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Responsible Bulk Item Removal

Sometimes, unwanted items have a way of finding themselves out on the curb. If there is a sign attached to the item that says “free,” then it is clear that whoever put it there has no intention of picking it up again. They have abdicated their responsibility and now leaves it for the neighborhood to handle. That kind of illegal dumping can set off a chain reaction of dumping discarded items. Clearly, this is not the best approach for that kind of bulk item removal. The responsible approach this type of job would be to turn it over to Junk King Minneapolis. These junk hauling pros excel in bulk item removal.

No Lifting for You

The reason you have been “stuck” with a bulky item is because you can’t lift it on your own. Even if you did manage to get help to bring the item out of the house it still needs to be disposed of in a responsible manner. That would involve loading the item onto a truck. With Junk King on the job there won’t be any lifting for you. The Junk King team handles all the work from start to finish. All you have to do is designate exactly what you want removed in the Junk King team will take care of the rest.

Junk King will also take care of the responsible disposal of that item. In some instances, a bulky item like a sofa or recliner could be donated to a charity and put to use again by family need. There might be other instances where a bulky item could be recycled and repurposed that way. Whatever the option, the Junk King crew will automatically take care that as part of their complete bulky item removal service.

You won’t have to be concerned how heavy that bulky item when it comes to pricing. That is because Junk King never charged by the pound. Instead, they charge a flat fee that will be based upon how your items will fit onto the back of the truck. One price covers all the work and it is a very fair price for this service.

Responsible bulk item removal starts with a call to Junk King Minneapolis. Make the call today.

Junk King Minneapolis Customers Post More Great Reviews

“Called and they came that day. Cleaned out the entire garage in 20 minutes.” – Tamralynn, Maple Grove

This is a perfect example of how quickly you can get rid of your junk when you hire Junk King Minneapolis. Same day appointments are not always available. It really depends on how quickly the crews are moving on any particular day and whether or not they are close to your location. In most instances, you can have your stuff cleared out  by the next day after your first contact. How quickly Junk King works is just one of the many features that customers appreciate. Here are a few more of those comments:

“Had a very nice experience with Junk King! Everyone I spoke with was very polite and knowledgeable. The gentlemen that actually did the removal were on time, respectful and efficient. Once the job was completed, they ensured all things were removed and even swept out my garage. I would highly recommend Junk King! Their pricing beat out all the other competition but they would price match even if they didn’t.” – Lisa, Minneapolis

“They were very on time. polite and very nice guys. I would recommend them to anyone for sure. Great guys!” – Cheryl, Minneapolis

“We had 2 couches that needed to get thrown out. I called and got a great price but was worried that it would not be honored when the movers got here. I was really happy that the amount was the same and the guys that did the removal were really efficient. No problems what so ever and they were not little couches.” – Laurie, Minneapolis

It doesn’t matter to Junk King whether you are getting rid of an entire truck full of rubbish or just a few pieces of furniture. There only focus is to make sure that the job gets done right and you are completely satisfied. You will be ready to add your rave review after just one rubbish removal session with Junk King Minneapolis.

Junk King Helps Get A Rental Property Market Ready

Investing in a rental property is a smart way to generate income. Of course, that means having consistent tenants in that property. Even if the property sits vacant for one or two months it can be a big dent to your financial planning. That is why when a tenant moves out you need to spring into action to make sure that that rental property is market ready as soon as possible. That is a job that Junk King Minneapolis can be a big help with. These are the junk hauling pros who can help you get rid of any left behind rubbish and that can make a big difference.

Any Amount Can Go

An apartment renter might think that they are doing a favor for the next by leaving behind a table, chair or other random items. The truth is that anyone moving into a new apartment will have everything that they need. Those left behind furniture pieces can be swiftly removed by the crew from junk King. It doesn’t matter if it is just one recliner or an entire bedroom set. There will always be room on the back of the Junk King truck for whatever you need to get rid of.

How everything is packed on the truck will also determine what the final fee will be. The mission for the Junk King crews is to pack in everything as tightly as possible. That allows for customers to benefit from the low end of the price scale. That flat fee covers all the labor. That includes climbing any stairs to get to the items. Unlike professional movers, Junk King will never charge for climbing stairs!

You can set up your appointment at a time that works best for your schedule. The actual removal of items won’t take long. You might also benefit from the same day pickup appointment. That can certainly provide you with plenty of time to get your rental property ready.

When you need to get rubbish out of a rental property, you need to put Junk King Minneapolis job. Call for an appointment today.

How To Dispose Of An Old Television

Have you ever had a television that didn’t come with a remote? Back in the day, a television remote was referred to as a “clicker.” That is because you would literally “click” a button to change the channel. There were other remotes that were attached to by a cable to the TV. Today, remotes are standard for all televisions. A flatscreen and HDTV has also become standard for all televisions. There are even more features on the current crop of televisions that would make getting an upgrade a good move. Today’s, televisions allow for instant access to streaming channels. And many of those remotes are now voice activate. Everyone talks to their TV. Now they will listen!

Upgrading your television means dealing with your now “old” TV. With all of these upgrades, those old TVs have become obsolete. In other words, you won’t find much use for them. That is why the best place for them would be on the back of the Junk King Minneapolis truck!

A Fast Removal

Carrying out an old TV is not a complicated process for the Junk King squad. Once unhooked, it could literally take less than two minutes to clear that TV out of the house. That includes climbing stairs! And once that TV is on the Junk King truck is certainly won’t take up a lot of room; especially if it is a flatscreen! All of this means that you can put the team from Junk King to work removing even more items from your home. This is a terrific opportunity to clear out all kinds of unwanted items from your home and yards.

Before anything gets loaded onto the truck, the Junk King squad will work out the price with you. That price will be determined by how everything will fit onto the truck. The less room that is taken up by your stuff, the less you will be paying. That’s not complicated at all!

The best approach for disposing of your old TV and junk is to give it all to Junk King Minneapolis today.

Reclaim Your Basement With Help From Junk King

Is it time to take back your basement? You may only ask that question if your basement has become overrun with random storage items. This could be where you have put old chairs, sofas, futons and other bulky furniture items that you aren’t using in the rest of the house. It might be that you’ve arrange those furniture pieces to set up a kind of extended family room. But unless the family actually uses those items, they are just collecting dust.

You could also have shelves full of boxes and other household goods that you either no longer use or have simply been broken. It was probably the right call not to throw any of that stuff out into the trash but that doesn’t mean you have to hold onto it. One session with Junk King Minneapolis can help you reclaim your basement from all of that rubbish.

A Quick Look Over

The first thing that the Junk King team will do when they arrive in your home is give a quick look over to all the things that you’re getting rid of. This will provide them with an assessment of how everything will be packed onto the back of the truck. That might not seem like a big deal but it is when it comes to deciding what your final fee will be. Junk King always determines its price based on volume. That means the less space that Is used up by your stuff, the less you will be paying.

This flat fee also includes all the disposal work. The things that you are getting rid of from your basement might be useful at a charity. Junk King is happy to make that kind of drop off as part of their total junk removal package.

Even though you are hiring Junk King to clear out is that work doesn’t have to stop in that one area. You can also put any other item want to the truck from the inside or outside of your home.

Hire Junk King Minneapolis to clear out all the unwanted rubbish from your basement. Set up your session today.

Don’t Pack Junk. Get It Hauled Away

Are you on the move this fall? This is the time of year that is very popular for people to move. And millions of Americans move every single month. The day that you put in your notice to move is the day that you should start packing. Doing a little bit each day will help you determine just how big of a moving truck you need to hire. The estimate that you give could end up coming back to haunt you if the truck shows up and can’t fit all of your stuff in one trip. That actually happens more times than you might know.

Packing early will also help reveal all the items that you don’t really need to bring with you. There might already be some pieces of furniture that you can do without. There could also be a dozen boxes of old clothes and other household goods that you can also can get rid of. It doesn’t make sense to bring those boxes of rubbish to your new home. Instead, you can give it all to Junk King Minneapolis. They will help you get rid of the junk without you lifting a finger.

Less is More

The less you pack up for your professional movers, the more room they will have on their truck. It will also mean less time that they take up with the loading and unloading. All of that should inspire you to get rid of a lot of things that you’re never going to use again. The team from Junk King will be able to take it all away. There will always be room on the Junk King truck!

Before your stuff gets loaded, the Junk King squad will provide you with a written estimate of how much they will be charging for their hauling services. That number will always be based on how tightly they can pack the truck. The less room with your stuff, the less you will be paying.

Don’t pack junk you’re never going to use again. Give it all to Junk King Minneapolis.

Wrap Up The Summer With A Rubbish Removal Session

How do you plan on “wrapping up” your summer? For most folks, the Labor Day weekend is the end of summer. That is usually when any summer rentals on the lakes or rivers come to an end. There might be one last big BBQ and then everything is measured by “is it a school night!” One way to wrap up your summer is to consider hiring Junk King Minneapolis for a rubbish removal session. That might not seem very festive but it will go a long way towards getting your home ready for the fall and the holiday season to follow. Too soon? Not when it comes to clearing out the rubbish!

Staying at home his summer could have had you picking out a lot of items for removal. The kids might have finally outgrown the playset in the backyard. Perhaps clearing that out can make way for a swimming pool for next summer. You might also have some patio furniture or a grill that has seen better days. All of those backyard items can be hauled away by the team from Junk King. You’ll be amazed at how fast they can clear a yard even with those structures that have to be dismantled first.

After the yard clearing is done, the Junk King team can make a sweep through your home to pick up and load up any other items that you’ve designated for removal. These can be furniture pieces down in the basement or up on the second floor. Junk King wants to make sure they can haul out all the stuff that you want gone in a single session.

Price is always a factor when bringing in outside help. For Junk King, that price will always be based on how the crew packs up the truck. The less amount of space that they use, the less you will be paying. This is a fair pricing structure that Junk King customers are very happy with.

Wrap up your summer with a rubbish removal session from Junk King Minneapolis. You’ll be glad you did.

Hire Junk King Minneapolis For Responsible E-Waste Disposal

Did you know that any electronic advice that you keep plugged in uses power even if that device is turned on? All of those Smartphone chargers that you keep plugged into the wall still use power even though they aren’t charging a device. The same can be said for all the computers, televisions and other electronic gear. It isn’t always practical to unplug think especially when those kinds of items have to be reset. However, whenever possible you should unplug your electronics.

You should also make sure that you are disposing of any e-waste object the right way. The moment you have upgraded a computer or printer you have essentially created a piece of e-waste with the old model. That is something that you probably can’t sell and you don’t want to keep in storage. The best option then would be to hire Junk King Minneapolis. These are the professional junk haulers who can take care of e-waste disposal the right way.

Targeted Drop Off

For Junk King, targeted drop-offs are a way of doing business. Those drop-offs can either be at a recycling center, charity or as a last resort a landfill. For e-waste, a landfill is never an option. Those objects need to be handled at certified facilities. Junk King has made partnerships with those facilities that are in the area. That puts them in the best position to handle these type of rubbish items. Along with all the old computer equipment that you might want to clear out you can also get rid of old televisions, DVD players and gaming consoles that aren’t being used. Clearing out those objects would certainly see up space around your home but you don’t have to stop there.

Even though you hire Junk King specifically to get rid of e-waste, you can use that same appointment to get rid of old furniture, clothing, books and other household items. Those will also be donated or recycled as part of the Junk King removal package.

Don’t get stuck with your old e-waste. Hire Junk King Minneapolis to dispose of it today.

Bring In Junk King For Your Rubbish Removal Today

There are certain jobs around the house that depend on outside help. Typically, those types of jobs are ones that either require a specific certified skill or just additional “hands.” When it comes to rubbish removal you don’t necessarily have to be certified but it helps to be licensed and insured. That is exactly what the crews working for Junk King Minneapolis have achieved. They are also going to provide you with those extra “hands” that you need to take care of any level of rubbish from. That can make a big difference around your home.

Making the Call

You can set up to junk King appointment to get rid of all your unwanted rubbish with a single phone call. That phone call was set a plan into motion that will lockdown an appointment for your session. Junk King team asked that you pick a day and a two-hour window within that day for your pickup. Most pickups are taken care of within 30 minutes. Those two hours will give the crews plenty of time to get from one place to another. As such, they are often running ahead of schedule. That is why they will keep you informed as to the progress throughout the day. It might also be that would call into Junk King that there is a crew nearby your home with space on the truck. That means you could just be within hours of getting rid of all your unwanted items.

The cost for Junk King services has been the same since they began collecting rubbish and unwanted clutter. That cost is based on price scale of how the truck gets backed up by the workers. These crews have a lot of experience when it comes to getting a lot of stuff into his little space as possible. They want to make sure that happens so that you can pay the low-end of the price scale. All of this is geared towards making you a completely satisfied customer. That will mean you’ll recommend Junk King to your friends and family and hire us again the next pickup.

Whether the rubbish removal job is big or small bring in Junk King Minneapolis to take care of that today.

Junk King Minneapolis Takes Care Of Business

Whenever you hire a service professional you don’t want to have to micromanage them. After all, the reason to hire outside help is to get the job done and free up your time. When it comes to junk hauling, Junk King Minneapolis definitely takes care of business. They also don’t need a lot of supervision. All you really have to do is point to the things that you want hauled away and the crew will take care of it from start to finish. The proof of their exceptional customer service can be found in the many positive reviews posted by satisfied Junk King customers. Here are a few of those reviews:

“I have to give this business 5 stars due to the extreme communication. They responded to my need immediately and scheduled an appointment next day. Called to let me know they were on the way and then emailed me a quote. A follow-up call was made to me. This company is extremely professional and on the ball!” – Leola, Eagan

“Great work! I had a big, messy project – they were fast, had great communication and were super friendly. I really appreciate all their hard work and would absolutely use Junk King again. Junk King helped me with another huge, really messy hoarding project. The guys worked so hard and really quick. I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work.” – Kristin, Maple Grove

“I had some old furniture to get rid of, and after some shopping around chose Junk King. They responded to my email request right away and I was charged exactly what I was quoted, which was less than everyone else. The guys were on time, friendly and efficient. Thank you!” – Layla, Minneapolis

These reviews point out exactly how Junk King operates. It is a fair, fast and affordable approach for this type of work. If you are looking for a professional junk hauling company to help you get rid of rubbish around the house, then look no further than Junk King Minneapolis.

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