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How To Win At Being A Landlord

A rental property is a smart investment. When all goes according to plan, this can be a positive influx of revenue. The ultimate goal is to find a tenant that will keep the place clean and pay the rent on time. However, there are some challenges that you need to be aware of as a landlord. You can mitigate trouble by making sure your tenants understand your rules. Here’s how you can win it being a landlord:


Set Overnight Guest Restrictions

You don’t want to feel like you are being someone’s parent but at the same time you don’t want to be taken advantage of. That is a factor when it becomes apparent someone is moving into the apartment that is on the lease. If this is important to, then you need to establish restriction policies with regards to overnight guests. Perhaps you can say no more than 10 days in any six month period. If someone is staying longer than that, then you need to provide permission in writing. The reason for this is that an extended guest is not legally responsible for anything that goes on the apartment because they’re not on the lease. That puts you at a huge disadvantage.

Be Careful With Tenants Personal Information

You are going to be getting a lot of personal information about your tenant during the screening process. This is not information that shouldn’t be shared with anyone. The only exceptions are when a landlord asked to share the residence rental payment history. The other exception would be if someone from law enforcement or public safety asks for that information. Of course, if that were to happen you can always ask for a subpoena.

Respond Quickly To Repair Requests

Even though you are not living in the rental property, this is still a kind of extension of your own home. That is why any repair request should happen in a prompt manner just as you would around your own house. That doesn’t mean you need to go over at 1 o’clock in the morning to fix a leaky pipe. But instead, you should have vendors ready to respond to any type of repair situation.

You also want to maintain the property as it pertains to any kind of rubbish and debris left behind by previous tenant. It only benefits you to get that cleaned up as quickly as possible. That’s where Junk King Miami can make a big difference. These junk hauling experts have a lot of experience cleaning out apartments of all kind of abandoned rubbish. Though gladly climb as many stairs the takes to get it all that stuff cleared away. Partnering up with Junk King Miami for rubbish removal is a great way to win as a landlord.

Smart Ways To Bring In More Business To Your Hotel

In Miami, competition is fierce for hotel guests. As the owner of a hotel, you can’t rely on the fact that your guests may just “wander” into your establishment. Not only do you have to actively market your business but you also have to make sure that every guess staying there has a pleasurable experience. Those guests are going to be your best form of advertising as they take to the Internet to post their positive reviews. Here are some smart ways to bring more business into your hotel by improving your guests’ experience:


Reach Out To Past Guests

You should be building a database of all your guests. This is a good group to target for a return visit. You can offer them a special package on a weekend rate. Think of it as a kind of loyalty program.

Expand Your Concierge

A concierge desk is a welcome addition to any hotel. This is especially true in Miami where there are so many tourists looking for fun activities to engage in. Your concierge should not only be very knowledgeable of the best destinations in Miami but also be able to offer things like tickets to concerts, car rentals and other types of vacation activities.

Host Business Meetings or Reunions

If you have the space to accommodate large groups, then you should reach out to them. Many local businesses might be having meetings that could take place at your hotel. All the high schools in the area have reunions on a recurring basis. That’s a great opportunity to bring in a lot of potential customers throughout the year.

Offer Discounts for Extended Stays

Many people coming to Miami are heading out on a cruise. Whether they’re leaving or returning from that cruise you could offer a discount for an extended stay. Perhaps staying two nights gets the third night at 50% rate. It’s better to have the booking in an empty room.

Keep the Grounds Looking Great

The reason some people come to Miami is because it truly is a beautiful city. By extension, your hotel grounds should be equally pristine. Guests don’t really care if you’re doing remodeling. They don’t want to see construction waste or old furniture piled up in a hallway or in the parking lot. Those are the kinds of big things that should be turned over to Junk King Miami. They’ll send over a team of capable movers and a big truck large enough to hold whatever you’re tossing out. One call to Junk King Miami can have your entire hotel clear of all kinds of unwanted debris. That’s a good call to make.

Save Big On Your Kitchen Remodel With These Terrific Tips

The two big goals of a kitchen remodel are to finally get the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of and add value to your home. Both of those goals can be accomplished without spending a small fortune. As with any major home project, you should always start with a budget. You need to be flexible but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to save big on your kitchen remodel. Here is how to make it happen:


Assemble Your Own Cabinets

Custom-made prebuilt cabinets are a big ticket item. That number increases if you opt for exotic woods or ornate details. With a little bit of shopping you can find some amazing cabinets that don’t have to be customized. They just might have to be assembled. If you have ever built a piece of assembled furniture, then you understand the concept of putting together cabinet. Not only can you find great cabinets but putting them together instead of having your crew do it will save a lot of time and money.

Keep the Old Cabinets

Of course, if you can keep the old cabinets you’d save even more. That doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with them in their current condition. Those cabinets can be stripped and refinished in any color or stain of your choosing. Swap out the fixtures while you’re at it and before you know it those cabinets will look totally brand-new.

Think About Alternative Countertops

Marble is the high end for countertops. But there is a wide range of potential countertops to choose from including recycled products, concrete and even laminate. If you want to stick with granite, then explore pieces that are remnants from other jobs or maybe some that have been deemed “damaged.” Usually with damaged granite you would be hard-pressed to find the imperfection but it can save you a lot of money.

DIY Demolition

Before you bring in new kitchen the life, you first have to tear down the old one. Kitchen demolition is not complicated. It’s not as if you’re driving a wrecking ball into the space. You’re simply dismantling cabinets, pulling up countertops and yanking up flooring. All of that can be accomplished with the right set of tools and a little elbow grease. All you need to do is account for is the cleanup. That’s where Junk King Miami can make a huge difference. Instead of you loading up your car with all that construction waste and driving to the proper place to dispose of it, turn it over to Junk King. They’ll have the site cleared in a matter of minutes without you ever lifting a finger. The perfect partners for your kitchen remodel clean up is Junk King Miami. Put them to work today.

Great Ideas For Chilling Out On A Miami Staycation

Have you planned your summer vacation yet? There’s a lot of pressure to have an amazing week off from work but that often involves packing up, facing the crowds at airports and try to find a hotel that is actually comfortable that will cost a fortune. Is there a better way to have a relaxing vacation? There is and it’s called a staycation. This is where you actually stay home for the duration of your time off. To make a staycation work you have to let your job know that you’re taking off and that means no phone calls or emails. They don’t have to know you’re staying home! Here are some great staycation ideas:


Take a Class

You can take a class on your staycation. What kind of class is totally up to you. You’re not earning a degree but instead just having fun for a night. With a little research, you could probably find all kinds of fun classes like how to make pasta or wine tasting. Maybe you’ll sign up for that beginner yoga class you’ve always been wanting to do. If it leads to more classes great.

Read a Book

When was the last time you read a good book? For your staycation grab the book, you’ve always been wanting to read and then go find your own reading nook. It could be at a coffeehouse, under a tree in a park or in a backyard hammock. An hour a day will have that book finished by the end of the week. If it’s really good, then you might devote the whole day to reading. Nothing wrong with that!

Host a Potluck Barbecue

One of the things you often miss on vacation are your friends and family. On your staycation, you can invite them over for a potluck barbecue. Potluck means everyone brings a dish and that keeps you out of the kitchen. Just make sure there’s plenty of sangria.

Go to a Ballgame

Summer and baseball go together like fireworks on the Fourth of July. On your staycation, why not take in a ballgame? Of course, it doesn’t have to be a major league baseball game. You could probably find a minor league team in the area or even a Little League team that are playing their hearts out. Pick a side and have fun.

Just because you’re staying home on your staycation doesn’t mean you should be working around the house. In fact, let the laundry go for a week. If you’re tempted to accomplish some of those tasks you’ve been putting off for a while, then turn those jobs over to someone else. For instance, Junk King Miami is a great company to call on to haul away all your unwanted furniture, appliances and other household clutter. They’ll send over two men and a big truck that will take care of that task in no time at all. Enjoy your staycation by starting with a junk removal session from Junk King Miami.

Where To Find A Good Roommate In Miami

There are many positive reasons for finding a roommate. The most important reason is sharing expenses. With the roommate you might be able to move into a much bigger apartment or even a house. Having a roommate is also a big help especially if you have pets. They don’t have to take over the care of your furry friends but it’s nice to know your pets will be looked after if you are working late or going out of town. There’s also the loneliness factor to consider. If you’re the type of person that likes being around other people, then having a roommate will mean you constantly will have company. The goal now is to find a good roommate. Where should you start?


Ask Friends and Coworkers

Your hunt for a new roommate should start with your friends and coworkers. It works better if you have a personal reference for someone who is going to move in to your home. That doesn’t mean your friend or coworker becomes responsible for that roommate but it just helps having their reputation known.

Roommate Services

Advertising for roommate on websites like Craigslist cast a wide net without filter. However, there are professional roommate services both online and in Miami that can help you find a good match. It’s not unlike filling out profiles for online dating.


You could your own social media network to find a potential roommate. It’s just like asking your close circle of friends but this time the circle has expanded. Typically, if you make a connection on Facebook you have a good opportunity to see that other person’s profile as well. That should give you a good sense of just who they are as a potential roommate.

Making Room

Once you have locked down on the ideal roommate you’re going to want to make sure they have an empty space waiting for them. Even before they come to look at the apartment, you want to make sure their bedroom is completely empty. There closet space and storage should also be clear of your clutter. The best way to accomplish that task is to hire Junk King Miami. These are the junk removal pros that can empty out all kinds of unwanted clutter in no time at all. It doesn’t matter to them how many stairs they have to climb or how heavy something is. All that matters is that you want to gone. You can always count on Junk King Miami to get your place ready for new roommate.

Have More Fun At The Beach With These Great Tips

To live in Miami is to go to the beach. Whether you make this a daily pilgrimage or wait until the weekend, your beach time can be improved by implementing a few of these terrific tips. These will definitely change up your beach game.


Bring a Small Pop-Up Tent

It might sound counterintuitive to put up a tent when you’re enjoying fun in the sun but these are perfect for babies and toddlers when it’s time to take a nap. Just make sure the tent you have is one that can fold up into a zip up carrying case. There’s also portable pop-up shelters that cover a lot more area than a beach umbrella.

Use a Wagon

If your kid has a wagon, then you might want to put it to use for your beach day. It’s a great way to get stuff from your car down to the shoreline. Once emptied, the kids can use it for their own beach fun. It’s a lot easier than trying to carry everything in one trip especially if you’re chasing after toddlers.

Pick a Spot by the Lifeguard

Your beach day should start early. By being the first one on the beach, you’ll get your choice of spots. The best spot would be by the lifeguard tower. This way everyone will know where to find you. Just be sure not to sit directly in front of the tower so to give the guards a clear line of sight.

Use Mesh Bags

Just because you love the beach doesn’t mean you love bringing sand home. Mesh bags to carry toys and other items are great way to shake out the sand before you get into the car. They also let you know exactly what you’re carrying.

Packed Lunches Separately

There will come a time when your kids are going to be clamoring for something to eat. You should pack their lunches separately just as you would when you send them off to school. That way if you drop one sandwich in the sand you have a backup ready. Cupcake liners make a great top for your sodas keep the bugs off. And a big block of ice will last longer in your cooler.

As you’re getting ready to go down to the beach, you’ll probably be pulling a lot of stuff out of the garage. This is the time to take an assessment of what can go and what can stay. If you’re dealing with a lot of old beach umbrellas, broken folding chairs and other beach items, then perhaps you want to get rid of them all to make more room. Junk King Miami can take care of that task with one phone call. All of that beach paraphernalia can be loaded up onto the truck and carted away for safe disposal. Cleaning out your garage and putting these tips to work is a great way to kick off your summer season at the beach.

Put Junk King Miami To Work This Spring Break

Not everyone gets to take off for spring break. This is a time that is traditionally of break for students. Although that can often put a little extra burden on parents who might need to find “coverage” for those kids. Unlike other holidays, there is no official spring break day that companies get to close down. That means you can put a company like Junk King Miami to work during spring break. The result will be a home that is completely transformed into a junk free zone. That’s worth a call, isn’t it?


Setting up your appointment with Junk King Miami isn’t going to be complicated. You’ll find the helpful staff is very responsive to your scheduling needs. Their goal is to help pick the date that works best for your time. That might mean the weekend appointment, which is perfectly fine for Junk King Miami. If you know exactly what you want to go when you call, then you might be able to have your stuff picked up in the same day. All you need to do is plan ahead to set aside a two hour chunk of time. Many Junk King Miami removal sessions are completed within 10 minutes. Those two hours help the crews get from one appointment to the next. If you happen to schedule the first appointment for the day, then the crew might even be done before your first pot of coffee is brewed!

As for what Junk King Miami can take away the only restrictions are on hazardous materials like propane tanks or solvents and paints. Anything else is good to go. That includes things that might need to be taken apart first. You might have a few furniture items that you built inside a room but can’t fit out the door. Junk King Miami crew will have their own tools to take down those kinds of things. They can also take down playgrounds sets, hot tubs and even above ground swimming pools in the backyard.

Hiring Junk King Miami to remove your unwanted clutter is going to make a big difference around your house. You no longer be “fighting” the clutter to get to the stuff you need. For total decluttering around your house put Junk King Miami to work this spring break.

Junk King Miami Takes Care Of Old Swing Set Removal And Junk Hauling

Is your backyard meant for playing on a swing set or relaxing with a glass of wine? The answer to that question is determined by the age of the occupants in your home. Having a backyard swing set makes sense when kids are growing up. It’s a safe place for them to get some exercise. But once they head into high school and beyond, that swing set is going to be abandoned. That space could be put to better use once the old swing set is removed and that is a job that is easily handled by Junk King Miami.


Although it is true that a backyard swing set doesn’t take up a lot of space, it is enough put in a fire pit and seating area. You could also grow some vegetables and herbs in that area. Or maybe you just want to let the grass grow over the dirt. That can all happen once Junk King Miami is done with their task.

When you schedule appointment with Junk King Miami for your old swing set removal you will want to tell them exactly what you want them to take down. This will give them enough notice to schedule accordingly. Most junk removal sessions only take 20 minutes or so to complete. Dismantling an old swing set might be a bit longer. Fortunately, you won’t be paying extra for that labor. The cost for the manpower is all included in the flat fee you’ll pay and that’s always based on volume.

Before the crew gets the work, the size up all the things you want to get rid of and provide you with an estimate of how much space that junk will take up on the back of their truck. It could be one-third, one-half or the entire truck bed. Once you agree to the price, the crew will start taking apart the old swing set and loading up the rest of your unwanted rubbish. In no time at all your home and backyard can be completely transformed. Old swing set removal and junk hauling is in complicated when you give that job to Junk King Miami.


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