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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Minneapolis Junk Removal Prices – Affordable and Eco-Friendly

There’s good news and bad news for Minneapolis. The good news is that the Surly Brewing Company wants to build a new facility here. That’s going to mean lots of jobs and plenty of great beer down the line. The bad news is the parcel of land they want to build the new facility on first has to be cleaned up to the tune of 2.5 million dollars. This is a 8-acre plot of land near the light rail line of the Central Corridor. Recent surveys have found the area is polluted with all kinds of nasty toxins. It’s going to cost money to get the job done right. The Metropolitan Council is looking for the funds to get the job done while Surly is standing by to invest 20 million of their money into the building of the facility. That’s a pretty good trade off and it’s going to mean a massive cleanup effort.

Hopefully you won’t ever have to deal with a toxic cleanup site. Although there have probably been some times when you thought you were! This is especially true after a big dinner and the kitchen looks like a disaster area. Or on Christmas morning when the living room has been turned upside down. Of course, there are also the daily “hazardous sites” around your home that you have to contend with. We’re talking about a garage that is overflowing with junk or a basement crammed with unwanted furniture and boxes or a shed out back crammed with rusty car parts and lawnmowers that don’t work. The best way to manage cleanup projects like that is by calling up Junk King Minneapolis.

Junk King Minneapolis is part of a national franchise of businesses dedicated to making our lives a less clutters and a little more spacious. They get the job done by dispatching a hard working crew with a big empty truck to your property. On the scheduled removal day that crew will be doing all the work of carrying out your junk and loading it up on the Junk King truck. You don’t have to hassle with pulling anything out to the curb. The JK crew will go where you tell them the junk is. It couldn’t be simpler.

Actually, it could be simpler and that’s because of Junk King’s pricing policy. Junk King MInneapolis will only charge you based on the amount of space your junk will take up on the back of their truck. This number will be provided to you in advance from a Junk King supervisor who will make an assessment of your junk. Once that price is agreed on it’s locked in. There won’t be any “surprise” charges. When you’re ready to get rid of your junk, Junk King will be ready to help.

E-Waste Recycling in Minneapolis

Do you know what e-waste is? You should because e-waste is quickly becoming the highest volume type of trash that is thrown out each year. The city of Minneapolis defines e-waste as any item that “has a circuit board or a cathode ray tube (CRT).” Simply put that means the following: CD and MP3 players, radios, speakers, stereos, stereos receivers, remote controls, computers, monitors, laptops, CPUs, home networking devices, keyboards, mice, printers, speakers, scanners, storage devices, fax machines, cell phones, PDAs, answering machines, cordless phones, televisions, DVD players, VCRs, camcorders, game systems and satellite receivers. That’s a pretty long list. The reason why e-waste is such a high volume trash item is because all of those things are constantly being replaced and upgraded.

So, why is tossing out e-waste in the garbage a problem? It’s all those base components in the items like lead, mercury, PCB capacitors and other heavy metals. These have been deemed toxic materials and need to be properly handled otherwise they can seep into the soil and ground water and caused harm to plants, animals and folks. Not only can these items cause harm to the environment but they’re also illegal to dump in the trash in the state of Minnesota. There are a few drop off centers scattered across the region but you have to work on their schedule which might not be very convenient for someone holding down a 9 to 5 job. This doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with your e-waste; you just have to be smart with getting rid of it and the smartest choice would be to call up Junk King Minneapolis.

Junk King is the Minneapolis business that handles all kinds of junk removal. While it is true that they specialize in bulky items, Junk King also knows how to handle e-waste. They’ll make sure all e-waste that is collected from their customers ends up at a certified recycling center. There those gadgets will be dismantled and sorted. If you are getting rid of a computer, you want to make sure you’ve copied over all your data and then wipe the hard drive clean.

Along with your e-waste, Junk King Minneapolis can also help you clear out the clutter in your home. This means you can finally get rid of all those eyesores like old furniture, mattresses, appliances or vacuum cleaners. But you don’t have to stop with the stuff inside your house. Junk King can also help you remove any yard waste like piles of dirt, sod, concrete or shrubs. The bottom line is that Junk King is standing by to take away whatever you want taken away!

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