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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Boston Hot Tub Removal

There are many times when you call on a professional service representative and the clocks starts running. This is especially true when you’re moving. From the moment that truck pulls up at your property, the clock starts ticking. The longer it takes for the movers to get the job done, the more money that make. Do you really think they’ll be working as fast as possible? One service professional that you won’t need to “watch the clock” with is Junk King. These are the junk hauling pros that have been helping homeowners and businesses clear out clutter since 2005. Most of the jobs are finished in under 20 minutes. Then there are the big disassembly projects that can take up extra time. Case in point: hot tub removal.


A hot tub is not something that can be simply loaded onto a truck in one piece. First, all the filter and heating components need to be separated from the tub. Then the outer shell is taken apart. This is usually a wood frame. What’s left is a huge fiberglass tub. Often that tub will have to be cut into pieces in order for it all to fit on the back of a truck. That’s a big job. But it’s also a job where you won’t have to do any of the work as long as Junk King has the assignment.

Because Junk King doesn’t charge you labor costs by the hour, you don’t have to worry how long it might take for something like hot tub removal, yard clearing or drywall takedown. The Junk King crews are going to get the job done right and you’ll only be paying for the volume of your junk. That’s another reason why you want that hot tub cut up into small pieces. That way it will take up less space on the truck and that means you’ll be paying less money.

In addition to your hot tub removal, the same Junk King crew can also remove any other heavy or bulky piece of junk you’re eager to get rid of. This is your chance to finally clear out the attic and basement. At the very least, you should go through your closets to get rid of old clothes and shoes. All of those items will be loaded into the truck and dropped off at the nearest recycling center or charity. Hot tub removal and junk hauling is easy when Junk King is on the scene.


Boston Junk Recycling with Junk King Middlesex

Back in the day, getting rid of garbage seemed to be simple. The city would provide weekly pickups. All that garbage would be driven just out of town and dumped in a landfill. These landfills were open to the public, which meant you could load up your own junk and dump it there as well. Then something shocking happened. It turned out that most of these landfills were causing serious harm to our environment. All of that garbage was decomposing. That’s fine for the foodstuff but what happens when you have things like Freon, lead and other toxic chemicals seeping into the soil, water and air? That is not going to be good for anyone. This why keeping trash out of landfills is vital. How can that be accomplished? By recycling, repurposing and reusing. This is a philosophy that Junk King has embraced since they began collecting junk back in 2005.


Junk recycling isn’t complicated when you know what to look for. The Junk King Middlesex crews are experts at sorting through junk. Each day, might find the teams making several stops. Not every junk removal appointment will be a full truck load but by the end of the day, that truck will be filled to the rafters. As the items are being loaded, the crews are keeping an eye out for certain items. They know from looking at something whether it can be recycled or donated. At the end of the shift, the sorting kicks into high gear as the Junk King crews clear out the trucks.

Once everything has been properly sorted, it will then be transported to those designated sites. There could be a scrap metal yard for your old file cabinet, a recycling center for your TV and a charity for your sofa. Three drop offs? No problem. This is the kind of junk recycling dedication you want from a company that is picking up your unwanted stuff.

All that extra junk recycling effort isn’t going to cost you anything. You’ll still be charged the same flat rate based on how much space your junk takes up on the back of the truck. That holds true if everything you have is getting recycled or just a few pieces. When you hire Junk King, you’re getting the perfect junk recycling partner. That means your carbon footprint will be reduced and you won’t have to lift a finger!

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