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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Tips For Organizing A Block Party

There are some people who go for years without knowing who their neighbors are. Other folks know every family on the block and might even be close friends with them. Everyone else falls in between; you might know a few neighbors but never had the chance to really get to find out about them. A block party can change all that. It’s a wonderful summer tradition where literally everyone on a particular block participates in a big outdoor picnic. Have you thought about having a block party in your neighborhood? Here’s how to get organized.


Get a Co-Pilot

To pull off a block party, someone needs to be in charge. If that is going to be you, then you want to get yourself a “co-pilot.” This is someone who will share in the organizing responsibilities with you. It’s always good to bounce ideas off each other. Obviously, you’ll want to involve everyone on the block in the planning but there still needs to a team leader.

Set Up Group Email

Gathering everyone’s email and sending out updates/requests will be a lot easier than trying to organize meetings with everyone in attendance. Your neighbors will appreciate you taking charge and making it easy for them to sign up for things. Start with the understanding that you’re literally having a party in the middle of the street. That means you’ll need tables, chairs, grills and all the party supplies. This isn’t a formal sit down dinner. There’s nothing wrong with breaking out leftover birthday party plates!

Plan the Day

Block parties are really about neighbors coming together and having fun. The menu is easy: pot luck buffet. You’ll want to designated a time for the party to start and when the food will be ready. Since you’ll probably be grilling, you can get that action fired up when at the beginning and when the dogs and burgers are ready, it’s time to eat. In between, there could be some fun activities for the kids like a pickup game of dodgeball or badminton on a front lawn. You can even have some relay races for the whole family to get involved in.

Clear Out Rubbish

A block party is kind of like an open house but instead of going inside, everyone will be outdoors. That means you’ll want to get your home’s exterior in as good as shape as possible. A yard debris clearing session with Junk King Minneapolis can help with that. The Junk King crew will be able to clear out all kinds of yard waste, planters and anything else that is an eyesore in the front or back of your house. That can make a big difference around your property. Let Junk King Minneapolis help you get your home ready for a block party with some major yard debris cleanup.

Efficient Junk Haulers For Minneapolis

Our homes are full of technology that we take for granted. Over the years, we’ve grown accustomed to devices like a microwave or Blu-Ray player but when you stop to think about just what is happening with these gadgets it is quite amazing. The microwave lets you blast a frozen food and have it ready for eating in minutes. The Blu-Ray player extracts information from a flat disc that lets you want a movie in surrounded sound. It’s all rather amazing and efficient. Just a few pushes of a button gets the job done. There are some other efficient services that you can utilize in your home but some of those require manual labor help. Consider when you need to get rid of rubbish and clutter from your home? The most efficient way to accomplish that task is to hire the junk haulers from Junk King Minneapolis.


The first thing to know about the junk haulers working for Junk King is that this is their full-time job. These aren’t random recruits who show up for a day’s work. They are professional mover who are licensed and insured. They also have a lot of experience with the practice of lifting heavy objects. There are all kinds of “tricks of the trade” that movers use to cart off heavy objects. These can involve dollies, straps or just plain muscle power. The common bond is that when the Junk King junk movers carry out an item from your home, they’re going to do it with the utmost care.

Junk King is also efficient when it comes to scheduling. They don’t want to waste a single minute of your time. They know they you might be using your day off to supervise a pickup. The goal is to get you back to your day as quickly as possible. That is why Junk King only asks that you set aside a two-hour window for the appointment. That will give the junk haulers ample time to get between locations and still have time to load up all the things you want to get rid of.

For efficient junk removal you don’t have to look any further than the Junk King Minneapolis junk haulers. Put them to work today.

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