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Monthly Archives: August 2021

The Fastest Way To Remove Old Flooring Debris

The choice of flooring in any room needs to have three factors. It has to be durable, easy to clean and add value to the home. It also helps when you get to add your own decorating style to the choice. Old flooring is the first thing to be pulled up as part of a total renovation job. That also means it should be the first thing cleaned out. You don’t want to pile of old planks or tiles taking up space inside your home. Thankfully, the team from Junk King Boston can clear way that old flooring debris in a single session.

The Truck Pile

The pile of your old flooring will be transferred to the Junk King truck where it will create a new pile. How much space that pile takes up on the back of the truck will determine what your final price will be. Junk King has a flat rate based on volume and not weight. That can make a big difference with this type of clean up. And the Junk King crews will always strive to pack everything into as tight a space as possible. They want to make this a fair and competitive session.

You can also benefit from Junk King’s dedication to customer service starting with their scheduling practices. Junk King only ask that you set aside a two-hour window on a designated day. You might want to pick the day that the old flooring is being torn up. That way, the junk King team can come in at the end of the day and clear it all away. Your floor installers will appreciate starting the day in a clean space.

Removing old flooring debris is a job best suited for the crew from Junk King Boston. Put them on that job today.

Junk King Can Clean Up Excess Trash

The best folks to invite over to a party are the ones who will help you clean up the party is over. It’s always nice when you can get all the trash picked up, the dishes put into the dishwasher and all the leftovers packed up and put into the fridge. That way you don’t have to deal with the mess the morning after! It’s also nice to get help cleaning up when you have an excessive amount of trash that has piled up. This could happen after you did some extensive work in the backyard. It could also occur if you have finally decided to tackle the cleanup of the garage. Once you have identified something as trash, you don’t want to keep it around. The crew from Junk King Boston is standing by to help you clear in the amount of excess trash.

Two Is All You Need

Junk King is going to provide you with two movers to help with your trash cleanup. When it comes to Junk King workers, two is all you need! These are fast-moving crews that always have a positive attitude. When they show up for your scheduled appointment, you will point out all the items that you want cleared out. These can be literally scattered throughout your backyard and through your home. To Junk King crew will pick up everything right spot and packet onto the truck.

It is how everything gets pack onto the truck that will determine your final price for the job. Will your stuff take up one half, one quarter or one third? The answer to that will be reflected in the price assigned to the job. And you always know what the cost is before the work begins.

Junk King Boston can take care of your excess trash cleanup in a fair, fast and affordable way. Put them on the job today.

Yard Waste Tips and Yard Clean Up Guide

Yard waste Clean Up


One of the questions that come in all the time is whether Junk King accepts yard waste. The answer is ‘absolutely!’ As a full-service junk removal service, Junk King takes all kinds of yard and landscaping debris, including: 


  • -Branches 
  • -Clippings 
  • -Stumps 
  • -Soil 
  • -Deck furniture 
  • -Landscaping debris 
  • -Fencing 
  • -Firewood 
  • -Lumber 
  • -Plasterboard 
  • -Roof shingles 
  • -And much more! 


The Junk King crew can take both ‘organic’ yard waste, the compostable kind, and ‘inorganic’ yard waste, like lawn gnomes and fencing. At Junk King, we can also handle small demolitions and take larger yard waste like hot tubs and sheds.


Lawnmowers and trimmers can be hauled away as well. Virtually the only thing that Junk King doesn’t accept is hazardous waste, like paints and oils. For all other yard waste clean-up, you can count on Junk King. The green bin on the curb simply won’t be enough for larger cleanup jobs. Learn more about what we take.


Full Service Junk Removal


Guide to Yard Cleanup 


Yard Clean Up


With any problem you typically want to tackle the obvious stuff first. Even better if tackling the obvious chores makes the rest of your yard waste clean-up easier. So, where do you start with yard waste? Ideally, you start by simply picking up litter around your yard. 


(Of course, the crew at Junk King can handle that for you as well!) 


Remove Large Debris 


Removing large branches from your yard and dead leaves and annuals around your garden is a good place to get your hands dirty. Just make sure that you wear gloves if you’re going to be doing the heavy lifting. 


Weed with the Right Equipment 


Many yard experts recommend weeding with gloves and a five-gallon bucket so that you won’t have to make time-wasting trips to the garbage. A bucket can also serve to dump smaller yard debris before Junk King comes by to pick up all of your yard waste. 


yard waste removal guide


Be Smart with Leaf Cleanup 


These same yard waste experts frequently recommend using tarps when going about rounding up the leaves in your yard. The idea is to use a rake or leaf blower to get leaves onto the tarp; at that point, the leaves can be more easily dragged away for disposal. 


Inspect Gardening Tools 


Because Junk King accepts all kinds of gardening tools, you might want to inspect the tools in your shed or garage to see if they’re up to snuff for next season. Dull or rusty might be ready for the ‘big red’ Junk King truck. 


If your landscaping equipment, e.g., lawnmower, edger, or trimmer, doesn’t make the grade then simply point to it and a Junk King professional will haul it away. 


Consider Pruning 


Pruning Yard Waste


A little planning can go a long way. If you are planning on having some yard waste removed (e.g., old fencing), then you might consider doing some pruning of shrubs and perennials so that Junk King can take everything away in one go. 


Prepare a Compost Pile 


This last option is optional. Many homeowners may want to prepare a compost pile by collecting grass clippings, old leaves, mulch, and various bits of foliage from their previous clippings.


By gathering everything into one pile and mixing some topsoil in there, you will be well on your way to a proper compost pile. The only thing left to do will be to add water for the right level of moistness. 


Fall Yard Waste Tips for Homeowners 


Junk King offers a lot of options for homeowners looking to get rid of their yard waste, including shed removal, fence removal, and dumpster rental. Renting a dumpster makes sense if you want to take your time pruning, etc. and you don’t want piles of yard waste overtaking you as you proceed. 


Learn more about our dumpster rental services.


Tarp for Composting 


Following the tarp tip alluded to above for cleaning up leaves in the fall has several payoffs later. Getting the leaves onto a tarp can allow for easier disposal, but it can also allow you to move the leaves to a compost pile elsewhere. 


Rinse Out Gutters 


Rinsing out the leaves that have accumulated in your gutter throughout the year is also a great cleanup idea for fall. Leaves can block your gutters and prevent your drainpipes from functioning optimally.


With the use of a gutter attachment on your hose or a pressure washer, you can quickly prevent leaves from causing major headaches down the line. While cleaning out your gutters, you might notice that your gutters require a minor repair. 


Damaged gutters should be fixed sooner rather than later. Because Junk King takes all kinds of yard waste, you can count on us to haul away yard waste like damaged gutters or broken fencing. 


Pressure Wash Deck or Driveway 


Pressure Washing


While you have out your pressure washer, you might want to remove those pesky stains in your driveway or take away any dirt that you notice on the side of your house. Decks are also a popular hangout for accumulating dirt. 


One Last End-of-season Mow 


Before the season is up you might consider giving your yard one last mow and bagging all of your clippings. The clippings can be used to provide a nice compost for next year’s fresh grass growth. Mulch may also help protect the grass in the hardier colder climate. 


An edger or string trimmer can also be a convenient tool to have at the end of the season because it can create sharp lines around your property before you close things down for the season. When you trim late in the season, you can be assured of having nice lines in the winter. 


Junk King for Yard Waste Clean Up 


At Junk King, we handle every kind of yard waste clean-up, including shed and hot tub removals, and even offer self-service dumpsters. Junk King is a full-service junk removal service and offers two-hour service windows for maximum convenience. 


Ready to get started? Call 1-888-888-5865 (JUNK), text a photo of your yard waste to 1-737-888-5865, or book online to save $20 on orders of more than $99.


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