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Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Future Of Junk Hauling In Boston

When garbage compactors first started showing up in kitchens, they were heralded as  marvel of modern technology. You could squash down your garbage to make twice as much fit into a small bag. It was and still is a very efficient way of handing your kitchen refuse. Wouldn’t it be great if we could fit everything into a trash compactor? Imagine being able to toss in an old sofa or outdated computer into that machine? Actually, you would have to go to a scrap yard to get that size of compactor but those are only used for cars. The best option for getting rid of bulky items will always be a company like Junk King.


Since they first started collecting junk back in 2005, Junk King has proven they know how to handle this type of service. The best thing that Junk King offers is muscle. That comes in the form of two very capable movers. That Junk King crew will go up into the attic or down into the basement to get at your junk. You just point to something and say, “Take it away” and it will be gone! Junk King also provides a truck capable of holding an entire home’s worth of furnishings and appliances. That means there won’t be any limit to what you can throw out. It doesn’t work if you hire some day laborer with a pickup to make several trips back and forth. Junk King can handle your total junk hauling in a single appointment.

Over the years, we’ve gotten a lot better at recycling. Junk King has been a leader in this type of disposal. They have set a policy for all of their branches to follow. This policy states that if something can be recycled or donated then that’s where it should end up. As a result, Junk King has kept an average of about 60%  of all the junk they collect out of local landfills. Wherever they set up business, Junk King goes green in a big way.

You can also depend on Junk King to provide the same fair pricing policy for every appointment. They’ll only charge you a flat fee based on how much space your junk will take up on the back of the truck. That is a rate that won’t change when the job is done. The future of your home can involve a lot less clutter when Junk King shows up.

What To Avoid In A Boston Junk Removal Company

Hands down, Boston is a great town to live in. How many times have you heard an out of town visitor say they would love to move here? Although we’ve got a lot going on, we also have the same problems that any other major city will have. That includes what to do with all our unwanted junk. The longer you stay in one place, the greater the chance of accumulating massive amounts of rubbish. This doesn’t mean you’re a hoarder. It just means you don’t have the time or the means to get rid of these objects. Thanks to Junk King setting up shop in Boston, you now have a simple, fast and affordable junk removal method and it’s all just a phone call away.


When you set up your junk removal appointment with Junk King, you’ll be asked about the types of things you’ll be throwing out. You could be given a rough estimate of the cost but any junk removal company that tells you a locked down estimate over the phone will probably be lying. What will happen is they’ll show up and change their price because of all the hidden factors they didn’t bother to mention. As soon as the Junk King crew gets to your location, they’ll size up what you’re throwing out and then provide you with a locked down estimate. This price is going to be based on a rate of volume as in how much space your junk will fill on the back of the truck. You never want to use a company that charges by the pound. How can they weigh what you’re throwing out?

You also want a junk removal company that is reliable. Too often companies will double book appointments because they don’t want to let any business slip through their fingers. Junk King doesn’t work that way. They provide every customer with a two-hour window for the junk removal appointment. This gives them plenty of time to get from one stop to the next. They’ll even call you when they’re close. If they make it through their schedule, they could be available for same day pickup. That’s why you should call in early to see what their day is like.

You only have to look at the online reviews to see how satisfied Junk King customers are with the service. When you’re ready for quality junk removal, Junk King will be ready for you.


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