Fire Up Your Backyard Makeover

Backyards are made for summer. Will your yard be ready for all the fun? That might mean upgrading your grill to model with more cooking space. It could mean swapping out the rusty patio furniture for more comfortable seating. Perhaps this is the season you’ll finally get around to planting that veggie garden. All that can happen when you start by hiring Junk King Minneapolis. This is the squad who is going to clear away all the rubbish from your yard and help you fire up that makeover.


Just as with the inside of your home, your yard can often become a depository for all kinds of unwanted items. This is where all the leftover construction materials go from those home improvement projects. It’s also were you keep your lawnmower that hasn’t worked for years. You might even have piles of stones and pavers removed from a walkway. Obviously, you can’t throw this stuff out in the trash. It is either too heavy or too bulky. That is where Junk King Minneapolis can lend a hand. The same team that would be sent over to clean out your garage can also work wonders around your backyard.

In the past, the Junk King crews have been tapped to take down swing sets and tree forts. They’ve removed fencing and dismantled woodsheds. They even have taken down above ground pools and carted away hot tubs. Bottom line: Whatever you have in your backyard that you want gone, Junk King Minneapolis can take it away.

Of course, you can also put that same crew to work around the inside of your home. That moving crew can clear out your garage and take away all the clutter from your closets. Everything will be loaded onto the back of the truck and taken away for responsible disposal. That will often require Junk King to make extra stops at recycling center or charity organizations but that’s not a problem for them. They would much rather make those stops then drop stuff off at a dump. That is just how Junk King rolls. If this is the summer you want to transform your backyard and clear away all your home clutter, then put Junk King to work today.