Junk Removal Minneapolis – The Useless Junk We Haul Away

Our beloved melting pot of Minneapolis has so much to offer, it’s no wonder we are consistently rated as one of the best places to live. We have our famous hotdish and Juicy Lucy, our Scandinavian ancestry, and of course our brutal winters. But that’s why we spend so much time indoors, watching a show at the Orpheum Theater, or using the Skyway System to get around downtown. At our junk removal Minneapolis service, we know a thing or two about helping people get rid of the useless junk that clutters our lives.

From old sofas and refrigerators to yard waste and construction debris, our homes and businesses can get stuffed with junk.Even if you have a truck, carrying and transporting all that junk can be difficult. Especially when it’s below zero with a foot of snow on the ground. When you make the easy call for junk removal Minneapolis can enjoy greater convenience and the comfort of taking the eco-friendly route.

Junk Removal MinneapolisMinneapolis Garbage and Recycling

In the Land of 10,000 Lakes, we pride ourselves on being green. With a recycling rate in Minneapolis of almost 30%, we reuse about three times as much junk as a lot of major cities.

By using junk removal Minneapolis can do even better. Home recycling — such as cans, bottles, newspapers, and composting — is the easy part. Recycling mattresses, furniture, home construction debris, and other scrap parts can be difficult. The Star Tribune has reported that more than $200 million in recyclables go to landfill each year in Minnesota.

Junk King takes care of the heavy lifting and transporting. Do you want to carry trash around in your car, driving around looking for a public dump? You’d probably rather be relaxing at home or spending your weekend on the trails. Our junk removal Minneapolis team can help you be green and enjoy your free time!

Five Reasons to Call Junk Removal Minneapolis

Junk King will take away just about everything, so you can call us for junk removal Minneapolis no matter what kind of useless junk, debris, or appliances you need to get rid of. The most popular reasons that people call Junk King Minneapolis include:

  1. Old or broken furniture removal

  2. Large appliance removal

  3. Bulk yard waste disposal

  4. Electronics recycling

  5. Attic and basement clean outs

Minneapolis Donation Drop-Off and Recycling Options

Between recycling useless junk and donating items that someone else might want, there are tons of options for eco-friendly junk removal Minneapolis can turn to instead of the landfill.

Junk King makes things simple by hauling and sorting things for you. Up to 60% of the stuff we take gets recycled or reused!

If you’d prefer to drop off donations or deposit recyclables yourself, here are a few other options:

The #1 Rated Junk Removal Minneapolis Can Trust!

We can guarantee the lowest written price because Junk King has the resources to the job quickly and cleanly. Our trucks are also 20% larger than our competitors’, so we can combine more junk in one trip and do things even more efficiently.

Customers really love our junk removal Minneapolis service because it’s so friendly and convenient. We use licensed, insured teams who show up on time, and we guarantee the best service.

Junk King offers the best junk removal Minneapolis has in many ways:

  • Greenest junk removal in America

  • We take everything except certain kinds of hazard waste

  • Our prices are based on the volume of junk, without hidden charges or tricky fees

  • Two-hour appointment windows so you aren’t sitting around all day

  • True professionals — we know how to haul junk quickly and safely, without risking damage to your property

Get a Quote — The Best Online Price Estimator for Junk Hauling

Most junk removal companies make you wait for an appointment before you can get an accurate price estimate. Junk King knows that you want to know the cost before you even begin.

Our online price estimator lets you find out how much your junk removal Minneapolis service will cost. In just a minute or so, you’ll have a very accurate idea so you can book your appointment with confidence. Still, we’ll provide a free, no-obligation estimate in writing when we show up — so you can agree to the price before we do any work.

Book Online or Call Us Today

We offer a $30 discount if you book online, so contact us for junk removal Minneapolis team today by using the form above. You can also call 612.345.9058 to ask us for more info or schedule an appointment. We look forward to providing you with junk hauling services that are both eco-friendly and customer-friendly!

Junk King Minneapolis Can Safely Take Down An Old Swing Set

When you first put up your back yard swing set it probably became the most popular place for your kids to play. How much fun did you have pushing them on those swings? Over the years, that swing set would be subjected to rain and snow. Now that the kids are grown and no longer playing on the swing set, it might actually become a bit of a hazard because of the rusty pipes and chains. Yes, it might be time to say goodbye to that old swing set by saying hello to Junk King Minneapolis.


When it comes to junk removal, Junk King Minneapolis are great problem solvers. That would certainly apply to taking down an old swing set. Although you might not have the assembly instructions anymore, the Junk King Minneapolis crews have a lot of experience with these kinds of dismantling jobs. The goal is to safely take apart the swing set and loaded onto the truck without ripping up the yard. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easily that is accomplished with Junk King Minneapolis on the job.

All those pipes and chains will make perfect material for a metal recycling facility. Junk King Minneapolis will be happy to drop off your old swing set to that kind of recycling center. In fact, they’ll be happy to drop off other items like electronics, lumber or concrete at specific recycling centers. Much of what you are getting rid of can and up being recycled or repurposed by dropping it off at a charity. This is how Junk King Minneapolis maintained his reputation as a green company. Some companies make that claim just because they recycle plastic water bottles. But Junk King Minneapolis is a true green warrior when it comes to keeping the environment clean.

In addition to taking down your old swing set Junk King Minneapolis can also load up all the other unwanted items you have in your home. Take a few minutes to walk through your garage or down the basement. You’re sure to see right off the bat several things you would be happy to get rid of. Think about getting that space back even if it’s just a corner. Old swing set removal and junk hauling can happen fast when Junk King Minneapolis is on the job.

Say Goodbye To Your Junk With One Call To Junk King Minneapolis

Do you remember the last time you bought a car and turned in your old car? Depending on the mileage, you might have gotten a good deal on the return. It might have also been hard to say goodbye to that old car especially if it provided a lot of wonderful family memories. Around the house, there might be a lot of other things you could say goodbye to with much less effort. This would be all the unwanted junk you have accumulated in your garage, basement, attic and closets. Even though that clutter might have once been put to practical use, the fact that you keep it in storage is a good indication can say goodbye to it. One call to Junk King Minneapolis takes care of that task.


Junk King Minneapolis is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers. This is a company that has been clearing out homes of all kinds of unwanted clutter for over 10 years. You can get rid of things like sofas, dressers, bedroom sets or recliners. Those are all items that need at least two people to move out of the house. That is exactly what you’ll be getting when you hire Junk King Minneapolis: a pair of very strong movers.

There might be a lot of other smaller items that can be toss out into the trash like old televisions, monitors, computers, laptops, DVD players and gaming systems. Once they’ve been replaced, they are to be used again but have to be dismantled at a certified e-waste recycling center. Junk King Minneapolis will make sure that those things get dropped off at that type of facility.

Making extra drop-offs to dispose of what they collect is what Junk King Minneapolis is all about. They would much rather make those drop-offs then take a trip to an area landfill. Tossing trash in a landfill isn’t doing anybody any favors. But recycling or donated to a charity is going to help Minneapolis achieve zero waste.

Once Junk King Minneapolis is finished with the load up you’ll be amazed at just how much space all that junk took up in your home. Say goodbye to your unwanted clutter once and for all with help from Junk King Minneapolis.


Don’t Get Crowded Out With Cardboard Boxes And Rubbish. Give It All To Junk King Minneapolis

How soon after moving into your new home did you think there wasn’t enough space? You might have thought that once you unpacked all your clothes into a bedroom closet and realized you needed at least two more closets. Maybe everything you kept in storage at your old garage has now spilled down into your basement. It’s very easy to get crowded out with cardboard boxes, rubbish and clutter. Perhaps it’s time to streamline all of that it’s by turning your unwanted stuff over to Junk King Minneapolis.


Junk King Minneapolis is a professional junk hauling service likes to move fast. How fast? If you call in the morning does a good chance your junk could be picked up by lunchtime. Junk King always leaves a little “buffer” room in their daily schedules to accommodate same day pickup. Most junk removal sessions are taken care of by the next day. Junk King Minneapolis knows that once you decide you want to get rid of something there’s no reason to waste a lot of time to make that happen.

Of course, if you need some extra time to sort through all the things you want to get rid of then you can schedule your appointment with Junk King Minneapolis on the weekend. This will probably be a big help especially if you are tackling closets. You want to carefully go through all the stuff you have stored there to make sure you are completely done with it. The same can be said for all the boxes you’ve got full of stuff in your garage, basement and attic. This type of decluttering might actually help you discover some things you forgot you put away. It would be great to put those on proud display as opposed to keeping them locked up. It’s also been to be great to get back a lot of storage space. Junk King Minneapolis can make that happen.

If you worried about cost, don’t be. Junk King Minneapolis offers affordable pricing that is based on volume and not weight. It’s a very fair approach for this type of service and one that you’re sure to appreciate and recommend to your friends. Cardboard boxes and rubbish shouldn’t overrun your home. Give all that junk to Junk King Minneapolis today.

Junk King Minneapolis Helps Get Your Backyard Ready For Spring

Are you feeling the effects of spring yet? Have you taken to opening your windows a lot more? Are you putting away the sweaters? After being cooped up in your home all winter the best way to start enjoying spring is to spend more time in your backyard. This is where your gardening skills come into play. Whether this will be the first time you do some planting or you’re returning to your favorite vegetables, you can prep your backyard with a little help from Junk King Minneapolis.


The word “junk” in their name implies that all Junk King Minneapolis deals with our things like old appliances, furniture and other household goods. While that makes up the bulk of what they collect they’re not above pitch in around the backyard. Every junk removal session set up by Junk King Minneapolis will be staffed for two very capable movers. This is a team that not afraid to get their hands dirty. If you need them to remove piles of rocks, concrete, lumber or even dirt they’ll be happy to do that. You’ll be amazed at how fast they can clear out yard of all kinds of debris that’s been dumped there by Mother Nature. They can also work wonders with the things that you built out there that need to be taken down. Why hold onto a swing set or playground that’s never going to be used again. Having Junk King Minneapolis clear out away will make plenty of room for a vegetable patch.

Everything that’s collected by Junk King Minneapolis will be loaded onto the back of the truck. How much space your stuff fills up will determine the price you’ll pay. You’ll be provided with an estimate by the Junk King Minneapolis crew before the work begins. It’s a fair price that’s not going to change. Even if your junk takes up more room, you will only pay that original estimate.

Along with the dirt and yard waste that you’re clearing out Junk Minneapolis can also load up all the things from your garage, attic, basement or closets. Just think of how much more space you can create once all that clutter is gone. Getting your backyard in shape by hiring Junk King Minneapolis at the start.

Junk King Minneapolis Is The Perfect Spring Cleaning Partner

Every year you have the opportunity to transform your home. This would be during spring cleaning season. Not everyone embraces the concept of spring cleaning but for those that do it means a thorough cleaning job throughout the entire home. This is when rugs are rolled up and furniture is moved to get the dust. Windows are washed inside and out. Everything is taken out of cabinets and drawers and off of shelves complete wipe down. When the job is done the home looks and smells fresh. However, your spring cleaning might not be complete until you bring in Junk King Minneapolis.


Junk King Minneapolis is part of a national chain a professional junk haulers. This makes them the perfect spring cleaning partner because they never met a pile of rubbish they couldn’t carry off. The crews who work for Junk King Minneapolis have all been licensed and insured. They’ve also been trained to lift all kinds of heavy objects. When they show up for a job they don’t know exactly what they will be getting rid of but they can certainly handle any challenge thrown at them. They’ve moved pianos, pool tables, treadmills, refrigerators and old water heaters. Certainly, anything you “throw” at them they’ll be able to handle!

As the Junk King Minneapolis crew loads up all your stuff onto the back of the truck they’re going to be keeping an eye out for those things that might be donated or recycled. You don’t have to tag any of those objects. The Junk King Minneapolis crews knows what the charities looking for at any given time. Making those drop-offs occasionally takes them off route but it’s a trip they are happy to take. They would much rather make those drop-offs at charities then go to a landfill where junk is left to rot. That’s not going to do anybody any good.

Along with all the decluttering the Junk King Minneapolis team can do around the inside of your house they can also do some amazing things out in the backyard. This is a great opportunity to get your yard ready for spring by having the crew haul away any kind of yard waste or debris. Your spring cleaning project will totally be finished when Junk King has worked their magic!

Junk King Minneapolis Helps Make Sure Your Customers Won’t See Clutter At Your Business

Your customers don’t need to know everything about your business. It doesn’t matter to them about your payroll, taxes and orders. What matters to them is that you have what they’re looking for whether that’s a pair of shoes, a piece of furniture or a power tool. This is why you want to put your best foot forward when it comes to your retail space.


You probably wouldn’t invite your customers into your storeroom. But sometimes all the clutter you have piled up there has a way of working itself out into the main floor. It all comes down to a matter of using your space efficiently. If you want to get rid of all your excess rubbish and clutter from your business, then the best call to make is to Junk King Minneapolis. These the junk removal pros were dedicated to helping you put your business shine.

When it comes to junk removal Junk King Minneapolis doesn’t want to see you do any the work. There to be sending over a pair of very capable movers who are going to facilitate the junk removal from start to finish. This means you don’t have to gather all your stuff out by the loading dock. Usually I have to drag anything up and down the basement. And if something needs to be taken apart before it gets loaded onto the truck, then you can leave that job for a Junk King Minneapolis crew. This is exactly what you hire them for. They do all the work and they mean that quite literally.

As soon as they arrive at the scheduled our there to look over all the stuff you want to get rid of. They’re not doing this to see if there’s anything they may want to keep. Instead, they’re going to be sizing up how much of your stuff will occupy on the back of the truck. This is how they can determine the final price. It’s all based on volume and not wait. Any junk hauler charges you by the pound are probably ripping you off. You’ll never get that Junk King Minneapolis. You focus on making your business a success and let Junk King Minneapolis focus on getting rid of all your junk.

Hire The Junk Haulers Professional Contractors Use: Junk King Minneapolis

When it comes to any type or remodeling project, contractors have to keep a lot of “moving parts” moving. There is a lot of coordinate scheduling to accomplish. Painters can’t be hired before drywall goes up. Countertops shouldn’t be delivered until cabinets have been installed. And all the demolition trash needs to be cleared up before the work can continue. All this calls for hiring different crews at different times. For the trash cleanup, many contractors count on one company: Junk King Minneapolis. These are the reliable junk haulers who have been in this line of work for over 10 years.


You could hire the exact same junk haulers that the contractors use. Junk King Minneapolis completes most junk removal sessions within 24 hours of that first phone call. If it works better for you to have a few days to decide what you want to throw out, then junk King will be happy to set up an appointment for the weekend. This will allow you to go through every item in your closet and every box in your garage. You’ll want to take full advantage of having this work crew and truck at your disposal. That means anything and everything that you no longer want in your home can finally be gone.

As you sort through all your stuff, don’t hesitate tossing out things like clothing, books, toys or other practical household goods. That stuff is not going to end up on a trash heap in some landfill if Junk King Minneapolis has anything to say about it. Most of their disposal drop offs occur at charities. Whether these organizations donate directly to families in need or sponsor thrift shops, what you give to them can make a huge difference.

The junk hauling that Junk King Minneapolis can perform for you isn’t limited to the stuff you get rid of on the inside of your house. They can also do great cleanup work around your front and back yards. The even work when it’s cold outside. Don’t hesitate to ask them to remove anything you want taken away. Contractors know they can always depend on Junk King Minneapolis for quality junk hauling and you can, too.

Step Up Your Recycling By Hiring Junk King Minneapolis

Recycling in St. Paul just got a boost with the arrival of blue recycling bins for nearly every household. These will be the receptacles for things like pizza boxes, cardboard tubes, food containers, plastic bottles and paper. Most homes got the 64-gallon cart but if residents want to recycle even more they can make a one-time swap at no cost for a bigger 96-gallon cart. The new pickup schedule might take a little bit to get used to. Plus, you have to figure out whether your pickups will be in an alley or on the street. Once that’s all sorted out this type of recycling will become a matter of routine. The good news is you don’t have to limit your recycling just to what you could fit into that blue bin. There’s probably a lot of other bigger items around your home that can be recycled. That’s a task that was tailor-made for Junk King Minneapolis.


Junk King Minneapolis is part of a nationwide chain of professional junk haulers that have been dedicated to an eco-way of disposing of junk since they started collecting back in 2005. Every time Junk King opens a new franchise that business is encouraged to set up partnerships with local charities and recycling centers. These become the drop off spots for the collected junk. Junk King Minneapolis has been no exception and they are happy to provide this service as part of their complete junk removal process.

Although you have to sort through the things you put in your blue bin, you don’t have to concern yourself with that when you hire Junk King Minneapolis. The crews have all been trained to spot those things that can be recycled or donated. They know what kind of shape they have to be in and whether or not they can be repurposed. In fact, you even have to ask for your stuff to be donated or recycled. It’s going to happen automatically.

The cost for this service is extremely reasonable. In addition to the drop offs, your flat fee will cover all the labor and truck transportation costs. That fee is based strictly on volume. You’re not charged by the pound or by the hour. If you care about recycling, then make sure everything gets recycle that you toss out. Junk King Minneapolis can help.

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