleared of clutter, you want to hire Junk King Miami for the job. Book your session today.

Make Room In Your Closet Without The Clutter

Has your closet reached “maximum capacity?” It could be that you simply can’t fit another single item in your closet without causing some kind of clutter avalanche. That can make looking for something to wear a frustrating experience. If you have reached that point, then it is time for some serious decluttering. That can only happen with two things: sorting through your closet and hiring Junk King Miami to clear out all the unwanted stuff.

Valuable Sorting Time

The time you invest in sorting through your closet will be extremely valuable. It is best to just crank up your playlist and dive in. Everything should be removed from the closet so that you can assess it for its value. This might also involve trying on some outfits that you forgot you had. Wouldn’t it be great to discover some new things to wear?

Once that sorting time has been completed you will no doubt be left with a lot of things that can be removed for good. That is when the Junk King phase of the operation takes over. Junk King is going to send you to capable movers and a big truck to handle all the things that you want to get rid of. You do not have to bring any of that stuff outside of your house. The Junk King team will pick it all up right from the spot even if it is loose items.

Some of the things that you are clearing out of your closet might still be of practical use. Junk King will strive to drop those kinds of items off at a charity as part of their overall removal package. Junk King never likes to see anything go to waste!

You can make a lot of room in your closet by getting rid of all the unwanted clutter. That Junk King Miami help with that removal.

Hire Junk King To Clear Out The Clutter

When it comes to the possible “range” of home clutter, you can either be “total hoarder” or Marie Kondo. Perhaps you fall somewhere in between. That would mean you still have a lot of clutter to get rid of you just need a little bit of help to make it happen. That help can come in the form of one rubbish removal session with Junk King Miami. These are the professional junk haulers that can help you get rid of the bulky clutter items that are taking up valuable space in your home. That will certainly make a huge difference around the house.

You Make The Call

You are the only one who can decide what is defined as “clutter.” When you hire Junk King you will benefit from having to capable movers and a huge truck for the appointment. That can help you make the decision as to what is clutter. With that team and truck, you can get rid of anything from a sectional sofa to a hot tub. Yes, the Junk King crew can remove something as bulky as a hot tub. They have done it dozens of times over!

When the Junk King team shows up at your apartment, you will show them all the things that you want to clear out. Before they start lifting and loading, they will work out what the price should be. That price is based on how everything fits on the back the Junk King truck. One flat fee covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. You will find that this is a very fair and competitive price for professional junk hauling services.

Don’t live with your clutter. Give it all to the team from Junk King Miami today.

Set Up Back-To-School Clutter Removal With Junk King

A question that every parent begins to ask at this time of year is “where did all this stuff come from?” That stuff would be the appearance of all kinds of clutter in the home. The answer would be “it’s back-to-school.” Any household with kids in school will face all new levels of clutter. That will come from all the books, backpacks, sporting equipment and other things that the kids bring home. This is why getting rid of the normal household clutter is so important. You don’t want to be overwhelmed! Most of the clutter in your home can be cleared away with some targeted trash collecting. However, there could be some objects that are too big to toss out into the trash. That is the kind of clutter that only Junk King Miami can remove for you.

Make the Call

Before you make the call to book your junk King session you have to make the call to determine just what kind of clutter you can get rid of. An obvious place to start would be in the bedroom closets. This is where you will no doubt find plenty of outfits that your kids have outgrown. You have probably bought new outfits for the school year. To make room for them something has to go. That should be all the clothing that no one is ever going to wear again.

When you turn over those kinds of items to Junk King you can rest assure that they won’t be tossed into the trash. Junk King will take every effort to drop off those items a charitable organization that can put them to use again. The same goes for any furniture or other household goods that you want to clear out. It’s all part of Junk King’s removal service.

Getting rid of the bulky clutter from your home is a perfect way to start the school year. Set up your removal session with Junk King Miami today.

How To Get More Room In Your Closet

When you take on a kitchen remodeling project, there is often an opportunity to make more room by knocking down the wall. This creates an open floor plan that has become extremely popular in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, not every spatial problem in your home can be solved by knocking down a wall. That is especially true when it comes to making more room in your closet. If you wanted a walk-in closet, then you would probably have to sacrifice an existing room in your home for that purpose. However, there is an easy way to make more room in your current closet configuration. That would mean simply getting rid of all the unwanted items. For that to happen, you will definitely want to set up an appointment with Junk King Miami.

A Big Pile Up

In order to make more room in your closet you are going to have to let go of some things. This is in so much as sacrificing as it is simply deciding what you want to wear in the future. They could be a lot of articles of clothing in your closet right now that you have no intention of ever where it! Those are all the things that should go into a big pile for pickup from the Junk King team. There might be some additional non-clothing items such as electronics and other household goods. If you put all of that in to the closet just to get it out of sight, then again you have to decide if you ever going to use it again. If not, then it should all go into the junk pile.

When the Junk King squad shows up for your appointment, they will take one look at your closet pile and know exactly how much room that will take up truck. This is how they will be able to provide you with an estimate for the service. You might be able to text a photo of the stuff to the crew to get a rough estimate but that can be locked down until the crew is able to look over everything in person. That actually works to your advantage because often they can get things into a small space than you ever would imagine.

Making more room in your closet requires sorting and a clutter removal session with Junk King Miami. Book your session today.

Say Goodbye To Big Clutter

It is easy to sweep through your home and pick up visible clutter. Scattered magazines, junk mail, laundry and toys can all be gathered into a basket or trash bag. That takes care of the little clutter but what about the bigger stuff? A piece of furniture can be considered clutter if you no longer want it in your house but you certainly couldn’t stuff it into a trash bag. Even if you wanted to put it into another room, you would need some moving help. There is also clutter that you are already hiring in your closet and out in the garage. That’s all the stuff you’ve collected over the years that might have been useful at some point but now is just collecting dust. When the big clutter is overrunning your house, it is time to bring in the junk hauling pros from Junk King Miami.

Years of Experience

Junk King is a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers. They have years of experience in dealing with all levels of household clutter. Junk King has been called on to help with hoarder level cleanup jobs. Those can be extremely intense for the crew but they’re handled like every other job with a “no problem attitude.” Business owners also tap Junk King for help cleaning up offices, restaurants and warehouses. Many of these businesses have regular appointments with Junk King to help stay ahead of the trash. All of that experience is brought into every job that is set up by Junk King. Whether you need a lot or just a little clutter removed from your home, you’re going to benefit from that experience.

The Price is Right

The pricing policy that Junk King utilizes is based on volume and not weight. They offer a flat fee that covers all the work from start to finish. That fee is determined by how the truck gets packed up. This will be an estimate based on the crew’s experience of packing up their trucks. They know how to get a lot of things into a little space. That will reflect positively on your final fee.

A home without clutter is a happy home. Bring in the team from Junk King Miami today to make your home happy and clutter free.

Tips For Getting Kids Ready For Back-To-School

Back in the day, the first day of school had every kid coming home with a list of back-to-school supplies that were usually needed the following day. This meant a mad scramble by all parents to get what was needed to fill up the backpacks. Today, those lists are often emailed out in advance giving parents plenty of time to get the supplies weeks before school starts. There are some more back-to-school prep tips that can be put into action for a smooth transition. Here’s what to do:


Set Alarms Early

If this was the “summer of no morning alarms” for your kids, then it is time they get back into the swing of things. That means at least a week before school starts get those alarms going off at the early hours once again. Most importantly, don’t let them fall back asleep. They need to get their bodies readjusted.

Put Up a Master Calendar

We’ve all become dependent on our Smartphone calendars to help us navigate through the day. While you can merge calendars to have all the family events on your phone, it also helps to have a physical representation of that calendar. It should be up in the kitchen where everyone can add to it. At breakfast, review what’s one the calendar for the day and ask for “adjustments.”

Set Homework Time

The older a student is, the more serious they have to be about homework. This means dedicating a time after school for homework. It can be right when they come home or after dinner but it should be a consistent time. You should also get into the habit of checking the homework. That means actually checking and not just asking if it is done.

Clear Out Clutter

A lot of time is taken up in the morning with picking out outfits to wear to school. All of that should happen the night before so there isn’t any delay in the morning. It will help if there is less clutter in the kids’ room. It is time to go through the closets and dressers to pull out all the clothes they’ve outgrown or would never consider wearing again. That will free up a lot of space and make finding the things that matter easier.

After creating piles of unwanted items, you’ll want to give Junk King Miami a call. One session is all it will take to get rid of all those clothes, books, shoes, jackets and everything else that is taking up space. And it can all be donated along with anything else you want to remove from the house. Back-to-school prep should always include a clutter clearing session with Junk King Miami.

Ways To Increase Your Home Appraisal Value

There is no way to escape a home appraisal if you are putting your home on the market or looking to refinance your loan. The appraiser’s job is to provide a subjective value of your home based on common factors like square footage, number of rooms and location. That doesn’t mean you can’t influence the result of your home appraisal. Even small improvements can make a big difference. Here’s what you need to consider:


Fixing Cosmetic Problems

A lot of your home’s value will be related to appearance. Paint colors on the wall might not matter as much as holes in the wall. This is why you want to make as many cosmetic fixes as you can. Patch up holes and retouch paint. If you are planning to sell, then repainting everything with a neutral color can help the selling process and the appraisal.

Writing Up Renovations

The longer you’ve lived in your home, the greater the chance that some renovations have been made. These could come in the form of a kitchen remodel, a bathroom addition or a brand-new patio deck. You need to write up all the renovations going back to the time when you first moved in. It matters more that improvements have been made versus a home that hasn’t changed in ten or fifteen years.

Selling Your Neighborhood

Just as your appraiser won’t know the renovations you’ve made, they probably won’t know about changes in your neighborhood. Any new business is a good business especially retail and restaurants. A list of your neighborhood “amenities” will be helpful. Don’t forget to include things like dog parks and bike trails. All good selling features for a home.

Elevate Your Curb Appeal

Take a good look at the exterior of your home. What do you see? Are you missing flowers in the garden? Are some bushes and trees in need of pruning? These are easy improvements you can make that will go a long way towards achieving a high value for your home.

Remove Debris

It will also help to clean your home thoroughly as if you were throwing a party. You should also get rid of any debris in the yards. Your closets and garage need to be clear of clutter. A lot of this cleaning might require movers and a truck. That is exactly what Junk King Miami is going to provide to you. One call puts a plan into action that can have your entire home clear of rubbish in a single appointment. Increase your chances of a positive home appraisal with help from Junk King Miami.

Jumpstart Your Home Business

Is it time to become your own boss? You might not be able to go from “clever idea” to “factory full of workers” in a month but you can take some proactive steps towards jumpstarting your home business this year. Here’s what you need to incorporate for your action plan:


Write Out Your Business Plan

The main purpose of a business plan is to attract investors. However, even if you are self-funding your home business, you would still benefit from writing out a business plan. This helps you set up goals and put down a checklist of all the things to need to accomplish for maintaining your business. Think of it as your road map.

Set a Schedule

Many people hear “working at home” and think that it is like a vacation. Although there is something nice about walking down the hall to your office and staying in your pajamas all day, you still have to set a schedule. Your home business will only be a success when you apply the time towards that goal. That means setting a schedule and sticking to it. It could be early morning or late at night. Whatever works best for your life.

Devote Time to Marketing

No one is going to know about your great idea unless you get the word out. That means you’re going to have to devote time to marketing your business. Fortunately, a large portion of that marketing can happen online. You need to set up accounts for your business across all the popular social media sites and keep them updated throughout the day and week. You want to finds ways to engage with your customers while searching for new ones.

Set Up a Dedicated Office Space

It is important that your home business has a dedicated office space. This is the area where you can be free of household distractions and be able to focus on the work at hand. This might mean clearing out a guest room or garage and converting it into an office. This is a job that can benefit from a call to Junk King Miami. These junk removal professionals can quickly clear out any space in your house. All you have to do is tell the crew what you want gone and they’ll take care of the rest. Think about the difference it can make having two movers clearing out junk. Your home business will get off to an amazing start with a junk clearing session from Junk King Miami.

Don’t Move With Unwanted Clutter Into Your New Home

Once you’ve committed to making a move into a new home, there is a long checklist to go through. It is important to switch over all your mail, bills and utilities. That process can take a few weeks to kick in. If you’re installing cable, then you’ll definitely want to set up that appointment early. Remember, everyone else who moves does so around the first of the month. Then there is all the packing to take care of. As you look around your current home, you might wonder how all this stuff is going to fit onto a truck. That is when you have to give serious consideration to getting rid of unwanted clutter first. That is where Junk King Miami can be a huge help.


Typically, Junk King Miami helps homeowners clear out unwanted rubbish to free up storage space or clean up after a remodeling job. As you pack, you’re going to find a lot of things you can do without. The only reason to bring all that stuff with you is if you are rushing through the packing at the last minute. But if you plan ahead, then you can make sure Junk King Miami will get rid of all that stuff before the real movers show up on the big day.

You don’t just have to turn over household goods or other clothes. You can also get rid of big pieces of furniture or appliances that you know you’re going to replace. Don’t assume that everything you’re turning over to Junk King is going to be trashed. Most of what is collected ends up being reused again. That’s because Junk King makes drop offs to charities on your behalf. It’s all part of their junk removal package.

Between the time you give your notice and you move out, you’ll usually have 30 days. That is plenty of time to schedule Junk King. Once you know what you’re getting rid of book that appointment. You might score a same day pick up. Don’t move into your new home with all your old junk. Turn it over to Junk King Miami today.

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