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Tag Archives: clutter

Say Goodbye To Big Clutter

It is easy to sweep through your home and pick up visible clutter. Scattered magazines, junk mail, laundry and toys can all be gathered into a basket or trash bag. That takes care of the little clutter but what about the bigger stuff? A piece of furniture can be considered clutter if you no longer want it in your house but you certainly couldn’t stuff it into a trash bag. Even if you wanted to put it into another room, you would need some moving help. There is also clutter that you are already hiring in your closet and out in the garage. That’s all the stuff you’ve collected over the years that might have been useful at some point but now is just collecting dust. When the big clutter is overrunning your house, it is time to bring in the junk hauling pros from Junk King Miami.

Years of Experience

Junk King is a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers. They have years of experience in dealing with all levels of household clutter. Junk King has been called on to help with hoarder level cleanup jobs. Those can be extremely intense for the crew but they’re handled like every other job with a “no problem attitude.” Business owners also tap Junk King for help cleaning up offices, restaurants and warehouses. Many of these businesses have regular appointments with Junk King to help stay ahead of the trash. All of that experience is brought into every job that is set up by Junk King. Whether you need a lot or just a little clutter removed from your home, you’re going to benefit from that experience.

The Price is Right

The pricing policy that Junk King utilizes is based on volume and not weight. They offer a flat fee that covers all the work from start to finish. That fee is determined by how the truck gets packed up. This will be an estimate based on the crew’s experience of packing up their trucks. They know how to get a lot of things into a little space. That will reflect positively on your final fee.

A home without clutter is a happy home. Bring in the team from Junk King Miami today to make your home happy and clutter free.

Tips For Getting Kids Ready For Back-To-School

Back in the day, the first day of school had every kid coming home with a list of back-to-school supplies that were usually needed the following day. This meant a mad scramble by all parents to get what was needed to fill up the backpacks. Today, those lists are often emailed out in advance giving parents plenty of time to get the supplies weeks before school starts. There are some more back-to-school prep tips that can be put into action for a smooth transition. Here’s what to do:


Set Alarms Early

If this was the “summer of no morning alarms” for your kids, then it is time they get back into the swing of things. That means at least a week before school starts get those alarms going off at the early hours once again. Most importantly, don’t let them fall back asleep. They need to get their bodies readjusted.

Put Up a Master Calendar

We’ve all become dependent on our Smartphone calendars to help us navigate through the day. While you can merge calendars to have all the family events on your phone, it also helps to have a physical representation of that calendar. It should be up in the kitchen where everyone can add to it. At breakfast, review what’s one the calendar for the day and ask for “adjustments.”

Set Homework Time

The older a student is, the more serious they have to be about homework. This means dedicating a time after school for homework. It can be right when they come home or after dinner but it should be a consistent time. You should also get into the habit of checking the homework. That means actually checking and not just asking if it is done.

Clear Out Clutter

A lot of time is taken up in the morning with picking out outfits to wear to school. All of that should happen the night before so there isn’t any delay in the morning. It will help if there is less clutter in the kids’ room. It is time to go through the closets and dressers to pull out all the clothes they’ve outgrown or would never consider wearing again. That will free up a lot of space and make finding the things that matter easier.

After creating piles of unwanted items, you’ll want to give Junk King Miami a call. One session is all it will take to get rid of all those clothes, books, shoes, jackets and everything else that is taking up space. And it can all be donated along with anything else you want to remove from the house. Back-to-school prep should always include a clutter clearing session with Junk King Miami.

Ways To Increase Your Home Appraisal Value

There is no way to escape a home appraisal if you are putting your home on the market or looking to refinance your loan. The appraiser’s job is to provide a subjective value of your home based on common factors like square footage, number of rooms and location. That doesn’t mean you can’t influence the result of your home appraisal. Even small improvements can make a big difference. Here’s what you need to consider:


Fixing Cosmetic Problems

A lot of your home’s value will be related to appearance. Paint colors on the wall might not matter as much as holes in the wall. This is why you want to make as many cosmetic fixes as you can. Patch up holes and retouch paint. If you are planning to sell, then repainting everything with a neutral color can help the selling process and the appraisal.

Writing Up Renovations

The longer you’ve lived in your home, the greater the chance that some renovations have been made. These could come in the form of a kitchen remodel, a bathroom addition or a brand-new patio deck. You need to write up all the renovations going back to the time when you first moved in. It matters more that improvements have been made versus a home that hasn’t changed in ten or fifteen years.

Selling Your Neighborhood

Just as your appraiser won’t know the renovations you’ve made, they probably won’t know about changes in your neighborhood. Any new business is a good business especially retail and restaurants. A list of your neighborhood “amenities” will be helpful. Don’t forget to include things like dog parks and bike trails. All good selling features for a home.

Elevate Your Curb Appeal

Take a good look at the exterior of your home. What do you see? Are you missing flowers in the garden? Are some bushes and trees in need of pruning? These are easy improvements you can make that will go a long way towards achieving a high value for your home.

Remove Debris

It will also help to clean your home thoroughly as if you were throwing a party. You should also get rid of any debris in the yards. Your closets and garage need to be clear of clutter. A lot of this cleaning might require movers and a truck. That is exactly what Junk King Miami is going to provide to you. One call puts a plan into action that can have your entire home clear of rubbish in a single appointment. Increase your chances of a positive home appraisal with help from Junk King Miami.

Jumpstart Your Home Business

Is it time to become your own boss? You might not be able to go from “clever idea” to “factory full of workers” in a month but you can take some proactive steps towards jumpstarting your home business this year. Here’s what you need to incorporate for your action plan:


Write Out Your Business Plan

The main purpose of a business plan is to attract investors. However, even if you are self-funding your home business, you would still benefit from writing out a business plan. This helps you set up goals and put down a checklist of all the things to need to accomplish for maintaining your business. Think of it as your road map.

Set a Schedule

Many people hear “working at home” and think that it is like a vacation. Although there is something nice about walking down the hall to your office and staying in your pajamas all day, you still have to set a schedule. Your home business will only be a success when you apply the time towards that goal. That means setting a schedule and sticking to it. It could be early morning or late at night. Whatever works best for your life.

Devote Time to Marketing

No one is going to know about your great idea unless you get the word out. That means you’re going to have to devote time to marketing your business. Fortunately, a large portion of that marketing can happen online. You need to set up accounts for your business across all the popular social media sites and keep them updated throughout the day and week. You want to finds ways to engage with your customers while searching for new ones.

Set Up a Dedicated Office Space

It is important that your home business has a dedicated office space. This is the area where you can be free of household distractions and be able to focus on the work at hand. This might mean clearing out a guest room or garage and converting it into an office. This is a job that can benefit from a call to Junk King Miami. These junk removal professionals can quickly clear out any space in your house. All you have to do is tell the crew what you want gone and they’ll take care of the rest. Think about the difference it can make having two movers clearing out junk. Your home business will get off to an amazing start with a junk clearing session from Junk King Miami.

Don’t Move With Unwanted Clutter Into Your New Home

Once you’ve committed to making a move into a new home, there is a long checklist to go through. It is important to switch over all your mail, bills and utilities. That process can take a few weeks to kick in. If you’re installing cable, then you’ll definitely want to set up that appointment early. Remember, everyone else who moves does so around the first of the month. Then there is all the packing to take care of. As you look around your current home, you might wonder how all this stuff is going to fit onto a truck. That is when you have to give serious consideration to getting rid of unwanted clutter first. That is where Junk King Miami can be a huge help.


Typically, Junk King Miami helps homeowners clear out unwanted rubbish to free up storage space or clean up after a remodeling job. As you pack, you’re going to find a lot of things you can do without. The only reason to bring all that stuff with you is if you are rushing through the packing at the last minute. But if you plan ahead, then you can make sure Junk King Miami will get rid of all that stuff before the real movers show up on the big day.

You don’t just have to turn over household goods or other clothes. You can also get rid of big pieces of furniture or appliances that you know you’re going to replace. Don’t assume that everything you’re turning over to Junk King is going to be trashed. Most of what is collected ends up being reused again. That’s because Junk King makes drop offs to charities on your behalf. It’s all part of their junk removal package.

Between the time you give your notice and you move out, you’ll usually have 30 days. That is plenty of time to schedule Junk King. Once you know what you’re getting rid of book that appointment. You might score a same day pick up. Don’t move into your new home with all your old junk. Turn it over to Junk King Miami today.

No Clutter Is Good For Your Business

There’s a long list of things you can list that are good for your business. It starts with picking the location for that business. If your business is in an area that has a lot of foot traffic and available parking, then it makes it a very customer friendly destination. It also helps if you have positive reviews on social media for your business. That’s why you should encourage your customers who have good experiences to share them online whether that’s on your own website on other review sites like Yelp.


It also helps your business if you maintain a high level of cleanliness. It doesn’t matter if you are a retail store or a restaurant. What matters is that you are presenting an environment that pristine every time a customer walks through the door. One way to accomplish that is to hire a company like Junk King Miami for regular rubbish pickups.

Although the city is picking up your regular garbage, there’s a long list of stuff they won’t handle. That means it is left to you to get rid of things like large pieces of equipment, promotional materials, displays and furniture. If you have these types of things piling up on a regular basis, then a monthly visit from Junk King Miami is just what you need.

Regular scheduling with Junk King Miami is already convenient. You can book online the phone. You’ll be asked to pick out the perfect window for your junk removal session. Is working for Junk King Miami are pretty much sun up to sundown. But they also work on the weekends. You just need to set aside a two-hour window. That will give the crews plenty of time to get from one appointment to the next.

Once you get into a regular routine with Junk King Miami, you’ll find that you don’t have to give them much supervision. All you have to do is point to the stuff that you want taken away and it will be removed very quickly. As for billing, you’ll be charge a flat rate based on how much all the things you getting rid of will take up on the back of the truck. One fee covers all the costs and that’s a very smart business move. Regular appointments with Junk King Miami make sure your customers will never see rubbish at your business.

Handyman Skills Every Homeowner Should Know

One of the many roles a new homeowner takes on is that of handyman. While you might not be remodeling your kitchen on your own, there are some simple skills you can learn to help with upkeep and minor repairs. Here are the handyman skills every homeowner should know:


Change Your Air Filters

Miami is one of those cities with air conditioning operating in homes sometimes around the clock. It is essential that air duct filters are replaced on a regular basis. You won’t have any trouble finding the right filter size at a local hardware store. It might even be a smart move to buy filters in bulk by the case for easy replacement.

Drain AC Line

Your central AC system has a drain line that drains the condensation from the inside air condition unit. If this line gets clogged, then it could cause water damage inside the house. That’s why you should periodically drain the line and flush it out.

Shut Off Your Water Main Line

Before you can fix any leak in your plumbing, you need to shut off your water. It’s important that you know where the shut off valve is not only for these kinds of repairs but also the case of any emergency. It’s not a bad idea to shut your water off if you going on an extended vacation.

Stopping a Toilet From Running

A toilet that is running is not the same as a toilet that is clogged. When water is running inside a tank, it’s usually because something is out of alignment. A quick peek inside the tank is all you would need to know what needs to be fixed or replaced. Once you get familiar with the workings of your toilet you’ll see how easy it is to make these repairs.

Unclogging a Drain

The remedy for a clogged drain isn’t always chemicals from the hardware store. In fact, those clean as can be very corrosive. A plunger will often get the job done. You can also buy your own hand crank drain snake for a quick attempt at unclogging a drain. Just note that a plunger for a sink is a different size of the plunger for a toilet. It’s a good idea to have both sizes on hand.

The handyman skills mentioned above are very easy to take on. When it comes to a bigger job like hauling junk from your home that is something you might want to bring in professional help with. Junk King Miami is the perfect company for this type of work. They have a lot of experience removing all kinds of rubbish from homes and businesses. Whatever you want taken away will be quickly loaded by the crew assigned to your task. Don’t make junk hauling a DIY job. Turn that task over the Junk King Miami. You’ll be glad you did.

Smart Ways To Bring In More Business To Your Hotel

In Miami, competition is fierce for hotel guests. As the owner of a hotel, you can’t rely on the fact that your guests may just “wander” into your establishment. Not only do you have to actively market your business but you also have to make sure that every guess staying there has a pleasurable experience. Those guests are going to be your best form of advertising as they take to the Internet to post their positive reviews. Here are some smart ways to bring more business into your hotel by improving your guests’ experience:


Reach Out To Past Guests

You should be building a database of all your guests. This is a good group to target for a return visit. You can offer them a special package on a weekend rate. Think of it as a kind of loyalty program.

Expand Your Concierge

A concierge desk is a welcome addition to any hotel. This is especially true in Miami where there are so many tourists looking for fun activities to engage in. Your concierge should not only be very knowledgeable of the best destinations in Miami but also be able to offer things like tickets to concerts, car rentals and other types of vacation activities.

Host Business Meetings or Reunions

If you have the space to accommodate large groups, then you should reach out to them. Many local businesses might be having meetings that could take place at your hotel. All the high schools in the area have reunions on a recurring basis. That’s a great opportunity to bring in a lot of potential customers throughout the year.

Offer Discounts for Extended Stays

Many people coming to Miami are heading out on a cruise. Whether they’re leaving or returning from that cruise you could offer a discount for an extended stay. Perhaps staying two nights gets the third night at 50% rate. It’s better to have the booking in an empty room.

Keep the Grounds Looking Great

The reason some people come to Miami is because it truly is a beautiful city. By extension, your hotel grounds should be equally pristine. Guests don’t really care if you’re doing remodeling. They don’t want to see construction waste or old furniture piled up in a hallway or in the parking lot. Those are the kinds of big things that should be turned over to Junk King Miami. They’ll send over a team of capable movers and a big truck large enough to hold whatever you’re tossing out. One call to Junk King Miami can have your entire hotel clear of all kinds of unwanted debris. That’s a good call to make.

Great Ideas For Chilling Out On A Miami Staycation

Have you planned your summer vacation yet? There’s a lot of pressure to have an amazing week off from work but that often involves packing up, facing the crowds at airports and try to find a hotel that is actually comfortable that will cost a fortune. Is there a better way to have a relaxing vacation? There is and it’s called a staycation. This is where you actually stay home for the duration of your time off. To make a staycation work you have to let your job know that you’re taking off and that means no phone calls or emails. They don’t have to know you’re staying home! Here are some great staycation ideas:


Take a Class

You can take a class on your staycation. What kind of class is totally up to you. You’re not earning a degree but instead just having fun for a night. With a little research, you could probably find all kinds of fun classes like how to make pasta or wine tasting. Maybe you’ll sign up for that beginner yoga class you’ve always been wanting to do. If it leads to more classes great.

Read a Book

When was the last time you read a good book? For your staycation grab the book, you’ve always been wanting to read and then go find your own reading nook. It could be at a coffeehouse, under a tree in a park or in a backyard hammock. An hour a day will have that book finished by the end of the week. If it’s really good, then you might devote the whole day to reading. Nothing wrong with that!

Host a Potluck Barbecue

One of the things you often miss on vacation are your friends and family. On your staycation, you can invite them over for a potluck barbecue. Potluck means everyone brings a dish and that keeps you out of the kitchen. Just make sure there’s plenty of sangria.

Go to a Ballgame

Summer and baseball go together like fireworks on the Fourth of July. On your staycation, why not take in a ballgame? Of course, it doesn’t have to be a major league baseball game. You could probably find a minor league team in the area or even a Little League team that are playing their hearts out. Pick a side and have fun.

Just because you’re staying home on your staycation doesn’t mean you should be working around the house. In fact, let the laundry go for a week. If you’re tempted to accomplish some of those tasks you’ve been putting off for a while, then turn those jobs over to someone else. For instance, Junk King Miami is a great company to call on to haul away all your unwanted furniture, appliances and other household clutter. They’ll send over two men and a big truck that will take care of that task in no time at all. Enjoy your staycation by starting with a junk removal session from Junk King Miami.

Where To Find A Good Roommate In Miami

There are many positive reasons for finding a roommate. The most important reason is sharing expenses. With the roommate you might be able to move into a much bigger apartment or even a house. Having a roommate is also a big help especially if you have pets. They don’t have to take over the care of your furry friends but it’s nice to know your pets will be looked after if you are working late or going out of town. There’s also the loneliness factor to consider. If you’re the type of person that likes being around other people, then having a roommate will mean you constantly will have company. The goal now is to find a good roommate. Where should you start?


Ask Friends and Coworkers

Your hunt for a new roommate should start with your friends and coworkers. It works better if you have a personal reference for someone who is going to move in to your home. That doesn’t mean your friend or coworker becomes responsible for that roommate but it just helps having their reputation known.

Roommate Services

Advertising for roommate on websites like Craigslist cast a wide net without filter. However, there are professional roommate services both online and in Miami that can help you find a good match. It’s not unlike filling out profiles for online dating.


You could your own social media network to find a potential roommate. It’s just like asking your close circle of friends but this time the circle has expanded. Typically, if you make a connection on Facebook you have a good opportunity to see that other person’s profile as well. That should give you a good sense of just who they are as a potential roommate.

Making Room

Once you have locked down on the ideal roommate you’re going to want to make sure they have an empty space waiting for them. Even before they come to look at the apartment, you want to make sure their bedroom is completely empty. There closet space and storage should also be clear of your clutter. The best way to accomplish that task is to hire Junk King Miami. These are the junk removal pros that can empty out all kinds of unwanted clutter in no time at all. It doesn’t matter to them how many stairs they have to climb or how heavy something is. All that matters is that you want to gone. You can always count on Junk King Miami to get your place ready for new roommate.

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