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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Minneapolis Refrigerator Disposal

How well do you know your municipal government? You should know them because they’re on the front line of providing you with a whole range of services that make our standard of living what it is and that’s pretty darn good.

Consider this mission statement: “The Division of Solid Waste & Recycling provides service to approximately 290,000 residents in 110,000 dwelling units. This includes all 1-4 unit residential buildings and any buildings with five or more units that contract with the City for solid waste services. Crews also collect garbage and recyclables from an additional 40 City buildings, and from 500 litter containers placed at Bus Shelters and Transtops throughout the city. Services are provided by City of Minneapolis crews, and a consortium of private garbage haulers, Minneapolis Refuse Incorporated (MRI). The City and MRI each collect from approximately half of the city.”

When it comes to large item collection, this agency has a set of regulations to adhere to: “Each customer may set out two large items per week. Burnable large items are collected weekly with the garbage. Large items that are at least 50% metal, such as aluminum storm doors and filing cabinets, are collected every other week on recycling day and delivered to a scrap metal dealer for recycling. Major appliances, such as air conditioners and refrigerators, are collected every other week on recycling day. After collection, PCB-laden capacitors and fluorescent light ballasts are removed for disposal at a hazardous waste facility. Mercury switches are removed for recycling. Freon is removed, filtered and reused in city air-conditioning equipment. The appliances are then sent to a scrap metal dealer to be recycled.”

What they are describing is the importance of the proper disposal of an item like an old refrigerator. That “after collection” phase is extremely important. Without that those hazardous materials could find a way of leaking into our water and air supply. That’s not something anyone wants to deal with.

While this is all a very noble service to provide there is a missing link. Namely, how would you get that old refrigerator out to the curb? Chances are that fridge was delivered and installed by a least two capable movers. This isn’t like a stack of papers you can bundle up and toss to the curb. If you don’t have the manpower for that type of operation then you’re going to be stuck with that ice box. You won’t have to if you call Junk King Minneapolis.

Moving a bulky item like an old refrigerator is what Junk King excels at. Their moving crew knows the proper way to lift and secure and item. Doesn’t matter if it’s going down several flights of stairs or an elevator; the Junk King Minneapolis crew can handle the gig. While they are at it, they can also help you clear out a lot more clutter from your home. Start with the fridge then move onto the closets, basements and garages. You’ll be amazed at how much you can throw out when you know you’ve got genuine help.

Minneapolis Yard Waste Removal

One of the many ways for Minneapolis residents to uncover their potential “green thumb” is to join a community garden. These are typically vacant lots or small plots of urban land that have been converted to garden use. The lots are divided up into smaller plots and each member of the community is given domain over that plot to grow whatever strikes their fancy. For apartment dwellers or folks with concrete backyards the community garden is a great way to get “dirty” and grow something great for dinner.

The Project Sweetie Pie garden at the North End Community Gardens was established to give kids a chance to reconnect to their food. By teaching kids how veggies grow they develop a stronger appreciation of the value of farm work and of eating right. The Jardin Paraiso was a community garden project that was started to provide a space for Latina women to grow produce related to their cultures. It has now evolved into a burgeoning group reaching across all kinds of social groups. That’s the great thing about community gardens; you just never know who might be watering plants next to yours.

If you’re a member of a community garden or have you own backyard that is ripe for some planting then perhaps you’ll need the help of Junk King Minneapolis. Junk King is a local Minneapolis business that is part of a national franchise of professional junk haulers who help folks with all kinds of junk removal including yard waste. It’s easy to see how Junk King could be a benefit with a community garden start up. The Junk King crew could back up their truck to the chosen lot with the instructions of “take away anything that isn’t nailed down!” In a matter of hours, the Junk King crew will have that lot cleared. That’s when the jackhammers can come in and start busting up that concrete to make room for rich soil. Once again, Junk King Minneapolis can be standing by to remove that debris without you lifting a finger.

Back at your Minneapolis home, Junk King can clear other kinds of backyard waste such as shrubs, fallen tree limbs or anything that has been abandoned back there. That can include old lawnmowers, leftover lumber, car parts and even the occasional row boat. After all that junk is removed you can treat your backyard as a blank canvas with endless possibilities for growth.

Keep in mind that just because you hire Junk King to clear up your yard waste doesn’t mean they won’t be able to take away anything else you want to toss out. In fact, the more junk the happier they’ll be! One call to Junk King Minneapolis can have you planting in time for a fall harvest. It’s the perfect way to end the summer!

Minneapolis Hot Tub Disposal

Most of us are shower people and that’s a shame. Yes, it’s quicker to hop into the shower before dashing off to work. It’s also a lot easier to get things done in terms of shampooing and scrubbing. But who doesn’t love a good soak in a tub? Usually, when we say we’re taking a bath we need to carve out about an hour’s worth of peace and quiet. It’s going to take time to fill up the tub to right volume and water temperature. Then you want to get things ready like a few well placed candles, a glass of wine and of course, some bubbles. Once you sink into the soothing waters, you can relax; that is of course if the rest of your family will cooperate. Is there an easier way to get this same kind of relaxation in a quarter of the time? It is if you have a hot tub.

A modern hot tub is engineered for convenience. When you walk through the door at the end of a hard work day, you can simply click on a remote to fire up the heat and jets. By the time you get into your swim trunks and open up your wine, the hot tub will be ready for your arrival. No bubbles but you won’t even think of those once you hit those warm waters. The outward benefits of soaking in a hot tub are immediate. Tension flies out of your muscles with every sigh. What you don’t see working is how much better your blood circulation is improving. Those warm waters open up the vessels which allow for a better flow. That’s good all around especially for bringing down high blood pressure numbers a few notches. Dipping into a hot tub just before heading to bed is also a natural sleep inducer. Put aside those sleeping pills and use the hot tub instead.

All of this tub talk is probably making you rethink the unit you’ve got sitting in your backyard. Most of the unused backyard hot tubs are items that have been left over from previous owners or merely neglected because of a broken motor. Maybe it’s time to toss out that clunker and bring in a new model. To accomplish that you’ll want to give Junk King Minneapolis a holler.

Junk King Minneapolis is part of a national franchise of junk removers who are well adept at handling big items like a hot tub. They’ll be able to fit the hot tub onto the back of their truck with no problem but first they’ll have to disassemble it. That’s going to take time. Here’s the great thing about Junk King: you’re not going to be charged an hourly rate. Instead, Junk King charges you by volume as in how much space will you take up on their truck. So even if it’s a couple of hours to break down that tub, there will be no hidden fees. The sooner you can get rid of that clunker the sooner you can get the new model in and start relaxing.

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