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Give Your Bedroom a Budget Makeover

Even after a hard day of work that leaves you exhausted, you still might have trouble falling asleep. Is your bedroom more of a soothing nest or dumping ground for clutter? Which one do you think will help you drift off faster? When it comes to home makeovers, it is usually the kitchen and bathrooms that are top of the list. However, you can give your bedroom a terrific makeover without breaking the budget. Here's how: bedroom-1940169__480 Paint Soothing Colors The most affordable way to transform a room is with a fresh coat of paint. It might seem like a lot of work but it can totally be accomplished in the course of a day. The real issue becomes what color paint for those walls? Technically, you don't see these colors while you're sleeping but they can certainly put you in the mood for slumber. That is why staying with the "soothing palette" of light blues or shades of yellow could be the way to go. Rearrange the Furniture As long as you're moving everything out of the room to paint, you might want to consider rearranging the furniture once it is brought back in. Are you taking advantage of your windows by placing your bed where you can look out at greenery? There are many possibilities with shuffling things around. Dim the Lights A glaring overhead light just won't cut it in the bedroom. Even a nightstand light would be greatly improved with a three-way bulb. Think soft glow as opposed to spotlight. Grow Some Greens Plants generate oxygen. Wouldn't it be nice to get some of that action in your bedroom? Bring in a little greenery that is not going to dominate the space. That is the kind of freshness that can have a big impact on your bedroom. Lose the Clutter Much as a painter needs a blank canvas, you need to see what you're working with in your bedroom space. That might be a challenge if you're surrounded by clutter. Hopefully, you haven't reached a hoarder level of mess. Regardless of the amount of clutter, Junk King Minneapolis can always be counted on to have it removed quickly and efficiently. This is the team to call on when you need to get rid of old mattresses, bedroom sets, dressers and clutter from the closet. The best way to transform your bedroom is to start with decluttering with a little help from Junk King Minneapolis.  
Give Your Bedroom a Budget Makeover


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