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Monthly Archives: March 2022

Use Junk King For Hoarder Cleanup

When the rubbish around your property has gotten a bit out of hand it could be classified as a “hoarder situation.” That doesn’t mean authorities have to be called in but it does mean it is time to get all of that unwanted rubbish cleared out for good. It could just mean that you haven’t had the help or support needed for this type of cleanup. That help can be provided with one call to Junk King Minneapolis. These are the junk hauling professionals that can make any amount of rubbish disappear once and for all.

Whatever It Takes

Every Junk King appointment is staffed by two movers. That is the standard complement of team members that can handle the vast majority of removal assignments. However, when there is a situation with an extra amount of stuff to clear out Junk King could bring in additional help. Whether it takes two movers or six to clean out your property you will still pay a flat rate. That rate will always be determined by how everything fits on to the back of the truck. One price covers all the labor, transportation and disposal. The goal for Junk King is to pack up everything as tightly as possible so that you can pay a fair and competitive price for the service.

The level of cleanup the Junk King can provide covers the entire property. That means anything from inside or outside of the home. Even if there are things that need to be broken up or taken apart in order to fit on the truck, the Junk King team will take care of that aspect as well.

The best approach for a hoarder level cleanup is to give that job to Junk King Minneapolis. Call to discuss the cleaning options today.

The Fast Way To Remove An Old Hot Tub

As you look out on your backyard might be one particular object that you wish you could just “link” away. That would be an old hot tub that has been sitting unused for some time. It could also be something that you “inherited” from the previous owner. No matter the reason for it not being used, it is taking up valuable space in your backyard. Thankfully, there is a team standing by that can remove that old hot tub without you lifting a finger. That team can be accessed with one call to Junk King Minneapolis.

Certainly A Challenge

No one will dispute that removing an old hot tub is certainly a challenge. This is where experience and problem solving skills come into play. And the team that will be assigned to your session will have both of those skills in abundance. Once the Junk King crew assesses the situation they will know just what has to be done in order to fit that hot tub onto the back of the truck. It will most likely mean taking it apart piece by piece down to the tub shell itself. All of that work will be included in the flat rate. That flat rate will be based on volume and not weight. That will certainly make a big difference with this type of job.

The flat rate also covers the labor. You don’t have to worry about watching the clock when Junk King is on the job. However, they will always strive to make a job like this go by as quickly as possible. They know how valuable your time is and do not want to waste a minute.
The best approach for getting rid of an old hot tub remains turning that job over to the team from Junk King Minneapolis.

Avoid Dumpster Overflow at Your Business With Our Help

The last thing your business needs is an excess of items in your dumpster, trash bins, and other receptacles.  An overflow of trash, recyclables, and other items will draw attention from rodents, insects, and other animals.  The solution is to reach out to Junk King Minneapolis for assistance with dumpster overflow and junk removal.  

Addressing Garbage Overflow the Right Way

An overflow of trash and other items around your dumpster or other containers will cause a litany of problems.  For one, overflowing dumpsters are an eyesore that will undoubtedly send prospective and current customers or tenants in the direction of competing businesses.  There is even the possibility that you will be fined by your local municipality for the garbage overflow.  Add in the fact that overflowing dumpsters create a nasty odor and attract rodents and there is even more reason to have these areas cleaned up by our professional junk haulers in Minneapolis. 
Though filling up dumpsters, trash bins, recycling containers and other receptacles is necessary at every business regardless of its size, industry or niche, allowing an excess to accumulate is a negative for your company as well as your surrounding community.  If your dumpster is at, near or beyond capacity, do the smart thing by reaching out to Junk King for assistance.  We will clear out any trash or large items junking up your business, providing you with a fresh start that boosts your company’s curb appeal as well as its cleanliness.

Consider the Ramifications of Leaving Your Dumpster As Is

Though you could certainly leave your overflowing dumpster in its current condition, doing so will cause all sorts of problems for your business, your customers, neighboring businesses and even the surrounding community.  Think back to the last time you walked by your overflowing dumpster or that of another business or homeowner.  Junk King Minneapolis will remove all kinds of items including:

  • Broken equipment
  • Food remnants
  • Yard debris
  • Large items that do not fit in the dumpster

The sight of an overflowing dumpster on or near your property will steer potential clients away and also deter prospective hires from giving serious consideration to a job offer at your business.  The solution is to tap into the power of our junk removal services.  We haul away all the junk that accumulates around your dumpsters to ensure it doesn’t attract animals or spread bacteria that causes illness.

Act Now Before Your Dumpster Becomes a Major Problem

In an ideal world, your business’s dumpster would be emptied long before it reaches its capacity.  However, we can’t always predict the amount of trash that will be tossed out at a community or business.  Our junk haulers are here to eliminate the excess contents surrounding your dumpster, setting the stage for you to remove even more junk, garbage and other random items in the days and weeks ahead. 
Bigger Trucks
Though your dumpster will eventually return to full capacity, all you have to do is give us a call anytime things get out of hand.  If you need any other junk removed aside from that around your dumpster, simply point us in the direction of the items you want hauled away and our team will get to work, clearing out all the excess from your business, home or other site.  We remove junk from the interior and exterior of businesses and homes of all sizes.

Junk That Doesn’t Fit in the Dumpster

Your business or tenants may find certain items do not fit inside the dumpster as they are too wide, long or heavy.  Our junk haulers are here to address those egregiously large or heavy items on your behalf.  
So don’t try to fit an extraordinarily large or heavy item into your dumpster, causing it to overflow.  Instead, point our team in the direction of the item in question along with your dumpster and we will perform the haul on your behalf.  The end result will be an empty dumpster ready for additional filling and also an invaluable peace of mind.

Dumpster Waste Removal You can Feel Good About

Our junk haulers take pride in performing the greenest possible elimination of waste.  Rely on our crew to haul away all the junk in your dumpster and we will do everything within reason to dispose of the material in a green manner.
Our green junk removal is revered for the following reasons:

    • It benefits the environment
    • It helps to protect wildlife
    • It preserves the planet for future generations of humanity

Though we can’t guarantee that every single item in the dumpster will be recycled or repurposed, we will take the measures necessary to obtain utility out of the items in question.  Instead of driving directly to the closest landfill, we take the road less traveled, opting for eco-friendly disposal you can feel good about.

Contact Junk King Minneapolis Today

Our junk hauling specialists are here to get rid of your junk once and for all.  Reach out to us today to schedule the removal of unwanted items from your business or home.  You can reach our junk haulers by phone at (612) 345-9058.  You can also reach us online through our web-based contact form.
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