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Monthly Archives: April 2022

10 Ways To Get Rid of Your Old Bed


Furniture Removal, Old bed



Having an old mattress can be challenging. It might take up space in your bedroom, making it difficult to use your new mattress. But how can you get rid of it? This comprehensive guide will enlighten you on the best ways to get rid of it. You will also find out the negative effects of using an old mattress and what to do with your old bed. Read on to learn more.


mattress recycling


Handling Your Old Bed


You wouldn’t want to have your old bed and mattress hanging around the house considering they will ruin your home’s aesthetics and the space they may take. If you just bought a new mattress, you might be looking for ways to get rid of the old one. Most people simply dump the mattress outside their homes, which is so wrong. You need to find environmentally friendly ways to deal with your old mattress. After serving you for many years, your old mattress deserves a decent send-off. Throwing it into a landfill is not a good way to dispose of it.


Mattresses play a crucial role in our lives. We rely on mattresses to get good sleep. A high-quality mattress will help get a peaceful sleep without waking up regularly throughout the night. This enables you to function better the next day, with your mind fresh and in great condition. Sleeping on a poor-quality mattress increases the risk of various health problems. One study done on 30 women and 29 men aimed to find the effects of a mattress on your sleep. All the participants spent 25 days sleeping on new medium-firm mattresses and recorded their stress levels. It was found that participants felt less stressed on the new beds with quality mattresses. Generally, they experienced better sleep quality, waking up very refreshed and re-energized. They also experienced no back discomfort which was the case with poor-quality mattresses. 


Old mattresses can worsen health conditions for people with allergies. Also, old mattresses accumulate dust mites and dead skin cells. These insects can cause great irritation, especially for those with allergies. Even though maintaining high standards of hygiene like washing the mattress regularly can help manage the problem, it will not completely fix it. This is why you have to get rid of your old mattress as soon as possible. According to the Better Sleep Council, it is advised that you replace your mattress every seven years. This is crucial because it helps prevent such health cases.


Getting a new mattress is always a brilliant idea, considering you spend a significant part of your life lying on the bed. Lack of sleep and back pain could easily be influenced by a bad mattress, making it very uncomfortable for you. After getting your much-needed new mattress, what do you do with the old one? Many American homes have old mattresses in the garage, attic, or down in the basement. The mattresses take up valuable space and end up collecting lots of dust. This is not a great way to handle old mattresses because they increase the chances of insect infestation. Mattresses that have been kept in such areas for too long can be difficult to remove. 


Instead of keeping them in that area for a long time, you should think of effective ways to get rid of them. One way you can do so is by taking them to charity organizations. Many of these organizations are accepting old mattresses, especially for sanitary purposes. They use these mattresses to create various sanitary materials. While this can be a great way to get rid of your trash, it can be difficult to remove the mattress by yourself. Similarly, having the trash picked by a local trash disposal management can be costly, time-consuming, and will require you to do a lot of manual work. This could see you sustain injuries while trying to haul off your old mattress.


At Junk King, we provide a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly mattress removal service. We simply make the removal process much easier. We have a highly skilled and trained mattress removal team that is well equipped to haul off the bed frame mattress. We do so without damaging your house in any way because there is enough manpower to handle the removal. 


Besides, we do all the heavy-lifting, giving you the chance to concentrate on other important matters. You also don’t have to be physically involved in the hauling process — all you have to do is show us where the old mattress is. After collecting your old mattress, we ensure it is safely disposed of so that it doesn’t cause any damage to the environment. We ensure that through recycling and other environmentally friendly methods. 


Full Service Junk Removal


Why Is that Old Bed Giving You Problems?


Having a good mattress is crucial if you want to stay in the best shape possible. You should prioritize getting a good quality mattress to avoid inconveniences. Unfortunately, sometimes, people fail to associate their body ailments with a bad bed frame. For instance, most people associate their shoulder or back pain with the wrong office chair or a sedentary lifestyle, not the mattress they sleep on every night. Even when the mattress gets too old, most people find it too bothersome to replace it. This shouldn’t be the case because old mattresses can harm your health. Keeping your mattress in the best condition is crucial for a comfortable sleep. While it might be easy to identify an old mattress, it sometimes takes more than a physical evaluation to know your mattress is old. For that reason, this section will discuss several negative impacts of an old bed and why it is giving you problems. 


Waking Up Tired


An old mattress will have you waking up tired even after sleeping for more than eight hours. You will feel like you haven’t slept a wink when you have spent several hours in bed. This is a very common occurrence that people with old mattresses experience every morning. It doesn’t matter how long you sleep, but if you are sleeping on an old bed, you will wake up feeling tired. This is because your body doesn’t reach the restful sleep state required for you to wake up refreshed and re-energized. There is also a wide range of other sleep disturbances you need to keep an eye on. For instance, if you have insomnia, you are likely to wake up feeling tired due to a lack of enough sleep.


Besides, a wide range of several sleep disorders can result in poor quality sleep. Therefore, you should look out for these conditions when determining the cause of poor sleep. If you establish that none of these conditions are the cause of you waking up tired, then it is likely to be your mattress. Turning, tossing, and shifting on your bed throughout the night looking for a comfortable position is a sign that you need to replace your old mattress. If you notice any of these signs, you need to get a new mattress immediately. While you do so, get in touch with Junk King for the safe disposal of your old mattress. 


You Have Sniffles


If you constantly blow your nose, sneeze, or are irritated by itchy eyes, it might not necessarily be due to an airborne allergen. The chances are, your old mattress is playing a key role in the whole situation. Dust mites in an old mattress can cause aggressive sneezing and nose blowing. These microscopic creatures love hiding in humid, warm places like mattresses and sofas. They can cause a scratchy throat, skin rashes, and postnasal drip. Thankfully, you can prevent all the effects of dust mites by topping your standard mattress with a protector. This fends off all kinds of unwanted irritants and critters. For effective results, you need to get a new mattress. This will put an end to your sneezing and nose blowing, ensuring a healthy life. 


Failing To Fall Asleep


When falling asleep becomes more difficult than it should be, you should take a good look at your mattress because it could be causing the problem. If your mattress is not supporting your spinal cord or providing the right amount of firmness, you will not fall asleep easily. An average person falls asleep between 10 to 20 minutes. If you find yourself needing several hours to find sleep, get a new mattress. An old mattress can make it very difficult for you to fall asleep; therefore, you should have Junk King haul it away after getting a new one.


The Mattress Is More than Eight Years Old


On average, a mattress should not be used for more than seven years for premium types. However, luxury mattresses can be used for more than a decade due to their high quality. Mattresses with natural latex and high-density foam tend to last longer than those with innerspring and memory foam. Such mattresses are prone to getting in bad shape as they get old. This can result in muscle stiffness and back pains. On the other hand, high-quality mattresses are ideal for those with back problems. These mattresses come with the necessary comfort and firmness needed to help you sleep peacefully. The thing is, with a good quality mattress, you can use it for quite some time without problems. However, average-quality mattresses need to be replaced after every seven years to ensure comfort.


Pains and Aches in the Morning


If you didn’t know, a bad mattress can cause body aches. If you wake every morning with nagging back and back pain, it could be due to your aging mattress. After many years of using your mattress, it gradually loses its firmness, structure, and other supportive qualities required to make you comfortable at night. Lack of these conditions will deny you the sleep you need. Therefore, if you notice signs of body ache and neck pain, get a new mattress immediately. This will go a long way in helping you get the sleep you deserve and keep your body refreshed. Remember to have your old mattress hauled away by Junk King for the best disposal. We have what it takes to guarantee an efficient mattress removal process.


Mattress Is Produces Creaks and Squeaks


If there are no visible signs of a bad mattress, you can hear them instead. Creaks, squeaks, and whines emerging from your mattress could be a sign that your bed frame is faulty. It could also be a sign that your bed springs have lost their firmness and tension. These squeaks and creaks can be so annoying when you are looking to fall asleep. When you hear such sounds, it means that your mattress is in bad condition and can no longer support your spine. In that case, you should get a new quality mattress that doesn’t produce such noises. This will go a long way in helping you get a peaceful sleep and wake up refreshed and re-energized. A new mattress supports your spine, helping the body get the rest it needs.


Mattress Is Bumpy


If your mattress looks more like lumpy mashed potatoes than a level cushioned platform, it is a sign that you need a new mattress. These signs reveal the bad shape of your mattress, meaning you cannot get quality sleep. If you can’t notice these signs by looking, you will feel them when you lay on your bed. You will feel that the center of the mattress is deeper than the edges, and several swells that make it difficult to rest your back. If you feel that your mattress is not level, it is time to get a new one. A good quality mattress will keep you comfortable all night and has a level surface. 


Feeling Lethargic Even After Eight Hours of Sleep


When a mattress is old and in bad shape, you will still feel tired after waking up. A bad mattress prevents your body from getting the necessary rest, resulting in a lack of enough energy to get through the day. Such conditions often have a huge impact on your health and general lifestyle. When you sleep, the cells heal, giving your body the energy it needs for optimal function. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body won’t have sufficient energy to work properly the next day. If you try to keep your eyes open throughout the day, your body will give in. If you ever feel your eyes drooping or constantly yawning, it is a sign that you don’t get sufficient sleep at night. You will be forced to take naps throughout the day, affecting your general life experience. This is why you should get a good quality mattress that helps you have adequate sleep and rest. 


Night Sweats


When a mattress is too hot, it causes sweating while you sleep. As a result, you will feel significant discomfort that makes it hard for you to sleep. An old mattress increases the chances of night sweating due to its bad state. Therefore, if you often experience high temperatures while sleeping, it is time you got a new mattress. With a good-quality mattress, you don’t have to worry about night sweats and discomfort. 


How To Dispose of an Old Bed


So, you have decided to get rid of your old bed but you are not sure of the right disposal method. While you might want to avoid throwing the old mattress in a landfill, the disposal alternatives might be more challenging than they seem. Donating and recycling old mattresses looks like a straightforward process, but implementing the actual task can be tricky. For instance, some charities in various states are not allowed to accept old mattresses due to the risk of bed bugs and other health risks. 


For that reason, various recycling programs have become less professional, hence a significant reduction in their availability. Some parts of the country don’t have recycling programs at all. Thankfully, there are several options you can choose from when looking to get rid of your old bed. Depending on your location and the condition of your mattress, you may be able to recycle it, donate it, or even have it hauled by Junk King. Here are some of the reliable ways of disposing of an old bed.


Infographic mattress

Try Free Mattress Recycling Programs


Several states in the country offer free mattress recycling programs. For example, in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and California, the Mattress Recycling Council is in charge of an old mattress recycling project known as ByeByeMattress. Laws in these states allow residents to drop off their old mattresses for recycling free of charge. This is a good way of getting rid of your old mattress, especially if you live in these states. However, it could be challenging for those in states that don’t offer these recycling programs. This means that the disposal cost can be high.


In addition, some cities in the United States offer full-service recycling facilities that accept almost everything. If you have other items other than your mattress, or the mattress is too large for you to move, you can have it picked up from your home. However, you will have to incur additional charges for such services. You might also be charged for dropping off box springs and mattresses. Some city programs need you to make an appointment first before your scrap metal is processed, this might take time to be realized. 


Contact Junk King


junk removal middlesex ma


Another way you can get rid of your old bed is by hiring Junk King to handle the removal process. At Junk King, we guarantee a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly mattress disposal service that is affordable and straightforward. We have an experienced team of mattress removers equipment to haul any bed or mattress, regardless of the shape or size. They also remove the mattress safely and efficiently, without damaging the walls or any part of your house. Furthermore, we have enough manpower to do all the heavy lifting. 


This gives you time to focus on other activities going on. After collecting your mattress, we will ensure it is safely disposed of in a proper recycling facility. This ensures that the old mattress doesn’t cause any damage to the environment. At Junk King, we have made mattress recycling our priority. This is because used mattresses are highly recyclable. They can be put to better use instead of ending up in landfills. Mattresses are made from highly reusable materials like polyurethane and steel, which have a high market value.


What To Do With That Old Bed


So, you have an old bed in your home that you no longer use. What do you do with it? There are several things you can do with an old bed mattress. Below are ideas of what you can do with an old bed.


Sell It

If you are looking to make extra money, you should consider selling your old mattress, especially if it is still in usable condition. For the best returns, have it cleaned by a professional before putting it up for sale. A thorough cleaning service will cost you an average of $50. Once the mattress is looking great and attractive, post it online for sale. There are several platforms where you can sell your second-hand products including Craigslist. Ensure that you use a high-quality picture of the mattress. You can use several pictures showing its condition and give a detailed description of its current condition. By doing so, you will attract more buyers who will be willing to pay higher prices for it. 


In the description, you should note its brand, firmness levels, and other crucial features. If possible, you should indicate the price you bought the mattress. Indicating the purchase price is important because it shows the legitimacy of your post. If you cannot sell it online, try exploring second-hand shops in your locality. You can get lucrative deals in such shops due to demand. Selling your old mattress is one of the best ways to get rid of it.


Give It Away


Giving your mattress away is a better way of getting rid of the mattress than throwing it in a landfill. You will be surprised by the number of people looking for free second-hand mattresses. To get such people, you can speak to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives. Ask them if they might be interested in taking the old mattress off your hands. Alternatively, you can share a message on the community board at your condo complex or community board. It is also a good idea to share the message on websites like Freecycle and Nextdoor. You will come across many potential recipients willing to take your mattress. After identifying an ideal recipient, ask them to come to pick it up from your home. 


If you are not willing to go through the process of identifying a recipient, you can turn to the recycling facilities near you. For instance, platforms like ByeByeMattress help locate mattress recycling facilities near you. If possible, you can have your old mattress cleaned by a professional before giving it away. Remember that it is not compulsory to clean the mattress, especially if you are giving it away for free. By giving away your old mattress, you create space in your home that you can use for important purposes. For example, if the mattress was occupying most of the attic, you can use the space for a better purpose. 


Donate To a Charity


Several charity organizations accept donations in the form of old mattresses. Furniture Bank, Salvation Army, and other charities will gladly take in your old mattress as a donation. Remember that some states offer income tax deductions for every donation you make. Therefore, if your old mattress is still in usable condition, you should think of taking it to a local charity. Given that this is a charity mission, you should try to ensure that the mattress is in good condition and free of stains. Mattresses in poor conditions might not be accepted. 


Keep in mind that only specific charity organizations accept old mattresses as donations. Organizations like Goodwill don’t accept mattresses even when they are in great condition. Therefore, you need to identify a charity organization that accepts such donations. You can call a local charity and inquire if they accept old mattresses. If they do, you can ask them to come and collect it from your home. Donating is an effective and compassionate way of getting rid of your old mattress.


Recycle It


Did you know you can recycle your old mattress? Mattresses are made up of 75% recyclable materials. Unfortunately, most of the old mattresses in the United States end up in landfills. This shouldn’t be the case when Junk King can help you recycle them. Get in touch with us to have our team collect your old mattress for recycling. We offer very affordable prices and you will find our services highly effective. Besides, we have highly sophisticated equipment that guarantees the safe removal and disposal of old mattresses.


Create Art


It is also possible to create art out of your old mattress. If you have the skills to get crafty, you can reuse your old mattress as a canvas for an upcoming art project. Whether disassembled or whole, mattresses allow you to get creative. You don’t have to be crafty to explore this idea. Searching the internet will give you some ideas on how to get crafty. You can also choose to get an artist to create art out of your old mattress. Some of the most popular crafty ideas include making a couch swing and an outdoor chandelier for patios. It is also possible to make business decor from an old mattress, the possibilities are endless.


Disassemble and Use the Parts


Apart from getting crafty, you can also disassemble and use the old mattress yourself instead of taking it to a recycling facility. A mattress comes with a wide range of components that can be very useful to anyone with a creative mind. If you are a seamstress or sewer, you might find the fabric or buttons from an old mattress very useful. You can also use the stuffing to make new pillows or reupholster furniture. This is a great way of improving the texture and quality of your home or office furniture. Those with craftsman skills might be interested in the wood that comes from the bed frame. The wood can also be very useful for your next campfire. The metal springs found in mattresses can be used creatively as wine bottle holders. This is a great way of utilizing your old mattress instead of having it thrown in landfills. You help keep the environment clean by putting it into good use.


Donate It To Pet Rescue Centers


Humans aren’t the only ones that can benefit from an old mattress. Apart from donating it to charity organizations, you might want to confirm with local animal shelters and see if they would take it. Old mattresses are very useful in animal shelters because they can be turned into beds for small pets. Similarly, a dog daycare might also be interested in using your old mattress. Explore your options and see who might need the mattress. If you don’t find anyone, tap into your creative skills and convert the old mattress into your dog’s armchair. You can use several tutorial videos online to create a perfect dog chair. Your pet dog or cat will sit comfortably, making use of your old mattress. Doing so helps prevent pollution of the environment caused by poor mattress disposal


Donate To a Church or Shelter


If you weren’t successful in finding a charity organization, you can donate your old mattress to a church or shelter. Women’s shelters, homeless shelters, or even disaster relief centers might need mattresses. However, you need to ensure that the old mattress is thoroughly cleaned before donating it. Many churches in the country will accept old mattresses for a mission to help those in need. Similarly, when donating your old mattress to a church, ensure it is in great condition. If you can’t find any of these options in your area, try contacting organizations like Donation Town which helps people identify donation centers. 


Reuse for Children’s Playtime


Instead of throwing the old mattress away, you can reuse it in your backyard. If you have kids, you might convert the mattress into a fascinating play area. Besides, an old mattress can be a cheap alternative for trampolines that kids always want. An old mattress can be anything your child has always wanted and making that a reality can be very helpful. If you decide to go with this option, ensure the mattress is thoroughly cleaned to get rid of any possible insects. You should ensure it is in excellent condition to avoid possible injuries. 


Compost It


Recycling your old mattress is a great effort towards making the environment green. You can take the recycling process a step further by using the old mattress to enhance your compost. Both the stuffing and wood in an old mattress can be used to create a sizable composite pile in the backyard. Besides, you can repurpose the wood slats of your bed frame and create an actual bin for the compost. It is also helpful to use cotton stuffing or foam padding in old mattresses to protect the compost from harsh climatic conditions. This helps keep the pile warm, speeding up the composting process.


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Hire Junk King For the Best Mattress Removal Services


If you are looking for the best mattress removal service, get in touch with Junk King today. We have what it takes to guarantee an effective mattress removal process. Our highly experienced team of removers is fully insured and licensed. We also have high-quality equipment that guarantees an efficient junk removal process in one trip.

Junk King Helps With Closet Decluttering

Do you remember what your empty closet look like when you first moved in? It was probably one of the features you look at when deciding on your home. Regardless of the size, an empty closet always looks big enough to hold whatever you need to store way. Of course, it doesn’t take much time for closet to be overrun with stuff. If your closet has reached “maximum capacity,” then it might be time to take on a little decluttering. That will require you devoting time to sorting and scheduling of removal session with Junk King Boston.

Valuable Sorting

The time you devote to sorting through your closet will be extremely valuable. First of all, you will make decisions about the kinds of things that you want to keep and get rid of. The more you get rid of, is year it will be to organize everything that remains. You will also no doubt discover a lot of items that you forgot you had. Those are be great to put into circulation for the first time! They were probably be a bunch of other random items you can classify as rubbish to get rid of all together.

Once you sorting time is complete you can schedule your session with Junk King. It doesn’t matter if you are getting rid of a huge amount for just a few things. Junk King is going to send over a team of movers for the job. This is the crew that will pick up everything right spot. You do not have to gather everything and bring it downstairs. The Junk King crew will go to where the rubbish is!

Anything that you are getting rid of that can be used again can also be donated to a charity. That is part of the Junk King removal service. The best approach for decluttering your closet is to set up a removal session with Junk King Boston. One call makes it happen.

The Best Approach For Computer Disposal

Whenever you upgrade to a new computer you will transfer the data from the old computer. That will instantly make your old computer obsolete. This should be nothing left on that old computer that is of any value to. At that point, the old computer is just taking up space in your home. However, this is the type of thing that should not be tossed out into the trash. Instead, e-waste should always be recycled at a certified facility. It might be a challenge to find that facility and make a drop off. That is why Junk King Boston can be a big help. These are the professional junk haulers who always know how to handle e-waste disposal the right way.

Less Clutter

An old desktop or laptop computer is not to take up a lot of space if you store it in a closet or out of the garage. But if it is something that you’re never going to use again, then it is considered clutter. There’s no reason to hang on to that. The same can be said for any old monitor or printer that you have also upgraded. All of that electronic gear can be turned over to Junk King crew for responsible disposal.

Even if you were getting rid of a dozen all computers that still would take up a lot of space junk truck. If that is all that you are getting rid of, then you would definitely pay the lowest price scale. However, if you have more things to get rid of, then they can be loaded up in the same session. Along with your old computers you can also clear out old furniture and appliances that you are done with. Getting rid of all that stuff to make a big difference in your home.

The best approach for old computer disposal is to let Junk King Boston handle the job from start to finish. Book your session today.

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