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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Use Junk King To Clean Up From Your Remodel Project

Taking on a large remodel project is not without challenges. That is especially true if you are remodeling your kitchen. That will cause a major disruption as you will have to plan to cook your meals in a different room or order take out for the duration of the project. It will also be something that can generate a lot of debris and dust throughout the house. That is why it is important to minimize that debris by having it cleaned up as quickly as possible. This is where the team from Junk King Boston can be a big help. These are the professional junk haulers that can make sure your remodel project will never be overwhelmed by debris.

Demolition Start

The start of any remodel project begins with demolition. The amount of demolition depends exactly on what is being done for the remodel. It could mean removing kitchen cabinets and countertops or knocking down a wall. It can also mean calling up flooring and tossing out old appliances. All of that debris should be cleared away on the first day of your remodel and that is when the team from Junk King show up.

This team will consist of two capable movers who will make quick work out of getting all of that construction waste cleared from your property. That will create a great work environment for your remodeling crew to return to the following day. You might also want to schedule a removal session with Junk King for the last day of the model project. They will no doubt be another simulation of junk that has to be cleared away.

The best way to dispose of your remodel debris is to give that job to the Junk King Boston.

Keep The Rubbish Out Of Your Business

Every business owner would probably like to have two or three extra hours on any given day. No matter how hard everyone on the staff works, there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Even when jobs are completed, it is on to the next assignment right away. Plus, if your business is truly customer oriented, then there is always services to provide. All of this means that it could be hard to maintain a clean work environment where rubbish can quickly accumulate. Thankfully, there is an option standing by to help keep the rubbish out of your business. That would be to retain the services of Junk King Boston. These are the junk hauling pros that will make a big difference in your work environment.

Complete Clearing

When you hire Junk King to clear the rubbish out of your business, you can anticipate a complete clear. It doesn’t matter to the Junk King team the specific items what you want to get rid of. They can be balky pieces of furniture or stacks of cardboard boxes. They can be old computers or cubicle walls. All you have to do is point to the things that you were cleared away in the Junk King team will pick up everything right from the spot.

That same Junk King crew will also make every effort to pack up what you are getting rid of in as little space as possible on the truck. The reason for doing that is so they will have room for the next pickup. More importantly it is so you can pay the low end of the price scale. The Junk King team always wants to make their sessions fast and affordable.

Keeping the rubbish out of your workplace will not be a problem for the team from Junk King Boston. Put them on the job today.

Scrap Metal Recycling in Middlesex: The Complete Guide


Scrap Metal Removal


Scrap metal recycling is a massive industry in the US. While it might seem like just a business for homeowners, scrap metal recycling has a positive and lasting impression on the environment. In Middlesex, residents benefit significantly from scrap metal recycling.


Therefore, as a resident, you might be wondering what scrap metal recycling entails and why it is so important. Well, this guide will enlighten you on everything you need to know about scrap metal recycling and why you should consider it. 


The Importance of Scrap Metal Recycling and the Benefits of a Local Franchise


Scrap metal recycling is an essential part of today’s society. It plays a crucial role in meeting the goals of efficient management of resources, cost reduction, and reduced landfill utilization. At Junk King Middlesex, we have high-quality scrap metal recycling services.


We are experts in reusing, reducing, and recycling metals that could otherwise end up in landfills. While most people are aware of plastic recycling, some don’t know that metal recycling is possible. 


Luckily, there are several scrap metal facilities in Middlesex. These facilities are rich in resources that can be reused to create various usable materials that will go at an affordable price. Instead of mining new metal from virgin ores, you can save a lot of money by recycling used metal.


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In fact, scrap metal is not waste — it is a continuous resource that you can reuse repeatedly. In simpler terms, you cannot deplete metal uses.


Read on for the importance of scrap metal recycling.


Reducing Emissions


Recycling scrap metals consumes less energy, reducing carbon emissions. They are also more efficient because they extract and refine raw materials through traditional mining procedures.


Unlike traditional mining, scrap metal recycling doesn’t cause any negative impact on the environment. Generally, mining has various environmental setbacks such as poisonous runoffs and groundwater pollution.


Such emissions create physical damages to the environment that can take many years to heal. For instance, by causing groundwater pollution, mining results in unstable geological conditions and habitat destruction. 


On the other hand, scrap metal recycling only requires fossil fuel inputs that are not energy-intensive. This doesn’t create any physical scars or groundwater pollution that could take many years to recover. Besides, scrap metal recycling does not need massive open-pit mines to function.


The processing and mining of new metal release a much higher amount of greenhouse gas emissions than recycling metals. The emission of such gasses is dangerous because it negatively influences climate change.


This can result in pollution in cities and oil spillage in water bodies. As a result, there will be respiratory health problems for Middlesex city dwellers. This is why you should consider scrap metal recycling services by Junk King.


Economic Development


Did you know that scrap metal recycling contributes to economic development? Through recycling, you can save money in almost every way. This habit can result in tangible economic benefits that trigger financial freedom.


Besides, the recycling industry is labor-intensive and regulations contribute tens of billions of dollars to the country’s GDP. While these numbers might mean that it is easy to land a job in scrap metal recycling, you should know that the job demands high levels of skills and training. The wages in this industry vary from one location to another. Generally, high-wage states tend to pay more. 


Managing Energy Consumption


Another benefit of scrap metal recycling is managing energy consumption. When you recycle more metal, you significantly reduce the demand for natural resources. The fact that scrap metal requires less energy to process ensures energy efficiency.


Therefore, when you recycle metals, you conserve energy. A breakdown of the amount of energy saved by recycling different metals is an indicator of how effective this process is. The breakdown is as follows;


  • 90% for copper
  • 92% for aluminum
  • 56% for steel


This is a significant amount that contributes to the global energy conservation efforts. When you recycle a single aluminum beverage, you will save energy to power a light bulb for over five hours! This underlines the importance of scrap metal recycling. 


Full Service Junk Removal


Frees Up Your Space


When you recycle scrap metal, you free up space in your home. Generally, scrap metal consumes a lot of occupied space in yards, sheds, garages, among others. Not only is it unpleasant to look at, but it also gives you no reason to continue keeping it in your home. If you have such items in your home, you should get in touch with us and get them removed.


At Junk King, we have all the equipment needed to safely get rid of scrap metal. We will then take them to recycling facilities where they are put into good use. This will free up space in your home that you can use for better purposes. You could end up with more living space! 


You Can Earn Money


You can earn money through scrap metal. Scrap yards will gladly buy brass, aluminum, copper, and steel. The price of these commodities varies because different metals have different values. Besides, different businesses offer different cashouts.


Even though the potential for profit-making varies, you are likely to make more money from ferrous metals like steel and iron. Remember that some metals don’t have any value at all. For instance, when metal is completely corroded and cannot be put to any good use, recycling it will be a challenge. 


Price Adjustments


Another reason why scrap metal recycling is beneficial is that you will save more money on it. When the majority of people are convinced to recycle metals rather than throw them away, it results in low cost to produce metal items.


In the long run, this will result in low prices for metal goods like canned food. Through scrap metal recycling, there is a positive impact on the price of commodities as well as environmental sustainability.


Why Is Scrap Metal Recycling Project a Huge Environmental Benefit for Your Community?


Middlesex Scrap Metal Recycling


Scrap metal recycling is vital today in the efforts towards keeping the environment clean. This habit keeps harmful toxins away from the environment, protecting you from possible contaminants.


Undoubtedly, recycling metal is a huge environmental benefit for your community. By hiring a responsible metal recycling company like Junk King, your community is saved from the numerous environmental hazards caused by pollution. 

At Junk King, we offer various affordable client services, like a collection of ferrous metal items. We also transport both lightweight and heavy metals for storage and recycling purposes. If the metals cannot be recycled, we dispose of them in a fully eco-friendly manner. Here are some of the environmental benefits of scrap metal recycling.


Reduced Metals in Landfills


When you recycle scrap metal for money, large areas of landfills will become empty. It is pleasant to see an area clean and free of junk like discarded automobiles, heavy construction equipment, and kitchen appliances.


Such scrap metals can be an eye-sore in your community. Now that the landfills are empty because you are recycling metal, you can use the space for more attractive and productive purposes. For instance, you can build recreational areas like community parks where Middlesex residents have a good time.


You can also create a playground where various sports activities are held. This will not only make your community attractive but also more productive. 


Reduction of Toxic Conditions


Mining and refining raw materials need a lot of energy and resources compared to scrap metal recycling. When doing scrap metal recycling, you only need a few pieces of equipment that are readily available.


This lessens the need for mining, which is known to cause severe damage to the environment. It does so by creating harmful runoff, polluting groundwater, and creating higher toxicity levels on the surface and in the atmosphere. 


You must have heard of the adverse effects of mining in different parts. For instance, air quality in areas with extreme mining activities is poor. Such conditions result in respiratory tract infections that can be deadly.


Luckily, scrap metal recycling can prevent such adverse effects on your community. You will be in a good living environment with better conditions. 


Carbon Footprint Is Reduced


Through scrap metal recycling, CO2 emissions into the environment are reduced. In fact, recycling metals is one of the most effective ways of controlling these emissions.


The simple act of hiring scrap metal pick-up services can help lower the carbon footprint. As a result, there will be a healthier planet that can support healthy living for both the rich and poor. 


How To Find a Reputable Scrap Metal Recyclers in Your Area for Your Project?


self service dumpster rental services


Choosing a scrap metal recycler is more than just searching for the best location or prices. There are many other factors you should consider when searching for a scrap metal pick-up service near me. In this section, you will learn some of the things you need to consider when choosing a scrap metal recycler.


Business Environment


You shouldn’t stop your search online, do physical visits as well. You should physically visit the scrapyard to see the kind of technology they use. This is vital because you ascertain the company’s efficiency.


When you visit the scrapyard, you will also see how they run their business. If the scrap yard has the latest, high-tech equipment and advanced administration protocols, it can handle large volumes of scrap metal.


This means that your scrap metal will be handled in the shortest time possible. Such high-tech equipment is ideal for scrap metal dealing, a business that has been on the rise in recent years.


While newer equipment might be a sign of good performance, you shouldn’t rule out scrap yards just because they have older equipment.


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Such older equipment can also be a great choice, especially if you are dropping off household items. It also depends on the skills and methods these companies have. 

There are also chances that such yards have better exchange rates due to their experience in the industry.


At Junk King, we have the most sophisticated metal recycling equipment in Middlesex. We also have a team of experienced professionals that get the job done in no time. Therefore, if you are looking for the ideal metal recycling company, look for Junk King near me. 


Type of Metals Accepted


When getting rid of scrap metal from your home, you may have different types of scrap metal. Therefore, it is vital to get a scrap metal recycler that accepts many types of metals. Go for a scrap metal that accepts all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


This is beneficial, especially if you are looking to make money out of your entire haul. Ideally, a good scrap metal recycler should accept aluminum, copper, brass, steel, bronze, and iron. 


Remember that steel includes items like ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, wrecked cars, among others. At Junk King, we accept a wide range of metals. As discussed later in this guide, you will see that we are a reputable metal recycling company that accepts almost all kinds of metals.


Our highly sophisticated equipment can recycle any kind of metal, making things easier for you and your community. Therefore, when choosing a scrap metal recycler, always check the type of metals they can recycle. 


Customer Service


Customer service is crucial for any business. Excellent customer service always results in a positive experience. Therefore, before choosing a scrap metal recycler, you should take time to know their work ethic. You should also know how they handle customers.


This will help you build a rapport that could result in positive business dealings. There are scrap metal recyclers in Middlesex, but not all of them offer excellent services. You will get recyclers that claim to offer the best services, but that is not always true. 


Therefore, you should go to a trustworthy recycler with whom you can establish mutual loyalty. At Junk King, we know the importance of customers to our business. This is why we have a highly motivated customer service team that will make you feel at home.


We will discuss a possible scrap recycling business with you and come to an agreement that favors both sides. Perhaps, this is why many Middlesex residents stick with us.


Environmental Consciousness


The point of scrap metal recycling is to help keep the environment clean. Therefore, you should go for a scrap metal recycler that is conscious of the environment. Scrap metal recycling is an environmentally friendly exercise that combats waste. While most scrap metal recyclers try to keep the environment clean, some go the extra mile.


For instance, Junk King uses energy-efficient machinery and equipment, reducing fuel consumption whenever possible. By doing so, we implement various environmentally-conscious practices. Choosing an environmentally conscious metal recycler like Junk King will help prevent pollution. At Junk King, we ensure that no scrap metal ends up in landfills.


What Are the Different Types of Scrap Metals that We Can Collect from Our Projects?


If you are just starting out, scrap metal recycling can be a bit confusing. There is a wide range of scrap metal grades, classifications, and types. While this might seem irrelevant, you should know the different types of scrap metals you are dealing with.


Whether you are trying to get rid of scrap metal for extra cash or building a structure from recycled scrap metal, it is helpful that you know the different types of scrap metal. At Junk King, we deal in the following types of scrap metals. 


Ferrous Metals


These metals are by far the most recycled metals in the country. In fact, the US has sufficient ferrous metals to build 25 Eiffel Towers every single day of the year.


This is an incredibly high amount of metal. There are several ways you can differentiate non-ferrous metals from ferrous ones — the simplest being ferrous metals have magnetic properties.


The fact ferrous metal contains steel or iron makes it magnetic. Some of the common items made from ferrous metals include food wrap foils, soda cans, screen door frames, and storm windows, among others. 




We also receive and process aluminum metals at our scrap yard. Aluminum is one of the most recycled scrap metals in the country, with many people knowing its value. This type of metal can be found in storm windows, screen door frames, among others. 




Brass is another metal we receive at our scrap yard. You will find this metal around your home on various appliances. For instance, brass is used to make crockery, doorknobs, and old bed frames.


While brass is not highly valuable, it is used to produce a wide range of important equipment. Recycling this metal is crucial be because it helps keep the environment clean. 




If you use a lot of tools, you will notice that carbide in some tools such as drill bits. At Junk King, we receive and process this type of metal for recycling purposes. So, if you buy a set of tools, know that you can recycle them when they wear out. 




Lead is one of the most common types of metals. Given its demand, it requires so much energy and resources to mine. This is has pushed manufacturers into purchasing recycled lead because it is cheaper and saves time.


Lead is also a highly toxic metal that can be dangerous to the environment. Therefore, you need to be very careful when handling this metal. In the past, houses were built with lead water pipes that tend to be strong. While lead is reliable for building structures, it can be dangerous to your health.


This is why you need to get a reliable scrap metal recycler like Junk King to take care of it. 




Iron is almost everywhere. It is used to make household items like pans and pots, lawnmowers, iron railings, and swings. When this metal gets old, you can recycle it. We receive and process iron at our scrap yard in Middlesex. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to take your iron scrap metal, get in touch with us immediately.


Different Approaches on How Junk King Receives and Processes Our Materials at the Yard


Junk Removal


Junk King is by far the most reliable scrap metal recycler in Middlesex. But you might be wondering, how does Junk King recycle metals? This section will enlighten you on how Junk King Middlesex handles scrap metal.


When you bring scrap metals to our scrap yard, the first place to go is the weigh-in station. We have made it so convenient at our station that you can remain seated in your vehicle as we weigh the scrap. 


After that, you will get the weight ticket you can cash in. Apart from the many scrap metal collectors we have in Middlesex, we can also collect scrap metal through curbside recycling services. It can also be from large scrap dealers or large generators.


Remember that public and curbside recycling services only take common household metal items like cans — however, they don’t take a full range of recyclable metals. This is where Junk King comes in. 

At Junk King, we use different methods to sort and separate metal. Some of these methods include magnets, spectrometers, visual identification, and electrical currents. We ensure that metals are grouped together because they must meet certain quality standards.


Therefore, there should be no cross-contamination with other materials or metals. Highly quality metals are given preferences over low-quality ones.

Thanks to sorting, we avoid using types of scrap metals that can affect the overall quality of the products. This ensures that all the recycled metals are of excellent quality and can be reused by manufacturing companies.


We also have an advanced storage facility that we use to keep recycled metals. Cases of rusting and corrosion are completely eliminated. 




Scrap metals are inevitable. Whether it is your favorite iron box or useful refrigerator, a time will come when these items can only be reduced to scrap metal. How will you get rid of them? Can they be recycled?


Thankfully, all metals can be recycled. This means that even the heaviest of scrap metal in your home can be put to better use. 


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Junk Kingis here to ensure all your scrap metal is professionally handled and recycled. We have the equipment and personnel that guarantee efficient scrap metal recycling. If you are wondering where to take your scrap metal in Middlesex, call us on 1-888-888 (Junk).

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