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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Monterey & Santa Cruz Junk Hauling – How to Responsibly Dispose of Junk

Back in the summer of 1961, dozens of birds flung themselves in homes all across Monterey Bay. It was this unusual phenomenon that not only made headlines around the world but also inspired Alfred Hitchcock to create one of his horror masterpieces “The Birds.” Recently a team of biologists delved into the mystery of what could have caused that flock of wayward seabirds to go on kamikaze runs.
The most probable cause was that the birds were poisoned. This doesn’t mean that some the nefarious terrorist when around poisoning seagulls. Instead, the scientists traced the poison to a buildup of toxins in the algae and sea life found in Monterey Bay at that time. The most likely culprit was leaking septic tanks used in newly built homes. That seepage made its way into the water and infected anchovy fish and squids that the seabirds fed on. Those toxins made the birds crazy which drove them into their horrific flights. The lesson learned here is how fragile our ecosystems are. It’s also a perfect reminder that we need to take care of our own junk before it ends up being harmful to the environment.
You might not think that all the junk you have stuffed in your closet could actually hurt the environment and you’re probably right. But what about some of those other big items you could have stored around the rest of your home or backyard? Maybe it’s an old air conditioner that you’ve long since replaced. It could be a refrigerator or stove that you swapped out for a more energy efficient model but now that old appliance is just taking up space in your garage. There’s also all those old monitors, televisions and computers that need to be properly disposed of.
Getting rid of that junk is as simple as making one phone call to the Monterey & Santa Cruz Junk Hauling professional – Junk King. This is a company who have built a solid reputation on the proper disposal of all kinds of junk whether that’s construction waste, e-waste or just everyday household clutter. What these professional junk haulers understand is that it’s best to divert junk away from landfills and into proper recycling centers. This might mean taking one households truck full of junk to several different facilities but the professional junk haulers are happy to oblige.
When you’re ready to finally get rid of all your junk all you really need to do is make note of what you want gone. It is conceivable that you could call up Junk King in the morning and schedule an appointment for that afternoon. Within the hours in between you can pick out everything you want gone so that when the junk crew shows up you simply have to point to the items and they’ll do the rest.
Knowing you have done your part to clean up your own junk could serve as a great inspiration to your Monterey and Santa Cruz neighbors and to your children. It will be hard for the kids to avoid cleaning up their own rooms when they see you clean out the garage!

Monterey Junk Removal – Professional Hauling Today

There is an early Christmas present that’s been unwrapped by many Monterey businesses. That’s the simple fact that the hotel occupancy rates in Monterey County have jumped up an impressive 64% since this past October. That’s the highest percent is jump of the 14 top travel destinations in California according to a travel research company. If that trend keeps up it stands to reason that this could be a very good holiday season with many visitors coming into town to share good times with friends and family and enjoy everything that Monterey has the offer. While some of these travelers will be booking hotel rooms it’s a safe bet that a lot of them will find guestrooms made up for them at the homes of their loved ones. This puts the pressure on those “loved ones” to make sure the house is ready. Fortunately for the citizens of Monterey they have a new ally in the form of the Junk King Monterey.
Junk King Monterey is part of a national franchise of independently owned junk removal businesses. As you might guess from the title, Junk King is in the business of dealing with junk; not so much selling it as getting rid of it for homeowners and businesses. These are professional crews who show up at a scheduled appointment to take away a homeowner’s junk. That might seem like an extravagant thing; after all if it’s your junk why can’t you get rid of it? Actually, there’s a very simple answer to that question and it all comes down to a matter of practicality.
Most Monterey residents only have the opportunity to fill up their garbage can for weekly pickup. This means whatever can’t fit in that garbage can is not to be gotten rid of. Sure you can smash down boxes and crush plastic containers but no matter how hard you try you just couldn’t fit an old sofa into that garbage can! That’s where the Junk King crews come into play.
The other benefit of hiring the Monterey Junk Removal crew is that they have them needed manpower to accomplish the task of hauling away junk. You won’t have to depend upon reaching out to a friend to help you move a large bulky item out of your home. Even if you did have a friend who’s got some muscle, what happens once you have that big piece of junk outside? Can you load it into your SUV or Prius? Probably not. That means you’ll have to rent a truck or borrow a truck and then spend your day off driving to the nearest landfill. Yes, there is a landfill that services the Monterey County area but it’s far removed from where folks live! That’s really not how you want to spend your Saturday or Sunday afternoon especially if you’ve got company coming over!
Working with the Junk King Monterey crew means you also be working with a crew that is licensed and bonded. That can make a big difference in terms of your own levels of security with regard to inviting workers into your home. These are crews you can trust to get the job done right!
For the best in Monterey and Santa Cruz Junk Removal services, simply call 1-888-888-JUNK or book a free on site estimate online.
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