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How Junk King's Yard Waste Removal Services Can Help You Manage Seasonal Cleanups

Dealing with your yard can be a pain. Even if you have a fairly small space, it can still require a good deal of work. For some, creating the perfect backyard is fun. They meticulously plan out their own personal oasis. For others, having a space that’s nothing more than well-maintained grass is all they need. Whether it’s a space for you to relax or a play area for kids or dogs, keeping your yard in good condition doesn’t have to be a lot of work.   The main challenge with yards typically comes when the seasons change. That’s when you’ll need to clean up the yard and make any season-appropriate changes. This is also when you’re likely to have a lot of yard debris to get rid of. What can you do with all of this stuff? If you have so much garbage that you can’t fit it all in a city trash bin, you can call Junk King Minneapolis. We can haul off just about any type of yard debris, whether it’s from a planned cleanup or a sudden storm.   Let’s take a look at how yard waste removal changes with the seasons and how we can help no matter what time of year it is.

Yard Waste Removal in the Spring

  Let’s start with the spring. It’s going to be one of the more labor-intensive times of the year in regard to your yard because everything is coming back from the winter. You may need to re-seed some of your yard, replace some trees and shrubs that didn’t survive, and plant your annuals. Your perennial flowers may also need some attention. You’ll want to clean out the flowerbeds and get your garden space cleaned up so you can plant vegetables.   All of this is a lot of work, and you do have to be careful when you start it. If you begin planting new things and undoing some of your winter weatherization too early, a surprise freeze can come in and kill everything. Wait too late, though, and you may not have your vegetable harvest when you’d like. You’ll want to carefully watch the weather report.   Here are some other yard chores you may have in the spring: Tree Trimming Is A Common Spring Time Yard Clean Up Chore

Trim or cut down trees

Winter storms can take their toll on trees. If you had to deal with a lot of cleanup from winter storms, you may have trees that look pretty rough. Mid-March to mid-April is a good time to trim up your trees. You can remove any branches that are dead or damaged, plus you can shape up the tree if it looks bad. However, don’t go too crazy—this is the main growing season for trees, so you don’t want to leave them at risk of pests or disease. Junk King will be here to haul off any trees you cut down.  

Check your shed, greenhouse, and other buildings

In addition to taking its toll on your trees, the winter can also damage your shed and other buildings. Animals may take advantage of any weakened area to break into the shed, while the melting and re-freezing water can push boards apart or cause foundation cracks to widen. You’ll want to inspect all of your buildings for holes and other damage. Don’t forget to check the roof, too. If any of your buildings are too damaged to be repaired, Junk King can haul them off for you.We will even demo small outdoor sheds and haul away the debris!  

Clean up the deck and patio

Your deck or patio may need a good cleaning now that winter is over. Sweep off any debris, then power-wash the space. Check for cracks in the cement or paver stones, and inspect any wooden decking and railings for rot or other damage. Once you’ve cleaned the space and made any necessary repairs, you can put out your outdoor furniture.  

Speaking of outdoor furniture

Is it in good shape? If your outdoor furniture is looking a little ragged, it may be time to replace it. We will haul away any yard furniture that no longer meets your needs, including tables, outdoor sofas, and even your old grill.

Summer is More of a Maintenance Season

  While spring is the time for rebuilding your yard and making repairs, summer is more of the time for maintenance and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Yes, you’ll be mowing your yard frequently, and you may need to water your plants and vegetables if they start looking thirsty. However, most of your big repair projects should be done. Now you get to relax and enjoy your space!   Unless, of course, your space isn’t quite right. If you have any major yard projects, this may be the perfect time to do them. It may be the right time to add a hot tub or even a pool. Maybe you want to put in a gazebo or pergola. It’s also a good time to build a new shed, put in a new fence, or add raised flower beds. While most people think of snow and ice when they think about the weather in Minnesota, you know summer temperatures can actually be quite nice. Take advantage of them!  

Don’t worry about the debris

While you’re working on building a new shed or tearing down your old, ugly fence, you’re also going to be creating a good-sized pile of debris. Old wood, singles, posts, windows, doors…depending on what you’re taking down, you may have a lot of trash. Junk King can swoop in and haul away just about all of this stuff. We know it can be hard to get rid of this type of DIY construction debris because it’s so large, but it’s not a problem for our crew.  

Don’t forget about the rest of your yard

While much of your prep work in the spring is likely going to be done in your backyard, don’t forget about your side and front yards. During the summer, you can spend some time in the front yard making it look amazing. Keep the flowerbeds free of weeds, and make sure your grass looks lovely. You might need to seed it or put down sod in some places. If you don’t have time to devote to flowerbeds, you can always put down mulch and do container gardening. It’s much easier to keep a few flowerpots and window boxes free of weeds. Fall Clean Up Typically Means Raking And Removing Leaves

Fall is the Time to Weatherize Your Yard

  During the fall, you’ll still have some vegetables to harvest, some blooming flowers to enjoy, and a great yard to relax in. For the first part of fall, you can enjoy your yard just as you would in the summer. In fact, depending on how the weather has been, you may even enjoy your outdoor spaces more during the cooler fall weather.   There’s not as much maintenance to do during the fall, but there are some yard chores to attend to. You may be able to put away the lawnmower around the end of October. Around the same time, you’ll want to do one last good cleanout of your flowerbeds. Get rid of any weeds, put down some fertilizer for your plants, and cover your vegetable and flowerbeds. Once you’re done winterizing the yard, you can put away any lawn furniture and outdoor toys.  

Prepare your deck and patio

Once you have the yard prepared for winter, you can turn your attention to the deck and patio. Sweep the space and wash off any dirt. You want to have a clean space before winter starts. Otherwise, the various leaves, sticks, dirt, and other debris could get buried under layers of ice and snow. This can lead to mold, which can damage the space.  

Make Final Repairs

Before winter hits, you’ll want to do one more inspection of your shed and other buildings to check for damage. You want to close up any holes, replace broken glass, and repair any leaking roofs before the winter starts. This is also a good time to check over your house, too. You don’t want to have to make any repairs during the cold months. Cracks and other spaces will also let heat out, which will drive up your energy bill. Junk King will haul off any debris you may have after making these repairs.  

Winter Means Dealing with Winter Storms

  There’s not a lot you will need to do during the winter to maintain your yard unless Minnesota gets hit with a winter storm. Since these are fairly frequent, you’re likely going to have to do some cleanup during the colder months. You may have tree limbs or entire trees come down. If heavy branches land on your fence, a good section of it could come down. Falling limbs can also crash into your shed or your house.   If a winter storm does cause damage to your property, don’t worry—Junk King Minneapolis is here to help, even in the dead of winter when temperatures are in the single digits. We will get rid of any tree limbs that have come down across your driveway or in your backyard.   Other than doing some cleanup after winter storms, there’s not a lot of maintenance or other work you need to do to your yard during the winter.  

Call Junk King Minneapolis When You Need Yard Waste Removed

  Whether it’s during the warm spring or the freezing winter, Junk King Minneapolis is here to help you with all of your junk removal needs! Our crew will haul off tree branches, fallen fences, broken down sheds, and just about anything else you may need us to get rid of. To learn more or to get a free, no-obligation estimate, give us a call at 1-888-888-JUNK or send a text to 1-737-888-5865.      
How Junk King's Yard Waste Removal Services Can Help You Manage Seasonal Cleanups


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