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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Junk Removal Burnsville MN

Burnsville residents are proud of their community. They also know the importance of keeping that environment clean and safe. That is why the Recycling Zone is such a busy facility. This is a recycling center in Eagan where locals can bring all their recyclables that shouldn’t go into the trash. This is certainly a good service, but it still is a drop off service. This means you need to load up your car, take the time to drive over to Eagan and make sure you’re there during business hours. What happens if you’ve got things that you can fit into your car or are too big for the car? That’s when you need to hire Junk King Minneapolis to get the removal job done right.

With Junk King on the job, you’ll be guaranteed a two man working crew and a truck large enough to load up everything you want to get rid of. This means you can toss out the really big stuff like old furniture, kitchen appliances and old televisions. Best of all, you don’t have to pick up anything. The Junk King crew will do all of that work. They’ll also make sure your junk gets recycled. Whether they’re dropping it off at the Recycling Zone or some other facility, Junk King is dedicated to keeping Burnsville “green.”

Along with your household junk, Junk King can also pitch in to help you clear up the rubbish from your yard. If you’ve got things like broken fence pieces, swing sets, tool sheds or patio furniture that need tossing out, then turn all that over to the Junk King crew.

Technically, you’ll be calling into Junk King of Minneapolis but they’ve got a fleet of trucks that make daily runs all throughout the surrounding areas. Since opening for business, this branch of Junk King has managed to shot to the top of everyone’s “favorite service company” list!

Here’s what one satisfied user had to say,

“Travis, Josh and Gabe were very professional and very friendly. They came with smiles, went right to work clearing out everything. Once the truck was loaded, they swept out the garage area and double-checked with me to make sure they had gotten everything I wanted hauled away. I would highly recommend Minneapolis Junk King to family and friends.”

There was also this comment:

“Whoever thought of your service… brilliant! When one lives in a high-rise and doesn’t have access to a truck or van, there’s no way to “get rid of stuff.” It’s convenient, quick, and easy to schedule. And the two guys who helped me were courteous and friendly.”

Clearly, Junk King is getting the job done. Are you ready to put them to work? Give them a call today to see how they can help with all your junk removal.

Maple Grove Junk Removal

Every year, the City of Maple Grove conducts a Citizen Survey. The leaders want to know what works, what doesn’t work, and how folks are getting along. According to the most recent survey, we’ve got a lot of happy folks here in Maple Grove. Consider these key findings:

‘In 2013, 96% of survey respondents rated their over all quality of life in Maple Grove as “good” or  “very good”; no respondents gave negative ratings. Almost all respondents gave positive marks to Maple Grove as a place to raise children; nearly as many said they would recommend living in Maple Grove to someone. Dimensions of quality of life such as Maple Grove as a place to work, retire and raise children remained stable from 2008 to 2013. Compared to other jurisdictions, all dimensions of quality of life in Maple Grove were rated much above the national average.”

There were also good feelings about development here in Maple City:

“Three-quarters of those surveyed gave “good” or “very good” marks to overall City planning; these ratings were much above the average for other communities in the nation. From 2008 to 2013, ratings increased for City planning of Park-and-Ride lots and recent housing development and decreased for City planning of parking. Three-quarters of respondents supported the City partnering with local youth athletic associations to fund a gymnasium facility. Six in 10 residents opposed construction of additional housing in Maple Grove for low to moderate-income residents. As in 2008, in 2013 a majority of residents supported increased development of new restaurants in Maple Grove.”

When word gets out about Maple Grove, you might just find a lot more out of town family and friends knocking on your door for a visit. This is the season to visit. Before anyone shows up with a suitcase in hand, you’ll want to make sure your home is ready. That could mean a call to Junk King Minneapolis. This is the professional junk removal service that takes care of hauling away tons of unwanted clutter from Maple Grove.

There is no end to what Junk King Minneapolis can remove from your home. Along with bulky furniture and appliances, Junk King crews have been called on to take away broken fences, construction waste and all kinds of yard rubbish. First impressions begin in the front yard and Junk King can help you get that yard in shape. They’ll also be able to make room in the spare bedroom, basement, and garage. Once you’ve gotten rid of all that clutter you’ll be able to get much better use out of those spaces. When you’re ready for Junk King, they’ll be ready for you!

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