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Remove Old Bikes And Rubbish From Your Home Today

A trash compactor is a terrific appliance that allows you to get more trash into a little space. It’s the same concept used on a larger scale at many salvage yards. It is easy to store old cars once they’ve been crushed into “pancake” size. Too bad they don’t make industrial compactors for home use. You could certainly maximize a lot of your storage space that way. Until they make a compactor for your home junk, you can always rely on a company like Junk King Minneapolis to clear every everything from old bikes to unwanted furniture. It can all go away with one Junk King session.


Right off the top of your head, how many things would you like to finally get rid of from your home? You might already know there is a recliner or couch down in the basement that has to go. Those old bikes in the garage are taking up too much space. There could also be other furniture pieces from upstairs that you’d like to replace. Now, literally go through every room in your home and take the time to go “deeper” with your junk list. You might discover there are a lot more things you can get rid of. That is especially true if your start digging into your closet and garage. Now you have an impressive amount of junk that needs to be removed and that’s when Junk King comes into play.

Junk King is going to send over a moving crew who is going to do all the heavy lifting and stair climbing it takes to get all your junk items onto a truck. They don’t want you moving anything. When the crew is down taking all the things out of your home, you can ask them to pick up all the items you want gone from around the yard. Think of this as a junk removal tsunami.

Everything that you’re getting rid of won’t automatically get trashed in a dump. There might be some ways to repurpose those items. To accomplish that, Junk King will make special drop offs to charities or recycling centers. It’s all part of the service. Getting rid of old bikes and other junk is easy when you give that job to Junk King Minneapolis.

Get Your House Ready For A Graduation Party

Do you have a high school senior graduating this year? Maybe you’ve got a college grad that is bringing home a diploma. In either scenario, there is a good reason to throw a party. It is a major accomplishment that should be celebrated with family and friends and the best place for that is your home. Here’s how to get your house ready for a graduation party:


Rent Chairs & Tables

Once you’ve locked down a possible headcount, you can expect those numbers to go up. All of this means you’ll need a place for everyone to sit and hang out. The chairs you have in your home might not cover everyone. There are plenty of party rental services in Minneapolis that can provide you with chairs and tables. They’ll drop everything off the day before which should give you plenty of time to set up the party area.

Consider Catering

If you’re throwing a party, then you’ll want to feed your guests. However, this is the type of party where simple is best. When you add up the costs of what you would spend on food and add in the time it would take to prep it all, you might discover that getting several trays of tasty treats from a local restaurant or caterer is a much better approach. This will also free you up from being in the kitchen for the whole party.

Rent a Portable Toilet

If you’re throwing your graduation party in the backyard and you’re going to have 40 or more guests, then you should give serious consideration to renting a portable toilet. These units can be placed in your driveway and will arrive totally clean. You can even decorate them to fit in the party theme. The alternative is that all 40 of those guests will be going through your home and using your bathroom at some point. Can your plumbing take the pressure?

Remove Rubbish

To make room for your party you’ll want to get rid of all the rubbish. We’re not just talking about the junk mail and old magazines but the big stuff like the swing set in the backyard or the rusty patio furniture. All of that can be turned over to Junk King Minneapolis. These are the junk clearing experts who can sweep through your yard and home and take out all the bulky and heavy items you want gone. Think of the difference that can make. One session with Junk King Minneapolis will go a long way towards getting your home ready for a big graduation party.

Have Junk King Minneapolis Help with your Office Clean Out

The Junk King Minneapolis brand began humbly, an idea between two friends that grew and developed into a nationally acclaimed junk removal business. What sets us apart from the competition is our eco-friendly approach and high dedicated to safety regulations. Each of our employees is passionate about the environment and maintaining safe work spaces in every home.

Countless Minneapolis homeowners have utilized our services to clear out unwanted items and declutter their homes. Business professionals have also found our services useful when clearing out offices. Whether you are preparing for a big move or simply doing some spring cleaning, it is important to trust the trained professionals rather than attempt a major decluttering job yourself.

Safety Hazards

Every Junk King Minneapolis employee is trained and covered by Workman’s Compensation, allowing homeowners to rest easily knowing they will not be faced with unexpected charges should an accident happen onsite. Each work space is decluttered prior to the main job and employees insist on well-lit and comfortable spaces.

Employees wear safety goggles, gloves, and slip-resistant shoes when completing a job in a home or office setting. Junk King employees will not hesitate to address any concerns you may have about safety hazards onsite and will ease your anxiety. Commitment to safety is only one of the many things that has made Junk King Minneapolis one of the top choices in the city for junk removal, and the number one choice in North America.

Environmentally Conscious Approach

Do you have reusable or recyclable items? Many homeowners are unaware that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” much less that their unwanted or unneeded knickknacks might be able to help the planet. Fortunately, Junk King is committed to eco-friendly junk removal. We take it upon ourselves to recycle as many items as we can, rather than simply discarding them. While you might not see the importance of your old clutter, which is just taking up space, your old junk can help to create a greener and cleaner Minneapolis.

Some 60% of items found in our customer’s homes and offices are valuable from an environmental perspective. We recycle or reuse more than half of what we find in customers’ homes and offices. We are prompt about removal and just as prompt to find a new use for your junk.

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