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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Boston Appliance Removal

Often to get a job done right, you need the right tool. A trip to your local hardware store will easily prove there are plenty of tools to pick from. For the chef, those tools include a good set of knives and the right pots and pans. Even if you don’t consider yourself a master chef, you can still satisfy your cravings with a little culinary creation. Along with those chef tools, you also need a working stove for cooking and a proper fridge for chilling. You’ll know when it is time to replace those items when your food no longer stays fresh in the fridge or your oven temperature is all over the place. On the day of your new appliance deliver, you need to make room by setting up your old appliance removal. One call to Junk King will take care of that.


Next to hauling away unwanted furniture, appliance removal is among the most popular gig for a Junk King crew. Since they’ve started working here in Boston, Junk King has managed to collect hundreds of stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and refrigerator. They’ve also carted around their fair share of sinks, water heaters and air conditioners which can all fall into the appliance category.

In that same appliance removal appointment you set up with Junk King, you can also get rid of all the rest of your junk. You can finally take care of cleaning out your garage and decluttering your basement. This can happen thanks to the two-man Junk King crew and large truck that are part of every Junk King removal appointment. What else is included is the pledge to recycle as much of your junk that can be recycled. As part of a national franchise, the Boston chapter of Junk King follows the same high standards as all the other branches. Those standards include hiring teams that are licensed and insured. This is what makes Junk King the leading professional junk hauling service in the Boston area. You’re not taking a risk when you hire Junk King. Their reputation is what they are proud to stand on. It’s also how they get most of their business. Positive word of mouth isn’t hard to come by for Junk King!

When you’re ready to have a junk free home, then Junk King is the only call you should make. Put them to work today and you’ll home will look as good as new.

Boston Old TV Disposal

A recent survey conducted by the Nielsen rating company found that the number of U.S. homes without traditional television service is on the rise. This doesn’t mean people are going without TV. Instead, they are finding alternatives to viewing like streaming programs over the internet. Still that only counts for about 4% of the population of television owners. On the average, we spend around 25 hours watching TV each week. It seems the older you get, the more time you spend in front of the television. Oddly enough, more networks program for the 18-34 demographic when they should really be going after the 50 plus group. Bottom line: Next to our refrigerators, our televisions are the most used appliance in our homes. Isn’t it time you splurge for a new model?


You should think of buying a new television like buying a car. Yes, you can get the bare minimum of packages that will get you from point “A” to point “B” but you might be missing out on all the comfort amenities. Since you might be driving your car for the next eight years, you should get as many “bells and whistles” as you can afford. Same for your new television. Why not go really big as in 50 or 60 inches of viewing landscape? The only type of TVs you can buy today are all considered flatscreen. These can be mounted on walls so they won’t take up much space. That’s why you want to expand your viewing horizons!

Once you’ve picked out the new TV, you have to deal with your old TV disposal. That is easily handled with a single call to Junk King Boston. When most folks get a new TV, the old model is shoved into another room or down in the basement. It might still be used on occasion but that’s rare. Instead, you can let Junk King handle the proper disposal of that unit. This will mean picking it up and dropping it off to a certified recycling center. A TV isn’t something you want dumped in a landfill and Junk King will make sure that doesn’t happen.

Keep in mind, that there will be lots of room on the back of that Junk King truck to fit the rest of your throw away rubbish. You’ll definitely want to take full advantage of that two-man Junk King crew to do all the heavy lifting of those unwanted objects. Old TV disposal doesn’t have to be a hassle… not when Junk King is on the job.

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