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Bring In Junk King To Bring Out The Old Refrigerator

If a home has two refrigerators, it is by design. If there is space, then setting up a second refrigerator in the garage or down the basement makes practical sense. It’s a great way to buy food in bulk and keep it frozen. It is especially helpful with larger families. However, accommodating two refrigerators means two working refrigerators. When a refrigerator breaks down and needs to be replaced, the old appliance becomes obsolete. That has to be removed right away. This is a task that the crew from Junk King Minneapolis can take care of from start to finish.

The Removal Path

If you’re old refrigerator disposal will be handled by two junk King crew members. This is the team that has a lot of moving experience. They know the best removal path for a bulky item like this. The goal is not to scratch up floors or scruff up doorframes. The Junk King team will treat your home with the utmost respect.

Along with being careful, the crew is also fast. They can load that refrigerator onto the back of the Junk King truck in less time than it takes you to brew a cup of coffee. Once the fridge is on the back of the truck, you can declare the job is finished. Junk King had no problem removing single items. That also means you will pay the minimum price for the service. That price is always determined by how everything fits onto the truck. The less room your stuff takes up, the less you will pay.

When you need to get rid of an old refrigerator, it must happen fast and at a great price. That is what Junk King Minneapolis is all about. So put them on the task today.

Clean Out Your Cabinets With Help From Junk King

When was the last time you organized your kitchen cabinets? To take care of that task, you need to remove every item from the cabinet to decide whether it should stay or go. Once everything is out of the cabinets, you can wipe down the shelves. At that point, you can decide what goes back into the cabinets. This will be your chance to organize that area to make a more efficient kitchen operation. What doesn’t make it back into the cabinets can be turned over to the team from Junk King Minneapolis. These are the professional junk haulers that can help you clear away your unwanted kitchen clutter in no time at all.

Easy Removal Work

getting rid of clutter from your kitchen would be considered easy removal work for the Junk King team. They will still send over a team of movers for the task regardless of how much you want to get rid of. It helps to have that team on “standby.” Because you never know what you might be inspired to get rid of. Once you clear out the clutter from your cabinets, you may also want to remove unwanted furniture from down the basement or up on the second floor. That can all happen in the same session with Junk King. All you have to do is tell the Junk King crew what you want cleared away, and they will handle the task.

Before anything goes on to the truck, the Junk King team will provide you with a written estimate. That estimate will always be determined by how everything fits on the truck. The less space your stuff fills up, the less you will have to pay. Junk King Minneapolis makes clearing out the clutter from the house affordable and easy. So put them on the job today.

Purge Your Old Inventory with Junk King’s Help

Purge Your Old Inventory with Junk King’s Help

If you’re like a typical business owner, you have a cabinet or even an entire space devoted to old stuff. This may be inventory to sell if you’re in retail, or it could be extra supplies if you offer a service. Whatever it may be, there are a few reasons you may have kept all of these items. However, there does come a time when you have to ask yourself if keeping old inventory is really worth it. What are you getting from these things that justifies the amount of space they’re taking up?

At some point, you’re going to need to purge this old inventory. When that time comes, Junk King is here to help. We work with many business owners in Minneapolis to get rid of junk, including old inventory, office furniture, and remodeling debris. Let’s take a look at how old inventory builds up, why you might want to keep some of it for a short period of time, and how Junk King Minneapolis can help you reclaim this space.

Why Do You Have Leftover Inventory?

There can be a number of reasons why you have leftover inventory. The biggest reason is that it just didn’t sell. You may have had items on the shelves for years that haven’t moved. At some point, you have to decide whether to leave them there in the hope that someone will buy them or pull them. Often, stores put these items on clearance to try to get them out the door, but even then, you may find that they just don’t match what your audience needs or wants.

Another reason to have leftover inventory is over-ordering or producing. You may have over-anticipated the demand for a product, or maybe a product sold out and you restocked only to find that the second wave doesn’t move. This can happen if the product is something people typically only need one of.

Following trends can lead to leftover product, especially if you’re late to the trend. Products that flew off the shelves for others may not move for you at all if you come in at the end of the trend. It’s unfortunate, but it does happen fairly often. Trends can be very costly.

Retailers also often have inventory left after the holidays. You may have stocked up on specific holiday products and, while they may have sold well, you may have some left over. Some of these products might be stored for next year, but some may not be marketable again. For example, Christmas tree ornaments that have the year on them are not likely to sell in the future.

Why Do You Have Leftover Inventory?

Should You Keep Old Products?

Now that you know why you might have old inventory laying around, the biggest question is should you keep it? Is there any reason to keep these old items, or should you call a junk removal service to get rid of them? In some cases, you may want to keep the products. If you have seasonal items that you can likely sell next year, it might be worth keeping them. Holiday wrapping paper, for example, is something people will need to buy again.

On the other hand, there’s no point in keeping anything that cannot be used again. This includes any product that has an expiration date on it, especially if you know the product won’t be in demand until after that date has passed. Food, over-the-counter medication, and anything else that could expire should be thrown away once they expire.

Products that are no longer trendy could be hit or miss. In some cases, that trend could come back. The biggest downside here is that you don’t know if it will be back in a few years or a few decades. You may not have space to keep items that long, especially if the items in question take up a lot of space.

When Should You Get Rid of Old Inventory?

Every business keeps old inventory for a little while. You don’t always know when something is going to sell, especially if it’s a product that you know has done well in the past. You hold on to it, hoping that it will eventually fly off the shelves. You might also keep inventory that you feel strongly in. Maybe you invested a good amount of money in it, or maybe you really think it will sell eventually. You want to make sure it has enough time for customers to see the product and become interested in it.

However, there comes a time when you have to make some hard decisions about the amount of old inventory you keep. The first step would be to get rid of anything that has expired. There may not be any point in even waiting until the expiration date passes if it’s something that you know customers won’t use right away. For example, few people go through a full can of baking spray. They’re likely to use the same can off and on for a few months, depending on how much they bake. Customers aren’t going to want to buy a can that expires in a week unless they’re about to bake a lot of cakes.

Some products may slowly start to degrade over time. Again, these have an expiration date built in, so you won’t want to keep them for too long. Take a look at the state of the products. Would a customer see the product and feel like it was a good purchase, or does it look so worn that they wouldn’t even buy it on sale? These items need to be tossed. The same is true for anything damaged. There’s no reason to keep broken inventory.

Other kinds of inventory require more, though. Is it something fairly large and bulky? You may not want it taking up all that space. Is it dated or something that is no longer trendy? It might not become popular again for years, if ever. VHS tapes, for example, are never going to be popular again. Some may be highly sought after by collectors, but that’s likely not your target audience. Even DVDs no longer sell that well. There’s no point in keeping outdated products.

For inventory that you’ve had for a while, the biggest question is how much space it takes up and how much space you have. If you’ve got a small backstock room, you likely can’t afford to keep too much. You’ll need space for incoming inventory, so older products will need to be removed often.

Junk King Can Help You Get Rid Of Your Old Inventory

What Do You Do with Old Inventory?

Once you decide some old products need to be purged, there are a few things you can do. First, you may have the option to return them to the manufacturer. There may be a number of terms and conditions on this, though, so be sure you understand the return policy. Second, if you made the product yourself, you may be able to dismantle some or all of it and reuse the components. This can be a good way of at least regaining some of your investment. Third, you could donate the products. This is a good option for food that is nearing its expiration date. As long as it’s still edible, you could donate it to a local food pantry or soup kitchen.

However, if none of those is an option, you can call a junk hauling company like Junk King Minneapolis. We take a wide variety of junk, including old products and other inventory. We’ll haul away large items such as furniture and appliances as well as trash and other types of debris. Our one rule is that we can’t take anything that’s classified as hazardous materials.

Why Use Junk King?

What sets Junk King apart from other junk hauling companies? There are a few things. First, we do all of the work. You show us the old inventory you want us to haul away, and we will take it from your store out to the truck. You don’t need to move any of it, even if it’s really heavy or bulky. Our crew is trained to safely remove large appliances and awkwardly shaped furniture, so you don’t have to worry about that. We’ll also haul away debris from a business remodel.

Second, we don’t just haul everything to the dump. We do sort out items that can be recycled or donated. If you have inventory that’s still usable, we will see to it that those items are passed on to a local organization that can use them or get them to those in need. If the products you have are made from recyclable materials, we will look for a local recycling company that can recycle them. Our end goal is to keep as much out of landfills as possible, and we’re proud to say that between recycling, donating, and transferring junk to transfer stations, we’re able to redirect a large amount away from the dump.

Whether you have a large amount of old inventory you need to get rid of or are a homeowner with a few old pieces of furniture you want out of your garage, Junk King Minneapolis is here to help. Call us today at 1-888-888-JUNK or send us a text to 1-737-888-5865.

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